Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Online Pass Required: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheat codes
Estimated Time to Platinum: 5 - 10 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2 (1 for normal playthrough, 1 for time trial playthrough)
Collectible Trophies: Memories , Get Your Scrapbook Ready
Missable Trophies: No missable trophies as there is mission select
Glitched Trophies: N/A


Step 1: Playthrough #1
The majority of the trophies will be obtained through this playthrough as most are story related or will just come naturally. None of the story levels should give you trouble as they池e all pretty straight forward and the boss fights aren稚 too bad. Swap out different weapons to get all the weapon related trophies to reduce the amount of grinding needed. Make sure to get all the collectibles in this playthrough as there is no time restriction.

Step 2: Time Challenges a.k.a Playthrough #2
The exact same as playthrough #1 as the time challenges are just the exact same levels with a time restriction to meet. They are all very generous, so just move with purpose, kill spawners first, and use omega builds whenever possible and you値l be fine. Note that cutscenes cannot be skipped yet they count towards your total time.

Step 3: Clean up
Finish grinding out the rest of the trophies in the levels I suggest and you値l get the platinum in no time.

Step 4: Sync Your New


Special Agent Of Providence
Unlock All Generator Rex Trophies

Unlocked after all other trophies have dinged!

Threading The Needle
Successfully Fly Through The Circular Debris While Sky Diving

In the Sky Diving mission, the dropship will be shot down by a laser. Look for the giant circular debris after it explodes and go through the middle. There痴 only 1 circular piece and you値l know it when you see it.

Training Complete
Complete The Tutorial In Mexico

This is story related and cannot be missed.

Once you land in Mexico after sky diving, you値l be taken through a short tutorial and the trophy will ding soon afterwards.

Defeat The Multi-Head EVO

This is story related and cannot be missed.

In the Mexico mission, you値l be fighting this EVO at the very end of the mission. The boss itself isn稚 too hard, jump to avoid its laser attacks and pummel it whenever you can and it値l go down easy.

I Hate That Bunny
Defeat The EVO Death Bunny

This is story related and cannot be missed.

At the end of the Jungle mission, you値l be fighting this boss. Only attack it when it gets tired after jumping since he almost takes no damage otherwise. Jump to avoid the shockwave attacks every time the bunny lands.

Not Just A Pretty Face
Solve The Puzzle In The Temple

This is story related and cannot be missed.

In the Jungle mission, you値l come across 4 pillars with different shapes and colors on it. Put the pillars in this order (from left to right):
  • Yellow Triangle
  • Green Hexagon
  • Red Circle
  • Blue Square

Encounter Circe

This is story related and cannot be missed.

Unlocked shortly in the initial cutscene in the Rex Ride mission.

Recover the Funchucks in Hong Kong

This is story related and cannot be missed.

Unlocked shortly in the first half of the Hong Kong mission.

Damsel In Distress
Save Doctor Holiday

This is story related and cannot be missed.

Unlocked after you save Doc Holiday in the Providence mission.

Van Kleiss!
Defeat Van Kleiss In Providence

This is story related and cannot be missed.

You will fight him at the end of the Providence mission. He is invulnerable to your normal attacks, so defeat regular enemies to get omega energy and use your omega builds against Van Kleiss.

Bad Axes!
Acquire The Bad Axes

This is story related and cannot be missed.

You値l get the Bad Axes shortly in the Providence mission.

Big Bad Wolf
Defeat Biowulf

This is story related and cannot be missed.

You値l fight Biowulf in the first half of the Aquania mission. Not a tough boss, just keep pummeling him with your fists and use your omega builds whenever you can and he値l go down easy.

Deep Sea Rescue
Cure Aquania

This is story related and cannot be missed.

Unlocked after you beat the final boss in Aquania. You have to shoot the eyes on the wall to force its protective shield to go down. Unleash your omega build against it when it痴 vulnerable. Hit normal enemies to collect more omega energy and dodge the boss痴 attacks. Rinse and repeat until it goes down.

Blast Caster!
Acquire The Blast Caster

This is story related and cannot be missed.

You will unlock this omega build shortly into the Aquania mission.

Out Of Pocket
Defeat Breach

This is story related and cannot be missed.

You値l fight Breach at the end of the Pocket Dimension. You can稚 directly hit her, so you have to punch the dolls she spawns on both sides. Note that they can稚 all be hit. Only the ones that are standing on the chairs or within the fighting area can be destroyed. Watch out for her rock shots as that will do serious damage if you get caught in it. Her falling ice cream trucks attack will also damage you even after it lands and you run into it.

Rev Your Engine!
Complete The Rex Ride Sequence

This is story related and cannot be missed.

Successfully finish the Rex Ride mission.

Omega Victory
Defeat Giant Van Kleiss

This is story related and cannot be missed.

You値l fight Giant Van Kleiss at the end of the Abysus mission. Just keep shooting at him with your cannon until he falls down and leans forwards. When that happens, use your blaster caster (whip) omega build against it to take out a lot of its health. Run from its attacks and keep shooting at him. If you need more omega energy, regular enemies spawn regularly, so just kill them to collect more.

Agent Of Providence
Finish The Campaign

This is story related and cannot be missed.

Finish all 9 missions in the campaign:
  1. Sky Diving
  2. Mexico
  3. Jungle
  4. Rex Ride
  5. Hong Kong
  6. Providence
  7. Aquania
  8. Pocket Dimension
  9. Abysus

Nanite Hacker
Gather All Computer Info From Dr. Rylander's Lab

There are 6 computer monitors to access in the Jungle mission.

First Monitor: Right after the 田ontrol center room, there is one right outside the door to the left.

Second Monitor: After the boulder chases you down the ramp, go back and halfway up the ramp are pipes that are breakable. Smash through it and the monitor is right on the other side.

Third and Fourth Monitor: After the moving platform where you have to fight spiders and cut through the webs, they池e on the wall after you get off.

Fifth and Sixth Monitor: In the room after the fourth monitor (the final room), the fifth monitor is in a room on the right. The sixth is in a little room in the far back on the left. DO NOT touch the computer panel on the left in the front as that will trigger the boss fight and you値l miss your chance.

Get The First Item Of Rex's Past

See Get Your Scrapbook Ready

Get Your Scrapbook Ready
Collect All Items Of Rex's Past

Mexico: There will be a part in the mission where you fight the rat-type enemies with the range enemies sniping you from on top of a staircase. After the fight, go up the stairs and head to the far left and punch down the door to find it.

Providence (Hub):
#1: Go into Doc Holiday痴 lab and go up the staircase in the back on the right. Turn left and it値l be near the windows on the back.
#2: Go into the missions room and just continue on the platform you池e on towards the left. Go up the minor ramp and it値l be on the floor.

Jungle: After the first time you fight spiders, head down the hallway and skip the first staircase on the right (that will continue your mission) and turn left at the end. Jump over the gaps and you値l find it at the end.

Hong Kong: Right at the beginning of the level, finish fighting the enemies then knock through a window on the left. Afterwards, punch through the wall on the right and it値l be on the wall.

Aquania: There will be a part in the level with a long winding ramp that leads up. Finish beating all the enemies to have get access to the ramp and it値l be at the very end after you go up the ramp.

Pocket Dimension: In the traffic light maze, continue heading through the green traffic lights until you see one with a yellow light. Go through the yellow light and it値l be there.

Abysus: Near the end of the level, there will be a split path. Go down the left path and it値l be in plain sight on the floor.

First Step To The Date
Collect The 1st Sample For Doctor Holiday

See Date With Doc

Impressing Doctor Holiday
Collect All The Samples Of Any 2 EVOs

See Date With Doc

Date With Doc
Collect All The Samples For Doctor Holiday

There are 10 differenttypes of EVOs in the game and you will most likely get most of them through your 2 playthroughs. There痴 only 3 EVOs that will probably give you trouble.

The Canister Bot is only found on the Jungle mission. Luckily, the first Canister Bot is by a checkpoint and can be reloaded over and over until you get a sample. The next few are not, so you have to rely on luck. There will be checkpoint after those bots. Exit to the hub and reload the mission.

The Rhinor and Eye Bog are best farmed on Abysus. Best place is the beginning of the mission. There's 1 Eye Bog after the checkpoints, so they can be reloaded over and over. The Rhinors spawn after the 3 vine platforms that also provides a checkpoint. I would settle for 1 DNA sample for the Rhinors since the odds of both dropping isn't too high and you're better off redo-ing the mission over and over guaranteeing 1 each time rather than reload indefinitely hoping for 2.

Simply load the checkpoints over and over until you get a DNA sample then head to the next checkpoint to ensure it saves.

Getting Stronger...
Purchase An Upgrade

See Master Of Machines

Master Of Machines
Purchase All Upgrades

There are 5 categories of upgrades: Health, Fists, BFS, Cannon, and Omega Builds. Each has 3 upgrades that cost 1500, 2000, and 3000. This totals 32500 nanites. You will get most of the nanites in your first playthrough and likely to get more than you need on the challenge playthrough.

If you still need more, you could always play and re-play Sky Diving or Rex Ride to farm nanites.

All Boxed Up
Open 30 Supply Boxes

Keep your eyes open during your playthroughs and it should come naturally.

Bleach Protocol
Defeat 200 Enemies

Should come naturally with story progression.

Feeling Punchy?
Defeat 100 Enemies With The Smack Hands

Press to use your fists. Simply defeat 100 enemies to get this.

Slice N' Dice
Defeat 100 Enemies With The BFS

Press to use your sword. Simply defeat 100 enemies to get this.

Blaster Master
Defeat 100 Enemies With The Slam Cannon

Press to use your cannon. I highly suggest using the cannon starting from the beginning of the game since it痴 a pretty bad weapon and most enemies die in 1 or 2 shots at the beginning. Defeat 100 enemies with it.

Bustin' Some Punks
Defeat 100 Enemies With The Punk Busters

Punk Busters are the giant boots. You will have to farm this, but I suggest you do so after you finish your 2 playthroughs to cut down on the grinding a bit.

Load up the Hong Kong mission and play until you get to the part where you have to seal the holes by knocking down crates. Don稚 do that and just keep defeating enemies until they stop spawning (you get around 30) and head to the next checkpoint to save your progress. Rinse and repeat.

M. Rex
Defeat 100 Enemies With Omega Builds

Press to use your omega builds when you get them and defeat 100 enemies with it.

Killer Combo
Get A 20 Hit Combo

See Ultra Combo

Ultra Combo
Get A 60 Hit Combo

The best part to get this is on the Hong Kong mission near the beginning when you first fight Quarry痴 Goons.

You could chain combos together with the BFS as they have a lot more health than the standard enemies. 5 6 of them will spawn along with some regular enemies that can help you chain long combos.

An alternate way to do this is to wait until youget the Bad Axes and use that omega build at the same spot. The axes aren稚 very strong so it痴 really easy to chain combos.

Too Easy
Beat One Agent Six Time Challenge Level

See Better Than Six

Call That A Challenge?
Beat Any One Agent Six Time Challenge In Under 10 Mins.

The best and probably onlylevel to get this is on Aquania. Run through any parts where you don稚 have to fight enemies to unlock the path and use the whip omega build whenever you can to defeat enemies quickly. It is almost imperative that you use the whip on the two bosses on the level to dispatch them quickly.

Better Than Six
Beat All Agent Six Time Challenges

The times on the challenges are shown in mission select given by Six and they are all very generous.

Just use the whip omega build on the stronger enemies and use your fists on the weaker ones to collect energy. Note that cutscenes cannot be skipped and they count towards total time. You could defeat every enemy in the level and still finish with time to spare, though I suggest to just run past things when possible.

  • Do not open containers
  • Skip enemies whenever possible
  • Destroy nests with your whip to stop enemies from spawning
  • Use your whip, it痴 the strongest omega build and easiest to control

And Away They Go!
Knock 20 EVOs Out Of The World

You will have to farm inthe Pocket Dimension mission for this.

In the floating platforms part of the level, you値l get the Punk Busters. Wait for the enemies to group up a bit, hold :square: and hit :square: a few more times to send them flying off the platforms.

Head towards the next checkpoint afterwards to save your progress, exit to the hub, and reload.

Human Bullet
Collect All The Nanites And Do Not Get Hurt In Sky Diving

The nanites are found at the beginning of the mission, so if you miss any, just hit restart.

You can punch the EVOs if you want, but that痴 a bit riskier. It痴 possible to just keep moving in a clockwise direction to dodge the blue EVOs.

After the checkpoint, red exploding EVOs will appear, so you have to dodge them anyways. The laser will start firing at you, so you have to remain mobile to avoid being hit. There are no nanites in this half of the mission, so just be wary of enemies.

If you get hit after the checkpoint, you have to exit to the hub world and reload the entire mission instead of just restarting from checkpoint.

Radical Rex Ride!
Kill All EVOs And Take No Damage In Rex Ride

After the long and unskippable cutscene, you will get control of the motorcycle.

In the first half of the mission, there are 2 EVOs you have to shoot down. They don稚 explode, so you have to pay attention to which you actually shot down.

The second half involves a lot of obstacles and a few enemies to shoot down.

There is no clear tip on how to get this except memorizing the obstacles and trying over and over. Like Human Bullet, you have to exit to hub if you fail after hitting the checkpoint.

Collateral Damage
Indirectly Defeat 30 EVOs

Load up the Hong Kong or Pocket Dimension mission, lure enemies under the crates/icecream trucks during the boss fight. Rex must not land the finishing blow. I suggest Hong Kong since the boss fight is more straight forward, shorter, and the boss is less likely to kill you.

Escape Artist
Successfully Wiggle Free Of 20 Spider Webs Without Taking Damage

Best done on the Jungle mission.

On the first spider you meet, don稚 defeat it and just continue to dodge until it shoot webs at you. Break out and dodge its subsequent attacks. Rinse and repeat. I say first spider as only one spawns which makes not taking damage a lot easier.

Stone Cutter
Beat Quarry In 2.5 Mins. Or Less

I suggest waiting until you beat the game and have everything upgraded. If done on the challenge mode, you also get a timer which is pretty handy.

Make sure you have a full omega energy bar before going into the fight. Instantly hit Quarry with the whip omega build to take off a third of his health. Quickly dispatch of the enemies that come after Quarry jumps onto the truck. Hit him again with the whip and dispatch the enemies again. Continue pummeling him until he's down and quickly activate the QTE as that also counts towards the 2.5 minutes. If at any time during the fight you feel that you're taking way too long, you can hit restart.

If you manage to beat him within the time limit, the trophy will ding during the cutscene.

Flawless Victory
Defeat Van Kleiss In Abysus Castle Without Taking Any Damage

This is Van Kleiss in the lab, NOT Giant Van Kleiss.

Hit him with the whip until he jumps onto the higher platform. Carefully dispatch of the enemies while dodging his lasers to build up your omega energy bar. When the normal enemies have been dispatched, shoot at Van Kleiss with your cannon while dodging his lasers. When he jumps down, rinse and repeat until he痴 done. Note that you cannot get hit by anything and that includes the regular enemies.

The good thing about this fight is that you can just hit restart if you mess up.

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