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Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: Yes
Online Pass Required: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 60-100+Hours, Depends on your online skills and luck.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 - Champion story mode, Online and other fights required
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: Yes: Gold Medal Performance, No Time to Bleed, Turnabout If Fair Play, The Awakening
Glitched Trophies: Some game/system freezing and errors, but no major reported glitched trophies

[top]Tips & Strategies


To begin with, I suggest completing the story mode on any difficulty you feel comfortable with to get familiar with the controls and game play. Once you have completed the story, you can begin working on the online trophies and slowly knocking them out as you level up and complete all requirements for each trophy.

In your final step, you will merely need to clean up the left over trophies and then aim to complete the final couple miscellaneous trophies. The longest part will be completing fights to take down every playable character in the roster on default settings and achieving all the online trophies. The time required will range differently depending how good you are and how long the online takes to complete.

Story Related Trophies
Be sure to look through the list as some of these can be missed, but require you to win a match with a specified requirement.
  • A Champion Emerges

  • Low Down Dirty Tricks

  • Everything You Got Left

  • I Bought My Own Judges

  • Welcome to the Jungle

  • Survival of the Fittest

  • Gold Medal Performance

  • No Time To Bleed
  • Turnabout If Fair Play

  • The Awakening

Online Related Trophies
For these trophies, you will have to have access to the internet and be connected online. Also, you will have to have the EA Pass or purchase one to log into the EA servers for Fight Night Champion.
  • THIS is Sim

  • Alphabet Soup

  • Bicep Curling

  • Bench Pressing

  • Represent the Crew I

  • A Fight Amongst Friends I

  • Represent the Crew II

  • A Fight Amongst Friends II

  • Represent the Crew III

  • A Fight Amongst Friends III

  • Mr. Reliable

  • Road To Glory

  • Can You Feel The Power?
  • How Poetic

  • Hamstring Blasting

  • This Is Going Well

  • My Defense Is Impregnable

  • A Verdict Is In

  • A Little This, A Little That

  • Will They Believe You?
  • Squat Thrusting

Miscellaneous Trophies/Clean-Up Playthrough
For all the trophies listed here, you can work towards as you play the story mode and while going for other trophies in the game.
  • I'm Just Doing My Jab
  • Numba One Stunna

  • A Fist For Every Face
  • Breaking a Sweat


Platinum Trophy
Unlock all other trophies

Simply collect all other trophies in Fight Night Champion to achieve the platinum trophy.

A Fist For Every Face
Defeat the entire Fight Night Champion roster in Fight Now

This trophy will be a long and tedious grind, but simply make a list of the weight group and just start fighting each fighter there and the move on to the next. Once you have finished the entire section, mark it off and move on to the next one. Use a fighter that you are good with that is around the weight restrictions and go from there. You will need to keep the default settings on for all matches. The DLC and alternate weight class fighters do not count for this trophy.

TIP FROM BALLZ: "Make sure you keep the default settings on. Otherwise it may not count some of the trophies."

Breaking a Sweat
Get a Champion rating on every Training Game

For this trophy, you will need to complete and achieve Champion Ratings on each of the six training sessions in the game. These will range from different aspects of Fight Night from normal sparring to trying to keep your defense up. Just pay attention to the tutorials it gives you and any combinations you have to achieve for the most points.

Training Sessions - Points Required
Open Sparring -

Maize Bag -

Stay Outside -

Get Inside -

Heavy Bag Push

Close the Show -

Stay on Your Feet -

Double End Bag -

Defensive Specialist -

Heavy Bag Combo -

A Champion Emerges
Defeat Isaac Frost in Champion Mode

Story Related

This will be your final fight through Champion Mode. The fight will take place through 4 different stages, each of the first three will require you to be very careful and try to stay away from Frost as much as possible and then finally you're able to open up and actually box him in the fourth section between rounds 7-12.

Rounds 1 - 2

You are told to stay away from Frost as his hits are too hard for you and you'll get knocked down very quickly. Keep your guard up when he gets close and your back is to the ropes or hold and dodge his strikes and circle back away from him. As long as you're out of his reach keep your guard down so you can move faster but put it up quickly if he gets close. After round two you will have a auto save checkpoint in case you mess up coming during the next few rounds.

Rounds 3 - 5
You're now told to get in some body shots to slow him down for the next three rounds. Go out there and hold and lean forward to get in your body shots. 75 are required between the next three rounds, so get them all in during the first one or spread it out. Whatever you're most comfortable with, but after you are finished, don't go for extra as it won't help. Just repeat rounds 1-2 and stay away from him. Another checkpoint.

Rounds 6 - 7

After round 5, you are cut open from a hook you take and have to stay away from him again. You have a numbered counter that you can't take so many hits to the side of your head or the referee will stop the fight. Repeat the same process of staying away from him and you will survive before you know it. Don't go in for any strikes and just wait it out. You have 7 hits that you are allowed to take before the fight is stopped. And it will reset after the end of each round. After round 7, you're free to go all out and you get another checkpoint save.

Round 8 - 12
Just go out there on the offensive and box in the style that you like. Frost's hits won't be as hard and he will be slowed down. In my playthrough, I threw 2 hooks and knocked him out. He's already pretty beat up and worn down through the fight so you shouldn't have much to worry about. Defeating Frost will earn you a trophy, the world championship, and the completion of Champion Mode.

Low Down Dirty Tricks
Defeat Kobe Nichols in Champion Mode

Story Related

During the story, you will have a match with Kobe Nichols. At the start of the match, you're informed he is weak to body shots and to use this to your advantage. However, after you throw a few punches, the referee calls it low blows and takes some points away from you. It becomes clear that the referee is getting paid against you and you will have to knock out Kobe Nichols without any body shots.

Simply use your normal boxing tactics and aim high throughout the fight, just stick to high upper cuts and other high punches.

Everything You Got Left
Defeat Meldrick Johnson in Champion Mode

Story Related

When you fight Meldrick Johnson during Champion Mode, you will begin the fight after round one and with a broken right hand. You will take damage whenever your throw any punches with your right hand and take a massive hit to your stamina. Stick to being very careful with the analog stick or merely use or + and + .

I Brought My Own Judges
Defeat Ricardo Alvarez in Champion Mode

Story Related

In this fight, you will battle Ricardo Alvarez, however, the judges are paid off and aren't paying attention to the fight. So because of this, you will have to win by knock out. Just work on the body to wear him down, while protecting your own body as Alvarez has a nasty body shot. Just keep the head shots going and pummel away at Ricardo Alvarez until he hits the mat.

Welcome to the Jungle
Defeat the prison gang member in Champion Mode

Story Related

You will achieve this trophy after you complete the starting match in the game which will open when you first start playing. The game throws you into match before taking you to the menu that you have to complete.

Beginning the match, your fighter will be laying down and you have to get up. The game controls this with the left and right analog sticks. Press the left analog stick to either direction the game tells you and stop it in the middle of the in-game meter displayed on screen. With the right analog stick , shift it up and hold it to stand up. With the right timing, your fighter will stand up.

Afterwards, you will be required to win the fight. Simply gather the controls up quickly and defeat him. This should be an easy match despite having it thrown on you without any preparation.

Survival of the Fittest
Defeat the prison gang leader in Champion Mode

Story Related

During the story, you will get sent to jail after your flashback battles are completed. Here you will relive your fight from the opening and then have a battle against each of the prison gang members. After you defeat the last one however, the prison leader steps in and decides he wants to fight you now. You ultimately agree. Simply defeat him, while watching your stamina and staying alert to your health bar as you're coming straight from another fight and will be slightly weakened and wore out.

Gold Medal Performance
Knockout Joel Savon in Champion Mode

Missable Trophy

After the intro fight with the gang member, you will awaken and remember your previous boxing career. This fight will be your next story battle and you will face Joel Savon, the 9 time and current reigning champion of the Gold Medal Boxing events. To win the fight, you only need to score more hits than him, however, for the trophy you must knock him out.

I found it easiest to use uppercuts and a few timed body shots to get him open during the first round and then go in for the jabs and more uppercuts as they worked best. Just keep the pressure on him and watch your own stamina bar, but don't let up.

No Time To Bleed
Knockout Dwight Cooper before the 6th round in Champion Mode

Missable Trophy

For this trophy, you will need to knockout Dwight Cooper during your match before the sixth round. However, this battle has a stipulation in that you can't take too many hits to the head from a cut you have sustained at the start. You will have about a 15 hit count through each round, which will reset by a few hits after the end of each round. Stay on the offensive, but use counters and keep your block up to protect your head. If in a round, you take too many hits, back off until the next round so that you have a bit more opportunity and don't risk losing by TKO.

Use uppercuts and stay pounding on Dwight and if round five gets ready to end, just restart the match and try again.

Turnabout If Fair Play
Knockdown Keyshawn Hayes with a left hook in Champion Mode

Missable Trophy

For this trophy, you will need to knockdown Keyshawn Hayes, using his own signature move, the left hook. Stay on the offensive with primarily left shots to ensure that you accomplish this trophy correctly, but if you notice him stumble and get stunned, then lay on the hurt with left hit after left hit until he hits the canvas. You don't have to knock him out with a left hook, just knock him down and you will achieve the trophy.

The Awakening
Knockdown Mason Brooks in under 3 minutes in Champion Mode

Missable Trophy

For this trophy, you will need to knockdown and win your fight with Mason Brooks after you get out of prison and start the new job at the gym during the Champion Mode story. He will talk a lot of junk about you being washed up and you will step back into the ring with him. He's very resilient and the match will take a while, but you have 3 minutes to knock him down for the trophy. Keep an eye on the timer and stay on the offensive, throwing your power shots to weaken him and go for the knockout. There isn't much to help guide you except to try and counter his shots for maximum damage and keep the pressure on while watching yourself too.

THIS is Sim
Create and upload a Settings file to EA SPORTS World

Simply create and upload your settings file to EA Sports online and you will achieve this trophy.

Alphabet Soup
Own all belts within one weight class at the same time in Legacy Mode

You will acquire this trophy naturally as you play through and progress the Legacy Mode as long as you do not lose any matches. After you have won several fights, you will be continuously offered title shots. Simply win these matches and you will achieve this trophy.

How Poetic
Retire as the GOAT in Legacy Mode

For this trophy, you will need to play Legacy Mode for starters. In this mode, you will play through a full career of your fighter. Simply win all your matches and complete all the goals throughout. Eventually you will receive an email about a fight and need to win this. After you have won enough fights (at least 50+) and achieve the rank of G.O.A.T., you will be able to retire and achieve this trophy.

More information coming shortly. Tips, etc.

Bicep Curling
Obtain boxer level 15 in OWC

See Squat Thrusting for more information.

Bench Pressing
Obtain boxer level 30 in OWC

See Squat Thrusting for more information.

Hamstring Blasting
Obtain boxer level 45 in OWC

See Squat Thrusting for more information.

Squat Thrusting
Obtain boxer level 60 in OWC

In the online mode for Fight Night Champion, you need to play through the Online World Championship mode. Here you will fight many other players online and as you win, you will gain points and level up. Do keep in mind that you lose points for losing matches so you will need to be very careful about the fights you choose.

You will be able to achieve the previous three trophies while working towards Rank 60 fairly easily but the points you receive later will be very small if you keep fighting lower level opponents. You will need to fight the higher levels to gain more points, but most of these players will be very tough as they are die hard fans of the game.

This trophy may prove very unobtainable for some players so keep in mind as you attempt to go for it.

Represent the Crew I
Complete a Lightweight fight against a member of a Rival Gym

During a lightweight fight, you simply need to fight a member of a rival gym during online play to acquire this trophy.

See "Represent the Crew III" for more information.

A Fight Amongst Friends I
Complete a Lightweight League Match in an Online Gym

During the online gym matches, complete a Lightweight league match against another player.

Represent the Crew II
Complete a Middleweight fight against a member of a Rival Gym

For this trophy, you will need to complete a middleweight fight against a member of a rival gym during online play.

See "Represent the Crew III" for more information.

A Fight Amongst Friends II
Complete a Middleweight League Match in an Online Gym

During the gym matches, complete a league match against another player in the Middleweight division.

Represent the Crew III
Complete a Heavyweight fight against a member of a Rival Gym

During the online gym play, you will have the option, albeit tricky to acquire rivals in another gym by battling oppoenents. Defeat each rival in the weight groups and you will achieve this trophy. I honestly can't figure out how it's supposed to work normally, other than boosting it.

To boost this trophy, simply find a partner and find a rival gym. Get your friend to join the other gym and fight against them in each weight group for the trophy.

A Fight Amongst Friends III
Complete a Heavyweight League Match in an Online Gym

Simply complete a Heavyweight league match in an online gym against another player to achieve this trophy.

This Is Going Well
Knockdown an opponent twice in the same round of a Ranked Match

To acquire this trophy, you simply need to knock an opponent down to the mat, twice in a Ranked online match. Try to find a lower level opponent if you can that may be easier to do this on or play with a partner that will allow you to knock them down twice. As they hit the mat the second time, you will acquire your trophy.

My Defense Is Impregnable
Win a Ranked Match with your opponent's accuracy at or below 20%

For this trophy, it will come down to being very skilled and lucky to dodge all your opponents' attacks while defeating them or you will need to find another player and invite to a match and boost with them so that you can get this trophy with no problems during a ranked match. If you can find a partner for this trophy, ask them to stand there and just knock them out quickly so that their hit count reads 0 and you will achieve this trophy.

Otherwise, you will have to practice and hope you go against an unskilled player and can dodge their moves or knock them out very quickly. The majority of their hits will have to miss to lower their accuracy for you to achieve this trophy.

A Verdict Is In
Win a 10-round Ranked Match

Simply set up a 10 round Ranked Match and win it. Don't knock out your opponent early or you won't achieve the trophy. If you can find a partner, simply stand there until the final round and then take them out. This is a simple and self explanatory trophy.

Mr. Reliable
Earn a Reliability Multiplier of more than 85% after playing at least 100 Ranked Matches

To achieve this trophy, you will need to complete at least 100 ranked matches online AND have a reliability score of at least 85%. This just means that you completed at least 85 matches out of 100 without either player quitting or disconnecting from the servers, or the servers kicking either of you out themselves. If you don't have a reliable internet connection, then you may want to go somewhere else first and achieve this trophy to get it out of the way so that you don't need to complete many more matches online in the long run. it's a simple trophy that should come in time with normal playing, but you will need to watch your opponents and the servers themselves.

A Little This, A Little That
Knockdown an opponent with a head shot and a body shot in a Ranked Match

This is one of the more luck based trophies online you will achieve across your playthroughs. You will need to knockdown an opponent and have them get up after being knocked down from a head shot AND a body shot during a match. You can also boost this by inviting a friend into a ranked match and having them let you knock them down. Just aim to throw alot of body and head shots and focus on one or the other after you have weakned each point in an opponent. I recommend this on lower level opponents as the higher ranks will be tougher and more skilled foes.

Will They Believe You?
Get up from a fourth knockdown during a Ranked Match

This will be an especially challenging luck based trophy. This trophy will be easiest if you can find a friend to invite to a ranked match and boost it. You will need to get up, which is nearly impossible after 3 times, but from being knocked down four times during any match. Try to space this out so that you get knocked down in the earlier rounds twice, and then later through later rounds after you have healed and regained some stamina a bit. Just go to the training schools and practice or in Fight Now to focus on working on getting up so that you have it down before trying this without experience online.

To get up from a knock down, you will have to move the left analog stick to either the left or the right, whichever direction the meter says to go.. and as your fighter stands, you will need to hold the right analog stick up to balance and stand steady. You may fall more and more as you get knocked down a couple times before your fighter will stand and balance up.

Road To Glory
Complete 100 fights In Online World Championship

To achieve this trophy, you will need to complete 100 fights online in the game in the OWC mode. This means you can win or lose, as long as you finish and the game records that the fight happened. If you or the servers or your opponent are disconnected, the game will not count these, so you may need to fight more matches than 100 for this trophy. Do note that this must take place throughout the Online World Championship mode.

I'm Just Doing My Jab
Jab 10,000 times

This trophy will come after you have thrown 10,000 punches. You will most likely acquire it through normal play and fighting through each fighter in Fight Now. However, you can set up two controllers or play with a friend and just keep tagging them with punches until you reach the required number. This is collective through all game modes.

Numba One Stunna
Stun your opponents 1000 times

For this trophy, you will need to stun and stagger your opponents 1,000 times. Straightforward trophy, but time consuming. You can try to manage this through normal game play or set up two controllers as suggested with I'm Just Doing My Jab to make it easier and quicker. Just keep throwing punches and power shots until the other player is staggered and then back off until they recover. Repeat the fights until you have obtained your trophy.

Every Second Counts
Knockdown an opponent in a Ranked Match with less than 10 seconds left in the round

This trophy will really come down to being either luck based or needed to be boosted with a partner. Find a friend from an online gym and invite them to a match and tell them what you're going for. Just wail on them all through the round, but don't knock them down. Near the 20 seconds mark or so, start hitting them to wear down their stamina as they stand there and right at ten seconds, knock them down. Keep trying this through your online matches if you can't find a partner, but keep at it and you'll eventually get lucky for it. Try on lower skilled opponents as more skilled will be better at staying up as you progress levels online.

Can You Feel The Power?
Max out any skill of a Legacy Mode, OWC, or Online Gyms boxer

For this trophy, you will have to level up any skill throughout the modes listed for a character. As you play, you will gain EXPERIENCE that you can use to upgrade skills. Simply go into the options for your skills, and focus your points into a stat you want maxed out. As you rank up and play more online and across the other modes, aim to level up this skill. Or you can gather all the points at once and focus them all into the one skill you want to max out.

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