In the future, the world is a changed place. Technology has advanced. Countries have merged into massive geopolitical blocks. But one thing, sadly, remains the same humanity's appetite for war. When a terrorist attack destroys one of the U.C.S.s prized orbital elevators, the military is mobilized to eliminate the threat. Dylan Ramsey, a young engineer, finds himself quickly caught in a swirl of destruction, conspiracies and crumbling alliances...


Players: 1 (Offline), 2-8 (Online)
Online Trophies: Yes
Online Trophy Breakdown: 4 2 1
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 50-60 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • Hard difficulty shouldn't give you too much trouble, however if you find yourself overwhelmed you can play on easy first and build up your wanzers and skills, then return to complete the missions via the Act Select function.
  • Equip an A.G.I.L.I.T.Y. backpack to improve your mobility. Especially in multiplayer, maneuverability will usually be more useful to keep you alive than armor.
  • While on foot, stick to cover and choose your moments wisely, especially when facing a wanzer. Though the enemy AI isn't particularly smart, they do pack a punch if you're not careful.
  • Ammo and Repair pickups respawn in boss battles, making them a lot easier than they should be. Note their locations and if you get into trouble, stay on the move until they respawn.


Front Mission Evolved isn't terribly hard even on Hard difficulty, and if you are at all familiar with games such as Armored Core, then FME is familiar terrain. With the possible exception of a few of the end bosses, the game shouldn't pose that much of a challenge for you. On your first playthrough, if you follow the Collectibles Guide, you can get most if not all of the single player trophies. If you're having difficulty with completing the game on Hard difficulty, you can go through the game on Easy first to obtain access to stronger parts and weapons then come back to the missions that you haven't yet completed on Hard using the "Act Select" feature. It will show at the bottom of each mission the highest difficulty that it has been completed on, for ease of reference.

If you haven't gotten all of the trophies yet, use the Act Select feature to get any collectibles or non-story trophies that you haven't received yet.

To wrap up your Platinum, wade into the morass of online multiplayer. Be prepared for some initial frustration as the game doesn't do a fantastic job of balancing matches for players with a low Rank. The servers are also highly populated with Japanese players who have already achieved high Ranks due to the game being released two weeks earlier in Japan than North America. Make use of the pre-built wanzers at first until you have a few matches (or more likely a lot of matches) under your belt and gain access to the stronger weapons and parts. Most of the online trophies will come in due course of your trek towards the My Hero Zero trophy. The best advice I could give would be to keep your head and not get too frustrated.


Wanzer Commander
Collect all other Front Mission Evolved trophies.

Collect all the trophies to unlock the platinum. Good luck!

Amplified Warrior
Equip a Mark III battle skill in the single player campaign.

Rank 3 skills will unlock through natural level progression, completing challenges within certain levels or collecting keys. Once you have access to the higher level equipment that has 3 skill slots, simply assign a skill to the weapon and the trophy will pop.

Complete "Promise".

Story related trophy. Unlocks at the completion of Act III Mission II, "Promise".

Around the World
Win a multiplayer match on every level.

Win a multiplayer game on each of the multiplayer maps. The maps are: Antarctica, Constantine, Fort Monus, Manhattan, Vritra.

Complete "Tower of Babel".

Story related trophy. Unlocks at the completion of Act V Mission II, "Tower of Babel".

Complete "Defense of Constantine".

Story related trophy. Unlocks at the completion of Act IV Mission III, "Defense of Constantine".

Complete "Chorus of Destruction".

Story related trophy. Unlocks at the completion of Act IV Mission I, "Chorus of Destruction".

Diversity Rocks
Win a multiplayer match of all 4 types.

Win a match in each of the four modes available. Those modes are: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Supremacy.

Easy Logistics
Earn $75,000 total cash in the single player campaign.

This will come fairly easily through the course of the normal campaign if you complete bonus objectives like sensors and emblems. The total of all liquid cash plus the value of any parts you have equipped are counted towards this trophy, so don't be afraid to spend your money.

E.D.G.E. Master
Kill 50 enemies while in E.D.G.E. mode.

You'll first get access to the E.D.G.E. system at the end of the mission "Apollo's Chariot". Activate E.D.G.E. with and kill away at John Woo speeds. Only enemies killed while E.D.G.E. is still active will count towards the trophy.

Fort Monus
Complete "Fort Monus".

Story related trophy. Unlocks at the completion of Act II Mission I, "Fort Monus".

Great Shot
Destroy all Sensors in the game.

See the Collectibles List at the end of the guide for the locations of all sensors in the game.

Gritty Competitor
Play 10 multiplayer matches.

Awarded after 10 multiplayer matches completed. It isn't necessary to win any of the matches.

Infinity Plus One
Clear the landing zone while firing from the gunship at Fort Monus.

At the beginning of the mission "Fort Monus", there will be a section where you will be firing from the dropship. Eliminate all the enemy targets before you land to get the trophy.

Lead by Example
Get the top score in Team Deathmatch.

When playing a round of Team Deathmatch, receive the highest score in the match across both teams. Just keep trying and you should eventually get this.

Looking Great
Find all 42 hidden emblems.

See the Collectibles List at the end of the guide for the locations of all emblems in the game.

Looking Well
Find 15 hidden emblems.

See the Collectibles List at the end of the guide for the locations of all emblems in the game.

My Hero Zero
Reach Rank 70 in multiplayer.

To reach Rank 70 you need a total of 178,700 points earned in ranked matches. This will be a long haul, and at the beginning expect to be victimized by higher rank players who have access to significantly better equipment. Until you build up to better parts, stick with the pre-built wanzer models.

No Borders
Complete "No Borders".

Story Related trophy. Unlocks at the completion of Act V Mission IV, "No Borders".

Complete "Apollo's Chariot".

Story related trophy. Unlocks at the completion of Act I Mission III, "Apollo's Chariot".

Petals of Edelweiss
Defeat a player who has the Petals of Edelweiss in multiplayer.

A viral trophy that can only be received by beating an opponent who has already received it. You don't have to win the round, merely kill them once in a match. It shouldn't take long at this point, as it has spread to virtually the entire population of the FME community. To give you an idea, I earned it in my first match.

Power of Device
Complete the game.

Complete the game at any difficulty level. Awards at the same time as No Borders during the ending cinematic.

Power of Human Ingenuity
Complete the game on hard difficulty.

Complete all missions on hard difficulty. This trophy will stack with No Borders. Don't be concerned if you don't get this trophy at the same time as No Borders, as it is awarded after the credits have finished.

Team Player
Accumulate a total score of 10,000 while playing Domination and Supremacy.

Earn 10,000 total points over the course of all the Domination and Supremacy matches you play. Just keep going until it pops.

The Canyon
Complete "Call of the Chariots".

Story related trophy. Unlocks at the completion of Act II Mission III, "Call of the Chariot".

The Show
Complete "Long Island Research Facility".

Story related trophy. Unlocks at the completion of Act I Mission I, "Long Island Research Facility".

Ultimate Zephyr
Purchase all 4 of the Zephyr EX parts in the single player campaign.

Zephyr EX parts become available during the mission "Vritra". Two arms, torso and legs will cost a total of $41,500. Once all four are equipped you'll get the trophy.

Wicked Shot
Break all body parts on a single opponent in the single player campaign.

Not as hard as you might think. Use a precise weapon like a sniper rifle, and shoot out the legs and both arms before you destroy an enemy wanzer and you'll get the trophy.

[top]Collectibles List

[top]Act I

There are no collectibles in this mission


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[top]Act II


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[top]Act III


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[top]Act IV


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[top]Act V


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There are no collectibles in this mission

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