Players: 1-2 players offline co-op. 2 players online co-op
Online Trophies: No
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheat codes
Estimated Time to 100%: 10-12 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1. Can go back and replay all levels
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No

[top]Tips & Strategies

You are given control of a walking tank that has several unique attacks at its disposal:
  • Machine Gun - This is your typical machine gun. This should be your primary attack when dealing with ground soldiers and light aerial attackers such as the small bombers. Upgrading this increases the rate of fire, damage, and range.
  • Cannon - Your walker has the ability to fire several rockets (up to 6) in a row to deal major damage to a target. Your rockets aren't homing and are hard to aim since they do not have a targeting beacon so the best targets for the rockets are tanks, helicopters, and airplanes. Upgrading your rockets increases their speed and damage.
  • Grenade Launcher - The grenade launcher does about the same damage as a rocket but with a bonus: you can aim it. You use the to aim and hold down and release to fire. Upgrading this increases impact damage and radius.
  • Spark Attack - This is your typical mega-attack. Press to decimate mostly everything on screen. As a side note, this attack will also destroy most projectiles so you should use this when boxed in.

A good combo attack is to use the grenade launcher to target an enemy and then release several rockets at them. The rockets will always head toward the grenade beacon if you do not move your walker.

You are also given several unique and highly valuable temporary powerups that last around 10-15 seconds:
  • Machine Gun Boost - Turns your machine gun into a rapid fire version that deals more damage and has a further range.
  • Cannon Boost - Increases your cannon reload rate and allows you to fire around 12 rockets at once in a wide arc. The reload rate is high enough that you can fire one boosted rocket every second or so.
  • Grenade Boost - Turns your grenades into a screen-filling blast that can destroy almost anything near the center of the blast. From my experience, I typically only get around 2-3 mega-grenades before the powerup wears off.
  • Invincibility - Your typical temporary invulnerability.


  1. Play through the main campaign on Easy or Normal modes in order to learn about the combat system and different enemies. Along the way, you should earn by beating the game:
    Green Peace, Iron Man, Mine! Mine! Mine!, Thunder Struck, Take it to the Max, Second in Command, and Back to Retirement
  2. Beat any one of the areas in Chapter 5: Karthasis without getting hit to get: Can't Touch This
  3. Play and beat Survival Mode while not dying in one arena to earn:
    Gladiator and Survival of the Fittest
  4. Go back and clean up any trophies that you may have missed while also replaying all the areas on hard mode to get Veteran. Don't forget to do one area in co-op to get You Never Walk Alone


Can't Touch This
Complete an area in Katharsis without getting hit

The bad news is that this is one of the tougher trophies in the game. The good news is that it is not the hardest and is actually easier once you know the way to do it. When you are ready to try this trophy, set the difficulty to Easy and play area 1 in Katharsis. When I did this trophy, my favorite weapon to use was the Grenade Launcher because it long distances, it was easier to use and much more deadly against large groups then the Rocket Launcher.

Follow these steps to get the trophy:
  1. From the beginning of the level, walk slowly across the bridge and start lobbing grenades in the NW corner of the screen to kill the tank and soldiers. They may get a few shots off at you but at the distance you are at, you can easily move around the shots.
  2. Walk very slowly across the bridge to the north until you can barely see the edge of a tank on the left side of the island. Launch two grenades to kill it and another to kill any remaining troops. Now move a little more until you can see another tank and a walker. Even if the tank cannot see you, the walker might be able to so I recommend killing the walker first and then the tank.
  3. Walk until you can just see the generator on the left side of the screen in the first large, open area. Do NOT destroy it until you destroy the tank bunker on the lower left side of the area. When you destroy the first generator, a siren will go off and troops will start coming down. Kill them with grenades or rockets and then move a little north until a few more troops appear. One of these new troops will drop an Invincible powerup. Run and grab it and quickly kill off all the walkers and tanks in the area. Before destroying the remaining generators, destroy the troop bunker behind the second generator to prevent the flamethrowers from spawning. By doing that, all you have to deal with are the flying enemies.
  4. Continue slowly walking through the level, making sure you kill enemies with grenades the second you see their shadow or edge on the screen. With some areas, you will have to move around to avoid the missile strikes while also avoiding ground fire. Continue on until you come to the third area with generators and stop.
  5. Before killing this next group, take note and DO NOT pick up the Grenade powerup until after you have cleared the area. It is vital that you hold off with it. You should also still have your Spark Attack. If not, I recommend restarting the level. The Grenade powerup and Spark attack make the last area in the level MUCH easier to deal with.
  6. Stand to the left of the powerup and run over it and down the ramp. Quickly aim the grenade launcher at the three wall turrets and to the NE to kill most of the ground attackers. If you have done things right, several immobile turrets should start parachuting down from the sky. Wait until they are almost on the ground and then use the Spark attack to kill most of them. Deal with any stragglers but leave the last one up until all your missiles and grenades are back. Before killing the last enemy with your machine gun, aim the grenade launcher at the northern gate. Once you do finish that enemy, a supertank will come down. It will not start shooting missiles at you until it is almost out of the gate so take that time to fire everything you have at it. Once it comes out keep attacking and it should go down fairly quickly, netting you a gold trophy.

Back to Retirement
Defeat Julius Steelwell and save the world by destroying The Butler

The Butler is the final area and boss of the game. Like all other bosses, the fight is broken down into three phases:
  1. In the first phase, concentrate your fire on the legs of the boss. Each leg has 1/2 of the total boss health so if you attack a leg and the health bar isn't dropping, switch to the other leg. The boss in this phase is fairly easy since his only attack is to pick up his foot and stomp on you. The difficulty comes from the adds that constantly spawn throughout the phase. You will have to deal with missile launchers, homing missiles and tanks that can disable your weapons. Try to destroy the tanks first if you need to. Once both legs are destroyed, this phase is over.
  2. The Butler has a couple of new attacks for this phase that you should watch out for. The boss himself only has two attacks this phase. He will either release balls that you need to either run under or dodge around or fire flaming logs at you that will render part of the ground dangerous for a couple of seconds. The boss's two companion turrets will alternate between being a missile launcher or shooting flames across a wide area.
  3. In the final phase adds will start to spawn that will slow down your walker, so be sure to kill them as soon as possible. The boss has the same attacks as in phase 2 but acts a lot more frantic and will also fire a laser in multiple directions so be sure to stay between the beams. If you still have it, the Spark attack should be used during this phase.

Complete all areas on the hardest difficulty

If you are anything like me, this will probably be the last trophy you earn for Gatling Gears. The game has three difficulties: easy, medium, and hard. Before attempting this, I recommend beating the entire game on easy/normal modes so that you can fully upgrade your walker, know where enemies spawn on every level, and learn each boss's strategy.

On hard mode you are only given one extra life instead of three and enemies tend to do around 3-4 times the damage they do on easy mode. Dodging and moving slowly are the key points to know if you want this trophy. If you are having some difficulty in some of the areas (except the boss fights), try to follow the basic guideline of Can't Touch This above. Do not worry if you die multiple times in a single area, this trophy is all about learning every enemy placement in a level.

Clear all Survival mode arenas

When you do Survival mode, you will not be able to use any of the upgrades you obtained in the campaign mode. This means all weapons do minimum damage and you have the least amount of health. But if you play on Easy, you have three lives for each arena, which should be more then enough.

Survival mode is composed of three arenas with ten waves of enemies each. While the primary goal of the three arenas is to survive the waves, the first and third arenas have a secondary objective that will automatically give a game over if failed. In the first arena, your secondary objective is to prevent the explosive mine carts from destroying both of the towers on the bottom of the screen. In the third arena you have to destroy the tree grabbers before they uproot and destroy the last oasis.

Survival of the Fittest
Complete a Survival mode arena without losing a life

This might be a little difficult if you attempt to do this as soon as you can. While any upgrades you earn in the campaign do not carry over to Survival mode, you will remember the tactics of the enemies and how many shots is required to kill them. I recommend doing this on the first arena because even though you have to defend a secondary objective target, it is the easiest (in my opinion) of all three arenas to try. The enemies you face here are enemies you fought in the first two chapters so use the same tactics you used and you should be fine.

Iron Man
Learn how to operate your walker and complete Bootcamp

Bootcamp is the very first level of the game and so this will most likely be the first trophy you earn. This level functions as a basic tutorial for the game and introduces you to the various powerups, vehicle controls, and enemies you will face. Simply survive and make your way through the level and this trophy is yours. If you are playing this game for the first time, you might want to try playing Bootcamp on the Easy difficulty in order to get a firm grasp of the controls.

Second in Command
Defeat General Brutus by destroying The Excavator

The Excavator is the boss level of Chapter 2: Frostbite Pass. The fight has three phases:
  1. In the initial phase, the boss has a raised platform that shoots two laser beams. The beams can be in two positions: side-by-side or spread at an angle. While the Excavator is attacking you, the general on the ship will shoot missiles that you need to avoid and flying enemies will periodically come in that you need to shoot down.
  2. In phase 2, the boss continues to do the same attacks from phase 1 but with a greater frequency and precision. He will also periodically lock onto your current position before firing a quick laser blast so you need to constantly move around while attacking the boss.
  3. In the last phase, the whole body of the boss appears. There two attacks this boss will do during this phase. The first is using the saw to make rocks fall from the mountain. You can tell where the rocks will hit by the homing beacon sign on the ground. Simply avoid the rocks by moving around. The second attack is using the saw in a sweeping motion along the area which can be avoiding by moving the farthest edge away from the side that the Excavator started the attack on. After dealing with the Excavator's three saws, the boss will blow up.

You Never Walk Alone
Complete an area in co-op

This trophy is easily done with two controllers in the Prologue. What you need to do is turn on your second controller and switch the game to local co-op and select the Boot Camp area on Easy mode. Any area works, but Boot Camp is the easiest and quickest if you are doing this by yourself.

The strategy that works best is killing everything with player 1. Odds are that you are doing this after completing some of the story levels in single player so your walker should have some upgraded weapons. Once everything is dead, simply move player 2 along the screen so that the game loads the next part of the level. Continue doing this until Boot Camp is complete and the trophy will pop.

Take it to the Max
Fully upgrade your walker

Your walker has 4 upgradable components: machine gun, rocket launcher, health/armor, and grenade launcher. Each of these requires 3, 6, and then 8 for a total of 17 gold bars to upgrade. So you will need a total of 68 gold bars to fully upgrade your walker.

Each normal area has 3 gold bars located somewhere in the level while each boss area only has 1 bar. So you need to find 68 out of the 78 total gold bars in Gatling Gears to earn this trophy.

Green Peace
Don't push over any trees in Trespassers

Trespassers is the first area of Chapter 1. As you move through the level, you will notice that youíre fighting in the middle of a forest. In order to get this trophy, you must not walk, run, or move over any of the trees. However, your gunfire, grenades, and rockets donít do any damage to the trees so you donít have to worry about a stray rocket ruining your chances at this trophy. If you do push over a tree, simply reset the level and try again.

Thunder Struck
Destroy all lightning harvesters in Fog of War

Fog of War is the first area of Chapter 3. In this area there are a total of 8 lightning harvesters/power stations. There locations, in order are:
  1. You are in the correct area when the message pops up that says: ďSo the Empire managed to finish their power stationsÖĒ Look to the left and you should see power lines leading into a building. All of the lightning harvesters look like this building.
  2. The second power station is located a little past the first one. When you come to an area with cliffs on both sides of the road, look to the right. You should see a power station on the lower level. After dispatching all the enemies in the vicinity, lop a couple of grenades onto the power station to destroy it.
  3. It is almost impossible to not notice these two power stations. If you continue on north from the second power station, you should come across 3 and 4 right next to each other.
  4. See #3.
  5. From stations 3 and 4, continue on up and east over the long bridge. After fighting your way through the minefield after the bridge, head up the ramp to find this power station.
  6. Station 6 is located after the bridge with the helicopter fight. As you walk to the west past the bridge, you should see a power station on the level below you to the north. Throw a grenade at it to destroy it.
  7. While on the bridge heading north after station 6, look to your right to see power station 7.
  8. The last power station is found at the very end of the area. As you enter the area with the two trains shooting at you look to your left to see this last power station.

Mine! Mine! Mine!
Don't take any damage from sea mines in Tide of Battle

The description is a little confusing. What it means is you cannot take any damage from the large sea mines in the trophy image. The mines that you have encountered on land up to now donít count and can hurt you without ruining your chances for this trophy.

Tide of Battle is the 2nd area of Chapter 4: The Drylands. In this area, sea mines start appearing a little bit into the level when one of your characters mentions how the Empire has draining the oceans. If you want to play it safely, you should play this area on Easy and just use rockets to destroy the sea mines from a distance while not worrying about taking damage. Donít get hit by the sea mines and this trophy is yours.

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