Players: 1-4 (offline), 1-4 (online)
Online Trophies: 1
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: About 2 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 (though you may need to replay a level for the online trophy)
Collectible Trophies: 2
Missable Trophies: None, all collectables can be picked up from level select if missed during first playthrough
Glitched Trophies: Several, explained in trophy descriptions below

[top]Tips & Strategies

There are 3 weapons that your Rookies will be using throughout the game. It's helpful to get know the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon:

Proton Pack: Red beam- default weapon
Strength- Easiest to target with and reaches the length of the screen. Will slightly arc to hit nearby enemies, but not by much.

Weakness- Will sometimes arc toward enemy you do not intend to target. Does very little damage to non-red enemies.

Fermion Shock: Yellow beam- unlocked in level 2
Strength- Strong at close range. Stuns smaller enemies. Fires in an arc for a wide hit range.

Weakness- Power diminishes as it expands. Does not stun all smaller enemies. Very limited range, barely half screen. Slowest firing speed.

Plasma Inductor: Blue beam- unlocked in level 3
Strength- Most powerful weapon. Shoots ricochet once before disappearing.

Weakness- Can be difficult to aim. Shoots sometime have trouble with collision detection. Can lose sight of smaller enemies in the impact effect and not see them preparing to charge the player.

Your AI partners are a mixed bag
Just a couple of things to keep in mind about your CPU partners.

If your partners are using a specific weapon, you probably should be using it as well. This is particularly true for boss fights as your partners tend to stick to the best weapons against each particular boss.

Your life is their top priority. If you get knocked out the AI will immediately try to revive you, which is both good and bad. Good because it will get you back in the fight quick. Bad because they will not attempt to clear the area first, which many times ends with them getting knocked out with you and a quick game over.

The AI Rookies tend to all target the same ghost, leaving you to cover almost everything else. You'll see them sweep around on occasion but they always return to work together.

Make room by room progress
Thankfully when you die you do not have to restart the whole level, just the room in which you died. This makes it easier to figure out what was giving you trouble and target getting past it. When you first enter a new area look for breakable objects that may hold collectables or power ups to help you get through the room. Knowing where this stuff is will make it easier to find if you have to try a particular room a second time.

Power-ups do NOT stack
You'll have to wait for each one to wear off before grabbing another or the new one will turn off the old one.

Example: if you're in a room with two hidden power ups (let's say invincibility/ damage increase) you can only have on active at a time. So if you grab invincibility then run over and grab the damage increase you will lose the invincibility in favor of the new pick up.

It is better to just let the second power up stay hidden till the first one runs out so you get the full advantage of each one.

You are the #1 target
The majority of the enemies will not even bother with your AI partners until you are knocked out or on the very far side of the combat area, so watch out or you will be overwhelmed.

Many of the enemies in this game have the ability to teleport and will do so often. Most times appearing near or behind you.

All the bosses will make you their priority target.

The only time this is not a factor is during online play when your enemies will divide their attention between all the human players.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


This is a fairly easy game to get 100% on, as long as you keep an eye out for any collectables. So there's not much of a roadmap needed, however here are a few things to keep in mind to keep your playtime as quick as possible.

Levels 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, and 10 have collectables to look out for.

Level 1 has a secondary set of collectables to keep track of for Rockstar.

You will start encountering Slime Abominations in level 3, this is your best time to try for Colorblind and get it out of the way.

Revive your teammates often to get Hero done with as quickly as possible. You don't really want to try and revive a lot in some later level areas.

For the first four levels after you finish each one exit to the main menu, then level select the next level and pick a new Rookie to get Team of Four.

Do not skip any of the comic scenes.

Use the first few boss fights to help get a rhythm for the trap mini game, this will make getting the 100% needed for Speed Demon that much easier.

Once you've completed the single player game go online and do one level to earn Full House and do any clean up needed.


Finish the first level.

The first level is titled Training Day and takes place in the Sedgewick Hotel. Finish the level and the trophy is yours.

Unlock every level and defeat the final boss.

Fairly straight forward trophy. Play the game, beat every level, kill the final boss, and trophy shall appear.

You can play the levels offline, online, or a combination of the two just as long as each level gets beat and saved afterward.

There are some tricky areas along the way see the Tips section above for a few helpful hints.

Find all the collectibles hidden inside objects in each level.

There are 30 Collectables scattered about the game in several different levels. They all look like a stuffed Stay-Puffed Marshmallow Man and can be found by breaking the various objects they are hiding in.

Here's the level by level locations:

Level 1 Training Day:

Toggle Spoiler

Level 2 Asylum Brawl

Toggle Spoiler

Level 3 River of Ooze

Toggle Spoiler

Level 6 Graveyard Plot

Toggle Spoiler

Level 7 Back to the Sedgewick

Toggle Spoiler

Level 9 Lair of the Huge Spider

Toggle Spoiler

Level 10 Gates of the Dead

Toggle Spoiler

Revive any teammate 20 times.

This trophy is cumulative and counts for the revives you do to all your teammates, even though the wording makes it sound like it is just one.

You will most likely get this through normal gameplay, as both you and your teammates will probably die quite often. To revive a teammate get near them and rapidly tap . Note that if you move or shoot while reviving you will instantly stop and have to start over, so make sure you have an opening or are invincible.

20 successful revives and the trophy is yours.

Get 100% score with the trap.

Not a hard trophy but it can be a little tricky if you get impatient.

You will throw the traps out at the end of every boss fight. A prompt will appear at the bottom of the screen to notify you the boss is ready to be trapped, then press to launch the trap.

Once the trap is out the screen will change to a close up view and a command prompt will appear showing a series of button icons. Don't rush through the commands, take them one at a time and press each one as it enters the space with a white highlighted border. There is a solid rhythm to the inputting of the commands just press, pause, press, pause, press.
It may take a few tries, but there are plenty of bosses to try it on. Get it right once and the trophy is yours.

Watch each comic without skipping.

Before each level, and after the final boss, there is a cut scene in the form of a digital comic. As you play through just let these scenes play out and the trophy will be yours at the end of the game.

A couple things to note:
1) The comic scenes do not appear during online gameplay. However any levels you unlock while playing online will be unlocked for your single player game as well. So if you're struggling you can get some friends to help you beat it, then go watch the comic for the level, exit to main menu, and start the next level.

2) You do not have to do this all during one playthrough. If you accidentally skip a comic scene just go back to the main menu, choose single player, and reselect the level where you need to see the comic.

This trophy can be slightly glitched, if you make it to the end of the game and it does not pop simply reload each level and let the opening scene play out. Once the gameplay starts return to the main menu and move to the next level. The only level you will actually have to beat again is the final boss.

Play with each character.

There are four Ghostbuster rookies for you to play as; Alan, Bridget, Gabriel, and Samuel.

It doesn't matter what order you play as them in, just that you play one level as each character. This can be done online or offline and during one playthrough.

To do this in one playthrough just exit to main menu instead of continuing at the end of each level, then go to the level select and choose to continue where you left off while picking a different rookie to play as. You will get this during the playthrough of the level as your fourth rookie.

Destroy all the expensive LCD televisions in the hotel.

This is a fairly easy trophy as long as you pay attention. As you move through the Sedgewick Hotel in the first level look around for 8 LCD TVs. Most are on the walls and easy to see because the static on the screen makes them stand out against the darker tones of the rest of the level. Shoot them with your proton pack to destroy them.

Here is the breakdown of where to look for the 8 TVs hidden throughout the hotel:

In the first room (lobby) there are two TVs. One on the left wall, one on the right wall.
In the second room there is one TV sitting by the wall in front of a group of chairs.
In the third room there are two TVs. One on the right wall, one at the top of the room near the bar.
The next one is a little tricky, after you get off the 1st elevator go all the way down the hall. There is an open hotel room at the end of the hall that you do not have to go in. The next TV is in that room (as well as the third collectable for this level).
The final two TVs are in the big room that seems to be the top of the lobby (the room just following the hallway where you found the open room). One on the left wall, one on the right.

The trophy will appear after the last TV is broken.

Kill a Slime Abomination with the wrong weapon.

First off the Slime Abominations are the big guys who appear out of a puddle of ooze and come in three lovely colors (to match your three weapon choices).
Each Abomination is weak against the weapon of his own color, naturally. To get this trophy you will have to defeat any one of the abominations with a weapon of the wrong color.

It does not matter if your partners or the computer attacks the abomination with the right color weapon, just as long as you use the wrong one to do some damage and get the kill.

Here's some tips for dealing with each of the three abomination types:

Red Abomination:
Attacks with a ground pound that sends out a wave of damage in all directions. Also rushes forward and can do a standard strike attack.
Keep your distance and move backward while shooting to bring the big guy down pretty easily. A good choice for earning this trophy, use the Plasma Inductor (Blue weapon).

Yellow Abomination:
Attacks by rushing across the screen while leaving a trail of toxic slime behind it. Can also spew slime to the area directly in front of it.
This guy is nothing but trouble, especially in small spaces like the sewers. If it hits you during his rush it is almost always an instant death and if it misses it takes a few seconds for the slime to disappear, during which time it is death trap. Get rid of this one as quickly as possible, use the right color weapon and watch for the head tilt that indicates it's about to charge and get out of the way.

Blue Abomination:
Attack is very similar to the Red Abomination, but has the added effect of shocking the player which temporarily freezes them in place.
Same tactic as the Red one, move away and shoot. Not a bad choice for this trophy, but a little riskier than the Red. Use the standard Proton Pack (Red beam)

This trophy is a bit glitchy. Sometimes you will defeat an abomination with a different weapon, even seeing the score appear in your color and it will not seem to count. If this happens just try again on the next one you see, you will have plenty of chances.

Finish an online level with the help of 3 other players.

This is the hardest trophy to get for this game simply because the online is pretty much dead. You will almost have to go recruiting and find some friends willing to give this a shot. On top of that the online is horribly glitched, sometimes it freezes, sometimes it kicks random players, sometimes enemies turn invisible or just start flashing and not moving.

I highly recommend doing the first level, as it is short and can be moved through quickly. Work together and get it done, you need to get to the finish and autosave for the trophy to unlock. Fair warning even at the end of the level this one may glitch and you might have to do it again.

Defeat the Subway Smasher.

Level 5 is one simple boss fight against the Subway Smasher.

The boss is relatively easy to defeat, but has a few quirks to watch out for:

First, his two most common attacks are to slam his body against the ground and spray a wave of fire. To avoid these wait till he rises out of his pit, then move to the sides of the Smasher. His attacks go directly out from him, so if you are on the side they will miss you and you can concentrate on shooting him.

Second, when he fires out yellow slime blobs beware. These will turn into Yellow Slime Slugs who will attack you if you're not paying attention. Take them out with the Fermion Shock (yellow wave shot) then return to attacking the Smasher.

Third, the Proton Pack is the best weapon to use on the Smasher as it can constantly hit him. The other two can only hit him when he is on the ground or at ground level.

Finish a chase level with at least 75% of the Ecto-shield up.

Level 4 and 8 feature the EctoCruiser.

You will be tasked with shooting 360 degrees of incoming enemies while driving through the streets of New York.

In some ways it is easier to do this online with a little help, get two players to watch the front and two to watch the back and fire away. If doing it with the computer just watch out as they tend to all focus on one incoming enemy, leaving you to deal with the others.

Level 4 is easier to achieve this on than level 8 as the numbers of enemies is slightly lower.

Glitch warning: While testing a separate trophy on a second account the game crashed during online play. After returning to the main menu this trophy randomly unlocked. I could not get this glitch to recreate on another account, but had another player confirm a similar problem during his gameplay.

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