Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 4 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Dream
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None


Beyond all flowers lies another room.

You will need to collect all 18 secret flowers across all 6 levels. Below is a guide to locate these secret flowers in each level.

Dream 1 (Yellow flower)
  1. Right at the start of the first area. Collect all of the pink flowers around the edge, a cutscene will show you the first secret flower growing.
  2. In the second area with the stones piled in the middle, collect all the pink flowers around the edges to trigger another cutscene showing the location of the second secret flower
  3. When you enter the third area the third secret flower is hidden directly behind a rock behind the tree from where you enter.

Dream 2 (Red flower)
  1. Play through and collect all the flowers and activate the two circles of rocks up on the hills, Head down the second hill and there will be a row of yellow flowers, grab those and a bunch of red flowers will appear. Collect all the red flowers and a cutscene will show you where the first secret flower is.
  2. After exiting the first area through the newly opened cliffs head down and collect all the red flowers to trigger a cutscene showing the yellow flowers, follow the yellow flowers until you come upon some yellow flowers growing on a hill, grab those and more will grow, follow them and collect all the red flowers and the secret flower will appear on top of a hill.
  3. Last secret flower is found near the entrance to the third area, turn to the left upon entering and head up the mountain area and the last secret flower will be there.

Dream 3 (Pink flower)
  1. Collect all the pink flowers that send you off in different directions, be sure to get them all. Then grab all the ones in the areas that dip down. After you have gotten a majority of them the secret flower will appear on the center platform.
  2. The second secret flower is in the cave area where you get the flOw trophy. It's located in the section of green grass in between the caves.
  3. The last secret flower is located as you exit the valley area, if you stay to the right you will see them when you exit the valley.

Dream 4 (Blue flower)
  1. After lighting up the hay bales turn around and head down the road that splits in two, head down the right hand path to a little hut. The secret flowers are growing on the right side of the hut.
  2. After lighting the spiral face the new street light and head towards it, fly slightly to the right of it and you should see an old cart. Fly by the cart to trigger the secret flowers.
  3. To get the last secret flower you have to illuminate the two darkened ponds. The first is located past the first circle you have to light up, with glowing petals head towards the circle of rocks, fly over the pond until it is fully lit up. The second pond is by the last field you have to light up, the pond is by the fence, the flowers will grow here once you've lit it up.

Dream 5 (Purple flower)
  1. The first secret flower is near the beginning of the dream.Head up really high and go left at the start, you should see a small valley with the flowers at the end.
  2. The second secret flower is in the field with the three towers that need to be deactivated. The secret flower will be revealed when you collect a set of flowers underneath a tower that has no lights or cables on it. When these flowers are collected, float away from it and a cutscene will reveal the location of the secret flower.
  3. The last secret flower is hidden in the maze. Stay high and stick as far right as you can go and you should come upon it glowing on the ground.

Dream 6 (Small pink flower)
  1. The first secret flower is in the area before the highway. Trigger either of the fans to blow you on top of a building. Follow these to the tallest building with a hole in it, fly down and the secret flowers are on a ledge near the center.
  2. The second secret flower is gotten upon entering the freeway. Take the right hand path when it splits three directions and it will take you to a small area near the entrance to the freeway.The secret flower is located behind the central pillar near the end.
  3. The third secret flower and final in the game is located after exiting the freeway. After entering an area with two fans head to the right straight to the second fan. The flowers are just behind it.

Bloom 10,000 flowers.

Bloom a total of 10,000 flowers throughout the game, doesn't have to be in one play. You could keep playing the first level over and over until you get it.

Completely Awaken the City

In Dream 6 (Small pink flower), make sure that all the buildings are colored in and all the grass in completely green in all areas. There are parts with play structures (swing sets and monkey bars) that color the grass. You also have to get the debris off the buildings to color them.

Reminisce for 3 minutes

While playing in-game, stop playing or press select. A slide-show will appear showing different images of the level, just watch this or do something else for 3 minutes until you get the trophy.

Use the Grass as your canvas and paint the ground with three different colors

Near the end of Dream 2 (Red flower) there is a large field with rock formations that open up when you collect all the flowers around them. If you fly into the rock formation after it has opened up you will temporarily be able to change the color of the grass. There are three of these; red, blue and pink. Open them all and paint parts of the grass with each color.

Play with the windmills and ride the wind seven times

In Dream 3 (Pink flower), collect all the flowers around a windmill. When the windmill starts up, fly around the propellers near the top of it. The wind being produced from the windmill will get a hold of you and blow you around. Do this seven times to unlock the trophy..

Light a Darkened pool

In Dream 4 (Blue flower) there are two small ponds that are darkened, one of which is right near the beginning of the level. After you activate the windmills and turn on the electricity to the first lamppost, the pond is to the left. Just fly over the pond while illuminated to brighten it up and get this trophy.

Journey to the city unscathed

In Dream 5 (Purple flower) you only need to hit 4 sets of purple flowers to get through the level. It's not worth going for any others and risk hitting the electric poles. Fly high over all the objects. You'll come across a power pylon with some purple flowers at it's base. Pick up the flowers without coming into contact with the metal. You can hit the metal after its turned white.

In the next area, deactivate the three power pylons by grabbing the purple flowers at their base without actually hitting the pylons.
Progress through the last area by staying as high and going as slow as you can. The spikes and metal won't hurt you if you do this. Head towards the whirlwind to finish the level.

Release all of the names to the sky

In the Credits level (Picture frame), get all the flowers and release all the people's names into the sky.

Life could be simple...

In Dream 3 (Pink flower) after all the windmills have been turned on, follow the path into the canyon area. When you see a fork in the road, head left into the cave. Once in the cave, stick to the right until you go through an area that is glowing blue. The trophy should unlock when you go through there.

Welcome Back
Play the game after a week long break

To get this trophy, you need a week to pass before turning the game on again. There are one of two ways to do this:
  1. Stop playing Flower for one week, or more, and then play it again.
  2. Start up Flower and then exit the game. Then change the date in 'Date and Time Settings' to one week or more past the current date (eg. change the month to 1 month in the future). Then start Flower back up and you should get the trophy.

Healthy Play
Take a ten minute break between any dreams

After finishing a level, wait in the main room with the flower pots for 10 minutes.

The dream has just started.

Find all three secret flowers in any given dream. See Dream for a description of the locations of all the secret flowers. Your progress for a dream can be checked by going to the Main Menu (level select) and counting the number of leaves there are in the flower pot.

Find and bloom a secret flower

Find a secret flower, they are in all the levels except the Credits level. See Dream for a description of the locations of all the secret flowers.

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