Players: 1 (For Story and Time Attack) 1-4 (for Party mode and Frenzyfest)
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheats
Estimated Time to 100%: 3-5 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2 (1 Story mode and 1 Time Attack) 10 Party games
Collectible Trophies: Only for eating fish
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: No

[top]Tips & Strategies

Note that you must have two controllers (or players) to earn 100% on this game.

Two trophies require multiplayer play and there is no online option for this title.

Beware of your upgrades! It is very easy to forget that your suction pulls in everything in front of you, including hazards (jellyfish or mines) or bigger fish. Your dash can save your life, but it can also dart you into the waiting mouth of bigger predators- always look before you go.

Take it slow. There is no reason to rush in this game everything moves at a nice, easy pace and the only thing speed will do to rush you into trouble.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


Start the game by playing Story Mode:

This will introduce you to the games mechanics and familiarize you with the levels to make the Time Attack playthrough go faster.

Repeat the story levels by playing Time Attack Mode:

You'll have to do all the story levels again for this mode but against the clock, being familiar with what areas give you trouble will help you see where you may need more time.

Go to Multiplayer and enter a Frenzyfest:

This will earn you a few of your multiplayer trophies and keep grinding out your eating trophies.

Still in multiplayer, grind out your Party points:

Great chance to also clean up your eating trophies, if not already done.

Clean up if needed.


Well Fed Fish
Awarded for eating 5000 fish

After every level in Story Mode or Time Attack there is a counter that registers all the fish you ate in the course of completing that level. When that counter exceeds 5,000 this trophy will unlock.

The counter counts fish and bugs.

If you use a continue on a level it will reset the number of bugs eaten on that level, however if you are eaten but still have another life then the fish from the previous life will carry over.

Starting a new game or Time Attack will not reset your overall number of fish eaten, this carries over to all modes.

Life of the Party
Compete in Party Games to accumulate 1000 Party Points

Under the Multiplayer tab there is a heading for Party Games. Here you will find eight mini games that can be played with 1-4 players.

At the end of each mini game the scores are totaled and each player earns a trophy.

Gold trophy is worth 100 Party points.
Silver trophy is worth 75 Party points.
Bronze trophy is worth 50 Party points.
The Sunken Tire trophy is worth 25 Party points.

Just keep playing the mini games till you have acquired a total of 1000 Party points and the trophy will pop after the final tally.

Quick Boost:

Set up a two player Party game and select Belly Flop as your mini game. This game is only 45 seconds long and is the shortest of the games. Now have Player 1 jump out of the water and perform one flip, then allow the clock to run out. You'll be awarded a Gold trophy and 100 Party points, rinse and repeat ten times to finish out this trophy.

Barracuda Bully
Awarded for biting a Barracuda's tail four times

Note: You can only achieve this trophy before or after the levels of that involve playing as Goliath the Great White. He eats Barracuda's as part of his growth and cannot do the tail bite to them.

Barracuda's appear randomly in almost any stage of the game after level 9 (excluding shallow water, bonus stages, and boss stages).

You'll know they are about to appear as a yellow caution symbol with display on the side of the screen indicating the direction they are coming from and at what water height.

They travel directly across the screen and eat anything in their way.

Once a Barracuda appears on the screen you must get behind it and move your fish to the target at its tail, causing a tail bite. Once you bite the Barracuda's tail you will have its full attention. It will stop its direct travel and pursue you.

To earn this trophy you will have to bite the Barracuda's tail four times in one pass and one life, causing it to shrink down to a size you can eat, and eat it.

Tips for taming the Barracuda:

Barracuda's are much slower than your fish, so as long as you avoid their initial turn around after a tail bite you can easily get away to plan your next move.

The Barracuda will only pursue you for a few seconds before he loses interest and leaves, if he starts to move away you need to bite him to reinterest him in staying. If he leaves the screen you must start all over.

Level 28 is a bonus stage where you face only the Barracuda in a one on one confrontation (you have to beat three, but one at a time). This is the best place to try for this trophy as there are no other predators around and fish shields are abundant to keep you alive.

When you see the caution sign move either above or below its level and face it. Once the Barracuda appears swim at an angle to bite the tail and move away. Get above (or below) and in front of the Barracuda so he pursues you. Turn and approach off level of his head, then swoop in at an angle to strike the tail. He turns slowly so you should be able to nip it. Repeat until and exclamation appears and he shrinks down. Eat him and the trophy will appear.

Flippin' Good Time
Awarded for completing a Quadruple Flip

To earn this trophy you have to jump out of the water, perform 4 complete flips, and enter the water without committing a belly flop.

To jump out of the water you must either be on a level that has an above water area or being in one of the party game levels that has an above water area.

Party Levels that allow for jumping:
Belly Flop
Bug Buffet

On average a standard jump out of the water can yield two to three flips without much difficulty. To get more than that you need a little extra speed.
Aim your fish toward the surface, either at a slight angle or straight up (depending on if avoiding predators), at about three to four fish length below surface, swim toward surface, about one fish length from the surface press to dash (gain a burst of speed) and break the surface. Now begin pressing in a steady rhythm four (4) times. After the fourth press do not press anything, this will give you time to recover before landing. If brave attempt five flips.

If you're having trouble getting the momentum before breaking the surface then try to get this on a Story level and wait for the Lightning Bubble power-up, as this increases your speed for about five seconds and will replace the dash mentioned above.

Well Defended
Awarded for accumulating 3 simultaneous fish shields

Fish shields appear as bubbles with an orange shield in them with a fish on them and protect you from one predator attack each.

3 is the maximum number of fish shields you can have at once.

To earn this trophy you must have three fish shields active at one time.

You'll know you have a fish shield by the tiny Rainbow fish swimming next to you, once you have three the trophy will appear.

If you swim to close to a predators mouth he will eat the Rainbow fish and you will have to find another.

Easiest place to pick up this trophy is level 28. Fish shields are plentiful and only Barracuda's appear as enemies. Avoid the Barracuda's line of travel and grab the shields as they appear. Once you have three the trophy will appear.

Mega Frenzy
Awarded for reaching the maximum FRENZY multiplier in a single player game

You build your Frenzy meter by eating fish in rapid succession. The quick you eat the quicker the meter increases and the moment you stop it begins to fall.

There are six levels to the Frenzy meter:
No Frenzy, Feeding Frenzy, Double Frenzy, Triple Frenzy, Super Frenzy, and Mega Frenzy.

To earn this trophy you must build the meter to the Mega Frenzy point.

You can also pick up the Frenzy bubble power-up (an FF in a bubble), which automatically adds one full bar to your Frenzy meter.

This trophy is easier to do in the earlier levels as the number of predators on the screen is less and you grow faster, especially some of the earlier levels with schools of fish.

If you end a level without dying you will be awarded by having a mermaid swim across the level dropping starfish bonus bubbles. If your Frenzy meter is above the level of Triple Frenzy when this happens eating all the Starfish will be enough to reach Mega Frenzy level.

You do not have to stay at this level for any length of time the trophy will appear just after the voice over says, "Mega Frenzy."

School Teacher
Awarded for consuming 500 schools or swarms

Around level 10 you'll start encountering schools of fish or swarms of bugs (above water). These are groups of 5-6 fish or bugs and are usually clustered together.

To earn this trophy you will have to consume 500 whole schools or swarms, not just part of one.

Some things to note:

You'll know when you've consumed an entire school or swarm as a text will appear saying either "School Bonus" or "Swarm Bonus", if this text does not appear you did not consume the whole school and it does not count.

If another fish eats part of the school your attempting to eat you cannot get credit for eating the school.

If you see a school of fish or are coming down from a jump into a swarm of bugs hold down the to activate your suction ability. This will make it very easy to gobble the whole bunch in one motion.

If you beat Story mode and Time Attack and have not earned this trophy it is easiest to grind out in the Party game Bug Buffet, there are tons of bug swarms and it is very easy to suck up multiple swarms in every jump.

Full Tank
Awarded for unlocking all Fish Upgrades

You'll get this trophy after your last fish transition in which you take over control of Goliath the Great White Shark on level 38.

The Intruder
Awarded for defeating the Intruder

The Intruder is the mysterious fish you'll be "chasing" from the beginning of Story Mode. Though you'll end up facing him five times you will not get this trophy until the end of the Final level when Boris finally eats the Intruder.

Completing this trophy will also unlock the Intruder as a playable character in multiplayer.

Tips for facing the Invader:

Level 45 Goliath vs. The invader.
This is the first and easiest encounter with the Invader. Much like the Barracuda a yellow caution indicator will appear. Place yourself ABOVE it. The invader has a large antenna on his head and you must bite the end of it to get his attention. Once you do avoid his bite and maneuver so he follows you into one of the falling mines. Watch out for the mines yourself. Once he hits a mine he will be stunned and five shrink shrooms bubbles will appear. Eat the bubbles to whittle down his life bar till he shrinks and runs off.

Level 48 Harry vs. The Invader.
This level plays much the same as level 45 but with one twist. The Invader will attempt to use your suction attack against you after you bite him. If you are in front of him you will be sucked in and eaten. Bite him and maneuver either up or down to avoid the suction. If you can try to bite him near a mine so he sucks it in stunning himself. Then gets the Shrink shrooms.

Level 51 Peter vs. The Invader.
More twist to add in. Here the mines only stay at the surface of the shallow water and a pelican does a frequent fly by to attack you. The mines are in a set pattern so after you bite the Intruder move between two mines to force him to tag one. Watch for the pelican and jump over him if needed. Once he's stunned the shrooms will only appear in an arc below him before moving up, your close to the surface so act quick to get as many as you can.

Level 57 Layla vs. The Intruder.
This time the poison minnows have been added to the fight. If the Intruder hits a mine or shallows a minnow before you bite him he will turn and run off screen. You can use this time to bite him from behind or wait and replan for his next cross. The mines go back to sinking so watch where they are hiding. Remember that if you shallow a minnow it will poison you and cause all your controls to reverse till you spit it out.

Level 60 Boris vs.The Intruder (Final Level).
The Intruder will return to using the suction attack after each bite this time and, along with the minnows, ink spitting Cuddlefish have joined in. The ink will deter the Intruder just as the poison minnows do and if you hit it it will slow your movement for a bit. There are less mines here and the level is also smaller than previous fights so watch your distance, do not get trapped at the top waiting for a mine that won't be coming. Bite, stun, eat the shrooms just like before. Once he shrinks this time Boris will eat him and you'll earn your trophy.

Fish Upgrade
Awarded for your first fish upgrade

You'll earn this trophy after your first fish transition on level 9.

Here you'll take over Layla the Queen Triggerfish and acquire the suction power. Press to inhale and pull near by fish towards you.

Fast Food
Awarded for chomping through Time Attack!

In Time Attack you'll have to play through all 60 levels of the Story Mode while under the ticking clock.

You'll start level one with three minutes. At the start of each level your time from the previous level will carry over and a small bump of time will be added to that. You'll get a little more time as you move to later levels and Bonus stages do not count against your total time, however do add time to your total if you successfully beat them.

You also have unlimited lives, however like Story Mode your growth will reset to the last checkpoint each time you die.

Play to the best of your ability, if you have already cleared Story Mode you'll know where the trouble spots are and what to expect along the way.

If you run out of time DO NOT CONTINUE. Instead return to the Main Menu and select Time Attack, you will be able to select the level you lost on as your starting point and will be given a new starting time (always three minutes or higher). This can be great if your time has gotten really low and you need a reset.

Once you defeat the Intruder with Boris the Butterfly Fish and eat him the trophy will appear.

Frenzyfest Master
Awarded for coming first in a Frenzyfest

Frenzyfest is another one of the options in the Multiplayer menu.

Here up to four Players compete in a preset number of mini games (either 3, 5, 7, or 9). The mini games are chosen at random after you select the number of games and you earn trophies depending on your placement in each game. All the trophies are worth the same amount of points as they would in Party Mode and person with the most points at the end wins.

You can boost this trophy the same way as the Party points, just use a second controller to select a character and then let it sit for each mini game while you earn a few points and take the win.

Trophy will appear at the point recap after the last event.

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