Players: 1
Online Trophies: 0
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:
Estimated Time to Platinum: 5-10 Hours (Depending on Skill Level)
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 + clean up
Collectible Trophies: yes, ( Eye for an Eye, For the Birds)
Missable Trophies: yes, ( Heavy Hitter, Eye for an Eye, For the Birds, Hit Me Baby, Mutton For Punishment, Stoner, Old Softie, Cool Story Bro, Two Girls One Spartan, Collateral Damage)
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • When playing on Hard Mode, and evade are your best friends. Keep using block and evade and you will be fine.
  • Efreet is best against the bigger monsters, especially in Hard Mode. Spam it and you will defeat them faster.
  • Save frequently in case you miss something and need to go back to it.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


1. Start on Hard to get the main playthrough done.
You can get just about every trophy in the first playthrough if done correctly. You should be able to get all the Gorgon Eyes and Phoenix Feathers too.
I would recommend making a new save at every save point just in case you happen to miss something you don't have to start all over again.

2. Complete the Challenge of the Gods. There are a total of 5 Stages here. They are not completely hard.

3. If need be, start another easy playthrough for some clean up trophies that you may have missed. Or restart a save for them.


Above and Beyond
Collect all of the Trophies.

You know the drill. Gather all of the , , and trophies to obtain the

Piece of Cake
Beat the Challenge of the Gods

Challenge 1:
Fiery Fate
Burn 50 soldiers with the Efreet
  • Wait till you have 5 soldiers around you.
  • Press to jump then and to start the attack.
  • Watch for the Cyclopes and be sure to take them out quickly. If they kill a soldier, you fail.
  • If you use any other attack to kill a soldier, you will fail.
  • Once you have successfully burned 50 soldiers, you will pass and unlock Challenge 2.

Challenge 2:
Kill 20 Fire Guards without taking any damage.
  • The fireguards come running at you, swinging their blades. Jump to avoid them.
  • There are numerous attacks you can use. I choose to jump ( ) and then use to constantly hit them while for the most part staying in the air.
  • You can also use the gauntlet. For this I would recommend double jumping ( ) and holding and to slam down on the ground. This will make the enemies fall, get killed, and spread them out. Keep doing this while jumping around the board to avoid being hit.
  • When you have successfully killed 20 fireguards, you have won.

Challenge 3:
Life is Short
Defeat all enemies before your life depletes.
  • Here your life will continuously go down.
  • You will notice the few bodies on the wall, use them wisely.
  • The first to come out is a Minotaur. He is protected by armor so you must destroy that first to have any chance of hitting him. Use the Gauntlet. Use the to charge and strike. After the armor it shouldn't take that long to defeat him. If you use the at the end to defeat him it gives you just a tad bit more of life.
  • - After the Minotaur is a ton of birds. They get real annoying and seem never ending. There are multiple attacks you can use, you just have to find the right one.
    • will grab the birds and kill them. It's fast but may not be fast enough.
    • Your blades. Some of the attacks with your blade can take out numerous birds at once. You just have to experiment with one you like.
    • The Gauntlet. Use the combo to strike the birds, killing numerous ones at a time if they are lined up correctly.

  • After the birds are the “trolls”. They come out welding the big arrows. A simple move to kill them in one shot. The gauntlet move works well too.
  • During the whole battle, don't forget to use the bodies on the wall to replenish some of your health.
  • When all enemies are destroyed, Challenge 3 will be completed unlocking Challenge 4.

Challenge 4:
Crunch Time
Break all of the objects before time runs out.
  • Start by trying to go around the outside and destroy the bigger things such as the statues and madosusa masks. The gauntlet and strike attack works best here.
  • Then make your way to the things in the center. Using your blades or gauntlet, go around destroying everything. Try using the combo to destroy the things, remembering to tap too.
  • You only have 60 seconds so be fast and careful when doing this.
  • When you have successfully destroyed everything, Challenge 4 is finished and you have unlocked Challenge 5.

Challenge 5:
Epic Brawl
Kill all your Enemies
  • The good thing about this one, no time limit and no way to fail except when you die.
  • The first things to come out are the birds. So just keep swinging at them.
  • They are followed by the fireguards and more birds. Just keep jumping up and swinging, avoiding their blows.
  • Next would be the Medusa and more fireguards. Avoid the Medusa Stone stare. Keep rolling to avoid the green glare. I would suggest using the gauntlet and the attack to hit the enemies with a blow to the ground and damaging others around. This helps you stay off the ground.
  • Up next are the Cyclopes. They aren't too hard. Use the gauntlet and attack to strike them with force. About 3 hits each should do it with this attack.
  • After the Cyclopes it goes back in reverse. The Medusa comes out with the fireguards, and then the birds.
  • There are 2 chest in the area, one for magic and one for health. Use them wisely.
  • When you have completed Challenge 5 you have defeated them all.

Heavy Hitter
Execute a 1000-hit combo

The easiest and most efficient way of getting this trophy is on the last fight with the Basilisk on the bridge toward the start of the game. When the Basilisk is on top of the tower and his claws on the left hand side show , keep toward the door in front of you and keep spamming . Keep holding the forward button on the analog stick and spam until you get 1000 hits. You will not get hit if you keep the analog stick forward like your running through the door. It will take about 5 or 10 minutes to get to the full 1000 hit combo.

You will also get Hit Me Baby while going for this.

Here is an alternative method to get this trophy by gonebonkers;

Quote Originally Posted by gonebonkers View Post
I'd like to present the alternative way of getting either of the combo trophies.

after finishing the game you are awarded with the spud of war costume, which grants you infinite magic. start a new game while choosing said costume and get to the Persian king/general, your first boss.
firstly get rid of all the guards and then simply spam the Persian with efreet attack (the very same one you got from him).
give it a few minutes and you're done : )
How to by Powerpyx

Toggle Spoiler

Play the game with an unlocked costume

After completing the game, go to the main start menu. Select new game and then the difficulty you wish to play on. Once you have picked the difficulty, it will ask you to choose a costume. Choose a costume and start playing. You DO NOT have to play the whole game again, just within a few seconds of playing a new game the trophy will unlock.

You get different costumes from different things.

Bonus Costume 1
"Spud of War" potato costume
Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock.

Bonus Costume 2
"McKratos" kilt
Beat the game in God Mode to unlock.

Bonus Costume 3
"Mime of War" mime costume
Beat the Challenge of Hades to unlock.

God Mode: Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock.

It's Over Already?
Beat the game

Story Related. Can not be missed.

All you have to do is beat the game on Easy, Medium or Hard mode to get this Trophy

Getting Your Money's Worth
Beat the game (Hard Mode)

Story Related. Can not be missed. (if you start on Hard)

Just like It's Over Already?, beat the game on Hard Mode. If you beat the game on Hard Mode on your first playthrough, both difficulty trophies will unlock.

Horsing Around
Awaken All Three Horses

Story Related. Can not be missed.

There are three steeds you need to awaken. When you first see them you can't not do anything yet. So carry on through the level and find each steed to activate them. Each one requires you to use the Sun Shield to beam light at the statues. Once you have lit all three, you will find yourself back at the beginning where you first saw them. Turn each one to activate the cutscene where you are flying on the carriage with them. This will unlock the trophy.

Eye for an Eye
Collect all Gorgon Eyes.

The Shores of Attica
  • None

The Gates of Attica
  • Gorgon Eye #1: Right as you get to the gates, after defeating the monster, go to the left and onto the platform. Open the Chest for the Gorgon Eye. You can also break the crate to grab a red orb.
  • Gorgon Eye #2: After defeating some more archers with flaming arrows you will notice a wooden tower To the left. Break down the front of it to reveal a ladder. Go up the ladder inside and get to the third floor. Here you will find another chest containing a Gorgon Eye.

Fallen Stronghold
  • Phoenix Feather #1
  • Gorgon Eye #3: Head down the path and kill the archers with the flaming arrows. There are two chests on the left containing Green orbs and a Gorgon Eye.

Siege of Attica
  • Gorgon Eye #4: This one can only be collected if you have obtained the Trophy Collateral Damage, in which you have fired the cross bow at the building in the beginning. If so, when you get to the platform after the Persian King battle, go across the ramp to the chest.
  • Phoenix Feather #2

The Basilisk Strikes
  • None
  • Phoenix Feather #3

Cliffs of Marathon
  • Gorgon Eye #5: Go through the gate and open the chest to the immediate left for a Gorgon Eye
  • Phoenix Feather #4
  • Phoenix Feather #5

The Steed Shrine
  • None

Temple of Helios
  • Gorgon Eye#6: When the cutscene ends, head left and through the water to find the chest with the Gorgon Eye inside.
  • Phoenix Feather #6

Grand Hallway
  • Phoenix Feather #7
  • Gorgon Eye #7: After the cut scene where Eos tells you that the Titan Atlas has been released, go to the opposite side of where you are standing to see the light on the ground where you press . Pull down the pillar and walk across it. From there walk down towards the bottom of the screen to find the Chest.
  • Gorgon Eye #8: When you reach the room with the throne, destroy the throne to obtain the Sun Shield. Defeat the enemies that appear and go up the stairs either left or right. The room at the top has three chests, one with a Gorgon Eye.

The Throne Room
  • Phoenix Feather #8
  • Gorgon Eye #9: Right before you go into the doorway leading to the Caves of Olympus, a small cur scene will appear showing you where you need to go. After the cut scene head to the right to the chest containing the Gorgon Eye.

The Caves of Olympus
  • Gorgon Eye #10: Jump into the water and head to the right to find a small platform with a Gorgon Eye chest.
  • Phoenix Feather #9
  • Gorgon Eye #11: After the cut scene where Eos tells Kratos about finding the remaining steeds, go to the left and open the chest for the Gorgon Eye.

Guardians of the Fire
  • Phoenix Feather #10
  • None

Return to Helios
  • Phoenix Feather #11
  • None

Temple Courtyard
  • Gorgon Eye #12: After you have fought off the Hyperion armor and other enemies, go to the bottom left side of the room to find the Gorgon Eye.
  • Phoenix Feather #12
  • Gorgon Eye #13: After you have beamed the light at the horse statue, use the crank to travel to the bottom of the temple. Find the last ramp and go through the door. Head up and continue left and keep going till you reach the staircase. When you get to the top go behind the pillars to find the Gorgon Eye.

Release of the Steeds
  • None


The Falls of Oceanum
  • Gorgon Eye #14: After you ride the Steeds to Hades, go straight to the patch of climbable wall. Go up then over then drop down on the platform. Double jump to the next platform to the side. In about the center of the path there is another patch of climbable rock and go to the left for the Gorgon eye.
  • Phoenix Feather #13
  • Gorgon Eye #15: At the top of the path you will encounter a few Cyclopes and other enemies, kill them all. Jump across to the other side on the left and defeat the harpies here. When they are defeated go to the top of the screen and break through the wall to find the Gorgon Eye.

Ruins of Asphodel
  • Phoenix Feather #14
  • Gorgon Eye #16: After you pass the big tree and defeat the enemies, go back to the beginning and go through the newly opened door. Follow the path and run up the stairs to the room. There you will find the Gorgon Eye. (if you have found the other 15 before now, this will only have orbs in it)

The Dock of Charon
  • None
  • Phoenix Feather #15

The Depths of Tartarus

  • None

There are a total of 15 Gorgon Eyes.

For the Birds
Collect all the Phoenix Feathers.

The Shores of Attica
  • None

The Gates of Attica
  • Gorgon Eye #1
  • Gorgon Eye #2:
  • None

Fallen Stronghold
  • Phoenix Feather #1: In the room with the crank in the middle, head to the far side to find the ladder. Go up the ladder and find the first chest containing the Feather.
  • Gorgon Eye #3

Siege of Attica
  • Gorgon Eye #4
  • Phoenix Feather #2: Right after you collect Gorgon Eye #4 head to the next platform and jump across. Once you kill the archers, go open the chest for the Feather.

The Basilisk Strikes
  • None
  • Phoenix Feather #3: Right after the save point, go down the hallway and get the chest for the next Feather.

Cliffs of Marathon
  • Gorgon Eye #5
  • Phoenix Feather #4: After the cut scene where Kratos leaves the city, go to the nearby chest for the feather.
  • Phoenix Feather #5: After you have lit the cart on fire and pushed it through the fog a bit, stop to kill the archer on the left. By him is a chest with a Feather inside.

The Steed Shrine
  • None

Temple of Helios

  • Gorgon Eye#6
  • Phoenix Feather #6: After the cut scene where Kratos is talking with Athena, go through the courtyard and up the stairs then into the building. Go to the elevator and ride it up, beware of the enemies waiting for you. On the right of the elevator, go down the stairs to find the feather.

Grand Hallway
  • Phoenix Feather #7: Go to the left of the statue to enter the Grand Hallway. Continue down the hallway until you reach the balcony. Go down the stairs on the right side and then turn left to find the chest containing the Feather.
  • Gorgon Eye #7:
  • Gorgon Eye #8:

The Throne Room
  • Phoenix Feather #8: As you are working on lighting the steed, you pull out two stairs. Instead of going up, go to the left side and into the space there to get to the other side of the wall. Go to the right side of the platform and look for the chest with the Feather.
  • Gorgon Eye #9:

The Caves of Olympus
  • Gorgon Eye #10:
  • Phoenix Feather #9: Dive down into the water and head to the right. Here you will see a door way in which you must charge dive to break. Continue heading through the path underwater until you find a second set of bars blocking a door way. Break them and look down to find the chest with the Feather inside the spaces.
  • Gorgon Eye #11:

Guardians of the Fire
  • Phoenix Feather #10: When you obtain the power of Helios Reflect, take out the Guardians of Fire and the enemies that spawn in the spaces across from you. When all are defeated run though the doorway to the left and turn left where you will find a chest with a Feather.
  • None

Return to Helios
  • Phoenix Feather #11: After your ride up the platform and destroy the harpies that are attacking you, head up the stairs and to go the second set of stairs. Go up them and then head to the bottom of the screen for the chest with the Feather.
  • None

Temple Courtyard
  • Gorgon Eye #12:
  • Phoenix Feather #12: When you get to the one crank, it will reveal an elevator. Take the elevator down to the bottom of the temple and go down the flaming ramp. To the left you will find the chest with the Feather.
  • Gorgon Eye #13:

Release of the Steeds
  • None


The Falls of Oceanum
  • Gorgon Eye #14:
  • Phoenix Feather #13: After your fight with the Gorgons go through the door way and to the bottom of the screen. Move the statue to get to the climbable wall. At the bottom jump across the ledge to the right and the path will take you to another chest with a feather.
  • Gorgon Eye #15:

Ruins of Asphodel
  • Phoenix Feather #14: Once you have pushed down the pillar, go to the other side and climb the ledge. To the left is a wall that has a Feather.
  • Gorgon Eye #16:

The Dock of Charon
  • None
  • Phoenix Feather #15: When you die or get Charons health half way he will throw you over board. When you awaken you will be chained up, so break out and head down the path to find a save point and the last Feather. (if you collected all up to here, this should be your last Feather)

The Depths of Tartarus

  • None

There are a total of 15 Phoenix Feathers.

You Complete Me
Completely upgrade all weapons and magic.


The Blades of Chaos

Level 2
  • Icarus Lift - While in the air, press X to gain more height
  • Hyperion Ascension - Hole Triangle to launch enemies and jump into the air
  • Orion's Harpoon - Press O while enemy is airborne to slam them back to the ground
  • Plume of Prometheus - A quick and powerful combo ending in a fiery finish

Upgrade Cost: 2650 Red Orbs

Level 3
  • Cyclone of Chaos - Rapidly swing your blades, hitting all surrounding enemies multiple times
  • Spirit of Hercules - A powerful but slow combo with an explosive finish that launches enemies into the air
  • Valor of Hercules - A powerful but slow combo that sends enemies flying back
  • Hyperion Might - Hold Square to slash your blades in an arc

Upgrade Cost: 4850 Red Orbs

Level 4
  • Rampage of the Furies - Focus your rage on one enemy with this multiple hit attack
  • Hermes Rush - While evading, hold Square to slam you shoulder into an enemy
  • Hermes Rise - While evading, hold Triangle to deliver an uppercut to launch enemies

Upgrade Cost: 8750 Red Orbs

Level 5
  • Tartarus Rage - Swing your blades down onto multiple enemies, launching them into the air

Upgrade Cost: 11250 Red Orbs

The Gauntlet of Zeus - This weapon was once used by Zeus to enchain the Titans
Strength of Zeus - Hole and then release attack buttons to power attacks for crushing damage

Level 2
Upgrade Cost: 3750 Red Orbs
  • Olympic Strike - A devastating blow that sends enemies flying back
  • Hermes Cross - While evading, hold Square to punish your enemies with a fierce counterattack
  • Hermes Revenge - While evading, hold Triangle to launch enemies into the air with an aerial shoulder slam

Upgrade Cost: 10250 Red Orbs

Level 3
  • Lightning Run - Initiate a running charge to cover ground quickly
  • Lightning Thrash - During a Lightning Run, press Square to deliver lethal jolts to enemies in front of you
  • Lightning Surge - During a Lightning Run, press Triangle to launch enemies into the air with an uppercut
  • Lightning Thrash - While airborne, deliver lethal jolts to enemies below you
  • Olympic Thunder - A powerful but slow concussion that launches surrounding enemies into the air

Upgrade Cost- 10250 Red Orbs


Efreet - Summon the Fury of this ancient creature to destroy your enemies
  • Demon Fury - The fiery Efreet slams the ground, burning enemies in a wide radius

Level 2
  • Demon Inferno - After slamming the ground, rapidly tap O to burn enemies for more damage

Upgrade Cost: 3500 Red Orbs

Level 3
  • Demon Rage - Increased damage

Upgrade Cost: 10000 Red Orbs

Light of Dawn - Attack enemies from a distance with the power of the sun

Level 2
  • Solar Flare - Hurl orbs of light at your enemies

Upgrade Cost: 2250 Red Orbs

Level 3
  • Radiant Sun - While holding R, hold Square and release to charge the light for more damage

Upgrade Cost: 6250 Red Orbs

Charon's Wrath - Wield Charon's enchanted mask to annihilate your enemies
Charon's Wrath - Cast the flames of Charon's pyre that can spread to multiple enemies

Level 2
  • Strike additional enemies

Upgrade Cost: 3000 Red Orbs

Level 3
  • Strike additional enemies

Upgrade Cost: 7000 Red Orbs


Sun Shield - Allows you to reflect enemies' attacks, projectiles, and beams
Helios Reverse - Press L before being hit to reflect an attack

Level 2
  • Helios Flash - After a parry, press Square to counter with a quick strike
  • Helios Offensive - After a parry, press Triangle to counter with a heavy overhead attack

Upgrade Cost: 1500 Red Orbs

Level 3
  • Helios Reflect - To repel enemy projectiles, tap L immediately before the projectile connects

Upgrade Cost: Free

Hit Me Baby
Execute a 200-hit combo.

See Heavy Hitter

Mutton for Punishment
Slit 50 Satyr throats.

Right after the Charon fight, you will dock up to the Temple of Persophone. As soon as you dock, Satyr will start spawning. Use the weapon of your choice, but Gauntlet of Zeus is the better choice. Hit them until appears and hit the mini game. Do this until there is 1 enemy left then kill yourself. Rinse and repeat until the trophy sounds.

Inside the temple there are two really good spots for this as well. When you come across the hall way the Medusa masks on the wall. Walk a bit into the hallway and break the first Medusa mask to give you room to work. Satyr and Birds will now start to spawn. Focus on the birds right now so that they are not in your way. Then focus on the Satyr. Attack the Satyr until the appears over them. Hit to start the attack and move the analog stick in the direction show. When there is one left, die and repeat.

Parry 50 attacks.

This is a pretty simple trophy. To Parry, all you have to do is hit the right before an enemy is attacking you. It will knock the enemy back and you have perfect chance to kill him. Do this 50 times and you will get the trophy. Sun Shield is required to obtain this trophy

Break Out the Stone Statues 5 Times in a Row

This is another simple trophy. You will start seeing Medusa enemies as soon as you go down to the Underworld after you have freed the Steeds on top of The Temple of Helios. The Medusa's will shine a green ray at you and turn you into stone. As soon as they turn you into stone, simply mash the and buttons to free yourself. And repeat this 5 times and the trophy will come up.

This can also be done in the last Temple. As you are going through the temple you come across hallways filled with mask. Defeat the enemies first so that they can not hit you when you are turned to stone. Then stand in front of one, get turned to stone, break out and repeat 5 times.

Old Softie
Don't Push Away Calliope For One Minute

When you get to the area after losing all your power, you will be reunited with your daughter. After a cutscene you are given the option to press to push her off your leg. BUT instead just put the controller down for a minute and wait. After a minute has passed the trophy is unlocked.

Cool Story Bro
Watch the movie "Atlas and Persephone" three times

This is the movie right before you fight Persephone. She transforms and flies to the pillar, taking you with her. All you have to do is die 3 times to restart at the checkpoint before the cutscene. Do this three times and the trophy will unlock.

All Beam Walks Completed
Finish all beam walks.

Story Related. Can not be missed.
As you enter into the Castle you will go up the Wooden Tower to the top. Knock down the wall and head to the right where the floor is broken. You cross over the one beam there to get to the other side. If you slip off, just hit to leap back up. Once on the other side the trophy will pop.

Man Overboard
Defend the Shores of Attica.

Story Related. Can not be missed.
The game starts you off on the Shores. Defeat the enemies attacking you and go over to the wooden launcher. Hold to prepare it and let go. Once you hit the ship with the launcher you will get the trophy.

Big Spender
Upgrade any weapon.

This is fairly easy. As you run through the first level, killing enemies, breaking crates and opening red chest gives you red orbs. Collect enough of these and hit the button to open the upgrade menu. Press on the weapon you wish to upgrade. When the red meter reaches the other side the weapon will then be upgraded.

Fare Thee Well
Kill Charon, the Ferryman

Story Related. Can not be missed.

Charon is the man running the boat. This is the second encounter with him for this trophy, not the first.
There are Four Phases to this fight,

Phase 1:
This one is the same as the first encounter. You just have to keep hitting him until his health is about halfway.
He uses two attacks here.

  1. He will swing his Scythe at you. This can easily be blocked with your shield. Be sure when you are attacking him, you use small combos, the Gauntlet or magic.
  2. He will throw glowing orbs at you. These can be reflected right back at him. He has three of them so watch out because it is one after another.

He will eventually hop on to the upper deck and regain all his health. Run under him and with your Gauntlet destroy one of the pillars. Do this fast so that he does not have time to regain all his health.

Phase 2:

This is a bit more difficult than Phase 1. Here Charon will use a new attack, Charon's Wrath. Here he will use 4 attacks, the new one included.
  1. Swinging his Scythe again. As before, either block it or stay away from him.
  2. The green orbs occasionally. And again, just reflect them back at him.
  3. The Charon's Wrath. You can dodge this attack but it is best just to stay a distance away from him, This attack greatly damages you. It makes you stop for a few seconds while doing damage to you.
  4. While on the pillar he will regain health as well as when he is finished shoot a huge green wall from the upper deck. If you have the right timing you can block this, if not, it will do some serious damage to you.

Every time he goes to the upper deck, destroy a pillar beneath him. There are three in the total. When the third one is destroyed, get ready for Phase 3.

Phase 3:
Here he only uses two attacks.
  1. He uses the orbs again. Just reflect them back at him.
  2. He wraps around the board and when he appears has a small ring of green come out. Can easily be dodged by stay away from him. When he warps to the center though a bigger ring of green comes out so jump over it and his Scythe will be stuck in the ground. This gives you a chance to attack him fast.

After all this, you will impale Charon to the wall with his own Scythe. This will start the final Phase. Phase 4.

Phase 4:
When you go to grab the mask, Charon will release himself and start to float above the deck. He will shoot the orbs at you so just reflect them. Once he falls down to the ground a mini game will start. Hit the corresponding buttons to beat Charon.

Swing Batter
Cause the Basilisk to retreat

Story Related. Can not be missed.
The Basilisk is a big Dragon looking creature you meet in the beginning of the game. Just keep swinging your blades at him and dodging his attacks. Once his health is low enough, a "mini game" will activate where you just have to press the coordinating buttons.

It goes

then it will show you a beam. Hit by the beam to pick it up and swing it at the beast.

Dead Beat Dad
Push Away Calliope

Story Related. Can not be missed.

In the Fields of Elysium, right before you get your powers back, Kratos makes the decision to go after Persophone. When prompted to, mash to push Calliope away. After you have pushed her away for the last time, the trophy will unlock

Tree Hugger
Sacrifice Powers

Story Related. Can not be missed.

In the Groves of Persophone is where you meet Persophone for the first time. You will watch a long cut scene here. After the cut scene, Kratos will throw his powers into the tree. Follow the mini games and after the last mini game, the trophy will unlock.

Hades Needs a New Wife
Kill Persophene

Story Related. Can not be missed.

The Persephones battle comes in three phases.

Phase One:

The Gauntlet is best used here as the combo's are shorter than the blades giving you more time to block her attacks. Use the Gauntlet to hit her 2-3 times then either roll-jump or run away as she will attack you back.
She uses 2 attacks here:
  1. She runs up to you and swings at you
  2. She kicks a rock at you.

The rock does a lot of damage so be sure to always pay attention and dodge the rocks.
The best method I had for this was to hit her 2-3 times with the Gauntlet and then jump away. Jumping keeps you off the ground and away from her strikes.

Once you get her down to half health a small cutscene is activated.

Phase 2:

This is the mini game in the cut scene. Atlas comes and tries to swat you. You have to push the corresponding buttons to chain Atlas in place. After this is completed you will be completely healed.

Phase 3:

Here Persephone appears on top of one of the pillars. She is out of your range for your weapons but not for your magic. Here she has three different attacks.

She has a ball of green light she throws at you.
  • When she throws the ball at you, hit to reflect it back at her, turning her to stone. Then you can now run up to her and attack. Use the and button to do the most damage when she is stoned. Gradually, as you reflect the green balls at her, she will return fire and reflect back at you. So keep your guard up and get ready for if she returns fire to reflect again. This can go up to three times.

A beam of green light.
  • This beam will turn you to stone if you are hit. Run and roll to avoid the lighting.

Green pillars from the ground.
  • These will trap you if they catch you, hitting you repeatability. If you are caught in one, roll out of it. These beams track your steps, so keep moving to avoid them.

The Golden circle in the middle of the floor does nothing right now, so ignore it as you fight.

Not much longer into the battle now will Persephone fall to the ground. Now is the time to stand in the Golden circle and get your shield out with . Keep hitting to direct the sunlight at her. Careful because some more buttons will pop up as she gets closer, so hit the corresponding buttons to defeat her.

Atlas in Chains
Chain the Titan, Atlas

Story Related. Can not be missed.

After the first initial fight with Persophone, she will summon Atlas to start attacking you. Follow the mini-game to chain Atlas to the world and after the mini-game is complete, trophy will sound.

Back At Ya
Finish Parry Puzzle

Story Related. Can not be missed.
As soon as you grab the Primordial Flame from the Guardians of Fire, they will immediately come to life and start shooting flame balls at you. Immediately press to reflect it back to destroy the statues. Do this to all 3 statues and the trophy will sound.

Merman's Delite
Acquire the Triton Lance

Story Related. Can not be missed.
At the beginning of the chapter, The Caves of Olympus, a mini-cut scene will show you a path that you need to follow. After the cut scene, you will grab a chest with a Gorgon eye and then head back to the wall. Climb the wall and grab the Triton’s Lance from the statue shown in the scene.

Morpheus Defeated
Push Flaming Cart to the Top

Story Related. Can not be missed.
When you are going through the Cliffs of Marathon, defeat all of the enemies in the area and then grab the torch that you see being held on by a statue of a soldier toward the middle of the area. Take the torch and go over to the cart on the right side of the area and hit when prompted to. This will light the cart on fire and you will begin to push the cart through the rest of the cliffs. There are a few enemies here, so dispatch of them quick and get back on the cart and push it to the top of the mountain. As soon as you get to the top, the trophy will pop up.

Collateral Damage
Find Ballista Secret

This is a bit tricky if you do not know what you are looking for. This is in the first level. After you defeat the Persian King, go to the left side. When you get up to the top of the platform it will focus in on two ladders and tell you how to knock them over. You will see the Basilisk on top of a building. Instead of directing the spear gun at him, direct in in the middle at the buildings. Pull it and let go to blow the one building up, thus getting you the trophy.

Location of the Ballista by Powerpyx

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Two Girls One Spartan
Entertain the Persian Harem

After defeating the Persian King, you will come across enemies afterwards. Defeat those enemies and save on the left. Go through door on right and you will see two naked women lying on a pallet on the floor. Go up to the women and press to start the mini-game. Successfully complete the mini-game and you will receive the trophy.

Kill the Basilisk

Story Related. Can not be missed.
This is the last battle you will encounter with the Basilisk, He ends your run through Attica. It's a bit more difficult now then it was previous.

First he will keep swinging his head at you to try to knock into you. Roll backwards to avoid the attacks.
Once you hit him enough times he will go back a bit and use a flame thrower at you. Jump up to avoid this.
After doing this about 3 times, he will climb up the wall and shoot fire balls at you. Keep running out of their way until you reach the wall and hit to go through the mini game. Turn the left joystick slowly with the picture to pull the Basilisk down and pull the tower down on him.
Go through the same process as above to make him go up the wall the pull him down again followed by the tower.
Go through the fight process one more time before have to go through an interactive cut-scene which will kill him once and for all.

Persian History X
Kill the Persian King

Story Related. Can not be missed.
The Persian King is found within the Castle. He is the Big Persian. Keep swinging at him and dodging his attacks. He is slow so maneuvering around him is easy. Kill the enemies that spawn while moving around the Persian King. They are more of an annoyance.

He will come towards you swinging just his blade twice, one swing after another. Just dodge, then hit.
He will come towards you swinging a fire blade. Same as above, dodge then hit.
He will glow fire red and release to send a circle of fire around him. Stay your distance, then after he is done, go in for more hits.

Once his health is low hit when prompt to. This brings you into a "mini game". Press rapidly then follow the button sequence.

Chain Gang
Break the Chains of Tartarus

Story Related. Can not be missed.
After you are sent down into the depth of the Underworld from Charon, you are imprisoned in Tartarus. Simply hit + to break free. After you are out of the chains, the trophy will sound.

Bow Down
Move the Titan, Hyperion

Story Related. Can not be missed.

At the very end of Jails of Tartarus, there are 2 switches that you will enable, one leads to a chest of orbs and the other to Hyperion. Enable both of them and head over toward Hyperion. The first switch is on the floor as soon as you enter the cave. Flip it and it will release a part of Hyperion's head from the wall. Next, climb the wall and head over to the cliff nearby and flip that switch. This will release Hyperion from the wall that he is attached to and break the wall that will lead to the next area.

Almost There...
Run Across the Long Chain

Story Related. Can not be missed.

After you released Hyperion, you will go down a series of jumps and head to the chains that you will crank toward the area you need to go. As soon as you get through both of the crank mini games, you will be at the long chain that you need to run across. Hit to straighten the chain out and simply run across it. DING! Trophy is yours!

The Power Glove
Acquire Gauntlet of Zeus

Story Related. Can not be missed.

In the Temple of Zeus, after you defeated all of the enemies, there will be a shiny spot on the ground in the center in front of a statue of Zeus. Hit to pull down the Gauntlet of Zeus and the trophy will be yours.

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