Online Trophies:
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15-25 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 if you play on Hardcore right off the bat or 2 if you play on Casual and then Hardcore.
Glitched Trophies Yes, Storm Shattered. Please see the trophy description for "Storm Shattered" because if you suffer from the gltich you will be locked out of earning the plat.
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:

[top]Tips and Strategies

Special Circumstances You will need two physical controllers because there does not exist an online co-op function. Another player is not overtly necessary but will make Hardcore Difficulty easier and the co-op trophies will be earned with ease.

[top]Cheats, Glitches and Exploits

Cheats and/or Dirty Tricks Cheats are not available for this guide but there is a way to replenish health quickly for single players. Once your JOE has suffered massive health loss (indicated by the flashing red light above his head) quickly press to change your player to the second JOE. Wait 1.5 seconds and press again to return to the original joe. You will notice the original JOE's health is fully replenished and the enemies have re-focused fire onto the second JOE. Using this technique will help keep you alive if you are doing Hardcore mode alone. Also, the trophies only unlock if Player 1 is playing. Take for example, "Hack 'n Slash". This needs to be done only by one player in order for the trophy to unlock.



The platinum is earned after completing all of the preceding trophy requirements.

Defeat Baroness

You will face the Baroness at the end of the Rocket House Mission (Arctic). The battle is time consuming so roll dodge and take cover whenever possible.

Defeat Destro

Destro is the boss at the end of the Primal Shrine Mission (Jungle). Once again it takes a long time to defeat this boss. He becomes invulnerable during his battle and barrages the players with mortars that cover a considerable section of the fight area.

Defeat Firefly

Firefly is found in the Apep Mission (Desert). This battle is the least time consuming and straight-forward. Focus fire on him and watch the towers.

Storm Shattered
Defeat Storm Shadow in all three secret arenas

There are 3 stages in which you come across Storm Shadow:

Arctic-Deckhouse Six

*Note* Some people have reported a problem in which they are not receiving Storm Shadow after each fight. The best way to remedy this situation is to beat Storm Shadow and do not die at any point in the level. This should be done during your first play through on Casual.

Strike Commander
Defeat every wave in all Satellite Strike mini-games

There are 3 stages in which you take part in the Satellite Strike mini-games. Those stages are:

Arctic-Cliff's Edge
Jungle-Primal Shrine

This can be best accomplished by having a partner and blasting everything away on screen. You must destroy every wave without failing a single one.

Strike Lieutenant
Defeat every wave in one Satellite Strike mini-games

You will come across the first Satellite mini-game during the Cliff's Edge level in the Arctic. There is no great strategy for the mini-game other than having a second player that is capable of understanding that nothing can get past you. Both players can "cross their streams" to create a large blast which will destroy any vehicle in one shot. There are 5 waves and each wave will have simple soldiers and from Rounds 3-5 will have HISS tanks. The best method is to start your firing indicator from the satellite and work your way to the back of the area and then finally destroy the HISS Tank last.

Battle Master
Collect and Spend all 130 possible Battle Points

Beat every single mission and get the highest ranking. You must be playing on Advanced or Hardcore Difficulty. Just keep getting those multipliers and find all of the Intel/Contacts. Achieve the highest score in all of the missions in order to achieve the Battle Points.

Hack 'n Slash
Finish a level using only melee attacks on ground troops

Sloppy Joe
Achieve the worst rank on a level without going Man Down

Man Down is achieved when any of the characters die. So the player needs to achieve the lowest score without dying, simple. I used the Desert level "Rise". The lowest point value allotted is 180,000. To earn this trophy do not pick up any point multipliers, bonuses, nothing. Just run and gun and keep the points low without dying.

Man Up
Complete a Jungle or Tundra Mission without going Man Down

Select any mission that you feel comfortable with (most likely the first level in the Arctic). Choose the Casual difficulty and beat the level in question without dying.

No "I" in Team
Complete mission with higher than 50% Dual Targeting kills

This is best accomplished with a second player and both players shoot at the same target the entire level. If you are doing it solo (good luck) you need to target whatever enemy your partner is firing at.

Half the Battle
Collect 50% of all File Cards

Please see the below referenced guide in order to achieve this trophy.

Collect all File Cards

Either of these guides are satisfactory to achieving all of the required File Cards (I give full credit and citation to each of these sites' authors for their time and dedication to share with the gaming community all of their knowledge concerning this game).

1. There is a guide on MS-World but due to their copyright I will not reproduce their guide on this site. But if you are curious you may Google the guide by using the following search term "msxbox-world+GI Joe" and it will direct you to the site.

2. IGN's guide may be found here: Guides: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Guide (Xbox 360), G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Walkthrough

Collect all Intel Cards

Please see the above-referenced guide to help guide you on your journey to achieving all of the requirements.

Lost & Found
Collect all G.I. JOE Contacts

You must collect each contact that is found in every level which houses a contact. Please see the above-referenced guides to help you recover the contacts. Here is a list of all of the contacts:

Heavy Duty
Gung Ho
Snake Eyes
Agent Helix
Sgt. Flash
Storm Shadow

Pick up all three types of Point Multipliers in one mission

This can be done in the first mission. Wait until there is a large grouping of soldiers and open-fire. Eventually you will see a large badge emerge from the player with "X2 or X3 or X5" badge. Collect each badge. If you are killing enough enemies the X2 badge will emerge first then the X3 badge and finally the X5 badge.

Arctic Completed
Complete all Arctic Missions

The missions include the basic missions that you are forced to complete, as well as the bonus missions. The missions are: Foundation, Deckhouse Six, Genesis, Cliff's Edge, Rocket House, and Arctic Ooze: Bonus Alpha

Desert Completed
Complete all Desert Missions

Complete the following missions to receive this trophy: Arrival, Rise, Robot, Storm, Apep, Desert Elements: Bonus Delta.

Jungle Completed
Complete all Jungle Missions

Complete the following missions to receive this trophy: Fever, Sludge, Countdown, Primal Shrine, and Jungle Stockade: Bonus Sigma

M.A.S.S. Destruction
Destroy the M.A.S.S. Device

You earn this trophy after you fight Cobra Commander in the final Tundra stage.

Yo Joe!
Purchase two G.I. JOE contacts

First you must find the contacts listed above and using the Battle Points you earn by completing missions. Purchase the JOEs under the Bonus section of the main menu.

Purchase all COBRA characters

Once you have found all of the Cobra contacts you must now use your Battle Points and purchase the contacts.

All G.I.JOE Contacts
Purchase all G.I. JOE contacts

Once you have found all of the G.I. JOE contacts you must now use the Battle Points to purchase all of the G.I. JOE contacts.

Combat Rock
Complete a mission using only Combat class characters

Choose any two Commando class characters in the character select screen and use only them. Do not switch them out at the JOE tube.

Go Commando
Complete a mission using only Commando class characters

Choose any two Commando class characters in the character select screen and use only them. Do not switch them out at the JOE tube.

Bevvy 'o Heavy
Complete a mission using only Heavy class characters

Choose any two Heavy class characters in the character select screen and use only them. Do not switch them out at the JOE tube.

The Tables have Turned
Complete any Arctic, Desert, or Jungle mission using any COBRA character

Select at least one COBRA character and complete any mission with them.

Lovers' Quarrel
Complete any mission using Baroness and Duke

Select both the Baroness and Duke from the character select screen and complete a mission with them.

Arishkage Attack
Complete any mission using Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow

Select both Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow from the character select screen and complete the first Arctic mission with them.

Girls Night Out
Complete any mission using female characters only

Select any two female characters and complete any mission with them. If you are confused on which characters are female consult an anatomy book or look on the internet.

Gimme the Keys
Drive every G.I. JOE vehicle in the game

This can be done in conjunction with the "Turret Syndrome" trophy. Once you enter the vehicle hit and fire the turret weapon once and switch back. Locations of the vehicles:

Arctic: Genesis & Ooze
Desert: Arrival (2 vehicles) & Rise & Bonus Delta
Jungle: Primal Shrine
Tundra: COBRA Island & Cryodome

Code Cracker
Gain access to a Combat Soldier Class Ability door

You will come across a large blue door with the words M.A.S.S. on the front. These are the "ability doors" which can only be opened by certain characters. Combat soldiers can open ones with a blue control panel on the front, Heavy soldiers can open the doors that are malfunctioning, and Commandos can open only the doors that have a large vent on the top. If you do not have the correct JOE in your squad there is always a JOE tube nearby so you can switch to the right class.

Nimble Access
Gain access to a Commando Class Ability door

Please see the above-referenced description.

Lost Keys
Gain access to a Heavy Class Ability Door

Please see the above-referenced description.

Turret Syndrome
Operate the turret in every vehicle in the game

This will only work when the first player in firing the turret. You need to only fire the turret once and that will be sufficient. Please see "Gimme The Keys" trophy description for the location of all vehicles in the game.

Double Barrel Roll
Perform 10 barrel rolls in unison in any level in co-op

You will need two controllers for this feat. Perform the barrel roll move at the same time 10 times and the trophy is yours.

Hardcore G.I. JOE
Complete every Mission on Hardcore Difficulty

You must accomplish all missions on the Hardcore Difficulty. This is best done with a partner, and also when you buy Destro as he is very instrumental in getting through the levels.

Higher Score
Replay a mission and earn a higher score

Do really crappy on the second mission in the Arctic on the first playthrough and then return to that level and achieve a higher score than the one you obtained on the first play through.

Launch Money
Launch 50 enemies into the air and kill them

Hold down the melee button until the JOE's arm is glowing yellow. Release when near an enemy and they will launch in the air. Once in the air immediately open fire and the JOE will lock-on to the enemy and kill them. Do this 50 times.

Side Mission Completist
Complete all Sub-operation Missions

This is easy to explain. Complete all missions that become available. You will have to find the Intel cards to open the side missions. Use the guides above to help you find the Intel cards and once the missions become available, complete them.

Acceleration Celebration
Activate the Accelerator Suit three times in any mission

The gold meter that fills up at the top of the screen is the Accelerated Suit meter. Once it is filled hit and Go JOE! You have to accomplish this 3 times in any mission. It can be accomplished on the first Arctic mission.

Accomplished Mission
Gain the highest Mission Ranking

This can be accomplished only by playing on Advanced and Hardcore difficulty. The best way to achieve the highest score on any level is to get those multipliers frequently and find the bonus cubes.

It Takes Two
Complete any mission in 2 player co-op

You will need two controllers for this task. It is possible for you to control one character and then move the second character around, but it is easier to ask a friend if you can borrow 10 minutes of their time.

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