Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: 7
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 10 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectibles Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: N/A
Glitched Trophies: N/A

[top]Tips & Strategies

The question list for the game isn't as large as I'd hoped, but in the long run it makes it easier since you'll see questions multiple times and remember answers. This will make winning 20 online games easier, especially if you've completed the single player shows.

For online trophies, feel free to use the boosting thread. Family Feud Boosting Thread

If any questions give you any particular difficulty, here's the full list of answers for the game. Family Feud Answers

If you have 100% completion, please rate and comment on the difficulty. Difficulty Discussion Thread


First, customize a character with your selection of hair, glasses, shirt, pants and shoes to unlock Feudal Lord!. While you're at it, you should create 3 other characters so that you can use all 4 in online games to unlock Family Planning!.

Play through the 12 Single Player shows first to earn Goodbye Mr. Anderson!, Family Fun!, and Reigning Family!. This will give you a good grasp of the game, as well as unlock additional costume pieces to customize your character. While playing the Single Player Shows, try to also get Rags to Riches!, Family Safe!, and Benchmark Citizen! By the end of the 12th Show, you will have all offline trophies.

Next is to go online and host 10 Public Matches for Sunday BBQ, then work towards getting 20 wins for Online Vendetta!. Trophies like We Are Family! and Hot Potato! will come by the time you finish your 20 wins. While stealing boards from other players, you'll unlock The Incident and Family Business! Afterward, you should have all online trophies and be at 100% for the game.


Rags to riches!
Win $20,000 in a show

This is very easy, and you'll definitely get this trophy while going for Benchmark Citizen!.

The first family to reach 300 points gets to go into the final bonus round. You receive 5 questions, and have two chances to answer each. If the points add up to 200 or more, you win the bonus round which is rewarded with a $20,000 prize.

Sunday BBQ!
Host 10 online games within 24 hours

Simply host 10 Public matches within 24 hours to unlock this trophy. Best if done in a single sitting, so you don't forget and have to start over.

Find a boosting partner here. Family Feud Boosting Thread.

Family Fun!
Complete 2 shows in a row

This will unlock after playing 2 shows back-to-back in offline play.

We are family!
Win an online game

Self-explanatory. Simply win a single online game.

If needed, find a partner in the boosting thread. Family Feud Boosting Thread.

Goodbye, Mr. Anderson!
Win show 1

You'll unlock this after winning the first show in offline play.

Feudal lord!
Create a complete custom character

When you first start the game, it asks you to create a character. Select a hair style, glasses, shirt, pants and shoes and save the character to unlock this trophy.

The incident!
Steal a board worth over 150 points from the other family in an online game

This is easier in the double and triple point rounds. Simply steal a board worth over 150 points to unlock this trophy.

Family planning!
Create 4 characters and play an online game with each one

Create 4 characters (they don't need to be fully customised) and play a full online match with each character. This trophy will unlock after the 4th match has finished.

Hot potato!
In an online game, pass a survey to the other family that they fail to answer

When prompted to Pass or Play, select Pass and hope the other family doesn't get any answers.

Look to the boosting thread if you need assistance. Family Feud Boosting Thread.

Family Safe!
Win a round with no strike

You should get this in standard play. Simply answer all questions on the survey without getting a single strike to unlock this trophy.

Benchmark citizen!
Give all the top answers in the Fast Money round

You need to be the first team to score 300+ points in order to go into the Fast Money round. You'll be given 5 questions, and have two chances to answer each. As points for each answer are revealed, you'll be notified if it was "Top Answer". Simply get the top answer for each of the 5 questions, and this trophy is yours.

It seems this only works in offline games. If needed, look up the answers here. Family Feud Answers.

Family Business!
While playing online, steal boards worth over a cumulated total of 2000 points

This will come during normal online play while working towards Online Vendetta!. You can pass surveys to the other team in hopes they can't give all the answers, and attempt to steal the points for yourself. In the Triple points rounds, you can easily get over 200 points for stealing the survey.

Online vendetta!
Win 20 online games

Straight forward trophy. Win 20 or more online games, and you'll be the proud owner of a new shiny .

Do you suck at winning, or are you just lazy? Try the boosting thread, slacker. Family Feud Boosting Thread.

Reigning family!
Win all 12 shows

There's 12 shows in the Single Player mode. This trophy will unlock after you've won the 12th show.

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