Players: 1
Online Trophies: There is no online for this game.
Estimated Time to 100%: 5-10 hours based on skill.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Difficulty Trophies: 0
Collectible Trophies: 1
Missable Trophies: 1

From Dust is a strategy game, on PSN, in which you play as a god-like figure called "The Breath". As "The Breath" you can control soil, water and lava, to help sculpt out a world for a nomadic tribe, along with discovering the history of their predecessors. The game also gives the player a set of powers which once combined with the ability to use soil, lava and water, lets them aid the tribe in their travels and avert natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, tsunamis or extreme subsidence.

Described as a spiritual successor to Peter Molyneux's "Populous", From Dust comes from Ubisoft Montpelier and Eric Chahi, who envisioned the game in 1999 while exploring his passion for volcanology in Vanuatu, one of the islands used as inspiration for the game. It wasn't until 2006 his idea was presented to Ubisoft, revealed in 2010 to the world and released in 2011.

Here is the E3 trailer from 2011.

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • If you see any large rocks with light shining out the top and a little icon above them, send a villager to acquire the power it possesses for your village, either “Repel Water” or “Repel Lava/Fire”. Once a village collects one, villagers will take it to your other villages automatically. These powers automatically activate and can be used simultaneously.
  • Use the powers of the Breath to protect your village, such as “Evaporate” or “Jellify Water”, to stop large waves, “Amplify Breath” to pickup lava or burning vegetation or “Infinite Earth” to quickly raise a village above a wave or build a barrier. The powers can be used in conjunction as well so “Jellify Water” and “Amplify Breath” can be used at the same time to remove a potential waterborne threat.
  • Once your done using a power such as “Amplify Breath”, switch it off rather than letting it run out and the cool down should be much shorter.
  • Volcanoes can be a major threat, however they provide ample warning of an eruption. On the flipside lava can be used to build protective walls and dykes, just be wary of setting fire to vegetation or your village.
  • Setting Water Trees above potential fire zones and on top of hills can help prevent fire, just be careful not to flood your village.
  • If you’ve already got Green Thumb , you can remove all the vegetation from some areas, leaving bare rock, which cannot be set alight.
  • After Wildfires you can move your totems and villages about, use this to move your villages out of danger zones.
  • Sometimes that seems like the most simple idea, such as building a wall around your village, is often the correct one, so be careful with grand schemes such as diverting rivers and lava streams.
Finally, perhaps the most important tip, have fun! Or its a bit pointless playing the game!


Playthrough 1:

Complete the main story receiving Exhaling , Hell , The end of our Journey , and Sanctuary . I recommend you also go for Green Thumb on this playthrough, and you may also receive Safe Journey , Krakatoa , Powermonger and Amazon .

Complete the 30 challenges now, as they contribute towards the collective trophies, Krakatoa , Powermonger and Amazon . You will receive Gauntlet for completing all these challenges.

If you have completed the story, all challenges, and received Green Thumb and Memories found you will get Last Breath on this playthrough.

Playthrough 2:

This is your cleanup playthrough if you didn't collect all the memories, get all the collective trophies or in most cases to complete Safe Journey .

Overall it is possible to get every trophy with one playthrough of the game, however I advise you go for two and do Safe Journey on the 2nd playthrough simply so you enjoy the first more, as if your new to the game, keep losing villages and restarting to do the Safe Journey trophy, your not going to enjoy the game.


Create the Breath of the elements.


You will receive this shortly after starting the first level "The Breath", following a small intro.

If stuck or in need of help a level guide is at the bottom.

Complete the Wildfire territory.


You will receive this trophy after completing the 6th level Wildfires.

If stuck or in need of help a level guide is at the bottom.

The End of our Journey
Complete the Movements territory.


You receive this for completing the 12th and penultimate level "Movements".

If stuck or in need of help a level guide is at the bottom.

Create a sanctuary for the tribe.


You receive this trophy for finishing the 13th and final level, Sanctuary.

If stuck or in need of help a level guide is at the bottom.

Safe Journey
Finish the story mode without losing more than 5 villages.

The only missable trophy in the game, it can be a pain but is relatively easy to avoid. As the description says you have to complete the main game losing 5 or less villages. Luckily if you lose a village, pausing the game and restarting the level doesn’t count towards your total, and you can try again.However if you are right at the end of a level and lose one, it might be better to press on, as you still have a few lives/villages left.

Use the tips section and level guide if you need any additional help or tips.

Memories Found
Complete the Memory of the tribe.

The only collectible trophy in the game, you have to unlock 44 of the tribes memories in 7 different categories to receive the trophy. Many are unlocked for completing levels or reaching 50/100% plant coverage on certain levels. 7 of the memories however have to be found in game by reaching small memory stones.

List of Memories and Method of Unlock:

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Green Thumb
Cover each map with vegetation.

Relatively simple, fill up the meter in the bottom left of the screen with the little leaf above it, you will receive a notification once you reach 50 and 100% plant cover. Vegetation on most levels grows on any sand/soil around your villages and spreads as far as it can. Some levels however need a water source to help the vegetation spread. Covering bare rock with sand/soil allows vegetation to grow, and by spreading sand/soil far and wide up bare rock you can increase plant cover quickly.

Complete every challenge.

There are 30 challenges in the game that are mostly short and require you to use the skills you have learned in the story mode to complete an objective. Many are very simple just requiring simple tasks such as building bridges for a fire or moving a large body of water but some are more complex. They range in time from 10 seconds to 5 minutes generally.

Video Guides for each Challenge:

Fire!, Running in the Rain, Bail Out, The Big Wave, Canyoning, Pump it Up and Xuenylom.

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Aquasplash, Waterfall, Guardian Angel, Explosions, Sacrifice, Gospel and Hell.

Toggle Spoiler

Fluids, Collapse, Epic Tsunamis, Ditch, Countdown, Migration and Nitro.

Toggle Spoiler

Quicksand, Atlantis, Irony, Drill, Sunken Secret, Trees of Water and Deadly Crossing.

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Wagons of Fire and The Descent

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All videos courtesy of THE RED DRAGON, channel link here: THE RED DRAGON

Last Breath
Complete every challenge, every territory, the Memory and every secondary objective.

This is basically the 100% trophy in the game. To unlock this you need to meet the requirements and receive the trophies Sanctuary , Memories Found , Green Thumb and Gauntlet . Once you get the last of them this trophy should pop up.

Absorb a massive amount of lava during the game.

This is simple just picking up lava with the "Breath". There is no definitive amount of lava for this trophy, but you should acquire it over the course of the story and challenges.
If not you can simply go on Level Select and go to Emergence, you will start where you finished and you can just use "Amplify Breath" to rapidly pick up and drop lava and till the you get the trophy. A secondary method is also playing Sanctuary and creating a load of volcanoes from which to absorb lava, however you don't have the power "Amplify Breath" so it may be a tad slower.

Use the powers of the Breath 100 times.

Pretty simple, just use the powers of the Breath you acquire throughout the game 100 times. This is collective across any and all playthroughs of the story and challenges.

These powers include:
- Amplify Breath
- Evaporate
- Jellify Water
- Put Out Fire
- Infinite Earth
- Engulf All

Uproot and replant 100 trees during the game.

You gain the ability to uproot and replant Water and Fire trees in the level Wildfires and Explosive trees in Waves, all you have to do for the trophy is uproot and replant a tree 100 times. This is collectively over the story and challenges.

[top]Level Guide

If any help us needed to complete a certain level, the videos below are walkthroughs of each level provided by THE RED DRAGON channel located here: THE RED DRAGON

If additional help is needed or you have any questions either post in the discussion or PM me here: My Profile

The Breath

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The Ritual

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The Roar of the Sea

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The First Power

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The Thousand Sources

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High Tides

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The Tears of Stone

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The Raging Earth

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