Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 10 - 15 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: One
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None, use mission select.
Difficulty Trophies: Hard or Realistic for Carver Style

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • There's a handy-dandy mission select that makes earning many, if not all trophies in FarCry Classic easier.
  • Guns are collected just by standing near them. You can them choose from your collected guns by using the weapons wheel . This wheel may also hold health packs.
  • Note that you can only carry four weapons at a time, so you should always have: a sniper, a pistol, a rocket launcher and leave the last spot for your favorite gun.
  • Look out for health and armor packs along the way as they can be detrimental to your survival.
  • For large trigens that shoot missiles, move left and right to easily dodge their slow projectiles and ALWAYS keep your distance.
Quote Originally Posted by leenewbe View Post
found a neat glitch for anyone who has completed the game on hard and needs to clean up a few trophies on an easier setting.
as the game doesn't let u change the difficulty once u've started.
basically involves staring new game and as its deleting urold saves turn u console off and t should now be on your desired setting with all ur saved data


Step 1: Complete the Game on Hard

Now you can do this one of two ways. You can go about the game regularly, playing as you would and not worrying about collecting mission-specific trophies due to the harder difficulty, or you can go for everything in one go. It's up to you, ultimately. I would suggest going for everything in one run, except a few trophies that can be left for later. The most important part of this mission is just completing the game on hard.

Step 2: Clean-up/Playthrough 2 on Easy

Anything that you missed in your first playthrough, get now. Two step platinum, nothing too difficult here. For this step you'll probably have to get Ninja Jack, In The Zoo and more if you didn't already. Use this step to finish off the .


You can alternatively complete the game on Easy and collect every trophy but the hard mode one, using mission select if you miss one the first time. Then, just start a new game on Hard and speed run it and finish it for the .


Paradise Memoirs
Unlock All Trophies in FarCry Classic.

Wildlife Safari
Complete Dam level without equipping a weapon on person (mounted weapons are allowed).

Another trophy you'll want to do on Easy. This is in Mission 19: Dam. This level starts off with Jack not having any weapons on him. Your goal is to keep it this way. When you start, run ahead and jump into the waterfall/river here. Follow the river and run like hell away from all the enemies. Turn right at the end and a cutscene will ensue.

Once it's done there's armor here for you, take it and then get onto the machine gun (as the description says, mounted guns don't count). Use this gun to kill as many enemies as possible. Then use the mounted gun behind you to clear out those enemies and head up the hill and you'll get into a building. Grab the health, armor and keycard in here. Now head outside and you'll see a vehicle with a turret on the back. You can either shoot them with the turret or run them over, both do not negate the trophy.

Now you'll just want to run to the end. Head down the hill and on the right side is a hole in the fence, go through it and run up the hill and get to the building at the top of it. Inside you'll come to an area with a lot of mercs, sprint to the door and you will end the mission.

SpecOps Training
Do not die while Doyle hacks the entry gates.

This part is located in Mission 3: Fort. Near the end of the level, you'll have to defend yourself on the top of the fort against waves of enemies and a few helicopters. There is a rocketlauncher near the door, pick it up (you may have to switch a weapon for it) and hide in the corner that's in front of the door. Stay there and save your two rockets for the last two helicopters. You'll want to use the MP5 or any assault rifle to take out the enemies on foot, then once they're dead take out the helicopters.

This trophy isn't a huge pain in the ass, I did it first try on hard without realizing, though I died immediately after Doyle got the door open. This is obviously much easier on a lower difficulty. If you have trouble, there is a health pack near the door that you can use.

In the Zoo
Complete Treehouse without dying.

Mission 6: Treehouse. This will be one of the few trophies that you want to pass on during your first hard playthrough. Things to note:
  • Trigens will very quickly diminish your health, I recommend using the P90 for these guys as it's a very high-damage, low-range gun. Kills them almost instantly, even on hard.
  • Silence is better than non-silence. Can't stress this enough, use the binoculars and scope the area. Some enemies are far away and shouldn't be worried about, but others you can snipe with either the sniper or M4.
When you start, you'll quickly be outside after seeing a few trigens and what they do to us humans. Once outside you'll see a bunch of catwalks, your goal is the building to the back right of the area. Immediately to your left is a buggy full of mercs. You can let them pass and they might be occupied with trigens later so you won't have to worry about them. Now the target building has a keycard needed to proceed. Use your binoculars in this area, and use the M4's alt fire to snipe people out. Keep heading towards the far right, eventually you'll have to use a ladder to get to the ground.

Once on the ground, be careful of trigens. After the ladder, the building should be on your left. Turn around and hang a right, around the building. Towards the front side of the building you will see a downed catwalk with a few trigens spread out around it. You can try to sneak past them or go in guns blazing, really up to you. Just get to the catwalk which will take you to the building. Here you'll get a checkpoint, though it doesn't matter anyway. Head up the stairs and walk through the door to get inside. There's a room here with a dead scientist, Doyle will tell you all about him. He has a keycard, pick it up. Now you may want to head down the stairs in this area to take out the merc and trigens so they can't come back and bite you in the ass later.

Once you have the keycard, head back outside and go up more stairs. Use the keycard on the door and kill the two trigens inside. There's a room in here with EXTREMELY helpful loot, armor, health and multiple kinds of ammo. Come back here if you need any of it. Now, head back outside and there will be a ladder near a door. Climb it and use the binoculars to scope out the next, fenced area. Use the sniper this time and take out any baddies you find. Then climb down the ladder and head left, then right to find a gate that needs the keycard to be opened. Use it and continue. The camp you just cleared out has more loot. At this point, the trigen threat is over.

Continue down the path to the left and you'll see a buggy with mercs. Destroy it however you see fit, then continue the bunker. You'll get a new objective, to get explosives. To the right of the bunker is a ton of mercs but even more annoying is a sniping dude with a rocket launcher. This guy sucks and is the sole reason of why you want to be a little quieter in this area. Use the MP5 because it's silenced, and take out the patrolling mercs near the bunker. This next area (after the bridge) is chock-full of more mercs, but there is a health pack near the building. Clear out the guys and take out the rocket-launching asshat in the tower. Now make your way to the tower and jack his rocket launcher.

Once you get it, use your binoculars to scope out the area around the bunker. You should see a few mercs around. Snipe them with the rocket-launcher (payback time ) and sniper. Careful as this can cause mercs to run down the bridge and some can sneak into the area below you. Just be watchful. More mercs will come after killing others, so don't leave the tower until they stop coming after you. Now head to the bunker.

Place the explosives on the bunker and blow it to hell. This should cause a helicopter to spawn, if it does just use your binoculars to tag the gunner on the side and use your M4 to take him out. Also take out any guys inside this area that you didn't kill previously. Now you'll be home-free. Enter the bunker and the level will end. If you didn't die then you just earned yourself a trophy.

Hot Zone Date
Do not let Valerie die even once in Swamp.

This trophy is a little misleading, in a bad way. It takes place in Mission 17: Swamp. For it you must not let Valerie die, sure, but you also CANNOT RELOAD A CHECKPOINT. Meaning that YOU cannot die either. If you die, you have to restart the level by going to the main menu and load the Swamp level. Let's just get it out of the way, this is impossible on Hard or Realistic. Do it on Easy, make life better for yourself.

At the start there's a camp with a bunch of mercs that you'll have to take out. Once you've killed them all, Valerie will get in a car and you will mount the turret on the back of it. Before you do anything, select the rockets on the turret by pressing . These rockets come in handy against all enemies ahead. Rockets make this section much easier.

Now the rest is very straightforward. Valerie will often yell out when you're near enemies to let you know, but remember to use your binoculars and keep your distance so no one can harm Val easily. Try to let Val hang back a bit by running ahead and clearing out the areas.

Carver Style
Complete the game in Hard or Realistic difficulty.

Both difficulties are available from the start of the game and since you actually have a choice, unless you're some hardcore FarCry veteran, choose Hard and not Realistic. This way your controller will remain in working condition.

  • Stealth: a necessity for this difficulty. Going prone (by holding ) in grass can make you somewhat ghost-like, unless you're near someone in a tower. If you're at a tough spot in the game, just try going prone and creeping your way through tall grass and you may be able to sneak by unscathed.
  • Not a stealth person? If you just run, AND I MEAN BOOK IT, you can hit checkpoints where you can then die and reload the checkpoint to get full health as well as being hidden again. This is the less fun but still effective way of playing this game.
  • If you run in rambo style and get a checkpoint in a bad spot (getting spawn killed, essentially), you can actually select which checkpoint you want to load. So you can load a few checkpoints back to get to a better spot.
  • Explore: to find new weapons, more ammo, health and body armor! Exploration is incredibly rewarding and leads to very useful loot to aid you in your adventures. Make sure you don't get caught though, as you can almost instantly have armies on your back.
  • Binoculars: useful for tagging enemies and planning out how to tackle an area. You can then use your sniper to take out the guys from afar.

Ninja Jack
Collect the Key card in Research without alerting anybody!

In Mission 5: Research, you're first tasked with finding a keycard. Do this without alerting anyone for the trophy. Reminders:
  • You can reload checkpoints!
  • Tag enemies to see where they face and if they are still green, that means they don't suspect anything
  • Don't worry if the enemies go from green to orange, that's fine. They just can't go red!
At the start, run up the hill and use your binoculars to tag enemies on the docks on the other side of the area. Be sure to scan the area to tag everyone. Now go left, through the rocky overpass, use your binoculars again, and head left up the hill. Now just hug the left part of the mountain, you may want to crouch or go prone, and get to the rock wall. Now turn right, still hugging the wall on the left and using the shrubbery as camouflage. Once you hit the next wall, you should be near a guy (make sure you tagged him). Push forward and hit a checkpoint.

So, you're near the guy. The walking path is random, but always make sure his back is facing you or he'll see you almost instantly. It will take a few tries to get past him, but it's great that they gave us a checkpoint right here. There are a few large rocks to hide behind as well. Once you get past him, keep going/hugging left. Make sure you stay in the bushes as there are a ton of guys here. This will take a lot of trial and error, just watch for the direction that they're facing and grab some cover by a tree until they turn around.

Keep going, hugging trees when needed, and you'll see a hut with the key card on a table. Wait for the soldiers to disperse, sneak in and grab the card for this nerve-racking trophy.

Contained Evolution
Defeat Krieger.

Unlocked in Mission 20: Volcano. See Unleashed Fury.

Call Drops
Kill the Traitor with a melee attack.

In Mission 20: Volcano, the last mission, at the very end of the mission after climbing up multiple walkways and killing tons of mercs, will be a guy in a labcoat. Without spoiling who this is, this is the "traitor" (though it may be obvious who it is). Killing him will end the mission as well, so what you want to do is just rush him and mash to knife him. If you knife him and the cutscene starts, you've done it.

"Hurt? Who me?"
Complete a level with full health and armor.

Before you start panicking, there's one thing that makes this trophy simple. You CAN get hit during the mission! All that matters is that you have full health and armor by the end of the mission.

An easy level to do this on, no matter the difficulty (very doable on hard or realistic) is Mission 2: The Carrier. Go about the level normally, after a cutscene about Jack and Doyle talking about Kreiger and Valerie, you'll kill two more dudes and then you'll get to the top of the carrier with a bunch more guys. Now, first there were armor and health packs next to the place where the cutscene took place, but there is also armor and health right next to the ladder that leads to the top of the carrier (right at the checkpoint).

So what you'll want to do is make sure your health and armor is full, then climb the ladder. Once up, run straight and jump into the water. Now turn right and swim until you find some sand to stand on and be able to use your weapons. Aim up and you should see the boat (note, this is a little far to the right) and in front of the boat is a wire that's holding it up. Shoot it and the front will sink, revealing another wire holding the back of it up. Shoot that too and the boat will fall. Swim to the boat and drive to safety and you'll have full health and armor if you never got hit.

Of Ravens And Crowes
Kill Crowe with a headshot.

In Mission 16: River, the last area will be a group of dudes in some kind of wrecked temple. In this area is Crowe, noticeable by his cowboy hat. What you want for this trophy is a sniper so you can just pop Crowe in the head from a distance once you spot him, he's usually in he back left. All you need to do is shoot him in the head for this trophy.

Complete Training mission.

This is basically a tutorial level showing you the basics, the controls and whatnot. Once you leave the bunker, you'll have to find some ammo, which is located in the third hut and is also the farthest from you. You can choose to sneak your way there or go with brute force, but if you're on hard I recommend just stealthing through it. Once you get ammo, go a little farther in the same direction you were heading to get to another hut on a hill that has binoculars. Use them and you'll be tasked with stealing a vehicle. Now, there are two guard towers with bastardly guards on top of them that you can (CAN) sneak by which is most definitely recommended. Use the one on the left as a marker (as they are marked on your map). Sneak past the left guard and you'll find a training ground with a few buggies. Take one, and head north until you find a large carrier in the water. Swim around to the front to end this mission.

Offline Interaction
Complete Pier Mission.

Best if you have the silenced submachine gun at the start for this level. Start off by hugging the left side of the mountain, and wait for the two guards ahead to move closer. Take them out silently, and head over to the barrels. Move into them to push them down and maybe throw a grenade to take out the rest of the guards. Now you might want to take the health and body armor from the crates at the start.

Back near the hang-glider at the beginning, use your binoculars to the left of it to spot any more soldiers. Use sniper to take them out. Pick up the assault rifles, switching out the pistol and rocket launcher for them if you had these guns, and go down the path to the left. If you see a helicopter, use your binoculars to take the enemies and you can try to shoot the soldiers out of it to have the helo back off from you.

Now on the path, take the first left and then head right. Down by the docks, take out the guys on the boat. Now cross the stream to the other side, and go up the hill and hang a left and keep following the path past the guard area with a turret you should've taken out earlier. A little further is a checkpoint and a guard tower. Snipe the soldier in it and continue. Now you get a new objective to blow up the armory.

Keep going until you find the camp, use the M4's alt fire to take out everyone from a distance (make sure you take out the snipers in the towers first). Then follow the objective markers to find the explosives, plant them and another objective will come up, take a vehicle and head west to the pier. Once there, clear out the enemies and meet Doyle on the docks.

Mean Steam Machine
Complete Steam Mission.

When you start there will be two options for you. Either go around the island and take the long route, or cut through the jungle. Cutting through the jungle will lead you to mercs and trigens, many of each. I'm gonna take the hellish, short route. What lies ahead you may or may not want to follow.

Use your shotgun to take out the first few trigens, then until you get the goggles you'll be fighting mercs. What I did was run all the way, only shooting those who got in my path. Stick to the right of the area. Eventually you hit a checkpoint and you'll be near the camp with the nightvision goggles. Use the M4 from a distance (make sure you kill guys that come behind you, there should only be a couple) and you should be able to funnel the guys through the area of the checkpoint if you hide behind a rock and shoot when they come. Now run into the camp, get the goggles, health and body armor and whatever else you need. Now go right and head up the road to find a truck, use it and follow the road.

You'll face a ton of mercs this way, dispose how ever you see fit. Make sure you save a sniper bullet for a rocket launching twat though as he can insta-kill you and make you really, really sad. Use the shotgun or MP5 for close combat, shotguns for trigens and MP5 for mercs if you wish. Keep following the path.

Now you have to cross the stream and kill more guys. Pick up the loot that's in the house here and follow the road to the steam area. In here, snipe from a distance with the M4 or Sniper and binoculars. Once you eventually kill the foreman, a cutscene will appear and you'll just have to get to the doors of the regulator to end the mission.

Differing Opinions
Complete Rebellion Mission.

You start off in a dark corridor with three trigens blocking your path. Take out the initial two with the shotgun and then the next in the next room. After that, go through the next room and into another where you can stock up on health, ammo, body armor, etc. This room readies you for the level ahead and by god you'll need it.

Ok so you'll walk out of the place and you should find a bunch of mercs at war with trigens. You can sit back and wait for the dust to settle then kill the survivors, it's much easier that way. Once the two large trigens bust the door open, kill them and go through it then go right and head up the hill. Up here you will find a hang-glider. First, use your binoculars to tag the large trigens, then glide over to the far side of this area. Land and kill the trigens, then head through the path in the jungle. Use your thermal vision to spot trigens in the bushes and use your shotgun to take them out. You'll loop around and hit a save point and be back on the road eventually.

There should be a few trigens around. Tag them and take 'em out. Keep following the road now and you will find another firefight with mercs. Again, just wait for the trigens to wipe out the mercs and then go in and shoot them. Keep following the road and you should have a mountain/cliff to your left side. Keep going, take out more mercs/trigens and when the cliff ends, go left and cut through to the beach. Doyle will tell you to head to the lighthouse now.

Head for the water and swim until you're near the lighthouse then run up the hill. There's a sniper up here, kill him and take his ammo/sniper. Run to the lighthouse and use your binoculars in the direction of the blue arrow on the map to find an asshat near a hang-glider. Snipe him. Now head up the lighthouse and take out the rocket-launching guy at the top.

Now head up to where you sniped the dude near the hang-glider. Over the hill you'll see a helicopter and a lot of other enemies. The helicopter will probably see you, so tag the gunner and take him out with the M4. Now use the hang-glider to get closer to the destination. You'll see a road that leads right to the building, aim for that. You should see a trigen on the road, you can shoot him with the MP5 and get him to attack the other enemies on the same road without it turning on you. Wait for this battle to be over.

Once it's done head forward and there will be a few guards with turrets that are on patrol, try to snipe them out before heading forward. Cross the bridge and there's more guys. You can throw a rock at them to make them leave their cover and group up, then throw a grenade or gun them down. Now there should only be a few guys left to snipe. Always tag them with your binoculars. Once everyone's dead, there's a loot house on the left of the area with health and ammo. Jack that stuff and then it's a straight shot to the end of the level.

Operation We Want Peace
Complete Swamp Mission.

See Hot Zone Date.

Unleashed Fury
Complete Volcano Mission.

This level is pretty much just fighting hordes of trigens and mercs to get to Krieger. Try to take out the mercs around Krieger first and then focus all on him. Now that he is a mutant trigen, he can jump around the walls and whatnot. Try to keep your distance and use a P90 or M4 on him. Once you kill him you'll be fighting large trigens on your way to kill Doyle (spoiler alert ). Doyle himself is just like every other scientist, a quick shot to the head or knifing him for Call Drops.

Uneven Terrain
Run over 5 enemies while driving a vehicle.

You can easily grab this during Mission 1: Training. Once you are tasked with stealing a vehicle, odds are that a whole camp full of mercenaries are heading towards your position. Grab a buggie and follow the dirt road and you'll find a bunch of guys hanging around outside their vehicles, as well as dudes chasing you on foot for some reason. You'll easily run over more than five during this mission.

Flight Simulation
Fall over 150m and survive.

Probably the easiest place to do this is in Mission 4: Pier. Right at the start, near the hang-glider just jump from the cliff and into the water and you should survive the 150m+ fall and earn this quick trophy.

Long Distance Correspondence
Get a headshot kill from 500m.

Don't attempt this until you get the AW50 sniper rifle. This sniper rifle is in Mission 3: Fort, after dealing with the first small island at the very start of the mission and going towards the beach where the fort on the hill is, there will be a hut to the left of the path with an AW50 sniper rifle in it. Make sure you pick this up!

In this same level is a rather good spot to get this trophy. At the beginning, if you head around to the back of the main island and don't kill anyone on the first small island that's in front of you where you start, and then go about the level normally you can do this a little easily. Continue through the level, get to the bunker and once you use the elevator to get out of it, you'll see a guy in front of some artillery. To the right is the fort, and that's where you'll want to go.

Go through the fort, killing everyone that gets in your way (note it's easier to do this on easy as these guys can tear you a new anus on hard) and on the side of the fort that's overlooking the edge of the mountain is a little turret-like area with a ladder. Climb the ladder (there's a health pack there too) and you should have a good view of the water and of the starting location. If you use your sniper to view the first island that's in front of you at the beginning, you should still see the three guys on it if you didn't kill them. Press to zoom in with your sniper, line up a headshot and fire. If you miss, there's a checkpoint that is nearby that you can load.

Another great place for this trophy (also easier than above) is at the beginning of Mission 4: Pier. After taking out the first initial crew at the very start of the level, use your sniper to aim to the left of the hang-glider to see two guys standing in a stone plateau with a turret gun at the front. Pay attention to how far away the guys are (the sniper tells you), and line up a headshot on one of the guys. Very easy place to do this in.

Oceanic Vista
Score 1 kill each from a land, maritime and aerial vehicle.

You can first get a land-vehicular kill in Mission 1: Training. After getting the binoculars and scoping out the compound, sneak past the guard tower on the left (it's marked on the map after using the binoculars). A little farther is a hut with a buggie, hop in and run someone over for the land kill. There are plenty of guys along the road for this. Try to get five kills for Uneven Turrain while you're at it.

For a maritime kill (water kill), you probably won't have a great chance to get this until Mission 3: Fort. You start on a boat, but that's not what we're after. Drive forward to the island, take out the enemies here and there will be a black boat with a gun attached to the front. Use to fire the gun, and drive towards the beach to get a kill with it.

Now lastly, an aerial vehicle kill. The first aerial "vehicle" that you come across is a Hang-Glider in Mission 4: Pier and it's right at the start of the mission. Immediately on your left is a hang glider and a few guys on the path that leads down the mountain. Take out the first guy that walks near the glider, and grab an M4 and body armor from the crates behind the glider, since you'll get shot up pretty well and the M4 is rather accurate. Now walk up to the hang-glider and hold to start gliding. Use to turn, and turn left back towards the hill as there are a few guys on the path that you can take out easily. Once you do this trophy will pop.

Bonding Experiences
In Bunker, make the Mercs and the caged Trigens mingle with each other.

In Mission 7: Bunker, a good bit into the level, after Doyle tells you you're near the Trigen holding pens, you'll come to a lab part. You'll see a window in front of you, and on the other side will be caged Trigens with Mercs that are guarding them. If you go right and head up the stairs and continue to the end, you'll find a button that releases the trigens. Then just sit back and watch the chaos and trophy pop.

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