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Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: Yes
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15-20 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: Yes
Glitched Trophies: No

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • Any Godly Possessions you've acquired can be activated in future playthroughs. Press then and scroll through them, activating whichever ones you want. Remember that enabling any of them will disable trophies, so wait until you've earned the trophies first, and then enable them.
  • Always remember to block, especially when playing on Titan or higher difficulty. The higher difficulty you choose, the easier it is to die. Considering that many enemies attack you in groups, you'll want to get used to blocking early on. Once you get the timing right, follow-up a successful parry with a counter ().
  • The Head of Helios isn't just for blinding enemies. It's also used for discovering secret passages containing red orb chests and Gorgon Eyes, Phoenix Feathers, and Minotaur Horns. If there is a secret area nearby and you have the Head equipped, the controller will vibrate. The stronger the vibration, the closer you are.
  • See those areas that look like mist with sparkles in them? Shine the Head of Helios at them to reveal hidden chests.
  • Using your standard blades to build up your combo meter works well, but switching between the different weapon-types during battle works better. Press + to switch to the next weapon, or rapidly press + to cycle through and create a combo chain on its own. Experiment early and you'll notice your combo meter steadily climbing higher and higher.


King of the Hill
Unlock all other trophies - WWW.SPARTANSSTANDTALL.COM

As the description says, unlock all other trophies and the platinum is yours. The link in the description is actually part of the trophy, entitled "Spartans Stand Tall".

Releasing the Floodgates
Kill Poseidon

The entire beginning of this game is essentially one long, multi-tiered boss battle. The first two stages are against a giant horse/crab beast that is a prelude to Poseidon's final form. These two stages are rather straight-forward, and you simply have to hack and slash your way through them. Once you reach Gaia's head you will encounter Poseidon in God form. There are two sets of claws gouged into Gaia's head that you have to release, so keep attacking both sides, making sure to dodge Poseidon's lunge and electrical attacks at the same time.

Now you move on to the second phase, where Gaia has Poseidon clenched in her hand. Here you simply need to stick and move: + is a great combo for up close. When he retaliates by trying to swipe or punch you, you can counter it if timed correctly and resume attacking. When he reaches up in the air with his sword, roll as far back as you can just before he strikes down and wait there. Repeat until the mini-game prompt appears.

The third phase is a repeat of the first one, so use the same strategies here that you did there. He ramps up the frequency of his attacks, however, so you'll have to play more on the defensive. His electrical attacks also happen in multiples of twos and threes, so watch the ground just before they hit and roll away from them.

The final phase is one long mini-game button prompt, so just pay attention to the sides of the screen. I won't ruin this part for you, but let's just say Poseidon gets a royal and brutal beating.

Burnt to a Crisp
Acquire the Bow of Apollo

To acquire Apollo's bow, you first need to release Peirithous from the surrounding bramble. Jump up on the ledge directly above him and then onto the hanging chandelier. Glide into the upper opening along the wall, grab and drag the large torch back toward the opening, and kick it down to the ground. Move it all the way to the other end where the imprisoned Cerberus is and he will set it ablaze. Now go back jump on the chandelier again, which will open the gate above the Cerberus. Make your way there and use the smoke from the torch to get you into the new opening using Icarus' wings. Pull the lever and start fighting the Cerberus. Once the button prompt appears above Cerberus' head (), press it and ride Cerberus to the opposite end, taking out any enemies along the way. Now simply use Cerberus to light up the bramble, and the bow is yours.

Mr. Hand
Discover the secret 'Hades Arm' room

While this trophy can technically be missed, the Hades Arm room isn't exactly well hidden so it's pretty hard not to miss. In "The Three Judges" area after climbing across a long horizontal chain, you'll come to an area where you need to drag an explosive canister down from an upper level onto a furnace/fan, creating an updraft so you can proceed. When you jump into the updraft, it will send you up to a grabbable square platform. Maneuver up to the top part and you'll be facing a large door. This door leads to the Hades Arm room. Simply walk in and the trophy is yours.

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Shine Lord
Kill Helios

After you shoot down Helios from his chariot, he'll be lying on the ground a battered, bloody mess. Approach him and he'll receive some assistance from shielded enemies who surround his body, protecting him from your attacks. Walk around the area a bit and a giant cyclops will soon arrive. Attack it several times to activate the mini-game, enabling you to ride it. Smash all the enemies that spawn with its club, making your way over to the shielded enemies. Once you smash and kill them, Helios will be ripe for the picking, prompting another brief mini-game where he will meet his rather disturbing demise.

Tip: If the cyclops dies before you reach the shielded enemies, don't fret. Another one will spawn immediately afterward so you can continue your dirty work.

Shoe Delivery
Kill Hermes and acquire his Boots

This confrontation starts as a game of cat and mouse, as you must pursue Hermes across several areas. Once you reach the large catapult, fire it and Kratos will crash into the large statue Hermes is perched upon. After the cut-scene, follow the path around and you'll find Hermes lying weakened on the floor. Here he will try to use his speed to confuse you. For best results use the + combo repeatedly until he falls. He might hit you every now and then, but his attacks do next to no damage, so don't worry. Now just complete the mini-game to torture Hermes Hostel-style and the trophy is yours.

I didn’t do it... But I wish I did!
Kill the Poseidon Princess

When you reach the room with spikes on the floor, blue portals on the walls, and a never-ending spawn sequence of hounds, you'll know you're in the right place. What you need to do is kick 4 hounds through the portal on the right to have them emerge through the portal up top. This will weigh down the platform, allowing you to enter the portal underneath.

Trophy tip: This is a perfect location to spam the Obedience School trophy if you haven't already earned it. Just keep kicking those hounds until the trophy pops.

Once you enter the bottom portal you will come face to face with the Princess. From here on out all you have to do is follow and protect her, dispatching enemies along the way. Anytime you see a prompt over her head, trigger it and continue onward. You'll eventually end up back at the room with the large wooden wheel, and the Princess will be cowering beside it. Press to activate the wheel and force the Princess to become a makeshift wedge for the wheel, which will keep the far gate open for you to now enter. Progress through, ignoring her screams, and the trophy is yours.

Ladies Man
Successfully entertain Aphrodite

It wouldn't be a God Of War game without a sex mini-game! When you meet Aphrodite simply accept her request for some R&R time and complete the mini-game that follows. Not only will you be rewarded with the trophy, but also a generous amount of red orbs.

Handy Man
Sever Gaia's hand

After defeating Hades, you will arrive at the City of Olympus and meet up with Gaia. After the brief cut-scene, attack the exposed muscles in Gaia's arm that are blocking your path. Complete the button prompt mini-game that follows and the trophy will unlock.

Open Sesame
Open the Gates of Tisiphone

Once Hephaestus grants you access through the previously locked Lord Hades door, the Gates of Tisiphone will stand before you. Dispatch the enemies that spawn and then engage the two chains on either side of the room that appear, pushing both blocks back in after they emerge.

Jump up the blocks on the left side and grab hold of the Harpy that spawns, riding it over to the right side. Jump upward again, and grab the next Harpy that appears, riding it back over to the left side. Activate the switch and make your way back over to the right side via the Harpy and activate that switch. From here you can jump over to the block in the center and activate the final switch. The gates will now open, earning you another trophy.

Rescue Me
Save Pandora

Refer to aMAZEd trophy for tips.

Three Wise Men
Solve the Three Judges

After completing the Labyrinth, Kratos will fly back down to the ground level of the Three Judges area. Upon landing, the gate will rise, forcing you to fight a large Cerberus, hounds, and Satyr's. The Satyr's will not spawn until after you've worn down the Cerberus enough to prompt a mini-game. The Cerberus isn't hard to wear down on its own, so try and avoid using any magic; save it for the Satyr's to dispatch them quickly. Once you've killed everyone, the gate will lower.

Now it's simply a matter of repeating what you did earlier here. Step on the stone slab in the middle and proceed through the blue portal. Equip the Nemean Cestus gloves and smash the blue ice crystal on the back of the first judge to your left. Repeat this process for the remaining two judges and then return to the stone slab. A cut-scene will follow, along with the trophy.

Hit Man
Perform a 1000-hit combo

It's pretty hard to come even close to registering 1000 hits, but there are several spots in the game that you can spam certain moves against certain enemies to reach it. They're all incredibly cheap and usually involve repeating the + move with the Claws of Hades, but at least you'll be able to get this annoying trophy out of the way. I've listed two of them below in order of where you'll reach them in the game. This will give you an idea of what to look out for in case you discover other areas in the game where it can be done, of which there are many.
  1. Located after defeating Lord Hades. Proceed until you reach a part where half a dozen common soldiers spawn. Equip the Claws of Hades and spam the + grapple move repeatedly. It should take you roughly 4-5 minutes to reach 1000 hits.

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  2. The Pit of Tartarus. As soon as you enter this area, a group of skeleton warriors will spawn. Use the same strategy here as outlined above with Lord Hades.

Another place for Hitman, The City of Olympia. The same location In the demo, where it prompts you to use the battering ram. Instead, just use the Claws as you would every location. There are tons of enemies here, so don't worry about actually killing them all off or anything like that. At one point I had to move back, i was eventually crammed into a wall but I suppose this was an advantage for me, they weren't really hitting me and If they did i was still in the process of stealing the souls. ~ Guardians Salvation

Rip One!
Rip apart 1 Olympus Sentry

To rip apart an enemy, grab them with and then press . This trophy can be had at the very start of the game within seconds of playing, and will most likely be your first trophy earned.

Nice Tan
Blind 100 enemies with the Head of Helios

With the Head of Helios equipped, simply press + to temporarily blind the targeted enemy. Any enemies in the immediate vicinity will also be affected. You can also send out a large burst of light by pressing and holding and then releasing. Much like the Bow of Apollo, the Head of Helios is a great defensive tactic, and you'll probably end up using it quite often. Blind 100 foes and the trophy is yours.

Obedience School
Deliver 50 kicks to Hounds

Hounds will make their first appearance towards the end of Hades' Realm, and you will face them regularly afterward. To give them the boot simply grab them with . They tend to travel in large packs, so kicking 50 of them will probably happen a lot sooner than you think.

It's getting hot in here...
Burn 100 enemies with the Bow of Apollo

In order to burn enemies with the arrows from the Bow of Apollo, you need to charge it up. Rather than tapping to shoot, hold it down until the bow starts glowing. Now release to set your enemies ablaze. The bow is a handy weapon when you need to maintain some distance, and you'll probably be using it a lot throughout the game so don't fret about this trophy; it will come through natural progression of the game.

Souled Out
Summon every Soul with the Claws of Hades

The Claws of Hades are acquired after beating...who else, Lord Hades. To access the list of souls press and then . Choose the soul you want and press . In order to unlock every available soul you have to upgrade the Claws with red orbs to their maximum (level 5). Afterward, simply choose from the souls you haven't summoned and use them in combat with . The trophy will unlock after every soul has been summoned at least once.

Below is a list of every soul in order of acquirement:
  1. Cerberus Mongrel
  2. Olympus Sentry
  3. Olympus Archer
  4. Gorgon Serpent
  5. Olympus Fiend
  6. Chimera
  7. Cyclops Berserker
  8. Centaur General
  9. Siren Seductress

Bloody Hell
Cover Kratos in 500 buckets of blood by killing the enemies

I believe this trophy is cumulative towards the amount of enemies you kill in the game. I got the trophy in the upper level of Hades' Palace, after shredding some common grunts and hounds. The overall goal here seems to be rather simple: kill, kill, kill.

No Guts, No Glory
Gut 3 Centaur Generals

Centaur Generals are the half-horse, half-man beasts that carry large spears. They're not regular enemies, and you won't encounter them very often throughout the game. They're also not very hard to beat, and weakening them enough will prompt a mini-game to engage in. Complete the mini-game and Kratos will gut them like a pig. Your third encounter with a Centaur General will be in Tartarus, a fair ways through the game, and as long as you are successful in the mini-games you will get this trophy then.

Hitting Your Stride
Upgrade any weapon to the next level

The upgrade system here is identical to previous GOW titles - earn red orbs from defeated enemies and chests and use them via the menu to upgrade your weapons. The initial cost of upgrading your blades to level 2 is 4000 orbs, but you'll reach that amount in no time.

Sibling Rivalry
Kill Hercules

The most frustrating thing with this battle isn't Hercules himself, but the never-ending enemy grunts he always has at his side. They will constantly try swarming you, so you need to dispatch them and attack Hercules. The + combo is your best friend here for dealing with the swarm; use whatever series of attacks you're most comfortable with against Hercules. If you find yourself overwhelmed, use the Army of Sparta magic attack. When he begins attacking, your best bet is to stand back and wait until he's finished. He always finishes with an earth-shattering slam, so start getting in your shots immediately afterward.

After you deal enough damage to Hercules he will become enraged and charge you. Mash on to break his grasp and turn the tide in your favor. When you have control of him, run towards any of the large red spikes on either side of the walls to immobilize him and get in some shots. Now you have to repeat what I outlined in the first paragraph, which will then lead to this same step again. Eventually he'll retreat to the top of the area and begin bragging. Run up to him and initiate the mini-game, which results in you acquiring his over-sized boxing gloves.

This next phase is a straight-up fist fight, so stand your ground and attack him relentlessly. He will charge you every now and then, so be ready to dodge. If he happens to grab you, follow the on-screen prompts to break free. If he throws you against the back wall, get ready to dodge, as he will run to a corner and tear out a large slab of wall, hurling it straight at you. Keep pummeling him until he retreats to the top area again. This is the last part of the battle and, like the other boss encounters, is a lengthy mini-game. Complete it and try not to flinch at the unrelenting brutality Kratos delivers to Hercules, killing him and earning you the trophy.

Titan Slayer
Kill Cronos

This epic battle starts with Cronos trying to squish you between his fingers. Follow the button prompts to temporarily escape and then equip the Head of Helios to blind him. Complete the mini-game that follows. You'll now be on his hand. Fight off the skeleton warriors that spawn and he'll soon spot you. Climb your way up to his forearm and break open the large blister to proceed. More skeletons will spawn that you'll have to deal with, but keep an eye on Cronos too. His breath attack can drain a lot of your health if it hits you, so be ready to roll out of the way. When he digs his fingers into his arm, focus your attacks on them until the mini-game prompt appears. Complete it to rip his fingernail out. Now he'll try to flatten you with his hand; watch for the shadows on the ground and stay out of them. When his hand is down, climb up onto his finger and wait until he brings it in front of his face. Use the Head of Helios again to blind him, and you'll engage in another mini-game.

Scale up his body until you reach the grapple location. Swing over to the next area, his mid-section, and defeat the enemies that spawn. Open the area in front of you and hack away at his exposed flesh until he grabs you. Continue fighting off the enemies and he'll attempt to squash you between both hands. Complete the mini-game to break free, and grapple across to his left arm. As soon as you land, run and don't stop until you reach the grapple location. Now you're perched atop his shoulder and will have to deal with more skeletons. A skinless cyclops will make a rather disturbing appearance by climbing out of Cronos' shoulder. Concentrate your attacks on it until the button prompt appears, enabling you to ride it. Your goal now is to attack the wound the cyclops appeared from, so do so until the next mini-game engages and Cronos eats you.

Once inside his throat, hold down to slide all the way down to avoid the black bile falling from above. Fall far enough and another mini-game will trigger, with Kratos emerging from inside Cronos via disembowelment. Now, climb up his hand and jump back to his mid-section. Equip the Nemean Cestus gloves to break away the blue crystals, and you'll have one final set of mini-games to complete.

Congratulations! You have royally stuck it to Cronos, and earned yourself another trophy.

Kill Zeus

The first two parts of this battle take place on a stone beam in between two columns. The Nemesis Whip seems to deal the most damage to Zeus, so equip that. Mix regular attacks with the + combo. He has three primary attacks he uses - a 3-punch combo, lightning strikes from the air, and a charge attack initiated from the air that attempts to crush you. Note that every one of these moves can be countered, with the exception of his final attack in the 3-punch combo. If you weren't able to block/counter the first two punches, double jump over him to safety. Wear him down to prompt a mini-game.

The second part is a repeat of the first one, so continue using the same strategies. He adds one new attack to his roster, where he summons a row of spikes from the ground, but they can be countered as well. Wear him down again to prompt another mini-game.

After the cut-scene, make your through the opening next to the save point and jump down to the platform where Zeus is waiting. His lightning bolt attacks can be either dodged or countered, so take your pick. Keep attacking him and after a couple of minutes Gaia will interrupt, triggering another cut-scene.

The final part of this battle takes place in the Heart of Gaia. Smash open the ice crystals surrounding her heart with the Nemean Cestus gloves, and Zeus will jump down to continue the fight. Here you have four moves to watch out for - lightning bolt attacks (which can be countered), a charge attack (which can also be countered), a shockwave attack, and a summoning. When you see Zeus floating high in the air, get as far away as you can to avoid the shockwave. Just before it hits the ground, double jump and glide to avoid damage. His summoning of multiple selves is incredibly cheap, and can spell "game over" if you don't deal with the situation right away. His summons will die after a few hits, so make them your priority before attacking Zeus, otherwise he will summon more.

When Gaia's heart illuminates bright red, it's ripe for the picking. Get to it first before Zeus does so he can't regenerate health. Attack it to take the health for yourself, even if you don't need it. When the heart fades in color, continue attacking. Repeat this process several times and a mini-game prompt will appear over Zeus' head. Engage it to end the battle.

There are a few more cut-scenes that follow before Zeus' actual death and the trophy unlocking, but none of them require any sort of a walkthrough, and I don't want to ruin the end for you.

Kill Hades

Hades looks a lot tougher than he really is. He may be big, but he's also rather cumbersome and predictable with his attacks. His foot stomps are easy to evade, as are his overhead chain attacks. Once you dodge the first chain attack you can continue attacking, as his second chain attack will land in the same spot as his first one. When he retreats to the ceiling and jumps down, simply jump over the shockwave impact. He also likes to swing his chains around when his back is against the wall. Treat this like jump-rope and jump over any low swings, attacking in between. Any high swings won't reach you so long as your feet are planted on the ground. His other move involves darkening the area and summoning hundreds of chains. Look for the lone patch of light and stand there, as the chains won't hit you.

For the couple mini-game prompts, use the + combo (if you've upgraded your blades to level 2) to make quick work of the hands emerging from the ground, as well as Hades' ripped out appendage. The Army of Sparta magic () works great too.

The final segment prior to unlocking the trophy involves a game of tug-of-war. What you want to do is pull back on the left analog stick to avoid falling into the river. Use and to attack him, but don't forget to evade his chain attacks. Each time he hits you pulls you closer to the river. Keep it up and he'll eventually go down, earning you the trophy. Just because the trophy popped doesn't mean Hades is done with you, however. He'll emerge from the river, minus most of his skin, and try to smash you with his fists. Get in as many shots as you can while dodging his attacks, and use the grapple locations on either side whenever available to swing around behind him. Repeat until he (finally!) meets his maker.

Freezer Burn
Acquire the Boreas Icestorm

Not an easy task. In order to retrieve the Boreas Icestorm, you have to defeat a gigantic scorpion. The main problem is that there are dozens of smaller scorpions that constantly spawn and attack you. While the ultimate goal is killing the large scorpion, you can't forget about the smaller ones. If you do, their numbers will vastly increase and you'll soon find yourself outnumbered and overwhelmed.

Start by equipping the Nemean Cestus gloves. You need to disable all of its legs, and those gloves are the only weapons capable of breaking apart the blue ice crystals surrounding them. To help keep the smaller scorpions at bay, use the + combo to attack both them, and the legs. The scorpion has mainly one attack to watch out for - its tail. When the camera starts to pan back and you see its tail go completely vertical, get moving. Its tail will smash down on the ground, trying to crush you, so roll and evade as best you can. One smash will do a lot of damage if hit. Once an entire side of its legs has been disabled, it will collapse to the ground. Run over to its head and let loose with whatever attacks you choose. Weaken it enough and a mini-game prompt will appear.

Now you need to take out the other set of legs, so use the same tactics as before. Sometimes the scorpion will charge you and then run down the side of the platform. Nearly a dozen small scorpions will emerge from all sides; make quick work of them before the giant one returns.

Run to its head again after the legs are disabled and repeat what you did earlier to begin another mini-game. During the flying scene, simply maneuver around the falling ice crystals and head straight at the scorpion to trigger the final mini-game. Smash the frozen scorpion to pieces, along with the large ice shard it leaves behind, and retrieve the Boreas Icestorm.

Tip: Don't forget to use your magic if you're either being bombarded by smaller scorpions, or if you can't get out in time to escape its tail attack. Doing so during the latter can be a life-saver, especially if you're running low on health, so make sure to leave enough magic energy as a last resort.

Seeing Things From a Different Perspective
Solve Hera's Garden

Note: There are 2 Gorgon Eyes, 1 Phoenix Feather, and 1 Minotaur Horn in Hera's Garden. Refer to the corresponding trophies below for their locations, as this walkthrough is geared at solving and completing the Garden only.

After Hera introduces you to the garden in the cut-scene, take the path on your left all the way around, proceeding through the first entrance on your right. Kill the enemies and move forward. The gate is locked from the other side, so continue heading left, through the open passage. The gate will then close and you will have to kill 2 of the Satyr enemies in order to progress. Once they're dead, continue on and open the gate. Continue straight and the gate will slam shut behind you. Step on the stone slab in the center to align the staircase and quickly move to the locked gate. Kick it open and make your way up the stairs and across the path to another gate. Open it and descend the ladder, gliding across the large gap to where the stairway piece is. Drag it into the next area and rotate it with the right analog stick so that the stairs are ascending toward the right of the screen. Push it up to the right of the large cup pedestal, and against the stream of water against the wall. This will weigh the cup down and open the gate below. Proceed through the gate and watch the cut-scene with Hera.

Take Hera's lifeless body and place it on the stone slab. Now head back to where you just were and fire a flame arrow at the bramble. Run over and grab the staircase and drag it to where the bramble was, activating the other cup. Now drag the staircase all the way through the bottom gate to the lower right-hand side and align it to create a new staircase. Grab Hera and walk up the new staircase, dropping her into the final cup pedestal. Finally, grab the staircase and drag it onto the stone pedestal.

Hera's Garden is now officially solved. Simply make your way back up the outer staircase and follow the new path around.

Eye Candy
Collect all of the Gorgon Eyes

Gorgon Eyes are located in wide chests, larger than the standard red orb/health/magic chests. Some are out in plain sight, but many are hidden around corners. Once you retrieve the Head of Helios, these chests will start becoming invisible, cloaked in a thin mist/fog with yellow sparkles. Shine the head at them, and they will become visible again. If you're using a Dual Shock controller, it will vibrate when you have the Head of Helios equipped and are near one.

To obtain this trophy you need to max out your health meter. There are 4 stages to this, and each stage requires 3 Gorgon Eyes, for a total of 12. Any chests you open after maxing out your health that would normally contain Gorgon Eyes will instead reward you with red orbs. Not a bad trade-off, and these extra orbs will help toward achieving the Maxed Out! trophy. Listed below are the first 12 Gorgon Eye locations I encountered during my playthrough, followed by a video created by fellow member PowerPyx.
  1. Upon entering the Realm of Hades, you will come to a large gap you need to grapple across with your blades. The Eye is on the lower part after you land, and can be reached by scaling down the side of the rock.
  2. After encountering your first group of winged enemies (Harpies), you'll come to a cliff you have to shimmy across. Your goal is in the upper right corner, but the Eye is in the upper left corner. Simply head this way to get it.
  3. When you reach the 3 Judges area, head all the way to the left and you'll see an adjacent platform you can jump to. Do so and follow it around to get the Eye.
  4. When you reach the Forge, take the bridge path on the left which leads to the locked Lord Hades door. To the left of this door along the wall is the chest with the Eye in it.
  5. After killing Helios and using his head to illuminate the secret path, make your way through to the end until you reach the clearing. From here walk left and it will be tucked away in a corner.
  6. Shortly after the above Eye location, you will encounter your first group of Wraiths. Dispatch them and head up the path. When you reach the top look to your right and you'll see it.
  7. When you first reach the Chamber of the Flame, head straight across the room to the opposite opening. Use the Head of Helios to reveal a passage in the wall containing 3 red orb chests and a Gorgon Eye.
  8. On the lower level in the Chamber of the Flame, after solving the Muse music puzzle, turn the crank to open another door. Head through all the way to the descending spiral staircase. At the bottom, use the Head of Helios to reveal the Gorgon Eye chest.
  9. In Poseidon's Chamber, after meeting the Princess face to face in the small room, check the right side for the chest containing the Gorgon Eye.
  10. Daedalus' Chamber. Pull the switch on the right to raise the platform and then rotate the ballista to the left. Fire the ballista and the rope will emerge through the upper blue portal. Climb across the rope to the end and open the chest for the Eye.
  11. Olympus (Hera's) Gardens. Start by proceeding down the left path and continue onward as you would normally, past the 2 Satyr enemies. Immediately after killing them and opening the gate, take two rights followed by two lefts. You will see 2 red orb chests here, and the Eye is in a chest to the left of them. Use the Head of Helios to reveal it.
  12. After completing Hera's Garden and using the Harpies to reach the next platform, head up to where the save point is. The Eye is in a chest to the left of it; use the Head of Helios to reveal it.

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Feather Plucker
Collect all of the Phoenix Feathers

Phoenix Feathers are located in wide chests, larger than the standard red orb/health/magic chests. Some are out in plain sight, but many are hidden around corners. Once you retrieve the Head of Helios, these chests will start becoming invisible, cloaked in a thin mist/fog with yellow sparkles. Shine the head at them, and they will become visible again. If you're using a Dual Shock controller, it will vibrate when you have the Head of Helios equipped and are near one.

To obtain this trophy you need to max out your magic meter. There are 4 stages to this, and each stage requires 3 Phoenix Feathers, for a total of 12. Any chests you open after maxing out your magic that would normally contain Phoenix Feathers will instead reward you with red orbs. Not a bad trade-off, and these extra orbs will help toward achieving the Maxed Out! trophy. Listed below are the first 12 Phoenix Feather locations I encountered during my playthrough, followed by a video created by fellow member PowerPyx.
  1. After retrieving the Bow of Apollo, burn away the bramble from the upper area, next to where you entered after jumping from the chandelier. It's inside, around the corner.
  2. In the Hades Arm room.
  3. In Hades' Palace on the middle level where the winding crank is that raises the coffin. Take the path on the left-hand side all the way to the end and climb the ladder. The feather is up top.
  4. In the Path of Eos after meeting the first batch of Harpies on the narrow walkway. Go through the passage to where the climbable chain is. Drop down to the lower level before jumping to the chain and you'll find it.
  5. Shortly after the above location you'll come to another walkway/bridge with more Wraiths and Archers. Kill them all and progress onward, stopping at the health and magic chests. The Feather is to the left of them, tucked away in the corner.
  6. After killing Hermes, proceed outside. Run along the long wall shown in the cut-scene and then head to the far-left corner. Use the Head of Helios to reveal the chest.
  7. In the Muse music puzzle room, glide up the air vent on the left side and jump across the gap to the platform on the left/bottom side to find the chest.
  8. After killing the Poseidon Princess, head through the gates to meet the spirit of Pandora. When the cut-scene finishes walk to your right and use the Head of Helios to reveal the chest.
  9. Tartarus. Follow the path on the right and the chest will be in plain sight.
  10. After opening the Gates of Tisiphone, it's located directly opposite the save point.
  11. Daedalus' Chamber. Pull the switch on the right to raise the platform and then fire the ballista at the gate, breaking it open. Run up the wall through the red portal using Hermes' Boots and pull the next switch; this will lower the cage holding the two chests. Go back through the red portal and fire the ballista again. It will travel through the blue portal, emerge from the red portal, and break open the cage.
  12. At the start of Hera's Garden, go straight and then left. Use the Head of Helios to reveal the chest, which is sitting in front of the gate.

Toggle Spoiler

Are You Horny To Win?
Collect all of the Minotaur Horns

Minotaur Horns are located in wide chests, larger than the standard red orb/health/magic chests. Some are out in plain sight, but many are hidden around corners. Once you retrieve the Head of Helios, these chests will start becoming invisible, cloaked in a thin mist/fog with yellow sparkles. Shine the head at them, and they will become visible again. If you're using a Dual Shock controller, it will vibrate when you have the Head of Helios equipped and are near one.

To obtain this trophy you need to max out your item meter. There are 4 stages to this, and each stage requires 3 Minotaur Horns, for a total of 12. Any chests you open after maxing out your item that would normally contain Minotaur Horns will instead reward you with red orbs. Not a bad trade-off, and these extra orbs will help toward achieving the Maxed Out! trophy. Listed below are the first 12 Minotaur Horn locations I encountered during my playthrough, followed by a video created by fellow member PowerPyx.
  1. After retrieving the Bow of Apollo and progressing onward, you will come to an area with a bramble-covered hole and two chests - one on either side. Simply burn the bramble and open the chest.
  2. In the 3 Judges area, after heading through the first blue portal, you'll come to a tunnel with two roaming Minotaurs. Just past this tunnel, in the clearing, turn right and go through another blue portal. A chest with the minotaur horn awaits you.
  3. Upon reaching the Caverns, walk all the way right and shine the Head of Helios to reveal the chest.
  4. Shortly after killing Hermes, you will arrive at a spot with a large metal door with an image of Zeus above it. Dispatch the 3 ball and chain Cyclops' and take the path on the left before entering the door. The chest is all the way at the end.
  5. After killing Hercules, pull the switch and swim through the newly created passageway. When you emerge the chest will be behind you.
  6. As soon as you enter Aphrodites Chamber, it's in between two pillars on your right.
  7. The Pits of Tartarus. Battle your way down the slope until you reach the long chasm you need to jump and glide across. After landing, look to your right and you'll see the chest.
  8. Daedalus' Chamber. Rotate the ballista to the left and fire it through the blue portals. Climb across until you reach the very top. Jump off the platform, but glide back toward the other side to grab the rope again. Shimmy across and open the chest.
  9. Daedalus' Chamber. Slide down the rope after breaking open the gate with the ballista. Jump down and the chest is right behind you.
  10. Hera's Garden. After stepping on the stone slab to reveal the staircase, climb up it and continue along the path. Open the gate and climb down the ladder. Instead of jumping and gliding straight across the gap, glide to your left through the opening and the chest will be sitting there.
  11. The Caverns. Jump on the giant box and first defeat the more than half a dozen Cyclops' that spawn. Now open the chest, which is in plain sight.
  12. The Caverns. You'll be in pitch black here and will reach a part where you have to fight off several Gorgons in a small, circular pool. To the right is a Hermes Boot location. The chest you're looking for is to the right of Hermes, along a narrow wooden walkway. Traverse it to the end, jump up to the platform, and you'll see the chest in between 2 red orb chests.

Toggle Spoiler

Maxed Out!
Completely upgrade all the weapons

As long as you're opening every red orb chest and killing every enemy, you should have all of your weapons maxed either just before passing the Labyrinth, or just after. The amount of red orbs you receive from chests increases significantly once you reach the Olympus (Hera's) Gardens, so don't overlook them. As soon as you fully upgrade your last weapon, the trophy will unlock.

Apparently this trophy is glitched, and can actually be earned in the Combat Areana if you didn't unlock it during the actual game. Read below for a description of how to do it, from fellow member SpaghettiMonster. Attempt at your own discretion, however, as they're called "glitches" for a reason and it's unknown if this will negatively affect your save file afterward.
The glitch appears in Combat Arena, which will be unlocked once you beat the story and Challenge of Olympus mode. To activate it, set Kratos’ health, magic and item meters to “Level 1” in addition to putting the difficulty to “Titan.” Pick whichever enemies you wished to fight and then start the match. In the arena, simply die over and over again until the game prompts you to switch to Easy Mode. Choose “No” to return to the title screen and the “Maxed Out!” trophy prompt should appear a few seconds later.

Vengeance Complete
Beat the game

If you've been using any of my tips in this guide, you should be able to beat the game without too many problems. The trophy will unlock after the credits have finished rolling. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, select Titan difficulty when you start a new game and you will earn the Unhuman trophy as well.

Up to the Challenge
Beat the Challenge of Olympus

These challenges aren't available until after you beat the game. Similar to the Challenges from previous God Of War titles, they will test your speed, game knowledge, and patience. They are nowhere near as hard as the previous games, however, plus there are less of them and they can be tackled in any order. Once you complete one, a green checkmark will appear beside it. I have listed every Challenge below, with tips on how to beat them.
  1. Population Control - Don't allow there to be more than 50 enemies at the same time.
    Here you're equipped with the Nemean Cestus gloves, and they make this Challenge a breeze. Use regular attacks or the + combo and don't let up. Do not use the + combo under any circumstances, as the time it takes to preload this attack will only hinder you.

  2. Bare Hands - Before time runs out, kill all the enemies without using any weapons.
    Not as hard as it sounds. As soon as the Challenge starts, grab one of the soldiers and press for the shoulder charge attack and aim for the Minotaurs. When the Cyclops appears, mix up shoulder charging it with the Minotaurs. When the mini-game prompt appears over their heads, don't engage them. Time is not on your side here, so keep using the shoulder charges to kill them.

  3. Get Stoned - Allow the Gorgons to turn you to stone 10 times without dying.
    There's no timer to deal with here, so you simply have to allow the Gorgons to stone you. Things will get hectic as you kill more enemies - Minotaurs, Satyr's, and Cyclops' will start spawning. The key here is to keep moving. When a Gorgon begins its stone stare, press to try and block it, but don't press the corresponding button to counter. Instead, wait, and once frozen, move the left analog stick to break free. This method is faster than simply waiting to get stoned.
    You can also go in and grapple the Gorgon, speeding up the process where you purposely press the wrong button, I was at 9 in about 45 seconds. ~ Guardians Salvation

  4. El Matador - Ole - Don't get gored by the Minotaurs. Don't get piled on by the enemies.
    As soon as the Challenge starts, run up to the Minotaur and repeatedly press for the combo. It will finish before the Minotaur starts its charge, and the final hit will send it flying over the edge. When the soldiers appear, use the + combo. The final phase mixes Minotaurs with soldiers. Here, instead of attacking the soldiers with your blades, grab them and use the shoulder charge attack, targeting the Minotaurs.

  5. Knockout - Score 1000 points by knocking enemies out of the arena.
    As soon as the Cyclops starts spawning, attack it with the continuous combo. The final hit should prompt the mini-game for you to ride it. Once mounted, the enemies will start spawning. Now just go nuts! Make sure you're attacking with and not , however.

  6. Hades' Kids - They don't die, they multiply. Get 5 Cyclops to spawn.
    There's nothing to this Challenge, really, other than attacking the Cyclops' as they appear. The more you kill, the more appear. Once 5 have spawned (in total), the Challenge will end.

  7. Simply Smashing - Destroy all the urns before time runs out.
    You're literally given just enough time to complete this Challenge, so make sure every hit counts. To get a headstart, start with the + combo to take out a good chunk of urns. Now, just make your way around the arena and use single strikes to break the remaining urns.

Beat Titan Mode

Titan difficulty is hard. Let's just get that out of the way right now. Expect to die a lot. It can be selected right away, so you can play on Titan difficulty if you want to avoid having to replay the game. Doing so will also earn you the Vengeance Complete trophy.

The best tip I can offer here is to block. You might be able to escape certain situations without blocking on a lower difficulty, but not here. Learn the necessary timing to follow-up a block with a counter-attack. Keep an eye on your magic meter, and try to make sure you always have some available, just in case. Lastly, don't forget about the Bow of Apollo and Head of Helios. They're great defensive weapons that can buy you some much needed time to either create some distance, or get you to a nearby health chest.

Just remember that while you will probably encounter situations where it feels impossible to proceed, it's not. Challenging? Yes. Impossible? No. Every trophy tip I have provided in this guide was done so on Titan difficulty, so refer to them if you're stuck.

Collect all of the 'Godly Possessions'

Godly Possessions are items related to the games main characters. They offer perks in future playthroughs if you activate them, but you need to beat the game on the current difficulty first. They are represented by a flashing white dot, and all you need to do is walk up to them and press to retrieve them. Below is a list I have compiled detailing every item and where to find them. If you're more of a visual person, check out the video below, created by fellow member PowerPyx:
  1. Zeus' Eagle - In the Heart of Gaia. Before pulling out the column on the right side, climb it up to the very top.
  2. Hades' Helm - After defeating Hades, jump into the Styx river and swim all the way to the bottom. It is slightly to the right.
  3. Helios' Shield - After defeating Helios, search just to the right of his body, next to the wall.
  4. Hermes' Coin - After defeating Hermes, walk back to where the giant statue head. It's tucked away to the right of it.
  5. Hercules' Shoulder Guard - Swim to the very bottom of the pool, directly underneath Hercules' battered corpse.
  6. Poseidon's Conch Shell - In the room when you meet the Poseidon Princess face to face, on the upper-right step.
  7. Hephaestus' Ring - After defeating Hephaestus, jump over to the pool on the left and you'll see it on the steps.
  8. Aphrodite's Garter - Located directly behind her bed. Approach from the left side of her bed and double jump/glide to reach it.
  9. Daedalus' Schematics - Daedalus' Chamber. Pull the switch on the right to raise the platform and then fire the ballista at the gate, breaking it open. Run up the wall through the red portal using Hermes' Boots and pull the next switch; this will lower the cage holding the two chests. Go back through the red portal and fire the ballista again. It will travel through the blue portal, emerge from the red portal, and break open the cage.
  10. Hera's Chalice - Olympus (Hera's) Garden. This is the cup she throws on the ground during the cut-scene. Simply walk over and pick it up.

Toggle Spoiler

Beat the Labyrinth without dying or failing

The Labyrinth officially starts after the cut-scene with Daedalus, when you make your way up the side of the box and into its core. Use the save point that's here, and keep it as a backup in case you die and need to repeat it. The Nemean Cestus gloves work wonders for every battle in the Labyrinth, especially for crowd control, and I highly recommend them.

Activate the switch on the ground to rotate the room, spawning a group of enemies. Make the Cerberus your primary target, and wear it down until the button prompt appears over its head, enabling you to ride it. Now, use its flame attacks to kill everyone and proceed. Activate the next switch to spin the room and start the puzzle. Your goal here is to climb the wall on the left side behind the spikes and latch on to the ceiling, scaling to the upper part. Wait until the spikes have retracted and then go. When you're on the other set of spikes, move all the way to the right and wait until the two spike columns are done slamming against each other. Now jump to the right one and up onto the platform. Quickly jump onto the wall ahead and up and over to the left, dropping down onto the next spike column when it passes under you. Pull the switch here, drop down, and proceed.

In the next room, grab the block in front of you and drag it to the left, positioning it anywhere around the ground switch. Activate the switch to rotate the room, and the block will fall with it. Push the block up and align it with the switch on the right. Activate the ground switch to rotate the room back, and drag the newly positioned block onto the next switch, which is pressure-sensitive. This will keep the gate on the right open so you can exit. Use Hermes' Boots to run up the wall and continue on.

This next room can be a real pain if you're not careful and paying attention to your surroundings. The enemies themselves aren't hard to deal with, but the spikes on the floor are. Every so often you will see the tips of the spikes jut out from a section of the room, fully emerging seconds later. Make sure you're nowhere near these spikes, or it's game over. They will kill the enemies, however, so use this to your advantage. Once the Harpy appears, grab it with + before the entire floor fills with spikes. The room will rotate and you'll have more enemies to deal with. The spikes now emerge in groups of two, so be extra cautious. Deal with the enemies as you did before, except watch out for the Sirens. Their screams can temporarily paralyze you - never a good thing when you have spikes right underneath you. Grab the Harpy when it appears again and the room will rotate one final time, revealing the exit on your upper-right. Go through and smash the ice crystals with the gloves to rescue Pandora, earning you the Rescue Me trophy.

Move on until you reach a room with soldiers and Gorgons. Focus all of your attacks on the Gorgon until the mini-game prompt appears. Engage, complete it, and destroy any frozen enemies. Don't worry if you see Pandora getting attacked, as she can't die. When the battle is over, pull the switch on the wall and Pandora will crawl through the small opening and activate the switch. This next trap is rather easy. Climb the fence and scale over to the left, pulling the switch and allowing Pandora to escape the falling blades. Make sure you're pressing while climbing to get there faster, and you won't have anything to worry about.

For the next puzzle, where Pandora is trapped in a box filled with rising water, pull out the column on your left all the way and use Hermes' Boots to scale it. Run up to the wall, climb it, and jump across to your right, scaling along the ceiling to the top. Activate the switch to rotate the room and immediately hold down and press to get back up top quickly before the spikes reach you. Run to the back wall and climb it, jumping across to the right. Wait for the spiked column to drop and then quickly climb up, landing on top of the box Pandora is in. Pull the remaining switch to end the puzzle, and smash open the glass to rescue her.

When you leave, open the health and magic chests and use the save point and get ready for one massive battle. What lies ahead is borderline unfair, and a true testament to your fighting skills. You will enter a room with a seemingly endless spawn of enemies, ranging from Wraiths and Minotaurs, to Cerberus' and Cyclops, and everything in between. The Cestus gloves are your best friend here, as is Pandora. If you see enemies heading in her direction, leave them be and focus on any remaining ones. The last thing you want is to get overwhelmed by having everyone concentrate on you. One thing I've noticed is that the enemies that appear are completely random. During my first attempt I had to deal with a couple of Cyclops, Satyr's, Sirens, and Harpies, and died. Upon retrying, the hardest enemies thrown at me were Wraiths, and I breezed through it. It basically boils down to trial and error, so just keep at it and don't forget to use your magic and Rage of the Gods only when you need to.

Once you've killed everything, exit the room with Pandora and the trophy will unlock once you've reached the top. Congratulations! You've conquered one of the harder sections of the game, and earned a well-deserved gold trophy.

[top]Special Thanks

PowerPyx for his video contributions
DarkFox for certain hidden trophy info

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