Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheat codes
Estimated Time to Platinum: 18-20 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 and about an hour to redo the last two chapters a second time.
Glitched Trophies: Thorough
Collectible Trophies: Collector, Devout Follower
Difficulty Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: Disciplinarian, Know your Place, Man of the People, End of the Line, Bloodhound, Am I not Merciful, Desecration, 'Tis but a Scratch, Lesser of Two Evils, My Darkest Hour, The True Face of the Spider, Man's Best Friend, Master at Arms, Master of Light and Flame, Clever Dog, Once More Unto the Breach, The Butcher Comes to Dinner, Swift and Deadly, Unrivaled Strategist, Quiet as a Shadow, The Greatest, Endless Watch, Collector, Pimp, R'hllor Sees All, Fetch!, Devout Follower, Great Teamwork, Warlord, Thorough

[top]Tips & Strategies

1. Some of the trophies are time dependent. So if you are playing on a harder difficulty you may want to switch it down during these parts of the game and then put it back afterwards.

2. While it may seem as if you will never reach level 15 before the end of the game, you will earn a lot of experience in chapters 11-15. In fact, i went from level 7 to 15 during these 5 chapters.

3. Always make sure you are using your abilities. Even on easy you can be defeated if you do not use your skills wisely.

4. Dog is useful for disarming an enemy of his weapon and/or shield if you do it correctly.

5. If you are short on gold dragons, sell equipment. There is not weight limit and you will find a lot of loot throughout the game.


1. Play through each chapter while making sure you are not forgetting to do any quests that are only available during that chapter. If the chapter has companion make sure that he stays alive at all times. Make multiple saves in case he dies and you need to restart.

2. Almost all the chapters have trophies for completing quests in a certain way or doing specific tasks. Make sure to consult the guide below before starting each chapter.

3. At the end of Chapter 13 you will need to make a choice of whose destiny to follow. Before entering Alester's chambers, make a separate save file. Play through to the end of the game with your first character and then reload and do the same with the other character.


Platinum Trophy
Earn all the trophies in Game of Thrones

Simply earn every other trophy

Winter is Coming
Finish chapter 1

Story Related: Cannot Be Missed

The main quest that needs to be completed in order to finish Chapter 1 is: For This Night, and all Nights to Come.

1. After witnessing the execution, grab the 'Executioner's Axe' from the stump and head to the four recruits just off to the side (see Disciplinarian). Once you have met the recruits, leave Castle Black and head to Icemark to track down Cregan and his men.
Side Quest: The Faith of our Ancestor - Talk to Walder inside the Common Hall.

2. Once you arrive at Icemark, you find that the place has been overrun by the wildlings. Heading up the stairs, you find Cregan dying near some of his men. He asks you to save his mens' belongings from being used by the wildlings. As you make your way through the ancient fortress to the courtyard, kill every wildling you come across while keeping an eye out for Cregan's men.
Side Quest: Their Watch is Ending - Talk to Cregan in Icemark

3. Eventually you realize the Wildlings are trying to open the Great Door of Icemark and you decide to stop them. Before doing so, force Poddy to man up and take him to the lookout position. Once you have done so, have Mors and Celtigar head downstairs and outside. Once you defeat the wildlings, a cutscene will start with the leader of the wildlings, Gorn, appearing and challenging you to a duel. Once you kill Gorn, the remaining wildlings in Icemark will swarm you. You can either die or kill them all to end the chapter.

Family is Hope...
Finish chapter 2

Story Related: Cannot Be Missed

The main quest that needs to be completed in order to finish Chapter 2 is: For All The Days Gone By. There are several other trophies that can be obtained only in this chapter:

1. Once you have control of Alester, run through the city until you reach the gates of the castle. Talk to the guard and tell him you are here for the funeral. The guard will not allow you passage and so you order him to get Maester Harwyn. After Ryman Sarwyck arrives and you fight with him or not, Harwyn arrives and will escort you to the funeral.

2. After attending the funeral and giving your father his last rites, exit through the gate opposite the casket and enter the castle courtyards. Talk to Maester Harwyn about how your father died and in the middle of the conversation, the city will erupt in a riot.

3.Exit back out to the city and Ryman Sarwyck will join you in quelling the rioting. For details on the outcomes of your decisions, please refer to Know your place and Man of the people for two conclusions to this part of the chapter.

4. After quelling the rioting by siding with the people, nobles, or guards (no trophy for this choice) you need to head back to Riverspring Castle and talk to Harwyn. He mentions to you that Gawen went to King's Landing a lot and that you should go there and look for clues. Head upstairs after the conversation and, after talking to a fellow priest, don your new armor.

Dark Wings, Dark Words
Finish chapter 3

Story Related: Cannot Be Missed

The main quest that needs to be completed in order to finish Chapter 3 is: Between A Hunter And His Prey. The chapter is not a long one, but there is a side quest that you should look out for.

1. Mors wakes up after fighting Gorn to find himself surrounded by his fellow brothers of the Night's Watch. After looting Gorn's body, head upstairs to find out what happened to Poddy. After Mors realizes that Poddy fled and was not killed you will be given a short tutorial on how to use Mors' dog to track scents. Follow the yellow scent of Poddy out to the courtyard and through the gate to The Gift.

2. The Gift is a confusing place to travel through and it is helpful to consult a map whenever you may need to. Head south until you reach a family sitting around a campfire where one of them offers to guide you to where they saw Poddy. After Mors realizes the family is a group of thieves and kills them all, the last remaining bandit offers to tell Mors where their loot is in exchange for living.
Side Quest: Treasure Hunt: Use Mor's dog to track down the blue scents leading to the two buried treasures.

3. After dealing with the bandits, switch back to Mors' dog and follow Poddy's scent to a fallen tree. Mors cannot pass, but his dog can. Run under it and a short tutorial on attacking unsuspecting enemies will start. Leap onto Poddy and press repeatedly to kill him and save the girl he was assaulting.

4. Head back to Castle Black and talk to your Commander about what happened. He assigns you to work with Ser Godric Donnerly to track down a woman who fled to Mole's Town. As you prepare to embark to the town, the chapter ends with the news that the King's Hand is dead.

Hear me Roar
Finish chapter 4

Story Related: Cannot Be Missed

The main quest that needs to be completed in order to finish Chapter 4 is: The Lion's Will.

1. When you start the chapter, you find yourself in King's Landing. Make your way across the city to your family's home, fighting the group called the Reapers along the way. Once your reach your home, you find a crowd outside led by your half-brother Valarr. When Valarr locks up the house to prevent you from finding information about Gawen, you must find a secret way in.

2. Find and speak to Hubb nearby and he will show you a secret passage into the house. Inside the house, search for clues as you head upstairs. Once you check the shield in the bedroom and are about to leave, you find a group of Gold Cloaks blocking your passage in the hallway. Take them down and go outside. Head to the brothel to ask Falena about your brother. Once you are done and about to leave the brothel a group of Gold Cloaks appear and threaten to cause trouble if you do not come quietly.

3. The scene shifts to the Red Keep's dungeons. You find yourself stripped of everything when Varys appears and unlocks your cell door. Follow the hallway to the guard room, where the guard is drunk. Take his weapon and fight the two guards that arrive. Search the room they came from to find all of your belongings.

4. Make your way out of the dungeon, using the Sight of R'hllor to find hidden treasures and passages. Eventually you will end up in Red Keep with the help of Varys, who opens a secret passage for you. Enter the throne room and swear allegiance to Cersei. As you leave the throne room, you encounter Valarr, who is surprised that you escaped. As you are about to leave the castle, the chapter ends.

Proud to be Faithful
Finish chapter 5

Story Related: Cannot Be Missed

The main quest that needs to be completed in order to finish Chapter 5 is: Beauty and the Beast.

1. When the chapter starts, go with Ser Godric to Mole's Town to find the woman he's looking for. When you go there, you arrive in the forests on the outside of town, head through the woods and meet up with Godric's men. Once you have rendezvoused with his men, head to Mole's Town and talk to Jared on the outskirts.

2. Inside the brothel go the woman's room and use Dog to track her scent to the tunnels below Mole's Town. Once you eventually find her, she tells you that the man calling himself Ser Godric is not the real one. Fight him and several of his men to escape from the trap. Do not forget to search Jeyne's room for The Mother statuette. Exit through the nearby trapdoor to skip past any more awaiting men.

3. Outside you save Patrek from more of Godric's men. Mors and Patrek then team up to fight through the forest outside Mole's Town to escort the woman to safety at Castle Black. On your way there, you find out that Godric has bribed several of your Night's Watch brothers to betray you for gold. Fight and kill them before heading back to Castle Black.

Dead men Sing no Songs
Finish chapter 6

Story Related: Cannot Be Missed

The main quest that needs to be completed in order to finish Chapter 6 is: The Crown's dogs.

1. Go with Valarr to the Potters shop and either kill them or question them about Harry. During the questioning, several guards will attack and Harry will make a break for it (see End of the Line for the related trophy)

2. Once you followed Harry to the house, chase the Mother Hen down and kill him. Once you have done so, you will have to kill Harry Waters as well. After they both are dead, search the house for information.

3. Return to the queen once you are done and she will command you to bring Jeyne back to her.
Side Quest: Silence in the Ranks - Talk to the guard in the throne room.

Here we Stand
Finish chapter 7

Story Related: Cannot Be Missed

In order to complete Chapter 7, you must simply finish the main quest Stray Dog.

1. When you have control of Mors, go and talk to the Lord Commander, who mentions Addam Flowers conducting an investigation to see which brothers are corrupt.
Side Quest: The Black Bloodhound - Go upstairs and talk to Flowers (See Bloodhound)
Side Quest: New Blood - Talk to the Lord Commander to start recruiting (See Endless Watch)

2. Leave Castle Black and head back to Mole's Town. Outside of the town you will rescue a fellow watchman, Lothor, who will offer to lead you to the person bringing the other guards. Follow him and confront Jared.

3. After killing Jared, use Mors' dog to track down the three scents in the woods. One leads to the body of a bribed brother and then to his murderer, the other two lead to Mole's Town.

4. At the brothel in Mole's Town, confront the two brothers enjoying themselves and either send them back to the wall or kill them. Head into the tunnels below the town and follow the path south instead of east. (Note: Using your dog can be really helpful here since you can attack many guards when they are alone in the tunnels)

5. When you exit the tunnel, you are back in The Gift and are given the option to scout the area or confront Yohn directly. (Confronting Yohn directly will award you with Once more unto the breach).

6. After dispatching Yohn whichever ever way, leave The Gift when you are ready and head with Jeyne to the cottage. (Note: Do not forget to pick up the The Father statuette from near where you got the letter)

Family, Duty, Honor
Finish chapter 8

Story Related: Cannot Be Missed

There are two main quest that needs to be completed in order to finish Chapter 8. So I will split this up into Part 1 and Part 2. The first main quest is A New Hope and the second is Legacy.

Part 1
1. When you have control of Alester, head to the noble quarters of the city and speak to Lord Harlton. He will send you with Desmond Hardyng to investigate the sewers where Gawen was last seen. Make your way through the sewers until you reach a room with two Reapers. Wait for them to talk some more before fighting them. When the fight's over, ask the surviving Reaper for the locket and then decide if you want to kill him or not.

2. Follow the markings of the Reapers through the tunnels (opening up secret passages as you go for an easier walkthrough later on). Eventually you will find the leader of the Reapers in the tunnel, Axe, and fight him. After the fight Axe will say that the City Watch arrested the Reapers' leader. Leave him alive (for a trophy) or kill him before leaving the sewers.

3. If you are going to rescue Orys, you need a Gold Cloak outfit. Either buy one or find the pieces scattered around King's Landing and then head to the guard tower. (See Am I not Merciful for what to do inside the tower)

4. Head back and speak to Harlton, who will then send you to the sewers to find Rupert. You need to fight a battle in the arena to help Rupert, so make preparations and head down. The Arena Champion is not that hard of a fight so kill him and then talk to Rupert again. Leave the sewers and head back to Harlton before you set off for Riverspring
Side Quest: Blood on the Sand - Once you exit the sewers, head back inside. See The Greatest
Side Quest: Self-Made Girl - See Pimp

Part 2
1. In Riversping, head into the castle and talk to your sister about Gawen. She then advises you to talk to Harwyn about it.
Side Quest: Rings and Chains - You will automatically start this quest. Must be completed before leaving the city.

2. Talk to Harwyn and a flashback will occur showing Gawen's last encounter with his father. Go to his desk and use your vision to find a secret door with 8 key holes. You can either find the seven around the castle or take the master key from your father (See Desecration)

3. Once inside the secret area, you will be faced with several puzzles. The first requires three answers (Whitewashed, Broken, and On his Sigil). The second involves rotating dials so certain images are shown. Moving clockwise from the entrance (in number of turns), the order is: 1, 5, 6, 7, 3, 2, 4. Pull the lever and descend the stairs. Find the secret documents and leave the chamber and go to Castlewood to hand them to Lord Harlton.

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
Finish chapter 9

Story Related: Cannot Be Missed

The main quest that needs to be completed in order to finish Chapter 9 is: Promise. This chapter merges the Alester and Mors' storylines towards the final plot.

1. The chapter opens back at the Westford Cottage where Mors and Jeyne are under attack by Valarr' Bloodseekers. You are saved by Endrew, who helps you clear out the Bloodseeker reinforcements and Valarr's lieutenant Deziel. Once you save Jeyne, Endrew directs you to talk to his superior Ethan, who takes you and Jeyne to a campsite for the night before leaving to go to Lord Harlton in Castlewood.

2. At Castlewood, follow Endrew until you reach Lord Harlton, who takes Jeyne away to get looked at by a doctor. After discussing your past with you, Harlton recommends you go speak with Jeyne, who is with Maester Martin (cameo!) before inviting you to dinner. It is recommended that you purchase potions and flasks outside in the Castlewood courtyard before talking to Jeyne.

3. Once at dinner, Harlton discusses what his plans are for Jeyne's child and Mors realizes that he has been poisoned. After fighting through as many guards as possible before collapsing (see The Butcher Comes To Dinner for the related trophy) you wake up in the dungeons under Castlewood.

4. The head interrogator and his torturer are determined to make Mors talk and threaten him with violence and pain if he does not comply (see Tis But A Scratch for the related trophy). Eventually Mors will pass out and you will control Dog in order to find and rescue the other prisoner. Make you way through the dungeons by killing guards and running through holes in the walls. Once you reach the prisoner and help free him, the camera shifts back to Mors and the chapter ends.

Fire and Blood
Finish chapter 10

Story Related: Cannot Be Missed

The main quest that needs to be completed in order to finish Chapter 10 is: Crossroads.

1. Open and read the book in your bedchamber and then head down to the storage room behind the kitchen to meat Marianne. While talking to her, she is captured by a man claiming to be your brother. You can either trust him or trust Marianne. However, if you trust Marianne she will go and call the castle guards on you, meaning you will have to fight your way through instead of simply walking.

2. If you trust Gawen, the first thing you have to do is find him some healing potions. Go back to Maester Martin and talk to him. If you stay interested in the conversation, he will gladly give you the healing herbs you need. Now all you need is a helmet to hide Gawen's face. Travel to the western section of the castle and pick up the helmet off the chair next to the fire. Now you can return to Gawen.
Side Quest: The Maggot in the Apple - Head outside to the courtyard and talk to the men training.

3. Now all you need to do is find a way into the dungeons. Find Shorei in the dining hall and convince her to poison the guards. Then talk to Martin again and if you do it right, he will hand you Milk of the Poppy. Head back and give it to Shorei. Now head back to where you got the helm, the guards are all dead by the time you get there so just look the keys and head to the dungeon.

4. In the dungeon, find and free the man who helped Gawen escape. Once you have done so and watched the cutscene, fight your way through the dungeon and rescue Dog. Now all you have to do is fight your way back up into the castle and rescue Jeyne. As you make your way into the tower room of Castlewood, you see Marianne yelling at Jeyne. As you grab Marianne, Lord Harlton walks in. You can either kill Marianne or let her live, either choice ends the chapter.

Come Try Me
Finish chapter 11

The main quest that needs to be completed in order to finish Chapter 11 is: Breaking Point. This is a short chapter but there are things that must be done in this chapter that cannot be done later on.

1. You arrive at Riverspring and meet up with Ryman Sarwyck near the main city gates. While you are talking to him, several of Valarr's Bloodseekers assault you. After killing them, Ryman advises you to find Harwyn near the docks.

*Note: This is a perfect opportunity to look for more recruits for the New Blood side quest outside of the North. You don't have access to recruiting in Riverspring yet though, so head to King's Landing. (see Endless Watch for details)

2. Talk to Harwyn and he will set up a meeting with your sisters. He also urges you to help clean up the city streets of the Bloodseekers.
Side Quest: Safer Streets - Hunt down and kill the packs of Bloodseekers roaming the streets of Riverspring. You can only do this quest in Chapter 11.

3. Talk to your sister and convince her to head back to the castle and gather support against Valarr. Head back to Harwyn to await Ryman, who shows up just as a group of Bloodseekers are about to attack you. Ryman and his men will offer to escort you to the castle. The trip will be a lot easier if you finished the side quest Safer Streets earlier. Once at the castle gates, take down the group of guards in front of the door and enter the courtyard. Inside, Wex and his men are waiting but Elyana makes him stand done (you can still fight him if you want).

4. Go inside the castle and confront Valarr. After some dialogue, Mors challenges him to a duel to the death. At 100%, 75% and 50% health, Valarr will stop the fight to talk to you. At full health choose the option to stay focused on the fight, at 75% keep him talking, and at 50% choose to make him split it out. (See Swift and Deadly for the related trophy). Once Valarr is at 25% or so health, the fight ends as well as the chapter.

As High as Honor
Finish chapter 12

The main quest that needs to be completed in order to finish Chapter 12 is: Fight Fire with Fire.

1. The chapter opens with Alester being rescued from suffocation by Ryman. Once you are free, make your way through the crypts until you reach the dungeons. Look for the keys to the cells and free as many people as you want. You might want to leave one or two people behind so that you can later recruit them into the Night's Watch.

2. Once you have freed all the men, Alester will go and infiltrate the main castle in order to let his forces inside. Head up the stairs and you will find a group of Bloodseekers blocking your path. If you don't want to fight them, choose the dialogue option "This soldier is clearly not respecting the rules."

3. Back in the main castle, talk to Wex and then go find Maester Harwyn. Before doing so, you can walk around the castle and help free some of your people by bribing guards or killing them when no one else is around. Check the dining room and the bedrooms. When you find Maester Harwyn, he does not want to heal the soldier but if you can convince him to do so, your time in the castle will be significantly easier.

4. When you have the soldier healed, go back to Wex and ask for a reward. First ask for Ravella (to safeguard her). She will thank you and give you the Crone statuette. Next head back to Wex and have him allow you to leave the castle. Go to the castle gates and let in Ryman and his men. You will have two options to proceed here: you can head left for the hard path or right for the easy path. I recommend going left so that most of your men survive to the final battle of the chapter. After fighting through the castle's defenders go and confront Wex in the throne room and kill him.

5. After the battle, you find that you will need to split up your men to take back the town from Valarr's forces. (see Unrivaled Strategist) After the battle for the city, go outside to pay your respects to Mors and the chapter ends.

Growing Strong
Finish chapter 13

Story Related: Cannot Be Missed

The main quest that needs to be completed in order to finish Chapter 13 is: Bound. This chapter merges the Alester and Mors' storylines towards the final plot.

1. The chapter opens with Mors and Alester in Riverspring. Your goal is to first head to Victor on the docks. Before you do so, you should take the opportunity to search the city for potential Night's Watch recruits (See Endless Watch)

2. Once you arrive at Castlewood you have two options: fight or sneak through the castle. Sneaking through without getting caught once awards a trophy, so see Quiet as a Shadow for a walkthrough on sneaking through. After making your way to Jeyne, you must first fight Ser Ethan of the Reach and his men. Take the secret passage out of the room and attempt to flee the castle, you will instead be forced into the throne room.

3. After Lord Harlton fails to let you go, you will be forced to fight his men. At the start of the battle have Dog immobilize one of the bowmen up the stairs while you take on the melee. After a few waves of opponents the fighting in the throne room ends and you quickly escape but not without casualties.

4. Back in Riverspring talk to Harwyn. Before you head up to your room, take the time to finish up anything you have left since this will be the last opportunity you have to complete quests.
Side Quest: Not So Wild - Talk to Patrek at Castle Black
Side Quest: Rituals and Litanies - A raven will arrive telling you to come to Castle Black

Valar Morghulis
Finish chapter 14

Story Related: Cannot Be Missed

The main quest that needs to be completed in order to finish Chapter 14 is: Light and Shadow. This chapter runs parallel to a very important event in the Game of Thrones series.

1. When you enter King's Landing you are stopped by some guards. If you tell them your real names you will either have to fight them or bribe them to pass. If you lie to them you only fight them. After the initial encounter you may be able to find Orys and/or Axe captured near a gate. You can either free them or keep on walking. Freeing them nets you Lesser of Two Evils.

2. Follow the city until you get to the Pottery Shop and speak to Falena. If you are polite and civil with her she will tell you where Maester Harwyn is. If you are rude you will need to use Dog to track down his scent. Talk to Harwyn and he will inform you that only a weapon of Valyrian Steel can harm Valarr's shadows.

3. Track down the only owner of such a weapon, Clement, and fight him for it. After getting the weapon Varys will offer to reforge it into a different type of weapon. You can either accept or refuse this. Either way, after your choice Varys says the secret way into Red Keep is in the sewers and is marked by a purple lantern.

4. Make you way through the sewers and use Alester's vision to find the secret switch near the light. Fight your way to the throne room and confront Valarr. There are three phases to the fight. The first 25% is against Valarr alone so don't worry about anything. The second phase starts at 75% health and Valarr summons a shadow to fight with him. Have whoever you gave the Valyrian steel weapon fight the shadow. At 50% he summons a second shadow so you should either burn him down or kill the shadows. (losing to Valarr nets you the The True Face of the Spider)

The Night is Dark...
Finish chapter 15

Story Related: Cannot Be Missed

The main quest that needs to be completed in order to finish Chapter 15 is: Old Scar. This is a really short chapter that highlights what happened 15 years ago.

1. The flashback opens to Valarr and Alester walking up to Mors' cottage. Valarr goes inside while Alester stays outside with Cerenna. When they hear what Valarr is doing to Mors' daughter, Cerenna starts banging on the cottage door. As Alester walk up to her and choose one of the two options. While both options end up with Cerenna dead, killing her will give you My Darkest hours. Once they are both dead, Valarr walks out of the cottage and the flashback is over.

Red Priest of R'hllor
Finish Alester's story

In order to complete Alester's story, you must choose his destiny at the end of Chapter 13 in his chambers. You must then play through Chapters 14 and 15. After the flashback scene you must then fight and kill Mors.

Sworn Brother
Finish Mors' Story

In order to complete Mors' story, you must choose his destiny at the end of Chapter 13 in his chambers. You must then play through Chapters 14 and 15. After the flashback scene you must then fight and kill Alester. Every time you drop him by 25% and then 50% health, he will gain a new power.

Chapter 1: confront the four recruits during the training session with Mors

This trophy can be obtained after the opening cutscene and character creation. Once you have control of Mors, follow the icon on the minimap to where the four recruits are standing around. When you arrive, a cutscene will take place showing the recruits arguing with each other over their roots. Mors will interrupt them and the dialogue wheel will appear.

Choose the option that says, "I'll show them who's in charge here." This will prompt a series of three battles. The first is against a knight wielding a two-handed blade, the second is against a sword and shield and the final battle pits Mors against an archer and a knight. Once you defeat all four opponents, another cutscene will appear and the trophy will pop soon afterwards.

Know your Place
Chapter 2: protect the nobility with Alester

In Chapter 2 you will gain control of Alester Sarwyck for the first time. After attending your father's funeral and talking to Harwyn afterwards, you receive word that the townsfolk have begun to revolt. Once the cutscene plays out, you will leave the courtyard and head out of the castle back to the town. Your choices at every scene during the rebellion impact what ending you get once the revolt is ended. The majority of the following choices must be made in order to protect the nobility:

  1. When you reach the area with the guards about to execute the four townsfolk, listen to each one of them and make the following choices: kill or imprison Alyn, free Little Leo, do whatever you want with Brusco, and question Mellara to have the guard arrested instead.
  2. At the main gates leading to town, threaten the townsfolk to make them leave. Do not give them money or food.
  3. In the marketplace, do not negotiate or bribe the rebels, fight them instead.
  4. At the port with the hostages, choice to free them using up your own money instead of having the nobles pay for their freedom.

Once you make all these choices, head back to the castle and fight the leader of the rebellion with several of his friends. After killing him, a short scene will play out and the trophy will pop soon after.

Man of the People
Chapter 2: protect the people with Alester

In Chapter 2 you will gain control of Alester Sarwyck for the first time. After attending your father's funeral and talking to Harwyn afterwards, you receive word that the townsfolk have begun to revolt. Once the cutscene plays out, you will leave the courtyard and head out of the castle back to the town. Your choices at every scene during the rebellion impact what ending you get once the revolt is ended. The majority of the following choices must be made in order to protect the people:

  1. When you reach the area with the guards about to execute the four townsfolk, listen to each one of them and make the following choices: kill or imprison Alyn, free Little Leo, do whatever you want with Brusco, and question Mellara to have the guard arrested instead. You could also free all of them as well.
  2. At the main gates leading to town, convince the rebels to stand down by offering them food.
  3. In the marketplace, give food to the rebels.
  4. At the port with the hostages, choice to free them using the nobles' money.
  5. Convince the suicidal man at the port to live on using religion.

Once you make all these choices, head back to the castle and where the leader of the rebellion is waiting. If you did everything right, his followers should praise you and stand down, leaving him to fight you alone. At this point you can either fight or imprison him. The trophy will pop soon after your decision.

End of the Line
Chapter 6: don't lose pursuit of the bastard

Save before you do this just in case the game auto-saves when you fail.

In Chapter 6 when you and Valarr are interrogating the artisans, you will be ambushed by several of the Mother Hen's soldiers. After dispatching them, Harry Waters (the person inside the nearby building) will take off. The chase after Harry Waters is easy enough even with all the obstacles that he uses to bar your path. The only difficult part is knowing how the people will go to block your path:
  1. Soon after starting the chase, Harry will knock some barrels over, simply run to the right of them to get by.
  2. A few seconds after the first obstacle, Harry will knock over some crates that will block the entire path. Run to the left of the pillars and catch up with Harry on the other side near the gate on the right.
  3. As you head up into the noble section of the city, groups of people will walk into your path and congregate to block you. If you are not quick, Harry will get away.
  4. Near your family's home, Harry will go through a gate and lock it behind him. Instead of trying to open it, keep running by it and turn left and open the wooden door to catch up to Harry. Note: If you are fast enough, you can get through the gate without Harry closing it on you.
  5. As you head into the slums, Harry will run into a group with several look-alikes that will run straight and to the right to confuse you. Follow the path to the right and Harry will lead you to several guards, who will ambush you. The trophy pops soon after the battle starts.

Chapter 7: find all the corrupt brothers of the Night's Watch

This trophy is very specific. You need to follow the steps below carefully or the trophy will not pop. When accusing the brothers of crimes, you must not look the other way or declare that they are innocent. Every brother is hiding something.

  1. Trebor can be found on the second floor of Castle Black. When you talk to him, choose the option, "Trebor has no self-control. Let's tease him"
  2. Once you are done with the story, tell him you are going to turn them in. When they try to sway you, do not be convinced.
  3. When you tell Flowers, tell him that while they were doing the honorable thing, they still committed murder.

Bartram & Gwayne
  1. When you first talk to Bartram, he will deny talking to Godric.
  2. Go downstairs and talk to Grance. He will say he saw Batram in proximity to the Donnelley.
  3. Go back up to Batram and tell him what you know. When the conversation is over, switch to your dog and follow Batram's scent down to the kitchen and to the guard by the door. After you arrive, the guard will move to a bag and click when the icon appears to call Mors over.
  4. After a short conversation, the guard (Gwayne) will fight you. Kill him and loot the stash.
  5. Go back up to Batram and confront him about being a traitor. Tell him you are going to report it to Flowers and he will fight you.

  1. Grance can be found downstairs near one of the tables. When you talk to him and prod at his memory, he will say that Bartram was speaking with Donnely.
  2. After talking to Jonos and finding his ledger. Bring it back to Jonos, who will mention Grance coming into some money.
  3. Talk to Grance again and he slips up by saying he might have mentioned some things to Sir Godric accidentally. While he is innocent of treason, you still need to tell Flowers about it.
  4. When you tell Flowers, he will seem reluctant to prosecute Grance. Remind him of what Grance has done to convince him of his duties.

  1. Talk to Jonos near the exit on the first floor. Once you finish talking to him, switch to Mors' dog and follow his scent trail to his ledger.
  2. Return to Jonos and confront him about the ledger. He will mention Grance paying off his debts in one go and for you to let him go. Say that it is up to Mormont and Flowers to decide his fate.
  3. When you bring up Jonos's name to Flowers, he will demand the ledger. Do not give it to him, but mention that Flowers' name is on the ledger.

Once More Unto the Breach
Chapter 7: attack the camp without killing the sentries at the start

When you exit the underground area of Mole's Town back into the Gift with Mors and Patrek, you are given the option of either scouting around and killing all the guards or running in and confronting Yohn and his men directly. You need to choose the latter option be careful. Have your dog focus on killing the archers while Mors and Patrek interrupt and stun the other guards. Once the last fake-guard has fallen, the trophy will be yours.

Am I not Merciful
Chapter 8: save Orys from the City Watch

There are two ways of rescuing Orys from the City Watch Tower. You can either go around and get the necessary items and information needed to escort him out without fighting or you can chase it and fight your way out (with the possibility of Orys dying on the way). It is also possible to not let him out and leave him to rot in the prison or kill him in his cell.

If you want to rescue Orys (without fighting) follow the steps below:
  1. When talking to Orys at his cell, he mentions a letter from your half-brother Valarr to Slynt (the commander of the prison) upstairs in the commander's room. Agree to get the letter and do not kill Orys.
  2. Before you go up to the second floor of the prison, talk to the various guards around the ground floor. Ask questions about the commander in order to increase the amount of options appearing in the following conversation.
  3. Head to the stairs leading to the second floor and talk to Raymun, the guard posted there. If you paid attention to the conversations with the other guards, tell him that Janos Slynt sent you (you will see several misspelled names), that Slynt is not in the tower at the moment and that he hates to be disappointed when things don't go his way. Raymun will allow you to go up afterwards.
  4. In the commander's room, pick up the letter. Do not forget to use your Vision of R'hllor near the bed to find the commander's official seal, which is necessary to leave the tower without fighting.
  5. Head back to Orys and tell him you will help him out. Escort him upstairs and the prison warden, Caron, will stop you. Tell him you are doing a prison transfer and show the official seal. Now simply walk out of the prison with Orys and after the cutscene, the trophy will pop.

Chapter 8: find the key in Alester's father's tomb

In Chapter 8 after having the flashback to your father's last encounter with Gawen before his death, Harwyn hints to you that their are seven keys that open the secret door in your father's study. He also hints that your father had a master key that works as well as the seven keys. To find this master key, head to the throne room and while facing the throne, follow the path closest to it on the right. This door will lead you to the dungeons below the castle.

When you are in the tunnels under Riverspring, move forward until you reach a split and head left until you reach an open gate that leads to the crypts. There are a lot of crypts here, but only one is your father's. To find his, stand at the entrance and follow the path straight ahead until you reach a dead end, if you turn to your left, you should see a crypt that has two interactive icons on it. Click on the tomb and choose to take the key.

The Butcher Comes to Dinner
Chapter 9: kill 6 of Lord Harlton's soldiers during the fight at dinner

This trophy can be a tad annoying due to the constant poison effect that Mors will have for the entire fight. If you want to make this trophy much easier, before talking to Jeyne head outside and visit the potion master and buy at least three health restoring potions. When the fight starts after dinner, try to group the enemies up and use area interrupts and attacks to cut the guards done. There are only a total of 6 guards in the area and once you kill the last guard, the screen will go black and the trophy will be yours.

'Tis but a Scratch
Chapter 9: suffer all the physical abuse during the torture sequence

After you are captured at Harlton's dinner, you will regain consciousness in the castle's dungeon at the mercy of two torturers. After beating you up some more, they will start to ask you some questions. At every chance you get, mock and insult them. Do not tell them the truth or lie to them. After a while, they will get fed up with you and add a permanent injury to Mors (broken nose, scars on chest, burns on back). After three days, you will be able to use dog to track down the other prisoner. After finding the prisoner and setting him free, the torturers will inflict one final injury on Mors. When the screen goes black the trophy will pop.

Swift and Deadly
Chapter 11: bring an end to the trial by combat in under 2 minutes

The trial by combat takes place at the end of Chapter 11 with Mors fighting Valarr in the Riverspring throne room. A good strategy to beat this fight in less than two minutes is to stun and bleed Valarr so that you minimize his counter attacks, deflections, and damage done. Since it is a race against time, it is imperative that you make the correct choices during the three dialogues so that you do no incur a combat penalty:

  1. Before the fight starts, Valarr with try and insult you. Choose the option that has Mors stay focused on the fight.
  2. At 75% health Valarr will stop the fight again and talk. Choose the choice to keep him talking so that you can regain some of your energy.
  3. At 25% health Valarr will once again stop the combat and talk about how Mors' family is dead. Make Mors threaten to have him spill it out.

Unrivaled Strategist
Chapter 12: take back Riverspring with a total victor

Once you kill Wex in the throne room of your castle, you will gather up all the officers. You will have to assign them groups to take back the city. To maximize the success of the plan, do the following assignments.
  • Ryman Sarwyck: Send him with the bowmen for the central battle.
  • Jon: Give Jon the armed villagers to assault the docks.
  • Greydon: Lastly, give the pikemen to Greydon

If you have done everything correctly after assigning the last men, the scene will shift to a soldier talking to you about the unbelievable victory over the Bloodseeker forces. If you see this, the trophy will appear soon after.

Quiet as a Shadow
Chapter 13: reach Jeyne's room without ever being seen

When you are infiltrating Castlewood during Chapter to rescue Jeyne, you will have two options. You can either fight your way through Lord Harlton's guards and risk being caught, thus finding more opposition as you progress or you can sneak past patrols and have Dog kill the lone guards.

1. When you first reach the castle, turn right and go up the stairs to reunite with Dog. Switch to him and head out to and take down the lone soldier patrolling in front of the castle doors. Once he is down, turn around and head back to Mors. Go down the hall leading to the right and take down the soldiers in Lord Harlton's throne room without being caught.

2. After clearing the main area of the castle, head back to the first room and open the door on the other side. You will see a group of guards on the far end of the tunnel but you can head to the left without being seen. Turn left and before turning right, wait for the second guard to patrol away before having Dog kill the guard.

3. Enter the dining room with Dog and head to the kitchen. Kill the lone guard and have Mors and Alester loot the keys off his body. Head through the storage room to the other side and switch back to Dog to kill the lone guard in front of the door. Save at this point since the last part is tricky. Head up the stairs and when you open the door, switch to Dog.

4. The last guard sees you and goes to warn Ser Ethan. You can either have Dog run through the hole in the gate and take down the guard before he tells his superiors or you can run through to the room at the end of the hall and use Alester to find the secret passage. If you can make it to Jeyne's room without being caught, you will get the trophy.

Lesser of Two Evils
Chapter 14: come to the aid of the Reapers

This will only be awarded if you spared Orys and/or Axe during Chapter 8. After getting past the first group of guards in Chapter 14 in King's Landing, you will find Orys and/or Axe surrounded by some Gold and Red Cloaks. If you choose the option to help them and not turn the other way, a fight will break out between you and the guards. Defeat the guards and Orys and Axe will offer to assist you throughout King's Landing.

My Darkest hours
Chapter 15: execute the judgement passed down on the Westfords

During the flashback after killing Valarr in the throne room, do not choose the option to spare Cerenna. You have to kill her.

The True Face of the Spider
Lose the final battle

If you lose against Valarr in the throne room during Chapter 14, a secret cutscene will play out after which you will get the trophy. To make it easier, save right before the battle and un-equip one of Alester and Mors' weapons to limit your deflections.

Complete all the secondary objectives of the story

Warning: Delay Glitch! - If you get all the side quests completed in Chapter 13, the trophy might not be awarded to you until the start of Chapter 14. For me, I received it just after entering King's Landing.

A lot of the quests are straight-forward with the objectives highlighted with the blue icons on the minimap. However, some of the quests can be completed in various ways that leads to different results. Below is the list of side quests available during the game as well as the chapters in which they are open. Some quests are only available during a single chapter so be sure to do them as soon as possible!

List of Side Quests
1. The Faith of Our Ancestors (Chapters 1-13) - See Devout Follower for the locations of all seven of the statuettes.
2. Their Watch is Ending (Chapter 1) - Talk to the dying Night's Watchman in Icemark
3. Treasure Hunt (Chapter 3) - Let the bandit live to start the quest
4. Silence in the Ranks (Chapter 6) - Talk to the solder in the throne room
5. The Black Bloodhound (Chapter 7) - See Bloodhound
6. New Blood (Chapters 7-13) - See Endless Watch
7. Self-Made Girl (Chapters 8-13) - See Pimp
8. Blood on the Sand (Chapter 8) - See The Greatest
9. Rings and Chains (Chapter 8) - Started automatically
10. Avenge Riverspring (Chapters 8-13) - Started automatically after leaving the secret chamber
11. The Maggot in the Apple (Chapter 10) - Outside in the courtyard after healing Gawen
12. Safer Streets (Chapter 11) - Started on the docks automatically
13. Not So Wild (Chapter 13) - Started automatically
14. Rituals and Litanies (Chapter 13) - Talk to Patrek at Castle Black

The Greatest
Emerge triumphant in the final arena combat

Part of Side Quest: Blood on the Sand

After you help free Rupert from servitude to Ossifer and leave the sewers in Chapter 8, head back down and talk to Ossifer again. Tell him that you came back to fight and he will pit you against several opponents with increasing winnings as the quest goes on. It is important to go with the crowd's favor because if they don't like you and you lose, they will cheer for your opponent to kill instead of spare you. You can increase your favor with the crowd by buying them drinks (20 silver stags) and listening to their decisions after winning a match.

At the gate leading into the arena, you can talk to Rupert to place bets on whether you or your opponent wins. Rupert, depending on the odds, will either ask you to win or to throw the fight. While you can earn some money doing this, the crowd's favor if you lose can lead to a game over.

  • Battle #1: The first battle pits Alester against the three Rubec brothers (with a dagger, mace, and sword) with one of their weapons being coated with a deadly poison. Since this fight is a 3-on-1 battle, it would make sense to take out the brother with the poisoned weapon. He just so happens to be the one with the sword. Use area damage attacks, interrupts, and knock-down attacks to take him out quickly. Once the battle is down to 2-on-1, it gets much easier to win.
  • Battle #2: The second fight is against Ser Symon. Symon wears heavy plate armor and uses a combination of mace+shield. Focus on using knock-down and interrupts to minimize the chances of him deflecting or blocking your attacks. When you win, listen to the crowd for its' opinion on whether to kill him or let him live.
  • Battle #3: The third one is against Bayard. When you talk to the guard near the gate, the guard mentions that Bayard is his brother and that he will pay you 20 silver stags to spare him if you win. Bayard fights with a short-sword and so tends to deflect a lot of damage. Interrupt him to prevent most of his abilities and he should fall soon enough.
  • Battle #4: The next fight is against a warrior called Alecquo. He likes to stun you a lot so be sure to either stun/knock-down him first or stay out of his melee range.
  • Battle #5 The fifth battle pits you and one partner against the Iron Island duo. Your partner is selected from the previous opponents that you decided to spare. One of the brothers uses range attacks and the other uses melee. Use your teammate to keep the brothers from ganging up on you.
  • Battle #6: The final battle is a solo fight against the Arena Champion Lucifer. This is a fight to the death so no matter what the crowd thinks, you will kill Lucifer and vice versa. Lucifer is a tough fight and you want to stun him as quickly as possible to limit deflections and counterattacks. If you have any Wildfire or flammable oil, use them to help take down some of Lucifer's health. Lucifer can fear you, which renders you unable to use any abilities except for flasks so interrupt and stun him. Once you win, the arena battles are over and the trophy is yours.

Endless Watch
Send 10 recruits to the Wall with Mors

Part of Side Quest: New Blood

Mole's Town: Total of 2 Recruits
  • Inside, near the entrance, is a deserter named Andar. You can kill him or convince him to return to the wall.
  • Talk to Willow and then head down into the tunnels below the town. Find and talk to the man called Gulian and convince him to come to the wall.

King's Landing: Total of 6 Recruits
  • Talk to Morros near the entrance to the city and then go to one of the guards near the Red Keep. He will take you to the dungeons. Once you are in the dungeons, the guard will ask for a bribe of 50 silver stags. If you threaten him once, he will reduce the price to 20 stags. Do not threaten him again or you will have to fight the prisoners. After paying the bribe, the Night's Watch gains 4 more brothers.
  • Head back outside and turn right to see a mob gathered around two men. You have to convince the crowd that going to the wall is worse than dying. If you manage to make the crowd stand down, the two will be off to Castle Black.

Riverspring: Minimum of 5 Recruits
  • Talk to Jon near the city gates after freeing the city. He will mention some prisoners that could be recruited that were arrested during the rioting. If you head to the dungeons, you will find at least 1 person to recruit. More will be there depending on your actions during the riots and who you freed during Chapter 12.
  • Head to the market and speak to Donnor. He will join if you best him in a duel.
  • Move towards the docks and talk to the villager. He will ask for help against some thugs. Head around the corner and you will see the thugs attacking another villager. When you fight and beat them, the leader will ask for mercy. You can force him to go to the wall. When you talk to the villager again, choose the option to easily persuade him.
  • If you head to the castle, you can find a female villager who wants to join the Night's Watch.
  • If you head across town to the eastern section of the city you can find a man named Waltyr. He has lost everything in the attack so you have to convince him to join the Night's Watch.

Seize the three objects of value from the Collector with Alester

Part of Side Quest: Avenge Riverspring

After tracking the Collector down to his manse in King's Landing, fight your way through his forces until you find and kill him. After doing so, check the shelves behind the desk to pick up: Initiation of Collector into the Shadow Council, Gerold Hightower's Gaunlets and The Stranger. As soon as you pick up the third item, the trophy will pop.

Convince Bethany to return to Chataya's brothel with Alester

Part of Side Quest: Self-Made Girl

There are many ways to end this quest without getting the trophy so follow the steps carefully.
  1. When speaking to Bethany the first time, pick the option "I would like to clear up a few points first." After exhausting all the options, choose to help her.
  2. Go and talk to Gyles Langward. Tell him that "He has done nothing wrong and then "I should make some inquiries first". After the conversation ends, head towards the brothel.
  3. Inside the brothel, find and talk to Chataya. Choose the options "She seems upset with Beth. Why?" and then "She wanted to be with Ser Gyles." After talking to Chataya go upstairs to Beth's room and look for clues. After you find the letter, go back downstairs and inform Chataya, she will send you to go talk to Gyles again.
  4. When you talk to Gyles, tell him "He has not told me that he owed her money." After he tries to deny any payment, choose "That is true. He should start by going to see Beth."
  5. When Gyles talks to Beth down in slums, choose the option "Such trickery is unacceptable". You will be forced to fight three or four waves of easy opponents. When the battle is over, the trophy will pop.
  6. Note: After the battle, head to Chataya's to receive the Maiden Statue from Bethany.

Devout Follower
Find all the statues of the Seven

There are a total of seven statuettes throughout the game but you won't be able to get then all until Chapter 12 at the latest.

  • The Crone: During Chapter 12 if you rescue Ravella from Wex, she will give it to you. If you fail to rescue her you can find it on her body in Chapter 13.
  • The Father: In Chapter 7 when Mors returns to his family's cottage with Jeyne, enter his home and go into the small room on the side of the house. After reading the letter but before leaving to go outside, search around the small room and you will be able to get this statuette.
  • The Maiden: Given to you by Bethany after finishing the side quest Self-Made Girl.
  • The Mother: When you are searching for Jeyne in Chapter 5, you will eventually have to enter her room underneath Mole's Town. When you find her room using the quest marker on the map, you will see that she is gone but you will be able to use Dog to track her scent via her perfume. When you search her things, this statuette will automatically be rewarded to you.
  • The Smith: This statuette is one of the simpler ones to get since you can buy it with either Alester or Mors whenever you are in Riverspring. The Armor Vendor will sell it for 1 gold dragon and 20 silver stags.
  • The Stranger: During the side quest Avenge Riverspring you will have to fight your way through the Collector's Manse in King's Landing in order to exact your revenge against him. When you finally manage to track him down and kill him, do not leave the room just yet. After looting his body, search the cabinet behind his desk for three items, one of which will be The Stranger statuette.
  • The Warrior: You automatically have this in your inventory when you speak to Walder and start the side quest.

Use Mors' dog's sense of smell to find 5 secret objects

You will first be able to use Mors dog's ability to follow scents in the Chapter 3 main quest: Between a Hunter and His Prey. After a short tutorial about how to control the dog, how to follow scent trails and what each scent color means, you will have control of the dog. As you sniff around, you should come across blue scent trails. If you follow these scents, they will lead you to a secret item that Mors would not be able to find on his own.

You should be able to find more than 5 items before you even leave The Gift in Chapter 3.

R'hllor Sees All
Find 10 secrets with the vision of R'hllor

In Chapter 4 during the main quest The Lion's Will when you are taken to the Red Keep's dungeons and escape, you will eventually reach an area that seems like a dead end. You will be prompted to press and hold to activate the Vision of R'hllor to show any hidden passageways. After gaining this ability, you should always use the vision in a room that appears empty. If there happens to be a hidden item, it will burst into magical flames, highlighting its locations. If you check every area you can, you should be able to get this trophy by Chapter 8.

Golden Touch
Acquire 1 golden dragon

A golden dragon is the largest unit of currency in the Game of Thrones world. It is equivalent to 210 Silver Stags. If you collect every treasure you find, find most of the codex entries and use Mors dog to smell out buried treasures, it is possible to get this trophy as soon as the middle of Chapter 5 with Mors. Another way to easily get this trophy is to wait until Chapter 8 with Alester and just compete in the arena battles. You can earn up to 8 golden dragon's if you win every match.

Man's Best Friend
Kill 10 enemies with Mors' dog in skinchanger mode

You are first able to enter skinchanger mode at the start of Chapter 3. Press to enter the mode and sneak up on an enemy. When you are close enough behind them, press to initiate the attack and keep pressing until Mors' dog tears out the enemy's throat. You can easily get this trophy in Chapter 5 when trying to flee through The Gift.

True Warrior
Kill 400 enemies

Simply kill every enemy you come across. There will also be opportunities in dialogues where you can either let a person go or fight and kill them. You do not need to kill them to get the 400 kills since there are more than this number of enemies in Game of Thrones. For me, the trophy was awarded in the middle of Chapter 12.

Mete out 5 deathblows

A deathblow occurs whenever you (Mors or Alester) are about to kill the last enemy in a group. Instead of just killing the enemy, a special kill-cam will appear instead that shows you several final blows to the enemy. You are only able to do a deathblow if you are equipped with a melee weapon and you are the one that gets the final blow. Simply get 5 of these deathblows throughout the game and the trophy will be yours.

Great Teamwork
Finish the game without a single ally (except Mors and Alester) being KO'd

During the Game of Thrones you will be accompanies by many different allies. These companions are npcs that have their own icon on the left side of the screen and you are able to control. If you manage to get through the game without any of them dying or being K.O.'d, the trophy will be awarded after finishing up one of the destinies. If one of the companions happens to be kill K.O.'d, you must load an earlier save file.

List of Companions
1. Ser Terrence Celtigar (Chapter 1)
2. Ser Ryman Sarwyck (Chapter 2)
3. Patrek (Chapter 5)
4. Ser Valarr Hill (Chapter 6)
5. Ser Desmond Hardyng (Chapter 8)
6. Orys (Chapter 8 only if you choose to rescue him from the dungeons)
7. Endrew (Chapter 9)
8. Ser Ryman Sarwyck (Chapter 13)
9. Special Companion 1: During the side quest Blood on the Sand in Chapter 8 if you choose to spare some of the earlier competitors, you will be able to pick one to fight with in the partner match.
10. Special Companion 2: During the side quest Rings and Chains in Chapter 8 you will have to guard Criston on the way to the castle.

Reach the maximum level

The trophy description is a bit misleading. Instead of reaching the max level you must simply reach level 15, which is achieved around Chapters 14-15. It is impossible to get this trophy if you do not do any of the side quests, which give out a lot of experience when added up.

Master at Arms
Learn all skills within a character's stance tree

Each character has a stance tree depending on their class in which they can learn various skills and passive traits. Every time you level up, you receive between 1 and 3 points that you can spend in the stance tree you chose at the start of the game or the new stance that you selected if you you are level 7 or higher.

The basic stances (the ones you choose at the start of the game) have 14 skills that take one point each to acquire. The advanced skills (Master Water Dancer for example) have only 7 skills but require two points for each skill. You simply need to fill out one stance tree completely for this trophy to pop. I managed to get it while leaving the dungeons with Mors in Chapter 10.

Master of Light and Flame
Gain all the skills linked to R'hllor's fire with Alester

There are 16 skills associated with R'hllor for Alester. During a tutorial you will choose the first and every time you level after that you will be able to spend a skill point to choose another. You will get this trophy once you reach level 15.

Clever Dog
Gain all the skills linked to the dog with Mors

There are 16 skills associated with Dog for Mors. Unlike your regular skills, Dog can only choose one ability at a time in combat and he is the only one that can disarm opponents of their weapons and shields During a tutorial you will choose the first and every time you level after that you will be able to spend a skill point to choose another. You will get this trophy once you reach level 15 sometime between Chapter 14 and 15.

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