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Players: 1 Player
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No Cheats
Estimated Time to Platinum: 10-15 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Suggested Playthrough: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes, 5 ( Eye Can't Believe It, Go Make A Pillow, Eye Sore, Feel The Urn, You Know The Germans Make Good Stuff...)
Missable Trophies: Yes, 6 ( Eye Can't Believe It, Go Make A Pillow, Eye Sore, 15 Minute Fight Scene, Feel The Urn, You Know The Germans Make Good Stuff...)
Glitched Trophies: None but Boss Batch 3 have glitched for some

[top]Tips and Strategies

The God of War

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There are many different attacks that Kratos can use in this game. The Blades of Athena have more upgrades to do after what happens in the beginning of the game. It is not Kratos' only weapon in this game either as he has multiple ones to choose from. These unlock as you progress the story.

Blades of Athena

Level 1:
-Icarus Lift (Air) - While in the air, press to gain more height. = +
Will be used in the game often, when you are jumping in the air there might be times where a ledge is far from reach for a single jump. Double jump by pressing again in order to gain more air.
-Olympic Ascension - Hold triangle to launch enemies and jump into the air. Hold Very useful on annoying enemies, or when you want to take the fight into the air. Launch enemies into the sky by holding and then unleash attacks for easy kills, making yourself out of reach of other enemies.
-Orion's Harpoon - Press circle while enemy is airborne to slam them back to the ground.
Can be done straight after the Olympic Ascension move, as Kratos will use his blade to slam the enemy back into the ground, injuring them. You can repeatedly throw enemies into the air and back into the ground for easy kills.
-Athena's Reverse - Tap L1 just before an enemy's attack connects to parry.
This is crucial in the game to avoid being hurt. It is by far better than dodging attacks as you can unleash powerful counters through this. Once you earn the Golden Fleece this can become one of your best defence. The trick is to wait until enemy is about to unleash their attack then tap which will reflect the attack and leave the enemy open. With the golden fleece it makes it much more easier to parry. Holding down the button too long will not reflect the attack so be wary.
-Plume of Prometheus - A quick and powerful combo ending in a fiery finish. + +
Your first big combo. Very good to finish enemies off that are in a group, especially the weaker undead before they can cause some trouble.

Level 2:
-Increased Damage
Self explanatory, the damage you deal with your Blades of Athena are now much stronger, but not that strong yet.
-Rampage of the Furies - Focus your rage on one enemy with this multiple hit attack. +
One of my favourites, while on land you can hit and then to unleash a nice strong attack onto your enemy. Very good for countering a powerful attack, and defeating enemies quickly, but not so good in large groups.
-Rampage of the Furies (Air) - Quickly swing your blades in this multiple hit aerial attack. + (air)
This attack could make you almost unreachable from enemies, as if you see an enemy and launch him airborne then you will be able to jump up and unleash this attack, which will help when you have an airborne enemy as Kratos swings his blades hitting multiple hits on a target and dealing a load of damage. While that happens you're unreachable from any of the enemies below you, and cannot be harmed.

Level 3:
Increased Damage
Cyclone of Chaos - Rapidly swing your blades, hitting all surrounding enemies multiple times. +
Cyclone of Chaos (Air) - While airborne, rapidly swing your blades, hitting all surrounding enemies multiple times. +
Spirit of Hercules - A powerful but slow multiple hit combo with an explosive finish that launches enemies into the air. , ,
Valor of Hercules - A powerful but slow multiple hit combo that sends enemies flying back. , ,

Level 4:

Increased Damage
Hyperion Charge (Run) - Hold square to slash your blades in an arc, continue to hold square to initiate a running charge. Hold
Hyperion Rush (Running) - During a Hyperion Charge press square to slam your shoulder into an enemy.
Hyperion Rise (Running) - During a Hyperion Charge press triangle to deliver an uppercut to launch enemies.
Athena's Wrath (Evading) - While Evading (R3), press triangle to create an explosive wave along the ground, launching enemies in front of you into the air.
Prometheus' Torment

Level 5:
-Increased Damage
-Tartarus Rage - Swing your blades down onto multiple enemies, launching them into the air. +
-Tartarus Rage (Air) - While airborne, rain down multiple attacks and land with an explosive finish, launching enemies into the air. +
-Prometheus' Inferno

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Step 1: Complete the Game
Complete the game in order to net most of the trophies, make sure to pick up all of the collectibles and all the other trophies you might have to get. These include the 500 combo and the stone shatter kills but those are not needed here as you can earn them outside of the game (in the arena).

Step 2: Challenge of the Titans
Complete the Challenge of the Titans to net yourself that trophy and unlock the arena. Now you should have not much else left

Step 3: Clean-up
Get those trophies you missed like Cyclops eyes, start a New Game Plus and use the urns, or get any of the non-missable trophies you missed in the arena.


Trophy of Gaia
Unlock all God of War II Trophies

Collect All Trophies in God of War II!

Breaking Wind
Acquire Typhon’s Bane

Story Related

This will be the very first trophy you acquire in the game. The Typhon's Bane is found after you go inside the Typhon's Lair on the Island of Creation. You will get this trophy after you have ripped out Typhon's eye, and gain the ability to use the magic ability of Typhon's Bane. Typhon's Bane is an ability that let's you use a bow for a limited amount of time to be able to shoot enemies in the distance or things that can't be otherwise reached, similar to the Zeus Rage from the first God of War.

Big, Tuff, Buff and Rough
Acquire Rage of the Titans

Story Related

You will get this trophy after you have encountered Prometheus in the Typhon's Lair. You will earn the ability to use the Rage of the Titans, similar to the Power of the Gods from the first game. This will enable Kratos' to become invincible for a period of time where he can deal huge damage to enemies. The power is activated by pressing and at the same time.

Blue Balls
Acquire Cronos’ Rage

Story Related

Cronos' Rage is the second magic ability you will learn in the game. You will earn this power after you have defeated Theseus and unlock the key to the Steeds of Time. This is very similar to the Poseidon's Rage from the first game where Kratos will create magic lightning to harm enemies. This time unlike lightning bolts it will be orbs of lightning and up to 3 of those can be spawned. They will attack nearby enemies causing damage and keeping you fairly safe.

Acquire the Golden Fleece

Story Related

You will get this trophy when you are heading into the Temple of Euryale, you'll be in the Gorgon's Lair and speak to a dying soldier, which later you put into the conveyor belt to jam things up. When you've entered the room with the Gorgons attacking Jason who has the Golden Fleece. You will then have to fight a huge Cerberus for the Fleece. He isn't very difficult, and fights like a standard Cerberus, and fight him until the prompt appears. Afterwards perform the QTE and get the Golden Fleece which should pop the trophy.

Rock their World
Acquire the Head of Euryale

Story Related

You will get this after you have defeated Euryale in the Temple of Euryale. This boss fight isn't bad but it is quite annoying. Once you defeat her you will acquire the Head of Euryale and you will be able to stone enemies, just like with the Medusa's Gaze in the first game. You can use this magic ability to stone enemies but stronger or bigger enemies will take longer to stone, thus making you easy target. Use at your own discretion but could be good to slow down or easily kill bigger enemies.

Learning to Fly
Acquire the Icarus Wings

Story Related

While crossing the bridge over the Great Chasm you will encounter Icarus, who will attempt to knock you off the bridge. While both you and Icarus are falling you will be given a series of QTE's to do as well as moments where you will have to use , or to land hits on Icarus while in the air. Eventually you will get a Quick Timed event where you will have to rip Icarus' wings off from his body. Once you rip them off, Kratos will stick them to his back (with tape and glue) and you will be able to use them to float or manage through bigger gaps without falling into your doom.

Shaky Ground
Acquire Atlas Quake

Story Related

You will get this when you are about to go into the Temple of Fates. Atlas will give you his Atlas Quake power after you resist his crushing hands. Afterwards you should get the trophy after the cinematics.

Death from Above 2009
Defeat the Dark Rider for the first time

Story Related

You will get this trophy after you defeat The Dark Rider for the first time. He will try and knock you off the Pegasus but you have none of that in mind and you and him will fight it out. Unfortunately he is a coward and will get away, for a while...

Climb from the pit of Hades

Story Related

After Zeus takes you down and you well, die, you will have to fight off some tangle like hand things which will pull you down to hell. Fortunately Kratos has none of that and after some short hacking away and jumping you'll get the easy trophy.

Rock Hard
Defeat the Titan Minotaur inside Atlas

Story Related

This will be your Minotaur Boss. He is not just a normal Minotaur but the fight is much similar to a normal one. You will also have to avoid lava, which isn't easy. After you have dodged the lava and came back at him a few times, he will fall, and the trophy will be yours.

Pick’n on the Little Guy
Win the battle outside of the Palace of the Fates

Story Related

You will get this trophy after you have survived the most awful ambush in the game. When you arrive at the Palace and everything is looking great, those damn Satyrs will ambush you with their Cyclops friends and try and take you down. After you sorted their asses the trophy is yours.

Watcha Got on the Hot Plate?
Solve the riddle of the Fire Phoenix Statue

Story Related

To get this Trophy you have to solve the Phoenix Riddle. In order to do so you will need to use the weird like dish to be able to melt the snow around the Phoenix. I will leave this to figure out for you, as the riddle isn't too complicated but you will need to also knock down the icy stalactites from the ceiling.

Whip it Good
Whip the Steeds of Time

Story Related

You will get this trophy once you have unleashed the Steeds of Time and complete the little whipping minigame. To do this you will need to place the Horse Keepers Key into the gem and go back to the station.

Lift with Your Knees
Topple the Temple in the Bog of the Forgotten

Story Related

This trophy will pop after you have toppled the temple into the Bog of the Forgotten, literally. Another easy trophy.

Cross the collapsing Grapple Bridge

Story Related

This trophy will pop after you completed the Crossing the Lowlands part where you will be jumping and propelling yourself between arches. Very easy story trophy.

Stone and Shatter 30 Enemies

This is a very easy trophy. When fighting the Gorgons they will attack you with the Gaze ray which will stone you. If you hit and block it and then press the correct prompt you will be able to stone them and all enemies around you. Now you just have to destroy the stone enemies and you will get the trophy. I wasn't able to get it using the Head of Euryale so you will have to use this method to get this. There are dozen of chances in the game, but also you can get it by playing the Challenge of the Titans where one of the challenges requires you to do exactly this.

Super Sized
Get a 500 Hits Combo

Really easy trophy. You need to reach a 500 Combo, and this is fairly easy in the game. The moment you get Cronos' Rage just spam it in the area you are in and you should be able to get 500. If it's not here then there is about 20 other area's in the game I was capable of doing 500+ combo. IF you fail to do this in the game you can always complete the challenge of the the Titans and get the arena, make the enemies unable to attack (unaggressive) and you have max magic, and you will just spam Cronos' Rage like there is no tomorrow for an easy trophy.

Hitting Your Stride
Power up any item

Really Easy, and you will get it on your way to get Blowin' Your Wad!. You will have to upgrade any of the weapons using Red Orbs. You should be able to do this early on after the Rhodes level by upgrading your Blades of Athena.

More on upgrades see Blowin' Your Wad!

Eye Can’t Believe it
Collect all the Gorgon Eyes


You will need to find 18 Gorgon Eyes on to unlock this trophy. There are more than 30 Gorgon Eyes hidden in the game and most of them are in plain sight for you to find, this shouldn't be much of a problem. For the Collectibles guide see Go Make a Pillow!

Go Make a Pillow!
Collect all the Phoenix Feathers


For this trophy you have to collect 18 Phoenix feathers in the game. It's not very difficult but some of the chests are pretty well hidden. You will get around 30 chances to get the Phoenix Feathers.

Toggle Spoiler

Eye Sore
Collect 20 Cyclops Eyes

Cyclops Eyes are found from defeating a Cyclops using the prompt where you will be wrestling with the cyclops to pull out it's eye. There will be only a few chances to get these during the normal game. The best bet is to finish the game, then finish the Challenge of the Titans. Once you have done so you will unlock an arena where you can set yourself to be invincible and spawn only Cyclops'. Once you have done so you will be able to easily get the eyes to add to your count.

Boss Batch 1
Kill the Colossus of Rhodes, the Dark Rider, and Theseus

Story Related

This trophy will unlock once all three bosses are defeated. For the first Boss Batch you will need to defeat the Colossus of Rhodes, the Dark Rider and Theseus. Below are guides for each of the bosses alongside video's where applicable. None of the boss fights are difficult on the Easy difficulty but some might be quite annoying.

The Colossus of Rhodes
The first Boss you will encounter in the game, The Colosuss of Rhodes is a huge n00b You will battle firstly on the outside where he will keep popping up with his giant hand causing havok. You will then chop his arm off and throw it at his huge face. Then go for it and grab the Blade of Olympus (which will drain all of your upgrades) and then return to face the mad Colossus again. This time he will try and stomp your ass with blue fissuers but you can easily dodge those. This is a very easy fight. Now try and grab the blade again, and lose all your magic abilties. Seems fishy right? Keep dodging his fist attacks and let the Blade of Olympus take your health. Now you are ready to battle him (worth it sure...)
Battle is then taken into the Colossus, as you will have to climb to the top from the inside destroying his blue inner pipes that power him. Then simply end it by breaking the chain of the final pole.

The Dark Rider
This battle has two stages, none of which are of any difficulty. The first stage is when you fight on the Pegasus just dodge his attacks until he forces you off. Next time you fight you will do the same except you get to use Typhon's Bane and your Blades at him. Once you get onto him and perform some QTEs he's going down.

This fight begins with you and him on the same level but after a beating he will retreat to the upper ground. He'll start calling ice bolts and spikes you will need to dodge. Later he will summon Minotaurs and what not to keep you at bay. While this is happening, shoot him with Typhon's Bane every now and again, and he will lose his footing and fall off. Complete the minigame and put his ass in his face I mean place.

Boss Batch 2
Kill the Barbarian King, Euryale, and Perseus

Story Related

This trophy will unlock once all three bosses are defeated. For the first Boss Batch you will need to defeat the Barbarian King, Euryale and Peresus. Below are guides for each of the bosses alongside video's where applicable. None of the boss fights are difficult on the Easy difficulty but some might be quite annoying.

The Barbarian King
This guy will think he's a badass and attack you in the forest. You will firstly have to fight of with him on his horse. After a few slashes and bashes the prompt will be there. Kill his horse. Next up will be his attacks which will sweep the entire area with souls, you have to dodge those and land some attacks on him. Once you've damaged him to the point of madness he will give you some health and double in size. That means he needs a bigger beating so you will have to hand his ass back to him and steal his precious hammer.

Toggle Spoiler

here is where you will need to use your Golden Fleece. This ugly woman will try and make your life hell. The first part is all about dodging her attacks, and hitting her health as she follows you. Eventually she will stop and bleed out orbs (lol nice) So don't stop and continue bashing away at her health. Eventually she will go to a column for you to her, and then she will chase you again. Do this until she gives you the second

Pretty annoying fight as Peresus will become constantly invisible using his helm. Fortunately this is not permanent as you will see a glimpse of him being visible so bash away. He'll also splash where he walks so take him down till the first After the first go he will be very fast, so it's time to use magic to draw him out, and what's better than Cronos' Rage? Zap that guy a couple of times till the next Once he is visible hack away dodging his sling, and for the last time him to death.

Boss Batch 3
Kill the Kraken and all three Sisters of Fate

Story Related

This trophy will unlock once all three bosses are defeated. For the first Boss Batch you will need to defeat the three sisters of Fate and The Kraken. Below are guides for each of the bosses alongside video's where applicable. None of the boss fights are difficult on the Easy difficulty but some might be quite annoying.

The Kraken is a battle that will occur straight after awaking the Phoenix. You will battle the Kraken, and his tentacles. Cut them off by attacking the pinkish ones until the prompt is there. Then use the dead body to your advantage by moving it around and climb the tentacle to break it off with This battle is fairly easy.

Lakhesis (1st sister)
Lakhesis is your first sister you will battle out of the three sisters of Fate. She will attack you with a Scythe. The best thing to do is dodge her attacks then retaliate with your Blades of Athena. Later on you will have to use grappling hooks in order to dodge bolts as well as her harmful energy beams until she comes down and is hittable again.
Atrophos (2nd sister)
The second sister isn't that bad tbh. You will fight her on top of the sword from the first game (yes while the giant you battles ares) You will have to use the golden fleece to deflect attacks at her, as well as killing her minions. This is easy as well and shouldn't cause too much hassle
Lakhesis and Atrophos duo
Sisters will decide to team up to take you down using the mirrors. You have none of it though, and you will have to fight Lakhesis while Atrophos travels through the mirrors. Destroy the mirrors was you see atrophos and continue to fight Lakhesis, eventually getting Atrophos stuck in the last mirror and Lakhesis impaled after a prompt.
Clotho (3rd sister)
Oh god this ugly thing, eughhhh. To defeat her you will need to use the machinery underneath in order to harm her. You will need to turn the different cranks while dodging what seems to be her mini arms. Later on once that is done you need to fight her real arms, this time you can harm them both and then destroy the blockages. You will also have to use slow time techniques in order to win.

Daddy Issues
Defeat Zeus

Story Related

This will be your final battle in the game. After you defeat Clotho you will have the option to go back into the past to your first battle with Zeus. You will appear at the right moment where Zeus impales the past Kratos with the Blade of Olympus. You will then fight Zeus in an all out battle.

Rise and SHINE
Awaken the Phoenix

Story Related

You will get this after releasing Phoenix from his prison that prevents him from flying off.

Spread ‘Em
Open the wings of the Temple of the Fates

Story Related

This trophy will pop after you have killed both the Translators. It will pop after you have killed Translator after doing the slow motion section when you drag him to the table, and the doors to the Temple open.

Shine King
Open the door to the Temple of Euryale

Story Related

This trophy will pop once you open the door to the Temple of Euryale by reflecting the Gorgons Gaze back at the door so it is smashable.

Blowin’ Your Wad
Max out all Weapons and Magic

For this trophy you will need to max out all your Weapons and Magic. Do not worry as you will have enough chances to do so. First good news is that your magic and weapons will carry over to The Arena and to New Game Plus. You will be able to do either there but if you find many red chests and kill every enemy you should easily have enough red orbs. If Not I would complete the Challenge of the Titans and get the arena to get more red orbs. Another good news is that the late acquired Blade of Olympus is not part of the trophy, so you do not have to upgrade it at all for this trophy. Here's a breakdown on how many orbs you will have to collect overall.


Blades of Athena
Level 1 - n/a
Level 2 - 2,750 Orbs
Level 3 - 5,250 Orbs
Level 4 - 9,500 Orbs
Level 5 - 13,500 Orbs
Total: 31,000 Orbs

Barbarian Hammer
Level 1 - N/A
Level 2 - 4,500 Orbs
Level 3 - 17,500 Orbs
Total: 22,000 Orbs

Spear of Destiny
Level 1 - n/a
Level 2 - 3,750 Orbs
Level 3 - 12,500 Orbs
Total: 16,250 Orbs


Typhon's Bane
Level 1 - n/a
Level 2 - 2,500 Orbs
Level 3 - 12,500 Orbs
Total: 15,000 Orbs

Cronos' Rage
Level 1 - n/a
Level 2 - 3,350 Orbs
Level 3 - 15,000 Orbs
Total: 18,350 Orbs

Head of Euryale
Level 1 - n/a
Level 2 - 4,000 Orbs
Level 3 - 8,000 Orbs
Total: 12,000 Orbs

Atlas' Quake
Level 1 - n/a
Level 2 - 4,500 Orbs
Level 3 - 10,000 Orbs
Total: 14,500 Orbs

Total Overall: 129,100 Orbs

The End Begins
Beat the Game on any Difficulty

Story Related and Cannot be Missed.

Complete the game on Any Difficulty and you will snatch this gold trophy home. I recommend playing on Easy to speed up the process but more challenged feeling players will chose the higher difficulties to satisfy their gaming.

Feel the Urn
Collect and use at least 2 Urns of Power


For this trophy you will need to acquire two urns in your first playthrough and then use it on your second playthrough on New Game Plus. The trophy will pop after you have activated both the urns in New Game Plus at any point (just do it once you start up NG+) There are six urns you can collect but you will only need two of the 6 urns. I preferred to get the first two urns, but the easier method would be to just get the ones you earn from doing the Challenge of the Titans.

The Six Urns:

Urn of Gaia
This urn is found in the very first level of the game, where you are in Rhodes. It's found next to two red orbs at the beginning of the level. You will encounter it when you have to open a door using a pressure pad. After you go through the door by standing on the button and kicking the block under the door. Afterwards head underneath, grab the block and get it to the halways to the right, towards the wall where you can use it to jump up on top of the ledge.
Urn of The Gorgons
This one is found after you have found the Golden Fleece from defeating the Cerberus. After you are in the swamp where the temple has been knocked and where you will use time stopping in order to move through some of the area's is a bit with conveyor belts and stone rays with many gorgons. If you go to where the jets are and use the Golden Fleece you can reverse the rays back and shatter them, unveiling chests. Behind one of the three you will find this Urn.
Urn of Olympus
This one is after you acquire the Spear of Destiny. You will have to do some time slow events you will need to push the Time Statue thing onto the wheel which can get you to turn the statue using the crank. This will enable you to rotate it to face the door you go in through. Now push the statue down the stairs and to where you originally swam in the water, and use your time slowing ability, then swim back to where the chest was and step on the pressure pad while in slow motion. This will enable you to get the chests and find the urn of olympus. If you found the previous two you don't need to find this one (I personally didnt)
Urn of Prometheus
When you're climbining in Atlas you will encounter a stalagmite you need to break. Smash it and go inside the hole for this easy urn (didnt even know it was there when I got it)
Urn of the Fates
You need to achieve an overall ranking of Mortal on the Challenge of the Titans for this one. Fairly easy.
Urn of Poseidon
You need to get an overall ranking of Spartan on the Challenge of the Titans for this one. It can be tricky but if you had the playthrough ones you wont need this.

Bleeding Thumbs
Beat the Challenge of the Titans

Yes! Another Challenge awaits Kratos. This time it's Challenge of the Titans which offers 7 unique (or so) challenges, after completing the game these become available to do!

Challenge #1 - Blind Fury
Objective: Rip out the Cyclops eyes before the timer runs out (40 seconds).

This is fairly easy. You will just need to spam Cronos' Rage or any attack you prefer until the prompt comes over. I did a mix of Cronos' Rage and Atlas Quakes until that occurs, then quickly press and do all the prompts right.

Video Help

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Challenge #2 - Death From Above
Objective: Kill 10 or more airborne enemies before the timer runs out (200 seconds)

This challenge is more difficult, as you will have Gorgons Spawn to mess up your plans of killing airborne enemies. Use your Athena's Blades and airborne the enemies into the air using Olympic Ascension (press and hold ), then use them to kill the enemies before they land. If you go mid-air the gorgons will instantly attack you with their beams and try to shatter you with them, so you will have to move quickly and dispose of the Gorgons as you go. Once you killed 10 enemies it is not over yet, as you will have to survive until the timer runs out. Try not to go airborne maximize the chances of dying, but stay on the ground and unleash attacks at anything in sight.

Video Help

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Challenge #3 - Gorgon Graveyard
Objective: Stone Shatter 25 enemies before the timer runs out (200 seconds)

This is fairly easy. You will need to grab a Gorgon to make it use their gaze at you. When they gaze at you quickly deflect it using and then press one of the buttons that the prompt tells you to in order to reflect their gaze on all the surrounding enemies in the area, turning everyone to stone. Now easily smash them and repeat. This might get more annoying when you get two gorgons to fight with. If you screw up and end up stoned (lol your daddy be mad) then wiggle the joystick to get out of it before it's too late. The challenge will be successful if the timer runs out with more than 25 stone shatter kills.

Video Help

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Challenge #4 - Protect the Weak
Objective: Defend the Translator from being killed. Translators health will drain if he is out of the small ring.

This challenge isn't too difficult but you will have to learn how the challenge goes and what enemies you face. The benefit is that you can slow down time using the Statue of Time and your Amulet. You will also start with full magic and Rage of the Titans. The Rage of the Titans I would save for the end with the Satyrs () and the Cyclopses trying to ruin your day. Also make sure you use Cronos' Rage as your it has the best usage to damage ratio and is much better than the other spells here. Keep an eye on the translator and slow down time and move him as quickly as possible or else he will lose all his health. I found the best weapon to use is your Blades of Athena as it is the quickest and can access enemies from a bigger distance. Once all enemies are defeated the challenge is complete.
Video Help

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Challenge #5 - Reap the Rewards
Objective: Collect 500 Red Orbs before the timer runs out (180 seconds)

In this challenge it is about pulling off amazing combo's so that you can get more red orbs per kill. The enemies only drop a couple red orbs and thats not enough, hence why you will need to keep your combo up. Don't fear to drop a Cronos' rage here and there as they will save and massively increase your combo. You can get more magic orbs from the Gorgons but that means sacrificing the time killing the Harpies. Simpler way is to just stone shatter the enemies and get easy quick hits, as well as use your Barbarian Hammer to cause more damage. This shouldn't be too much of a problem.
Video Help

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Challenge #6 - Survival of The Fittest
Objective: Kill all enemies before you run out of health

This one is a little difficult. You will have your health constantly drained and you will have to kill all enemies that will be spawning. I would suggest using your Blades of Athena and using Cronos' Rage here. Also when fighting the Minotaurs make sure to successfully do the prompt as you will earn back some health which could save you some extra time to kill more enemies. The Priest like enemies will drop a lot of magic orbs to help you out here (how nice of them lol) so make sure to kill them and continue to Cronos' Rage your enemies.

Video Help

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Challenge #7 - Perfection is Divine
Objective: Defeat all enemies without being hit

The most difficult challenge out of them all. You will have to be using your Cronos' Rage to your advantage. Especially that you will have High Priests dropping magic orbs everywhere. It's not that bad when constantly using Cronos' Rage, and also make sure to parry any attacks that you think might hit you. This took me about 20 tries but some people found it more difficult. Good Luck.

Video Help

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15 Min Fight Scene
Battle your way to the Loom Chamber in under 10 minutes


At the end of the game when you are heading to the last sister, Clotho you will find a circular chamber that will seem like a long path of death with loads of enemies. You will have to defeat them all in less than 15 Minutes. If you go over time by accident you can reload a save right before the area, so it is very easy to do. Your best bet is to use the Rage of the Titans as well as to spam Atlas Quake and Cronos' Rage. Both are very effective as well as you can find a number of chests along the way (magic chests). If you do seem to have any problems, try mixing your strategy. For example Cyclops' might be your weakest point, try using air attacks and dodging defeating them one by one. If you struggle with Minotaur's then make sure to freeze those guys into stone!
Video help

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You Know the Germans Make Good Stuff…
Collect all Uber Chests

There are three Uber Chests in the game. These are epic chests filled with a lot of what would be in a usual chest. They're also known as the gifts and they are easy to miss. Luckily the fact that there is only three of them makes it easier.

Uber Chests:

The Gift of Experience: Your first Uber Chest will be after the fight with Euryale you will go back to Destiny's Atrium. From there go back to the beginning part of Bog of the Forgotten (where you fight The Barbarian King) and You'll see three chests that weren't there before. The wooden one is the Uber Chest.

The Gift of Health: This one is found in the Temple of Fates. After you meet the second translator and see him jump off (lol weakling) you need to backtrack to the Statue of Time and bring it with you. Then once you have, run through the mirror and when you re-appear slow time, and instead of going to catch the translator (get him next time) you should go where the statue once was. You'll find now that the Gift of Health is there, to grant you a new health bonus.

The Gift of Magic: You will once again go back to the Palace, and when you opened the third door using the Warrior's Skull, make your way down the spikey elevator shaft thing (don't fall off lol), and you will appear in a hallway.After going through a room with lava, you’ll come to yet another room filled with lava. Use the rope and get up across, killing enemies that follow after you. Once you get to the center of the room jump down and climb up to where there are archers by the ledge, and kill all of them. Return to the landing area and once again go up a wall. You'll then see on your right a vent-like thing with a glowing disk behind it. Shoot the disk and that will break it open. Get across to the new landing (might fly a bit eh) to find the Gift of Magic that will boost another magic level in your magic bar.

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This is a section where I would like to thank Curb, the original creator of the God of War II Trophy Guide, who has been my longtime friend on this site and has helped me in countless situations. Unfortunately he has departed from the site, and have put all of his trophy guides up for challenging, so in order to redeem my best friends legacy I have challenged his guide in order to maintain a high standard and keep the guide in reliable hands, as I'm sure he would trust me in the ownership of this guide. His guide was an amazing piece of work that he led to a 80,000 views and I wish him huge luck in the future.

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