Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: Approx 10 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectibles Trophies: Making Friends
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • All trophies are in XMB order
  • Big MT Snow Globe This is located inside the X-17 Meteorological Station in the upper left corner of your map. Once inside head into the second room and the Snow Globe is in the Control Room that is up stairs.
  • After installing the DLC, just load up your game and much like Fallout 3 you will receive a radio transmission, which will give you a new mission and a marker on your map. Head to the marker to start the DLC.
  • The DLC will be available as a sidequest to your normal game missions. This being said, I recommend you wait until you are near the end of your game before taking on the DLC, as the enemies in the DLC are fairly strong. Your difficulty level doesn't matter for the DLC BUT if you are on your Hardcore run from the game, you will be on Hardcore on the DLC and if you change it, this will mess up your Hardcore run on your game. If you choose to do it on your HC playthrough make a second save, so you can turn off HC and enjoy the DLC while not messing up your HC run.
  • The cumulative trophies from the game, such as kills, healing, and hacks/lockpicks all count during the DLC towards the regular game trophies.
  • The DLC will raise your level cap up to 50. There is no trophy for maxing out, BUT you will get new skill points on each level and have access to 2 extra perks at levels 42,44, 46, 48 and 50 to make your character stronger
  • The DLC will add new VERY useful perks at the leveling up screen AND as bonus perks for completing side quests and challenges. Keep an eye out for these perks as they will most likely help you on future missions and the main game as well:
    • C-13 Implant: This can be found in the Y-17 Medical Center. Once you have found it, install it into the Auto-Doc and you can purchase it for 8000 caps. This will give you a +10% damage boost against all Cazadors.
    • DNAvenger: This is a challenge reward for killing a specified amount of Cazadors in Big MT. This Perk has 3 ranks with each rank giving you an extra +10% damage boost on all Cazadors. (poor Cazadors )
    • DNAgent: This is a reward for completing all the testing at the X-8 Research Center. This Perk will give you a +10% damage boost against Nightstalkers
    • Big Brained Perk: You will get this upon completing the DLC and putting your brain back in your head. With this perk your head can't be crippled, you are +10% more resistant to chemical addiction and you gain a +10% boost to your Damage Threshold
    • Cardiac Arrest: Once you have your brain back in your head, visit the Auto-Doc if you want your heart back. With this Perk you gain +50% Poison Resistance, robots will have a -25% chance to score a critical attack on you and all Healing Chemicals are more effective.
    • Reinforced Spine: Once you have your brain back in your head, visit the Auto-Doc if you want your spine back. With this Perk you gain a +2 point boost to your Strength and Damage Threshold.

  • There are some EXTREMELY nice weapons you can bring back with you from the DLC such as the:
    • Elijah's Advanced LAER/LAER: This high powered laser rifle can be found in the DLC along with two Mods available to purchase. You will find several regular LAERs that some enemies drop and around the Big MT, but there is a special rare one at the Signal Hills Transmitter on the roof. This location is straight up from the Think Tank about halfway to the X-22 Botanical Gardens. It's just to the left of the beginning of the dotted road that leads to the Gardens.
    • Proton Axe: Melee weapon that delivers an EMP attack on robots. This is very useful in the DLC, and can be found everywhere.
    • K9000 Cyberdog Gun: This is given to you by the Thinkers if you ask them for a weapon and your skills are high enough to persuade them to give you one. If not, you can find one at the X-12 facility on one of the enemies. This is a 44 Magnum machine gun. Very powerful and you can find 2 Mods for it in the game.

  • Once you have finished the DLC, you will have the ability to travel back and forth between the Big MT location and the Mojave at will to clean up and finish missions. This is actually quite nice because you don't need to worry about having enough space to carry everything before you finish the DLC as you will be allowed in and out.
  • BRING A LOT OF CAPS WITH YOU! There are A LOT of really nice upgrades in the DLC, but you will need to spend money. I started the DLC with about 30,000 caps end ended with 2,000.
  • If you own a Pulse Gun bring it with you. The DLC is ripe with robots, and this one weapon will make short work of almost all of them.
  • If your weapons or equipment need repair, ask the CIU, it can repair anything you have to 100%.
  • You can upgrade your Sonic Emitter to turn off the the forcefields in this DLC but using the terminal inside the Advanced Data Retrieval Test inside the X-8 Institutional Facility. Once this program is active, the terminal is in the very first room.

[top]Legendary BloatFly

Don't laugh, this thing is badass! This can be found in the upper right part of your map in the Mysterious Cave. Now everyone will have their own strategies for this, and whatever works best for you go ahead and use it. Also if you beat the BloatFly feel free to post your strategy and I'll post it here.

I recommend waiting until you have finished everything else in the DLC or close to it so you have obtained Elijah's Advance LAER weapon. It will also help to have a high Energy Weapon skill. I had mine powered up with both Mods but I don't think you really need them. You should also either repair the weapon to maximum condition, or have the CIU fully repair it for you. Once you get in the cave, I buffed my character with a Buffout, Jet and Med-X. Yes I know, that was probably overkill, but with this method I was able to defeat the beastie in about a minute with minimal Stimpak usage.

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Cardiac Arrest!
Recovered X-13 cardiac regulator sneaky suit!

This is a story based trophy.

X-13 Attack of the Infiltrator
  1. Travel to the X-13 Research Facility
    ** Head to the left side of the map from the Sink to find the X-13 Research Center.
  2. Recover the Prototype X-13 Gloves
    ** These are located in the main hallway in a side room.
  3. Recover the Prototype X-13 Boots
    ** These are located in the main hallway in a side room.
  4. Recover the Protoype X-13 Chest Plate
    ** These are located in the main hallway in a side room.
  5. Activiate the Basic Infiltration Test to begin initializing the Stealth Suit
    ** After finding all the pieces for the MK II Sneak Suit, head to the end of the tunnel to find a large open room, with rooms below. In front of you will be a work station and a large elevator door. Use the Computer to the right of the door to call the elevator and head down to the next area. In this next area, head through the door to the right, then in the next room head through the next door on the right side. Head down the stairs and into the testing area. Look around to get a feel for the area, none of robots or turrets will attack you. When you are done head into the main control room and over to the computer panel.
  6. Basic Infiltration Test: Acquire the X-13 Document from the Administrator's Wall Safe to complete Stealth Suit Initialization.
    ** Activate the Basic Infiltration Test, and begin the testing sequence. See the next description below for strategy.

Project X-13
  1. Complete Basic Infiltration Test
    ** If you have a 50 Lockpick skill or above, this is test will take about 20 seconds. If you do, head into the test area and turn right and lockpick the door in the corner. NOW, wait until the two Robo Brain guards come to the end of the halls then go away and high tail it to the end of the hall and take the first door on the right into the Administrators office. Head into the back room and into the safe to find the goods and the Trophy will unlock. If you don't have the necessary Lockpick skills you will need to travel through the door and then head past the desk and into the next area. There will be a Robo Brain in here but there is plenty of space to go around him and to the left without getting near him. Evade this Brain, then head into the hallway and take your first left once the next Robo Brain goes down the hallway. You will now be inside a small office with an opening on the right that heads to the bathrooms. Head into the Bathrooms and look out the first door on the right. From here you can plan your exit strategy on the final Robo Brain to get into the Administrator's Office which is almost directly across the hallway.

Making Friends
Reactivated all of the Sink's robotic assistants.

This is a story based trophy.

There are a total of 10 Electrical Friends set up in the Sink that you need to find Personality chips to reactivate. Some of the machines will also have Optional Parts you can find to enhance their abilities in your favor. All these components and all upgrades in the game will be represented by a Holodisk making this basically a collectible trophy. They can be well hidden and sometimes a pain in the ass to find, but remember your Local Map can give you an exact location in a very small area.

Once you have found them all, I suggest talking to them all as they are all quite amusing. If you have the Cherchez La Femme perk you will be able to flirt with the light switches for items

All of My Friends Have Off Switches
  1. Go to the Sink and install the Central Intelligence Unit
    ** This personality Chip is given to you by the Thinkers. After your discussion, head back the way you came and place the chip in the big round table to activate the CIU. You will find the CIU very useful with a store and the ability to fully repair your weapons.
  2. Find the missing modules for the Sink, Auto-Doc and the Biological Research Station
    ** This will be the first task highlighted for you for this mission.
    • Magnetohydraulics Compound - Sink Project: Sink: Your first stop in this quest is almost straight up to the top of the map. Head to the middle waypoint and then once you are there head inside the room to find this holodisk.
    • X-22 Botanical Garden - Sink Project: Biological Research Station: From the last holodisk head to the upper left waypoint to find this in the destroyed upstairs area of the Botanical Garden.
    • Y-17 Medical Center - Sink Project: Auto-Doc: Now head down to the bottom right to find the third waypoint inside the medical center. Look thoroughly in this area as there are 2 optional upgrades as well.

  3. Find the missing modules for the Light Switches and Jukebox
    ** This is the second highlighted task for this mission.
    • Big MT North Tunnel - Sink Project: Light Switch 2: Head to the top right of the map for this location, once inside look in the room on the right.
    • X-2 Transmitter Antenna Array - Sink Project: Light Switch 1: This is at the bottom right of the map. Inside the building is this disk.
    • The Cuckoos Nest - Sink Project: Toaster: This is part of the next task but you might as well get this while you are here. Head to the top of the X-2 Transmitter Antenna Array, but don't go up the ladder to the dish. Instead head out the door on the top level. From here follow the path around the mountain until you come to the pile of junk and campsite one of the Lobotomites has set up. Head to the right around the corner from his campsite to find a small path that leads up the hill to the Cuckoos Nest. Inside you will find this Disk.
    • Higgs Valley - Sink Project: Jukebox: Head to the right of the X-2 Array to find Higgs Valley. Once inside head into house #108 and head upstairs to find this disk.

  4. Find the missing modules for the Toaster, Muggy and Book Chute
    ** This is the third highlighted task for this mission.
    • Higgs Valley - Sink Project: Book Chute: Now head into house #101 and head upstairs again to find this disk.
    • Securitron De-Construction Plant - Sink Project: Muggy: The final disk is located in the middle right side of the map. Once you are there, take out the defending robots, and this piece is in the back of the army truck to the right side of the main entrance.

  5. Install the Personality Modules in the Sink.
    ** Once you have found all the modules, head back to the Sink and put all the personality chips inside the proper appliances to activate them and talk to them After installing them all you will receive your trophy..

All of your new friends have upgrades you can find to benefit you. The Auto-Doc especially will give you the ability to modify your characters looks in the game. Finding all of these are optional, but if you wish to find them, you need to activate the Influencing People side quest. Activating this quest will highlight all the parts for you to find on your map. You will need the ability to turn off the blue forcefields to complete this mission.

Make Up Your Mind
Made up your mind...about your brain.

This is a story based trophy.

You will come to this point once you enter the Forbidden Zone. you will have a boss fight against the X-42 Giant Robo Scorpion, the most powerful enemy in Fallout New Vegas, which I personally recommend the LAER against. If you don't feel like battle, and your skills are high enough, search around the room to find terminals that will disable him. That being said, the Robo Scorpion isn't very hard to kill, BUT he has very powerful laser blasts from his tail that can greatly increase you Radiation levels while damaging you in a very short period of time.

Once you have passed the scorpion, head into the next room to find Morbius happily working away on his computers. He doesn't seem very hostile, and I never picked the "I'm here to kill you" conversation option, so I don't know if you can even battle him. He seems content enough to just discuss things with you and let you have your brain without a struggle.

Now head up to your brain. I recommend saving before talking to your brain! I have read elsewhere that you can miss this trophy if your skills aren't high enough. I do NOT have any proof of this at this particular time and it seems to me that if your skills weren't high enough you wouldn't be able to complete the speech challenges and you could come back and try later. If someone does manage to miss this trophy however please let me know so I can update this. Now I have also heard of some people getting Science and even Medical questions in the conversation, but I never received any of these. I received two Speech 75 questions in the conversation. The goal of this conversation is to convince your brain that getting back inside your head would be better than living the rest of its life in a nice, quiet, secure storage tank. If you can manage this the trophy will unlock and you will receive your brain.

Completed Old World Blues.

This is a story based trophy.

After you have received your brain, head back to the Think Tank to confront your captors with your new leverage. There are two ways this conversation can go:
  1. First you can give each of those asshats that gave you a lobotomy the finger , then whip out either your Pulse Gun, Advanced LAER or K9000 Cyberdog and proceed to show them exactly why everyone in New Vegas knows to not piss you off OR
  2. You can take the peaceful route, and use your words to outsmart them and frighten them into being your humble servants and letting you leave. Keep in mind, choosing this path will require you to have a high Science 75 skill to win the Speech Challenges required to properly intimidate them.

Either way, once you have completed the final mission and are free to leave with your brain and the rest of your organs, the ending video will unlock once you leave the Think Tank. After the ending, the trophy will unlock and you will receive the Big MT Transportalponder which allows you to travel between the Mojave and Big MT with ease.

Spinal Tapped!
Recovered X-8 vertabrae-pulse-de-sensitizer frequency!

X-8 HS Horror!
  1. Travel to X-8 Research Center
    ** X-8 Research Center is to the left of the Sink. Along the way you will encounter Nightstalkers, so be prepared.
  2. Initiate the Institutional Data Retrieval Test at X-8 Test Terminal.
    ** Once inside, head to the right and down the stairs. Destroy the robots downstairs before they get a chance to attack you and head to the left of the large door and activate the Test Program.
  3. Retrieve the 3 Student Records from the desk terminals in X-8 Institutional Facility
    ** Once inside the program, head through the door on the right, then follow the path as it turns left and goes through a double door. in the next area head through the first door on the right side into the classroom to find the first terminal. Now head back out the door and continue down the hall to the Library where you will find terminal #2. Head out of the library on the opposite side into the break room. head through the next door way and take the first right that will lead to the staircase. Once up stairs, make your way all the way around the room and down the hall way to find the final terminal.
  4. Exit the X-8 Institutional Facility
    ** After grabbing the last Student Record, head back into the hallway just outside the room and take out the two Cyberdogs that appeared, then head into the Elevator at the end of this hallway. In the next area, follow the hallway all the way around the facility taking out Lobotomites and Protectrons. Follow the main hallway and dont turn when you have a fork in the path and you will come to the elevator to leave the test area.
  5. Initiate the Residential Cyberdog Guard Test at X-8 Test Terminal
    ** Now that you are back outside, head back over to the terminal and activate the Residential Cyberdog Guard Test.
  6. Enter the Residential Test Facility
    ** Enter the Residential Cyberdog Test and you will find Gabe the giant cyberdog waiting. he looks peaceful enough, but you just need to start shooting. I tried to be nice and see if he was peaceful and Cujo almost mauled me >:F.
  7. Search Gabe's digging spots in X-8 Residential Test Facility for Audio Sample: Gabe's Bark.
    ** After dispatching Gabe, search the middle right digging spot from the entrance to the area, to find the Sound Emitter Frequency: Gabe's Bark which will unlock the trophy..

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