Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: Online Co-op
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 1-2 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 3
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: Not really. If you miss one, just start a new game. The game is short.

[top]Tips & Strategies

  1. The Dwarf is the the best choice for the "no deaths/continues" trophies. His max level magic attacks take less potions to level up, and his axe has a sustainable range. The Barbarian is also a good choice, as he is a fairly evened-out character.
  2. The Cockatrice has a powerful tail attack.
  3. The Pink Dragon is key for getting through stage 5 unscathed.
  4. Pressing/going forward twice makes your character break out in a run. Attack while running for a cool damaging move. The move can also be useful knocking enemies off creatures.
  5. Attacks, enemy or yours, only connect in the same plane, so running around in circles can actually be tactical.
  6. Repeatedly attack thieves. They can escape fast, but if you're faster, you can smack more potions out of them.
  7. Attacking by fallen creatures can be useful, as enemies will always look for creatures to ride on.
  8. Never give up a rideable creature if available.
  9. Every other stage [stage 2, 4, etc] is a bonus stage for getting extra potions or food, where you'll get invaded by some thieves, and you can't die (unless your friend dislikes you), so keep that in mind for your "no deaths" level trophies.
  10. Friendly Fire is always engaged, meaning your attacks can hurt your friend in multiplayer.
  11. "Rapid Fire" can be engaged or disengaged from the Options menu. "Rapid Fire" is basically instead of repeatedly pressing for attacks, you can just hold for a continuous stream of melee attacks, which can be useful.

[top]Character Overviews

Tyris Flare [Amazonian]= Tyris is somewhat of a difficult character. Her melee damage is the weakest, but her magic the strongest. Even though her magic is powerful, it costs nine potions to completely level up it. Use her cautiously.

Ax Battler [Barbarian]= Ax Battler is a "middle-of-the-road" character, with his melee and magic being to most even of the three. He's a good beginner choice. His magic takes six potions to entirely level up.

Gilius Thunderhead [Dwarf]= Gilius has melee prowess, but his magic-damage is the weakest. He's a good choice nonetheless, and in my opinion, is the best of the three, and his magic takes only four potions to entirely level up.


1. Magic Power Trophies/Omni-Character/Cockatrice
Play through the game as each character, up until each point you can use each max level magic attack, riding the Cockatrice at least once.

2. Reach stages without dying
Next, go for the trophies for reaching stages without dying.

3. No continues
Now, beat the game without continuing

4. Offline Play
Complete the game with two offline players

5. The Only Online Trophy
Reach 100% in Golden Axe's trophies by completing an online game.


Ride the cockatrice

The Cockatrice is the purple animal an enemy rides in the first level. Simply knock the enemy off the Cockatrice, then move onto it to ride it, and the trophy will ping.

Omni Character
Play as every character

From the beginning of the game you choose one of three characters. Just start a game as each one to pop the trophy.You don't even have to finish the level.

Turtle Village
Choose any character and reach Turtle Village (Stage 3) without dying once

This is easy with the Dwarf, but any character will do.
Set the options to 5 Energy and 5 Lives when you start the game.
Here's a trophy which brings out the best in the save system. You can just save after every battle, or just go right through. Do as you wish, just don't die until Stage 3 is reached.

Amazon Magic
Perform the Level 6 magic attack with the Amazon

To perform a magic attack, press
First, choose the Amazon as your starting character. Then collect nine potions to completely level up your magic. Press to summon the mighty dragon and the dragon will cough up the trophy.

Dwarf Magic
Perform the Level 3 magic attack with the Dwarf

To perform a magic attack, press
First, choose the Dwarf as your starting character. Then collect four potions to completely level up your magic. Press to summon the magic and the trophy.

Barbarian Magic
Perform the Level 4 magic attack with the Barbarian

To perform a magic attack, press
First, choose the Barbarian as your starting character. Then collect six potions to completely level up your magic. Press to summon the magic and this trophy.

Collect three potions from a thief or party of thieves

Thieves are the little guys that have an annoying laugh with sacks on their backs.
First off, this is not accumulated. It's in one thief or band of thieves.
Most of the time, thieves will drop two or three, sometimes four or five.
If you haven't gotten this by Stage 9, there are three or four thieves before the Death Adder fight, dropping two or three potions each, so you should be fine.

Choose any character and reach 'Across the Sea' (Stage 5) without dying once

Like Turtle Village, only no dying until Stage 5.
When they say "no dying", they really mean no dying. That means if you lose a single life before Stage 5, the trophy is dead. Review the Tips and Strategies section for help.

Co-op Win
Beat the game in local Co-op mode

This can be done with one player and two controllers.
If you like couch co-op, and happen to have a friend handy, you'll probably have a lot of fun with this trophy. There's no saving in two-player, so this is in one sitting.
If you don't have any friends to help, this can be done by one player with two controllers.
If you only have one controller, SirDrRoger had a solution for you.
Quote Originally Posted by SirDrRoger View Post
The Local Coop can be done with only one controller.

The way I did it.

1. Start up the game and go to Multiplayer and select Local Coop.
2. Press PS Button and go Settings on XMB.
3. Go to down to Accessory Settings and the second choice should be Reassign Controllers.
4. Select it and reassign controller 1 to controller 2, then press the PS Button again and press X for Player 2 to join the game.
5. Then just start the game playing as both characters switching back and forth until you beat the game.

Some quick notes
- You can kill off Player 1 and not have him continue if you want but I found it easier to use Player 1 as bait for the enemies to attack.
- If you don't kill off Player 1, then be prepare to do alot of switching.
- If one of the Players is going to die, switch to it and Press X so you continue with it.
- Never press Start. If you wanna pause the game just hit the PS Button.

This took me roughly half an hour to finish. So it is possible.

Just putting this out there for anyone who doesn't have 2 controllers.

Online Co-op
Complete an online Co-op game

This shouldn't be too difficult. Just start up an online game or join one. Just complete the game session to pop the trophy. You could even just kill off both players and still achieve the trophy. If you need a boosting partner check here:
Golden Axe Boosting Thread
If you choose to do this without killing off both players, you'll get this before the fight with Death Adder.

Beat the game

Simple enough. Beat all stages to complete the game. If you lose all your lives, press to continue. Review the Tips and Strategies section to find well, tips and strategies.

Perfect Win
Beat the game without continuing

This trophy sounds evil, but it doesn't have to be difficult. Using the save system really helps, along with changing your options before the game to 5 Lives and 5 Energy.
Make sure to review the Tips and Strategies section for help. If you want a partner, check out this: Golden Axe Boosting Thread

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