Players: 1
Online Trophies: 0
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 9-12 hours about
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: 7
-Envoi Of Oberon
-Spirit of the Forests
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

Talk to everyone. There are trophies for talking to everyone and they can easily be missed if you miss one person. I would highly recommend pressing the button and than over to notebook to keep an eye on who you have talked to and how many more you need to go.

The best powers to have are the fire, ice and healing. Remember most importantly to always upgrade. You grow levels pretty fast through out the game, so keep checking if you can upgrade anything.

Try to have a different save for each world. This will make it easier for you if you forget something. You won't have to go through all the worlds or anything, you would just have to load up the save for the world.
I would highly recommend this for an easier playthrough.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


The main thing is to get through the main story. Talk to EVERYONE. This is not an option if you want to 100% the game. You MUST talk to everyone in every world for some of the trophies. Open all chest and collect what's inside them as there is a trophy for collecting 60 armor parts. The game saves by itself at certain points, but to be safe, you can always save when you press the :pause: button. You can not walk or touch the ground, you are always flying or hovering about the ground. You can press to view your journal where you can see who you have talked to in each world and what objects you have collected from the chest. This will help you along your way and make the playthrough easier.

As the story progresses, the enemies you fight will get stronger and grow with size. After each battle your health will be full again. As long as you have some potions you will be able to heal yourself as well as you companions in your party. You will also be able to revive yourself and companions as long as you have the right potion. This will help you beat your enemies faster if you have all three faerys fighting at once.

Go with the blue choices apposed to the red choices. This will make the game go quick and easier.

Watch out for the missable quest in the game. They are mainly in the last world, Scarabaeid.

Make a new save for each world you visit. This way it saves you from doing a second playthrough if you miss something. It makes your play time so much easier.


Faery warrior
Eliminate the first boss

After you have started the game and you have finished talking to King Oberon, look down from the tower to the beach. Fly down there and help the faery defend themselves from the little trolls. Once you start talking to him (I assume if your character is a boy then sex changes of the character down below) he will tell you about the cave to the left. Fly into the cave and defeat all the trolls and little crabs in your way. Once you get to the end of the cave, go over by the giant egg laying to the left a bit. You will hear a noise thus starting the first boss battle. This crab is a lot bigger than the ones you have been fighting. Use Only offensive magic as your standard attacks do not do much damage. Use offensive magic for both characters. After a few hits, the crab will "call" for back up, summoning up a little troll and crab, or two little crabs or something with a troll and crab. The giant crab does this more than once and it changes who he summons.

***It's best if you keep focusing on the back up the giant crab calls because he backs up with the help there making your attacks less effective due to the distance. So focus your attacks on the minis up front and once they are gone, go back to attacking the giant crab.

*Hint* The best source of magic is the lightning magic and the burning magic. So once you have leveled up to level 2, go and give your main character the burning ability. This, when shot at an enemy, will most of the time leave the enemy burning causing more damage.

Once you have beaten the giant crab and back up, the trophy is yours.

Speak with all of Avalon's inhabitants.

This trophy is missable. There are 12 inhabitants of Avalon all together. You must talk to each one. Some are right out in the open and some you have to do quest and side quest to talk to. I would highly suggest pressing the than over to notebook where it shows who you have talked to in each world. This will be very helpful.

Characters -

  • King Oberon - After you have been freed from the crystal you will meet up with two little faerys who teach you to fly. Once accomplished, fly to the very top of the tower to meet King Oberon.
  • Marilys & Marilou - There are the two little faeries you meet when you are first released from the crystal. Though when talking to the when you are first out does not count towards this trophy. You will find these two faeries again in the little town. They can be found together on top of a the big rock located where there are two houses.
  • Azielle/Aziel - To the left side of the tower, there is a beach. Fly down and meet this character. They are part of the main quest and will also be one of two companions you get for your journey.( The name changes based on the sex of your character)
  • Arachne - She can found on the lower level of the mountain. She is not that far from where the two trolls stand. There are three houses by her ad she will have a main quest for you a little later.
  • Mustard Seed - on top of the hill, right behind Marilys and Marilou is where you can find Mustard Seed. He has a small mission for you which requires you to fight the two trolls at the bottom of the hill and get his seeds back.
  • Mariliane - Can be found on the first level of the tower. It's a very small faery but you can find her by the blue beam above her. She will have a quest for you to complete.
  • Bron The Fisherman - is located over by the sea where is hut it. Fly over there and start a conversation with him. He will have a quest for you at some point. You can see the hut if you are on the first level of the tower.
  • Chungflea - He is one of the hardest to find in my opinion. You can find him easiest by two ways. From the fisherman's hut, if you go left and stay close to the ocean you will notice the blue beam indicating a person standing there. Or, if you are up by the mirrors, go the edge of the ledge and go down and look around, Chungflea will be on a rock.
  • Bert - You can find Bert on the top of hills by the mirrors. If you DO NOT talk to Marsyas first, then Bert will NOT talk to you. He will also become your second companion. Bert has a mission for you to do for him first before he becomes your companion.
  • Marsyas - In the center of the houses is where you will find him. He is not that far from Arachne. He has a small quest for you that will allow you to talk to Bert. ***You need to talk to him first in order to talk to Bert***
  • William - is one of the two trolls standing at the bottom of the hill. Talk to Mustard Seed and he will send you on a little mission to get some seeds back from the trolls. After go talk to the trolls where you will engage in a battle.
  • Manon - is the mermaid in the sea. To talk to her, you must first get the quest from Bert telling you to find the pages of the book. Then go talk to the fisherman and he will give you the conch to call her over.

Meet all the inhabitants in the Faery worlds.

See Explorer for the inhabitants of Avalon.

Yggdrasil -

  • Grim - Once you enter Yggdrasil, you will find Grim to the left of the mirror. He will be standing next to his Raccoon who is stuck in a trap. He needs your help to get the raccoon out of the trap. At the end of the world, you will have an option to switch out one of your companions with Grim.
  • White -You will find her a little above the ground from where you meet Gargamelle. She will be standing outside her house and will need you to do a small quest for her. She needs you to take care of the annoying bird problem she is having.
  • Elba the Beekeeper -Look to the left side of the tree when you enter the world and notice the bird. Fly up and you will see the beekeeper with a bee.
  • Puck -He is the first person you meet when you enter the world. You can't miss him.
  • Galadrielle -You will find her pretty high up in the tree. Close to the center of the tree you will see her house and her standing on the outside of it. She will have a quest for you.
  • Chungfly -Stay on the ground and fly around the tree. You will find Chungfly outside his house next to a few red ants.
  • Faberge -He is the artist on top of a high branch. He will have a small quest for you and he is the one who will help you hatch the dragon egg. He is standing outside his house next to his paint set.
  • Red -This person will only appear once. You will find her in the middle of the tree in a small house only when you are doing the quest for tears. You have to talk to White first in order to get Red out of the house.
  • Gargamelle -When you enter the world, you will see the tree with some house on it and by it. You will find Gargamelle outside her house with a pot by her. This should be straight ahead of you when you are flying from the mirror.
  • Dryad -This is the boss of the tree world. You will run into Dyrad when you are removing the waste.
  • Drake -This is the dragon that hatches from the egg you found. You have to hatch the egg by talking to Faberge.

Flying Dutchman -
  • Amareta - She is the first person you run into on the ship. If you want, you can switch her with one of your other companions and she will join you on your voyage.
  • Grut -You will find him in the middle of the top deck. He will be standing on the side of the ship with Chungbee.
  • Korrigans -They are part of the main quest. They can be found in a lock room below the main deck of the ship. You will need to put a hole in the door to enter the room.
  • Chungbee -You will find him in the middle of the top deck. He will be standing on the side of the ship with Grut.
  • Mutineer Chief -He can be found next to the captains room door, not to far from where you entered the world.
  • Melusine -Between the boat and the island you will see the mermaid. She is part of main quest so she can not be missed.
  • Clam -He can be found on the island across the water on the right side. He has a quest for you and he is part of the side quest.
  • Captain -You have to defeat Senta first before you are able to talk to the Captain. Once Senta is defeated go back by the Captains room and he will come out to talk to you.
  • Shipwrecker -This is a boss battle. You will find the Shipwrecker after you defeat and help the Korrigans. Part of the main quest so it can not be missed.
  • Senta -This is a small boss battle. It's part of the main quest so it can not be missed. She is located in the front of the ship a little towards the water.
  • Limpet -Go to the island across the water and he is found on the left side of the island by 4 barrels. You need to talk to him for one of the side quest.
  • Dark Mermaids -In between the ship and the island you will see them. They are part of the main quest so they can not be missed. If you talk to one of them,you will talk to all of them.

City of Mirages -
  • Sinbad -Once you enter the world look to the left to see Sinbad. He will be found behind a pillar. Across from him will be a fox on the rooftop, this is part of the main quest.
  • Morgiana -She is standing on a roof top in the Rich District. She has a side quest for you and is also part of the main quest.
  • Selim -This is the first person you meet in the world. You have to save him and he could become a companion if you choose.
  • Dunyazade -Under the body of the Scarab will be the lower/poor district of the world. Here you will find Dunyazade. She will have a side quest for you.
  • Chunghopper - When you enter the world, there will be a house right in front. Here is where you will find Chunghopper. You will have to go back to him a few times, he has a side quest for you. He is the last cousin you need to find.
  • Badr Al Dine - Under the body of the Scarab will be the lower/poor district of the world. This is where you will find Badr Al Dine. He will have a side quest for you.
  • Ali -You will need him for the side quest given to you by Morgiana. You will find him inside the walls. From the mirror, fly up into the sky and you will two men with a pillar in the middle of them. You will see Al-Chamandal and Ali there.
  • Al-Chamandal -Same as Ali, but he is involved in a different side quest.
  • Ibrahim -Under the body of the Scarab will be the lower/poor district of the world. Here is will you will find Ibrahim. He has a side quest for you.
  • Peri High Priestess - Can be found in the second section in the world, the Rich District. Main quest related, so it is hard to miss.
  • Peri Priestess - Can be found in the second section in the world, the Rich District. Main quest related, so it is hard to miss.
  • Douban -Under the body of the Scarab will be the lower/poor district of the world. You will run into Douban here. He has a side quest for you.
  • Abu Hassan -Under the body of the Scarab will be the lower/poor district of the world. You will find Abu Hassan here. He has a side quest for you.
  • Genie -There will only be two times you will run into him. Once is in the Tombs when you fight Ifrit and the second time is when you have freed Julie, the peri weaver, from the curse. Don't miss him.
  • Sphinx -He is part of the main quest. You will have to go back to him many times during the main quest.
  • Ifrit -This is a boss battle in the Tombs. It is main quest related so he can't be missed.
  • Julie -She was the fox, now she is the peri weaver that you have freed from the curse before.

Collect 60 items of equipment.

This trophy can be missed.
In each of the mirror worlds there are chest to be found all over. Each chest contains equipment or potions. You also get equipment for completing quest for the inhabitants of the world. There are a total of 80 equipment pieces in total. This trophy should be obtainable when you have competed all the quest. Make sure when you have completed all the quest, you go and tell the inhabitants that you have solved whatever problem there was to ensure you have gotten all the equipment pieces.

Head Hunter
Bring a close to the Awakening chapter.

This is story related. After you have located your second companion, introduce him to King Oberon. Once you start the conversation with the king, the trophy will pop.

Save the Tree World.

Story related and cannot be missed. Once you have saved the tree, you will need to go back to the king. The trophy will soon follow.
There are a few steps to saving the tree. This is story related though and can not be missed.
To start "saving the tree" you will need to go through the first mirror into Yggdrasil. When you first enter, go and talk to Pock who will tell you that the tree is dying due to the hornets nest.

  • Step One:Defeat the Hornets Nest
    Look up and you will see the Hornets nest at the top of the tree.
    Make your way through the nest, fighting off groups of bee's.
    In the center of the nest you will find the queen Bee. She is the boss you need to defeat to destroy the nest.

    Queen Bee
    When the battle first starts, the queen will be behind 3 other bees, a young hornet, a Sniper hornet and the Poisonous hornet. (The poisonous hornet will continuously poison you). Since the Poisonous bee poisons you, take him out first. Once dead, defeat the other two bee's Magic is best used against the bee's too. Once you have the little bees out of the way focus on the queen constantly hitting her with your magic attacks. Heal when you need to. Once the queen is defeated, you have won. It will give you the option to either leave the nest or stay and look around. Stay and look around because right below you is a chest.
  • Step Two: Get Rid of the termites
    Fly around the bottom of the tree until you find the opening. Go inside.
    Fly around fighting different groups of termites and beat them
    Make your way to the queen termites chamber where you wil engage in battle with her.

    Queen Termite
    The queen is behind a set of three termites when you first enter the battle. There will be a Gunner termite, a Young termite and a Soldier termite defending her. Get them out of the way first by using physical attacks. Once they are out of the way, use fire or poison to slowly weaken her. Keep going after her until she calls three more young termites. Keep focusing on the queen though, trying to use area spells to damage them all. Be warned though that Earth spells are useless cause the are immune to them. Once you have defeated the queen, and other termites there, the battle will be over.
  • Step Three: Get rid of the Waste
    You have to first find where the waste is buried. Keep flying around the tree until you spot the barrel up against the tree kind of covered by dirt.
    You will need to ask the inhabitants for help. Look for Pock, Chungfly and Gargamelle. Pock and Chungfly will agree, but Gargamelle you will need to insist a bit, you have to ask her about two times before she agrees.
    Fly over to Grim and ask him if you can use his raccoon to help dig. You will need to free the raccoon from the trap first though. To free the raccoon you will have to open the trap, so fly around asking the inhabitants. Go talk to Elba the beekeeper who mentions that you need the tears of someone who never cries. So now, you must find someone who never cries. Go talk to White who will mention her sister Red that never cries. Red lives high in the middle of the tree. Knock on her door and she will come out and you must tell her a story. This might get annoying but you must tell one that makes her cry. You can choose from Without War, Prince and Princess or Wondrous land. Once you have told one that makes her cry, ask for her tears.
    Go back and talk to Grim again. You will free the raccoon and Grim will go over by the mirror portal. Fly to him and ask if you can use his raccoon, and when he agrees fly over to the waste barrel again.
    Dig the waste out where you will now run into Dyrad.
    Battle with Dyrad who is poisoned with the waste.

    Dyrad's attacks inflict a lot of damage, so be sure to heal when needed. The best attacks are physical attacks and fire spells. It will sometimes heal it's self, so either get ready for a long fight, or keep going at it as fast as you can using physical and fire attacks.
    Defeat Dyrad and tell what happened.
    Fly up to Faberge the artist and ask for the help of the birds. (Farberge can be found on the highest branch of the tree)
    Go back to the waste barrel and call for the birds. A bird will come down and take the barrel away.
    This concludes removing the Toxic Waste.

Guide of souls
Save the Flying Dutchman.

Story related cannot be missed. There are five steps in which you need to complete in order to save the Flying Dutchman.
  • Step one: The Plague
    Right as you enter the ship, go down the stair and see the ghost pirate in the corner, talk with him. He will tell you to go talk to the pirate standing by the captains door.
    Go talk to the pirate there. When you start the conversation with that ghost, ask about fighting, he will tell you about Korrigans.
    Fly down to the second level of the ship and go to the door in the back (there will be red sparkles around the spot) and try to enter. You will see that you can not and that you must get some help to break the door.
    Fly up to the main floor of the ship and go talk to Chungbee who is in the middle of the ship. He will agree to help you but you have to find the musket bullet and powder which are located on the opposite side of Chungflee all the way down but on the same side.
    Go back to the second floor and met Chungbee there. He will blow up the door for you with his cannon.
    Enter the room after a hole is blown into it.
    Talk and defeat all Korrigans in the room (the lighting power has the most effect on the Korrigans). You will agree to cure them.
    Go to the top deck again and go to the right side of the ship, next to the water where you will find the Korrigans. Now you will have to help the Shipwrecker.
  • Step Two: The Illness
    Talk to the Korrigans who will give you a recipe for a potion to cure the Shipwrecker.
    The Eggshell: This can be fond when you fly to the island across the water. Talk to Limpet who will give you the shell.
    The seaweed: This can be found when you talk to the mermaid Melusine. She will swim down and get you the seaweed.
    The phials of seawater: This can be found when you go to the island again and talk to Clam. He is in front of the house on the island. He will give you the seawater.
    Fly back to the Korrigans and they will make the potion and summon up the shipwrecker.
    Defeat the shipwrecker and give him the potion.
    Talk to the Korrigans after you have defeated the Shipwrecker
    Talk to the pirate ghost (mainly the one by the captains room)

    Boss - Shipwrecker
    This fight should not be to hard. The only powerful attack he really has are his water attacks. He is weak to physical attacks so focus on using them mainly. Heal when you need to though by using potions to heal your team mates.
  • Step Three - The Mutiny
    You must find a way to calm to the pirate ghost. There are two ways you can do this. One is faster than the other.
    Faster way - Fight them. There are three ghost on the ship that you will need to defeat. Defeat them by using water, earth or air attacks.
    Not so fast way - Organize a feast for them. When you organize a feast, the pirates will ask for rum and gold. You can easily find the rum in the dock. To find the gold, you must talk to the Chief Korrigan who is on the table. He will mention the treasure map you need to access the treasure room. The map can be found in the water in a bottle between the boat and the mermaids. Once you have accessed the treasure room talk to the pirates ghosts.
    Fight the pirate ghosts.
    Go back to the front of the ship and talk to Sentra, she will release the captain.
    Go talk to the captain. He will be standing in front of the Captains Room.
  • Step Four - Set Sails
    Read the ship's log - This can be found on the table by the entrance mirror. You will NEED Bert in your group in order to read the logs.
    Go talk to the Pirate ghosts or the Korrigans to get information on the Dark Mermaids.
  • Step Five - The Dark Mermaids
    Go talk to the Dark Mermaids located between the ship and the island. There are two ways to handle the mermaids.
    Way One - Ask each mermaid about their gifts. You will need to retrieve them.
    -The Mirror can be found near the Captain's Cabin
    -The Oyster pearls can be found on the ship's hull
    -The Comb can be found when you ask the Captain.
    Give the three mermaids their gifts and go talk to the fourth one. They will leave after ward.
    Way Two - Fight the Dark Mermaids. Fight the three mermaids with the black haze around them. When you have defeated the three of them go talk to Melusine and they Mermaids will leave.
    Go back and talk to the Captain.

Spirits' friend
Save the Scarabaeid

Story related cannot be missed. Save the city of Mirages. There are five steps in order to save the city. When you first enter the world, Selim will great you. Than go talk to Chunghopper who is straight in front of the mirror. Find the root of the problem.
  • Step One - Communication Problem
    Go to the temple on the Scarabeids head.
    Meet with Selim at the temple and fight the thieves. There are three of them
    Go inside the temple and talk with Peri high Priestess.
    Unleash the hostilities in the poor district located under the Scarabeid.
    Fly under the Scarabeid and talk to the inhabitants there and fight them
    You will have to fight Badr Al Dine, Dunyazade and Ibrahim at the same time. Defeat them using normal or magic attacks.
    Go find the Sphinx now. He is found on the lowest platform in the poor district.
  • Step Two - Communicate with the Scarabeid
    Fly back to the top and enter the temple
    Talk with the Peri High Priestess.
    You can either fight her or convince her to let you through. (Fight is most likely the outcome)
    Magic attacks work well against the Peri High Priestess. So attack and defeat her and her two companions.
    Once defeated you will find yourself on top of the Scarabeids head with the Sphinx.
  • Step Three - The Ifrit
    Head back to the Rich District and go talk to Chunghopper who will tell you about Ifrit.
    Go talk to Morgiana, she is dressed all in red on top of her home, and she will tell you more about Ifrit.
    Morgiana will now tell you about ghouls who are located in a lair on the Scarabeids shell, near its back between the rich and poor district. You will notice it by the wooden platform.
    Go to the lair. Make your way through the lair by fighting the ghouls to get to the back room where Ifrit is.
    Fight and defeat Ifrit.
    When you have defeated Ifrit, stay and explore so you can get the three chest behind him.
    Explore more, and run into the Genie (you may have ran into him before the fight with Ifrit).
    When you are done exploring, head out and go report to the Sphinx.
    Boss - Ifrit
    This is a strong opponent. He uses fire type moves, so your fire type moves will do little to no damage on him. Use ice, water, electric or normal attacks on him. Heal when needed. This could take a bit, but he isn't really that hard to beat.
  • The Scarabeids Thirst
    You have to first find an idea on how to retrieve the water.
    Go talk to Chunghopper who will let you know about the Weaver.
    Ask the Villagers about the weaver, mainly Sinbad who will tell you to go talk to the Fox.
    Go across to the top of the roof top and talk to the fox. You can't understand what it is saying though. Grim will come tell you about what you need to do next.
  • The Peri Weaver
    Here you will need to create and install wind traps. To free the Peri Weaver of the curse, you can either fight the Genie in the lair or break the curse.
    Go talk to Morgiana. Ask her about a spell breaker. She can do it but needs you to gather the ingredients for her.
    Go to Chunghopper and ask him for the Magic Bowl.
    Go talk to the Peri High Priestess to get the Incense.
    Go talk to Sinbad. Fight the Roc Flying about the city.
    Go back to the roof top where the fox and Morgiana are at. Give Morgiana the ingredients. She will turn the fox back into the Peri Weaver.
    Talk to the Peri Weaver Julie.
    Now you must lay wind traps on the tops of the walls around the city. Start by the Peri Weaver and follow the glowing trail. Basically where ever this is a flag in the wall is where you will be laying a trap.
    Go and talk to the Sphinx.
    When you have saved the Scarabeid, go back and talk to the king in Avalon.
    Boss - Roc
    He isn't that hard to beat. He is found above the city. Keep using Fire, Earth and water attacks on him. Heal when you need to. This fight shouldn't take long.

Envoi of Oberon
Complete all secondary quests on Avalon.

This is missable.

List of Quest:

Help Mariliane
Mission by Mariliane
1. Find Mariliane in the first level of the tower. She will ask you to find her a crab shell to use as a bed.
2. Fly down to the beach area where there will two trolls and crab. Defeat the three of them and you will get the shell.
3. Go back to Mariliane and give her the shell.

Retrive the first page
Mission by Bert
1. Go and ask Bron the Fisherman for some advice
2. Help Bron by defeating the mischievous pixie down by his nets.
3. Talk to Bron about using the conch.
4. Go over to the rock in the sea and call Manon with the conch.
5. Receive the page and return it to Bert.

Retrieve the second page
Mission by Bert
1. Fly to the first floor in the tower and talk to Mariliane. She will give you the page, though it will be torn up.
2. Bring it to Arachne and ask if she can fix the page for you.
3. Return the page to Bert.

Retrieve the third page
Mission by Bert
1. Talk to Marilys & Marilou where they will tell you how the Seagull took the third page.
2. Go to the nest located on the far back side of the mountain but you can not get to the page as of yet.
3. Go talk to Bron the Fisherman and see if he will give you a fish for the Seagull. Which unfortunately he does not cause he gave the last one to a troll in the cave.
4. Go back to the cave on the left side of the beach and find the trolls. Give a potion to help them if you have one and they will offer their fish to you for helping them.
5. Go back to the Seagull and place the fish on the rock in the correct location told. When the Seagull is out of the nest, go up and take the page.
6. Return the page to Bert.

Chungflea's Cousins
Mission by Chungflea
1. Talk to Chungflea and find out about his cousins
2. Find his second cousin in the Yggdrasil, Chungfly on the side of the tree next to ants.
3. The third cousin is found on the Flying Dutchman, Chungbee in the middle of the boat on a canon.
4. His fourth cousin is found in the City of Mirages, Chunghopper, right in the beginning of the word.

Marsyas and the Nymph's laughter

Mission by Marsyas
1. Talk to Marsyas and he will tell you about how there is no more nymph's laughter
2. Go talk to Manon who will tell you about the bottle of bottle and seagull.
3. Go to the seagull and get her the laugh.
4. Go back to Marsyas and give him the bottle containing the laughter.

Mission by Mustard Seed
1. Go talk to Mustard Seed and he will tell you how two trolls took his seeds.
2. Go to the bottom of the path and fight the two trolls to get the seeds back.
3. Give the seeds back to Mustard Seed.

Dragon Egg
Mission by - when you retrieve the egg in the cave
1. In the beginning of the game you will go into the Dragon's cave where you find the egg.
2. Go to each world asking the inhabitants about the egg.
3. You will meet a painter in Yggdrasil in the branches of the tree.
4. Go look at the patterns on an egg in the nest on the next branch.
5. Place the egg in the nest
6. Retrieve the egg from the nest. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE GRIM ON YOUR TEAM.
7. The egg will hatch and the dragon can become one of your companions.

Spirit of the Forests
Complete all the secondary quests in the Tree World.

This is missable.

List of Quest:

Grims Raccoon
Mission By: Grim
1. Talk to Grim and he will ask you to help him free his raccoon.
2. Find tears of someone who doesn't cry
3. Talk to White who will tell you about her sister Red.
4. Fly up to Red's house and tell her a story to make her cry
5. Collect her tears and bring them to Grim.

Annoying Bird
Mission By: White
1. Talk to White and she will tell you about the annoying bird outside her house
2. Go to the top of the tree and talk to Faberge the artist
3. He will tell you how to get rid of the bird without hurting it
4. Go to the bird and tickle it to chase it away
5. Go and talk to White again

The Lovers
Mission By: Galadrielle
1. Fly to just about the top of the tree and find Galadrielle
2. She will ask you to help her by getting a cake from Gargamelle for someone she likes.
3. Gargamelle will ask for some large spring fern. (This can be found around the tree)
4. Bring the fern back to Gargamelle and she will make a cake and give it to you.
5. Go talk to Puck and give him the cake (don't tell him who it is from)
6. Puck will give you a present to bring back to Galadrielle.
7. Bring the present to Galadrielle.

The Blue Paint

Mission By: Faberge
1. Fly to Faberge at the top of the tree, he is standing outside his house with his painting equipment.
2. He will tell you about the blue paint he needs and how the faun is acting crazy. You can either try to find the faun or go find the potion. (recommend to find potion)
3. Fly over to Galadrielle and ask her for some advice. She will give you a list of ingredients.
4. Fly to the highest point on the tree to collect the leaf.
5. Find the feather in the birds nest.
6. Go back to Galadrielle with the ingredients
7. Once made, go find the faun (he is on a tree branch not far from Faberge) and give him the potion.
8. Go back and talk with Faberge

The dragon's egg

Mission By: Found in the Dragons cave in Avalon
Please see Envoi of Oberon for more info about this quest.

Complete all the secondary quests of the Flying Dutchman.

This is missable.

List of Quest:

Hide and seek trolls
Mission By: Boatsman (pirate ghost)
1. Talk to the pirate ghost who will tell you about the three trolls.
2. The trolls can be found inside the ship.
3. There is one troll in the lower level of the ship, and can be found next to a chest.
4. The other two trolls can be found on the first level when you through the open doors. They too are next to chests. If you listen too, they make sounds.
5. When you have defeated the trolls, go to the front of the ship and search the crates. You will run into Sentra, defeat her.
6. Go back and talk to the pirate ghost.

Thieving Gull

Mission By: Clam
1. Go talk to Clam on the island across the water. He will tell you about the Gull/
2. Fly up high right above Clam and you will see the gull. Fight and defeat the gull. (Not hard, normal or fire attacks work well)
3. Go back and talk with Clam.

Away Borders
Mission By: Korrigan
1. Talk to the Chief Korrigan on the table by the Captains door.
2. He will ask you to fight the two groups of dark gnomes.
3. The first group is on the other side of the ship. They can't be missed.
4. The second group can be rather tricky. Go to where the mirror is and fly up. Go over so you are over the water behind the boat. Float down util you get to the second platform. Fight the group of gnomes.
5. Go back to the Chief of Korrigans.

Limpet's Enigmas
Mission By: Limpet
1. Go talk to Limpet, he can be found across the water on the little island. He will play a little game of find the enigmas with you.
2. The first enigma is at the highest point of the island. Then go talk to Limpet for the second one.
3. The second enigma can be found on the highest mast of the ship. Then go talk to Limpet for the third one.
4. The third enigma can be found in the rock shaped as a skull by the island. Go into the left eye.

Complete all the secondary quests of the Scarabaeid.

This is missable. There are a few side quest in this world that are missable. If you just happen to progress through the main quest to far you will miss the side quest. Once missed the will be come non-obtainable. It would be highly recommended to make two saves for this world, just in case you progress to far you have one to fall back on.

When you get the mission Communication Problem, make sure you help all those in the poor district that need your help. There are three total down there that need help. This are only missable if you fight the inhabitants in the poor district.

List of Quest

Archaeology Mission
Mission By: Chunghopper
1. Go talk to Chunghopper who is asking for some vases.
2. Go to the ghoul's lair.
3. Go to the back of the Scarabeid, go inside and go left, you have defeat the mummies.
4. Inside the lair is where you will find the vases.
5. Go back to Chunghopper and give him the vases.

Help Douban
Mission By: Douban
1. He will ask for help after you have defeated Ifit.
2. Talk to Douban and he will tell you how he needs a job.
3. Fly up and talk to Al Chamandal. Tell him you have someone to help water his plants.
4. Go back down and tell Douban.

Help Dunyazade
Mission By: Dunyazade
1. Talk to Dunyazade, she is found under the Scarabeid in the poor district.
2. She will ask you to find the hearts of the Palm Tree for her. (there are 4 of them)
3. Fly to the Temple and fly around it. Look at the palm trees, there you will find three hearts in the trees.
4. Fly around the city and right by the mirror there is one more heart.
5. When you have all 4 hearts of palm, return to Dunyazde.

Help Ibrahim
Mission By: Ibrahim
1. Talk to Ibrahim and he will ask you to find the vials of water.
2. There are 3 vials all together, and they can be found around the rich district. Just keep flying around till you find them. Two are in two back alleys and one is one one of the rooftops.
3. When you have all three, head back to the poor district and give them to Ibrahim.

Help Abu Hassam
Mission By: Abu Hassum
1. Go talk to Abu Hassum in the poor district who will mention the rokhs in the back of the Scarabeid.
2. Fly to the back of the Scarabeid and you will see the Three fly bird looking things. Fight them.
3. When you have defeated them you will get the hair automatically.
4. Go back and talk to Abu Hassum

Help Badr Al-Dine
Mission By: Badr Al-Dine
1. Go talk to Badr Al-Dine in the poor district where he will tell you about the hair found on the back of the Scarabeid.
2. Fly to the back of the Scarabeid and search in the blue hair.
3. Once you have picked up the blue hair, return to Badr Al-Dine and give it to him.

The Husband
Mission By: Morgiana
1. Talk to Morgiana who tells you about her husband and how she doesn't know where he is.
2. Go over and talk to Sinbad who will let you know that he has seen him in the high district.
3. Go and ask Al Chamadal about it who will let you know that her husband is Ali.
4. Go talk to Ali where he will ask you to lie for him and tell Morgiana he left the world.
5. Go talk to Morgiana and decided to whether tell her who he is and where or lie by telling her he left.

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