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[top]Tips & Strategies

  1. 1) This game is fairly easy, but time consuming.
  2. 2) Make sure to attack the enemy so he doesn't score.
  3. 3) Jump to avoid the enemy attack.
  4. 4) Choose the power ball that suits you the most.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits



comeback kid
come back and win a game from 3 goals behind

Let your opponent get ahead of you by three goals then simply catch up make sure to use your power ball ability to make things easier.

completist freak
get 100% on time attack mode

In order to get 100% on time attack mode, you will have to earn a gold medal in all courses. It is just very time consuming. Your best bet on beating them would be to use the greed power ball for this. Always stay neat and always have a plan on how to beat each course. Most boards will be easy to get gold in.

use your emotions
win at least once with each power ball

Win with all power balls you can do this in the Divisions .

leagues ahead
win at least once in all 4 divisions

This is an easy trophy, just play until you get into division one and win a match then you should get this trophy.

you're a winner
win 10 games in a row

Do division until you get into division 1. You should have 24 wins before you get into division 1. don't boost it's much easier in single player.

geon king
score 200,000 points to be a geon king!

By simply trying to obtain all the other Trophies, you should rank up enough points for this Trophy. You need to get an combined score of 200,000. You can check your progress on this by looking at the Trophy info inside the game menu.

league of your own
win the top division three times in a row

This trophy can be done if you win the first division three times. Make sure to practice.

getting out more
play online at least once.

Self explanatory. You can just get a friend to do it with you.

don't need no stinking power balls
win without using a power ball, but you can still pick them up

Just win a game without using a power ball, this can be earned while playing in the forth division.

gimme gimme world domination
win 50 online games

This can be very time consuming. It is really hard to find any online matches in this game. Best way would be to have a friend play with you and let you beat him 50 times, then be nice and return the favor.

mini game master
complete all 8 mini-games

To unlock all the mini games, you must complete all time attack courses with at least a bronze in all of them. That will unlock all eight mini games. Then, simply beat each of the mini-games. Easiest silver of the bunch.

variety is the spice of life
win at least once in all game modes, including one online multi player match

Win all variations of game modes in the game. Don't forget the last man standing in multi player if you have four friends it should be easy. But if you don't Then just press your and make your controller be #2. Do it again for #3, ETC... you don't need 4 controllers for this trophy.

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