Players: 1 (2-8 Online Multiplayer)
Cheat Codes: N/A
Glitched Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 1+ without the DLC trophys (4+ hours with the Car pack)
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Online Trophies: Back At Ya,Bombtag Bully
Most Difficult Trophies: Speed Demon, Showboating

[top]Tips and Strategies

You can only get 60% of trophies without the Car Pack DLC.
Buying the car pack with this game will ensure 100% completion.
Refer to this Guide for the Car Pack Trophies (By BMWDriver): http://www.ps3trophies.com/forums/sh...k-Trophy-Guide

This is an arcade racing game, the cars handle very different to what they would handle like in real life. But all the vehicles handle relatively the same (minor differences in speed and handling). Perfect your driving technique and learn the Route taken for Speed Demon in free mode before moving to medium/hard difficulty. This will Greatly increase your speed during races.

I would Recommend finding a boosting partner for the online trophies.


1. Attain the trophy Exhibit
2. In Easy mode, Earn the following trophies: L Plates, Rolling on Suds, Me First, Dented Pride and Don't Stop Me Now.
3. Earn the two hardest trophies in the game: Showboating and Speed Demon
4. Head online and get: Back At Ya and Bombtag Bully.
5. If you do not have the Car Pack DLC, you should now have 60% of the trophies.


Photo Finish
Finish in first position less than 0.1 seconds ahead of an opponent

This trophies involves more luck, rather than skill. There are multiple ways to obtain this trophy:

1. On easy mode, attempt to have the second placed AI car pass the finish line while very close to, or touching your car, line up directly infront of, or next to the second placed car and match its speed whilst driving down the straight. , 99% of the time you have to be touching the AI car, this will almost guarantee the trophy to pop, but this method is somewhat hard to pull off.

2. while attempting to earn Showboating or just driving normally (forward), slow down right before the finish line and attempt to have the AI crash into you, pushing you over the line before him/her. This method is fullproof, but hard to pull off.

L Plates
(Single Player) Finish any race

An easy trophy, simply finish a race, and this trophy will pop.

Back At Ya
(Multiplayer) Pass the bomb back to a player within 5 seconds of receiving it

First of all, you must join a bombtag game in multiplayer. in bombtag, you will start in a circle with a bomb circling around, when the bomb stops on a player, the game starts. You cannot receive this by crashing into a player after you start with the bomb. the best way to try to get this is to follow the bomb player, and ram him from behind, to receive the bomb, and follow him, to give the bomb back to him straight away.

Bombtag Bully
(Multiplayer) Pass the bomb to the same player 3 times in 1 game

This trophy is abit harder than the other online trophy, it is easier to join a game with only 1 other person, and just keep giving each other the bomb, until you have returned it to the other player 3 times.

Rolling On Suds
(Single Player) Clean your car in the car wash and finish a race

Another easy trophy, the car wash is located at the gas station, next to the wall on the right side of the road, after the first hairpin turn on easy mode. Remember, you do not need to win the race, just finish.

Refer to this video by Truegraph:

Toggle Spoiler

Me First
(Single Player) Finish each lap of a race in 1st position

This trophy is relatively straightforward. You need to cross the finish line in First place. Make sure you do not hit the walls to much and approach corners in the correct angles and speeds, at the gas station jump, aim to go through the trees to maximise speed, as you go up the hill, go across the dirt road to the left of the tunnel, on the last corner before the straight, the fastest route is the road between the small alley and the large sweeping corner on the outside. You do not need to lead the whole race, so you can drop out of first at any time, just make sure you pass the finish line for each lap ahead of the AI cars and the trophy should pop at the end race screen.

Customize a car

The Easiest trophy in the game, from the menu, enter single player, on the single player menu, press . this should bring up the garage menu. Change the paint, add some decals, choose a new horn, or edit the plates. Just make sure you save the scheme into a slot before exiting, and once you exit the garage, this trophy should pop.

Dented Pride
(Single Player) Win a race after crashing into all opponents at least once

The best strategy to earn this trophy is to hit all the cars in order from last to first, as you pass them. you do not have to hit them hard, but make sure you do not miss any out. Starting from last, hit 7th place, then pass 7th, then hit 6th place, then pass 6th, and so on. Once you enter 1st, continue to race normally, as you still have to win the race to attain the trophy.

(Single Player) Win a Hard Race

This trophy can be a challenge for some players, in hard mode the AI is near-flawless, the traffic can upset whole races, and their is ALOT of possible routes to take. Refer to Speed Demon for the best route to take, and perfect this route in Free Run if you are having trouble pulling off the win.

(Single Player) Finish first whilst reversing over the line

This trophy can be a pain to get. Most people think this should be attempted on easy, but it is actually easier to attempt on medium, because the finish line is located directly after a 90 degree turn. You need to be very far ahead when attempting to turn around. When you are approaching the last corner, hold down and crash into the wall in the right, this should turn your car into the right direction. You should then immediatly start reversing towards the finish line.

See diagram below for more detail:

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Don't Stop Me Now
(Single Player) Finish a race in the top 3 without using the brake or handbrake

The best way to go about getting this trophy, is to learn the best way of approaching the corners that involve heavy braking, and use the outside wall, or other AI cars to help you brake, and get around the corners. You can also deaccelerate when you need to slow down. It is actually quite easy to come first while attempting this trophy, you just need to know how to approach each corner correctly.

Speed Demon
(Single Player) Complete a lap in less than 37 seconds and finish a race

This is the Hardest trophy in the game. You have to drive a perfect lap, using the correct Shortcuts, and avoiding all traffic.

On the first shortcut down the dirt track, stick to the right side to avoid flipping when you land the jump.
the most crucial parts are inside the tunnel, and the city area before the roundabout. Make sure you drive perfectly through the parts, as this will make or break your lap.

Refer to this video by 0verlord73:

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