Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 5-7 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectibles Trophies: Ed-Ecated, Warhead Hunter
Missable Trophies: Ed-Ecated
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • All trophies are in XMB order
  • Lonesome Road Snow Globe This is located inside the fallen building at the Junction 7 Rest Stop which is down the road on the right side at the end of the High Road.
  • After installing the DLC, just load up your game and much like Fallout 3 you will receive a radio transmission, which will give you a new mission and a marker on your map. Head to the marker to start the DLC.
  • The DLC will be available as a sidequest to your normal game missions. This being said, I recommend you wait until you are near the end of your game before taking on the DLC, as the enemies in the DLC are fairly strong. Your difficulty level doesn't matter for the DLC BUT if you are on your Hardcore run from the game, you will be on Hardcore on the DLC and if you change it, this will mess up your Hardcore run on your game. If you choose to do it on your HC playthrough make a second save, so you can turn off HC and enjoy the DLC while not messing up your HC run.
  • The cumulative trophies from the game, such as kills, healing, and hacks/lockpicks all count during the DLC towards the regular game trophies.
  • They were smart enough to fix the glitch in this DLC from Old World Blues, and even though it will tell you at the beginning of the DLC that your max level has been increased by 5 the max level is still at 50. If you have already reached level 50 you won't level up anymore.
  • I only found one new perk when I leveled up to 50 and I'm not really sure if this perk was already in the game from OWB or if they added it for this game, but the perk is:
    • ThoughYouDied: This resets your Karma and gives you a 10% Damage boost. It will also make you immune to Critical Hits and give you 10 Health for every 100 Good Karma points you earn.

  • There are some EXTREMELY nice weapons you can bring back with you from the DLC such as the:
    • Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun: Imagine taking a 10mm SMG, making it shoulder mounted and giving you a 60 round clip. Instant Carnage on everything.
    • Arc Welder: This you will find being used by a lot of enemies in the DLC. It's supposed to be good against robots, but I prefer my trusty Pulse Gun.
    • Plasma Defender: This is a high powered Plasma Pistol. Once it's fully powered it's very deadly.
    • H and H Tools Nail Gun: Silent and extremely deadly at close range.
    • Red Glare: This is a semi automatic Missile Launcher that can hold up to 6 rounds, very deadly.

  • Unlike the other DLCs, you can travel back and forth to the Mojave at any time during this DLC which is nice if you need supplies or need to drop off weapons.
  • BRING A LOT OF CAPS WITH YOU! you will need them for one of the trophies.
  • If you own a Pulse Gun bring it with you. The beginning of the area has a bunch of sentry bots to demolish and if you need the Man Machine Interface challenge from the GRA DLC you can probably get it here if you bring the correct weapons.
  • If your weapons or equipment need repair, have Ed-E unlock a Commissary.

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Found all of ED-E's upgrades in the Divide.

An Ed-E can be found in the very beginning of the DLC as you are traveling through the vaults. He is inside a Maintenance Pod and after freeing him you will have the option to add him as a partner on your quest. Once you have him, you will be on the lookout for 5 destroyed Eyebots throughout the Lonesome Road. If you search these, you can find the Eyebot Circuit Board which will give you upgrade abilities with your companion. Ed-E can't be taken with you when you leave the Divide, BUT you can install these on the regular Ed-E companion once back in the Mojave. At a certain point in the game, Ed-E will leave and can be obtained again in the secure room before the final elevator to confront Ulysses if you release him from his pod. If you pass up this chance, you cannot open the pod after you take the elevator to Ulysses. I am unsure if you need to have Ed-E to unlock these trophies as I had him when I found each one, but if someone gets the trophy without Ed-E present let me know and I will update this.
The locations are:
  1. After finding Ed-E, head down main path to find the first Eyebot on the main path.
  2. Once into Hopeville, head into the Hopeville Missile Base HQ on the left side of the area. Once inside turn left and head into the small hallway. You will find the second Eyebot under the table in the room on the left.
  3. Once you get to Ashton Silo Control Station, From the main room at the bottom of the long elevator shaft, go through the door on your right side. Now head around the walkway to get to the door with the Hard Terminal to unlock and find an Eyebot inside.
  4. After leaving the Sunstone Tower Roof, you will need to destroy a Warhead to proceed to the next area. In this area, before heading towards the Abbadon, turn left and use the wreckage to climb up into the Sunstone Municipal Building. From here head out the other side to get access to the sewers. This Eyebot is in the sewers.
  5. After destroying the warhead to head into the Abbadon, turn around and destroy the Warhead nestled into the mountains behind you. Now climb up into this new area you've created to find the final Eyebot.

Ed-Ecated Video Trophy Guide

Condemned to Repeat It.
Decided the fate of all the Divide dwellers.

This is a story based mission.

You will receive this trophy for completing The Launch main story mission.

The Launch
  1. Reach Ashton Silo Control Station at the end of the High Road
    ** The High Road is very straight forward, head down the road and be mindful of the Deathclaws that inhabit the area. When you get to the end grab the Snow Globe for some free caps, then head up the hill to the Silo.

  2. Activate the console to gain access to Ashton Missile Silo.
    ** Once at the Silo simply press the button to launch the Nuclear Warhead.

Hometown Hero
Completed Lonesome Road.

This is the trophy you will receive for completing the game, no matter what choice you make. When you finally reach Ulysses, you can either battle him, which is a very difficult battle or if your Speech is high enough and you pick the correct choices he will join you. I prefer this second method as it is much easier. After you make your choice you will need to fight off a horde of Marked Men, then you will need to either need to pick a new target for the missile launch or if you have Ed-E you can stop the launch all together. Once you have done that, you only need to run to the elevator before the timer expires to end the DLC and the trophy will unlock after all the final credits.

Rocket's Red Glare
Acquired all upgrades for the Divide's signature weapon

This trophy is actually quite easy, if you have the caps. For this trophy you will need to release Ed-E and have him become a companion. Now head to any Commissary Panel and have Ed-E unlock it for you. Head into the Mods section and you will find the 3 mods you need for this trophy. I have a Barter 82 and I spent about 36,000 caps, but I have read they can be up to 48,000 caps to purchase. The three mods are:
  • Red Glare Alpha Strike: Increased Rocket Speed
  • Red Glare Auto Launcher: Increased Fire Rate
  • Red Glare Far Sighting: Increased Zoom Level

Once you have purchased all three the trophy will unlock, before you even attach them to the weapon. In fact, you don't even need the Red Glare for the trophy.

Warhead Hunter
Detonated all of the warheads in the Divide.

There are a total of 30 Warheads to find and detonate in the Lonesome Road. Some will be blocking your path and out in the open, but some will be well hidden. A good rule of thumb on these is that if you start to get Rads and there isn't a reasonable explanation, you are most likely near one. You can begin the Warhead hunt after you obtain the Laser Detonator in the Job mission at the beginning of the DLC. Once you have it, simply aim it at a Warhead and hold down the trigger until it gets hot enough to detonate. Be warned though, it will be a big explosion and will damage you if you are too close.

  1. In the back of the truck on the main road after you find the Laser Detonator. You will need to detonate this to leave the area.
  2. Back up the main road near Hopeville Missile Base - West.
  3. On the main road after passing the Marked Men Guard Outpost.
  4. Turn right after destroying Warhead #3 then turn right again and backtrack down a parallel road to the main road to find the Marked Men Supply Outpost and this warhead near a truck in the back.
  5. On the main road after the Marked Men Base.
  6. On the High Road after the battle against Beast at the beginning of the area.
  7. On the High Road .
  8. At the end of the High Road, turn right and head down the dirt path to find the Warhead near the Junction 7 Rest Stop.
  9. Now head back up the path and continue up the hill towards the Ashton Silo Control Station. Before getting to the station, turn to your right where the road branches off and follow this road to the end to find a Warhead.
  10. From the Sunstone Tower Roof, look over the edge to find this near the Marked Men Camp below.
  11. This one you can also see from the Sunstone Tower Roof on the canyon floor below.
  12. Head down to the cavern floor and follow the path until you find a Warhead blocking your path to continue.
  13. In the next area immediately turn right and follow path until you find the next Warhead blocking your path.
  14. Before going into the Abbadon Entrance you opened, turn around and look behind you in the mountain and you will see a hidden Warhead.
  15. From Boxwood Hotel Roof, head down the main path until you find the pair of Deathclaws at the waterhole. Head through the waterfall coming out if the pipe to find RAWR's cave. Inside this cave, you should be able to see the Warhead as you enter the cave.
  16. After killing RAWR, turn around to head out and you will see the Warhead above the exit.
  17. Head back through the water that had the lurking Deathclaws and you will find the next Warhead on the main path.
  18. In the next area head to the opposite side of the water and turn around and you can see a Warhead up in the mountain to the left of the building you crossed under.
  19. Now turn to your right and you will see a Warhead blocking your path on the main pathway.
  20. Now head up the wreckage you just created from the destroyed Warhead and when you get to the top of the wreckage on the next path, turn around and look above the building you just passed that is behind you to see the next Warhead.
  21. Now continue down the path until you get to the fallen building that is making a bridge. When you get onto the building, turn around and behind you will be a large ledge that previously had a Marked Man that was most likely shooting at you. Head over to this ledge to find the Wastewater Treatment Plant and another Warhead.
  22. Just before heading into Ulysses Temple, look above the entrance high on the mountain for this Warhead.
  23. Inside Ulysses Temple
  24. Inside Ulysses Temple
  25. Inside Ulysses Temple
  26. Inside Ulysses Temple
  27. Inside Ulysses Temple
  28. Inside Ulysses Temple
  29. Inside the Couriers Mile, on the right side, up by the Deathclaws.
  30. Inside the Couriers Mile, near all the Marked Men on the left side.

Warhead Hunter Video Trophy Guide

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