Players: 1-2 (requires 2 Move controllers for the offline multiplayer trophies)
Online Trophies: None (but there's 2 offline multiplayer trophies)
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheats
Estimated Time to 100%: 4 hours + (depends on skill)
Estimated Difficulty: 9/10 (you need to be extremely fast, and if you run out of replay you'll need to restart the entire game)
Minimum Playthroughs: 3+ (for trophy cleanup) and 2 offline multiplayer game (one of each type)
Collectible Trophies: Fully Decorated
Missable Trophies:
Glitched Trophies: n/a

[top]Tips & Strategies

-Calibration is the key. Since you'll need to be very fast, try to calibrate the controller to be as much precise as it can be. If well calibrated, you'll shoot what you Move controller will aim.
-The only differences between the difficulty levels are: On easy, "Draw" will be shown on screen when you must shoot and you can see your crosshair./ On medium, you must shoot when you see the opponent reaching for his gun because nothing will be indicated on screen and you still can see your crosshair./ On hard, no Draw indication and no crosshair.
-The bigger the TV, the easier it will be. Because sometimes, the enemies are far away and with a small TV, you'll have difficulty to shoot them quickly.

-There's a certain amount of lives. When you either get shot or get a foul, you'll loose the scene and you must win every scene to win a round. So when a round finishes, you'll be given a chance to re-do the scenes you've lost. You can replay a round 5 times before it's game over, so be careful.

-!!!You'll earn Playstation Home clothing each time you get a trophy!!!


1- In order to get the Decorated trophy, you'll need to play the game on all 3 difficulties. You'll get along the way the Fastest gun in the west, the Two for one, the I shot first... and the There's a new Sheriff in town trophies

2-Now just replay the game on easy and focus on getting the Consistently quick, Quick Draw, BOOM! Hat Shot! and Premature trophies.

3-Complete the 2 offline multiplayer mode with either a friend or just by yourself to get the Pistols at dawn and the Six shooter trophies.

The 2 modes are : Quick Draw - It's like the single player tournament, but both players must shoot a computer opponent. The fastest player wins.
Showdown - It's a versus mode, you against an other player.


Fully Decorated
Earn all of the Badges

Simply earn all the badges. When you earn one, it will be shown on screen. On the main menu you can access the Badges section to see which one you have and which one still needs to be done.
Here's the list of all the Badges (in order listed in the game):

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Fastest gun in the west
Beat Wes Flowers

Story related. He's the last opponent of the Fast Draw tournament.

Consistently quick
Get a fastest time of .50 or less for 20 shooters

This trophy might seem hard or missable, but since most opponent of Rounds 7 to 10 needs to be taken down in less than .50 sec, you'll eventually get it during one of your playthrough. Try to calibrate your controller perfectly and do not rely on the on-screen crosshair )because if you wait to see the crosshair on the enemy before shooting, you'll lose precious time), just point the enemy and shoot as they go for their gun. There's 6 opponents per round and there's ten round, so you'll have plenty of opportunity to get it. After each opponent you'll see what time you made, so if it's less or equal to .50 sec, your okay.

There's a new Sheriff in town
Beat the tournament on the Sheriff difficulty

Simply beat the game on Sheriff difficulty (medium difficulty). The game consist on 10 rounds of six duel. You'll eventually get while going for the Fully decorated trophy.

Quick Draw
Get a draw time of .30 or less

Hardest trophy for this game. Simply start a tournament game and try to shoot as fast as you can, don't care about being shot or loosing the tournament , just concentrate on shooting as the opponent reach for his gun. Takes lots of tries and mostly luck.

Two for one
Defeat all the shooters who come in pairs

Story related. When there's paired opponents, they'll be in the same scene and they need to be shot one at the time, don't worry they won't shoot at you at the same time. You'll eventually get it by finishing the tournament since every opponent in the game are in the tournament.

BOOM! Hat Shot!
Shoot off Junction Jack's lucky hat.

The opponent aren't always in the same order, so you could see Junction Jack anytime, so be prepared. Just focus on shooting his hat off. That one requires many tries and luck.

Pistols at dawn
Finish either 2 player mode

Simply finish one of the 2 offline multiplayer mode. The easiest way to get it is to play Showdown mode and shoot the other player without having him shooting you. You'll easily get the Six shooter trophy while doing it, simply shoot the other player 6 times without having him shooting you.

Foul out

Very easy. While playing, you must always put your move controller in a holster position before the enemy grabs his gun. If you aim at the screen before the draw moment, you'll see a short video with a guy saying "How many times do I have to tell you, put your gun back in the holster". After that you'll get an other chance to shoot the opponent, you must aim at the screen for a second time and get the annoying video telling you to holster your weapon but this time you will lose the duel by forfeit and you'll get the trophy. CONSIDER DOING IT WHILE YOU REPLAY THE TOURNAMENT FOR TROPHIES, BECAUSE IT WILL MAKE YOU LOOSE A REPLAY STAR

Six shooter
Beat your friend in a 2 player game 6-0

Simply play the 2 player Showdown mode, shoot the other player six times in a row without having him shooting you and the trophy is yours, it's that simple.

I shot first...
Defeat any shooter.

Easiest trophy of all. Simply shoot an opponent before he shoots you, you'll get it during the first duel.

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