Gotham City Impostors is a multiplayer online Playstation network game set in Gotham City where up to 12 players can battle it out in game modes such as capture the flag and death matches. Gamers can create their very own Bats and Jokerz characters using customization options including insane costumes, home brewed gadgets and a wide range of traditional and imagined weapons.



Players: 1 - 12
Online Trophies: All trophies require you to play online.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 35 + hrs.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1+
Collectible Trophies: Slap happy , Weapon specialist , Shower of gold , Gearhead , Nemesaurus , Kill crazy , Total victory
Missable Trophies: None.
Glitched Trophies: N/A
Special Equipment Required: None.
Online Pass Required: No.

[top]Tips & Strategies

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  • Zoom/Aim -
  • Gadget -
  • Fire -
  • Support Item -
  • Swap Weapon -
  • Crouch -
  • Jump -
  • Reload -
  • Aim/Melee -
  • Move/Sprint -
  • Activate Rampage -
  • Drop Battery -
  • Scoreboard -
  • Menu -


When you start the game you will have an option to create a WBID ,which stands for Waner Bros ID. Creating a WBID is free and easy but optional but you will benefit from the following if you do sign up:
  • Unlock the in-game digital camo weapon skin.
  • Track,compare and share stats online.
  • Form online clans with your friends and own gotham city.
  • Complete in-game challenges to win bonus content.
  • Get the latest on downloadable content.

PSN Store:

You can purchase calling card backgrounds, consumables, costumes and mascots for a small price to use during the game. The consumables are the only ones that will benefit your gameplay as you can purchase double XP for you or your team.

Level Unlocks:

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[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

There are reports that some users are having problems downloading the full version of this game. The game developer requests that you contact them via their official website to report any errors.


Step 1 - Complete the initiation to get fimilar to the controls - Initated
Step 2 - Complete a game of gotham city impostors - Thanks for playing
Step 3 - Continue to play gotham city impostors until you reach level 3 and unlock a locked loadout - Customizer
Step 4 - Comeplete all weapon and support or gadget feats - Weapon specialist , Gearhead
Step 5 - Complete the challenges mode - Shower of gold
Step 6 - Clean up any missed trophies - Kill crazy , Slap happy , Nemesaurus , Hero of the hour , Total victory
Step 7 - Continue to play gotham city impostors until you reach level 100 and accept your first promotion - Prestigious


Complete the Initiation mission.

This is an introduction into the game where you need to complete several small tasks where it allows you to get use to the game controls, weapons, support items and gadgets. The introduction will run through shooting tagets with your rifle and the catapult. You will be shown how to grapple, roller skate, use you spring boots, your glider cape, timed bombs and your boomerang. The introdution should take around 6 minutes to complete and once you've completed all the tasks the trophy will be yours.

The video below goes through what you need to complete in the initiation.

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Slap Happy
Kill 50 enemy players using the panic-slap melee attack.

The best place to get this trophy is whilst playing psych warfare . If the opponents manage to capture a point you will notice your screen will be surrounded with multiple colours with music meaning your in happy mode. Whilst in this mode press and you will see that both of your arms are out in front of you moving up and down in a slapping motion.

You need to happy slap 50 emenies causing them to die whilst in this mode to get this trophy.

Accept your first Promotion.

You need to get to level 100 to get this trophy and player advancement caps every 100 levels. You will have to accept a promotion to earn more experience and continue leveling up. Accepting a promotion resets any loadout items you've unlocked as well as most of your feats of prowess, so be sure you're ready before proceeding. Promotions WONT reset costumes,weapon paint jobs, calling card elements, or any equipment you've purchased through the playstation store.

You can earn extra xp by purchasing double xp from the playstation store, completing all the challenges, finishing in the top 3 on each match and completing the feat objectives.

Once you accept your first promption you will also unlock the first mascot which follow you around in the game but is optional.

Complete all feats related to a particular gadget or support item.

You can access the feats required on each gadget once you reached level 15 and level 18 for support items. The requirements will only start counting once you reached the required level to unlock it and not before. Go to the gadget or support feats option and scroll down the list and select any item to view the requirements and below is one example.

Glider Rig Gadget
  • Glide a certain distance without landing.
  • Stay aloft for a cetain amount of time.
  • Win a certain amount of dive bomb duels.
  • Thwart a certian amount of bomb attacks.
  • Kill a certian amount of enemies using dive bombs.
  • Glide a certain distance.
The trophy will be yours once you have completed all the requirements for any one gadget or support item.

Shower of Gold
Earn 50 gold medals in Challenge mode.

To get this trophy you will need to complete the below challenges and collect 50 gold medals. Each challenge rewards you with either bronze, silver or gold medals and you will earn extra xp that will be added to your online overall score. You can aquire enough gold medals just by completing all the basic and intermediate challenges on all maps as there are 75 gold medals in total.

Below are the times needed to get a gold medal on each challenge and there are some videos to help you if you need any tips.

Ace Chemical Challenges

Ace Chemical Grapple 1 - 8 secs
Ace Chemical Glider 1 - 14 secs
Ace Chemical Skate 1 - 12.5 secs
Ace Chemical Spring 1 - 13 secs
Ace Chemical Insoles - 13 secs

Ace Chemical Grapple 2 - 28 secs
Ace Chemical Glider 2 - 27 secs
Ace Chemical Skate 2 - 34 secs
Ace Chemical Spring 2 - 35 secs
Ace Chemical Insoles 2 - 33 secs

Ace Chemical Grapple 3 - 45 secs
Ace Chemical Glider 3 - 55 secs
Ace Chemical Skate 3 - 53 secs
Ace Chemical Spring 3 - 45 secs
Ace Chemical Insoles 3 - 44 secs

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The Docks Challenges

The Docks Grapple 1 - 8 secs
The Docks Glider 1 - 12 secs
The Docks Skate 1 - 10 secs
The Docks Spring 1 - 9.5 secs
The Docks Insoles 1 - 10 secs

The Docks Grapple 2 - 30 secs
The Docks Glider 2 - 32 secs
The Docks Skate 2 - 24 secs
The Docks Spring 2 - 32 secs
The Docks Insoles 2 - 35 secs

The Docks Grapple 3 - 50 secs
The Docks Glider 3 - 57 secs
The Docks Skate 3 - 44 secs
The Docks Spring 3 - 51 secs
The Docks Insoles 3 - 50 secs

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Crime Alley Challenges

Crime Alley Grapple 1 - 9.5 secs
Crime Alley Glider 1 - 14 secs
Crime Alley Skate 1 - 24 secs
Crime Alley Spring 1 - 15 secs
Crime Alley Insoles 1 - 17 secs

Crime Alley Grapple 2 - 40 secs
Crime Alley Glider 2 - 39 secs
Crime Alley Skate 2 - 34 secs
Crime Alley Spring 2 - 38 secs
Crime Alley Insoles 2 - 32 secs

Crime Alley Grapple 3 - 55 secs
Crime Alley Glider 3 - 67 secs
Crime Alley Skate 3 - 48 secs
Crime Alley Spring 3 - 50 secs
Crime Alley Insoles 3 - 63 secs

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Amusement Mile Challenges

Amusement Mile Grapple 1 - 9 secs
Amusement Mile Glider 1 - 15 secs
Amusement Mile Skate 1 - 12 secs
Amusement Mile Spring 1 - 10 secs
Amusement Mile Insoles - 13 secs

Amusement Mile Grapple 2 - 35 secs
Amusement Mile Glider 2 - 29 secs
Amusement Mile Skate 2 - 40 secs
Amusement Mile Spring 2 - 34 secs
Amusement Mile Insoles 2 - 36 secs

Amusement Mile Grapple 3 - 52 secs
Amusement Mile Glider 3 - 52 secs
Amusement Mile Skate 3 - 51 secs
Amusement Mile Spring 3 - 56 secs
Amusement Mile Insoles 3 - 45 secs

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Gotham Power Challenges

Gotham Power Grapple 1 - 10 secs
Gotham Power Glider 1 - 11 secs
Gotham Power Skate 1 - 14 secs
Gotham Power Spring 1 - 9 secs
Gotham Power Insoles - 14 secs

Gotham Power Grapple 2 - 30 secs
Gotham Power Glider 2 - 32 secs
Gotham Power Skate 2 - 27 secs
Gotham Power Spring 2 - 30 secs
Gotham Power Insoles 2 - 29 secs

Gotham Power Grapple 3 - ? secs
Gotham Power Glider 3 - ? secs
Gotham Power Skate 3 - ? secs
Gotham Power Spring 3 - ? secs
Gotham Power Insoles 3 - ? secs

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Kill Crazy
Earn a 10-kill streak.

This trophy requires you to get a 10 kill streak within a game and your kill streaks will be logged to the right of your screen as pictured below. This trophy will require some skill and patience. I recommend playing the psych warfare game mode as when you plug in the batteries it will cause your opponents to go into happy mode leaving them vulnerable for you to get some easy kills. Remember to replenish your ammo and health by going to the green heart objects located on your mini map.

Below is an example captured on video on how the 10 kill streak can be accomplished.

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Thanks for Playing!
Finish one match of Gotham City Impostors.

You just need to complete any one of the below matches and it doesn't matter if you win or lose. The trophy will be yours once the match is over.
  • Deathmatch
  • Psych Warfare
  • Fumigation

Become a Nemesis 50 times.

In the same match you need to kill the same enemy 5 times without them killing you, to become there nemesis.

You can view the amount of times you become a nemesis by viewing the feat option via the menus and once you reach 50, the trophy will be yours.

Unlock any locked loadout or costume item.

You need to earn a unlock key to unlock items for you to use in the game. Your first unlock key will come when you reach level 3 which you should acheive after playing your first full match.

You will see the silver unlock key logo when you visit your loadout section next to the ready weapon section. Go to the ready weapon section then weapon then select rifles. You will see a LOCKED sign on the Partisan and on the Huntsman rifles. Select either one by pressing to purchase that item and press again if you want to be equipped with that weapon. The trophy will be yours as soon as you purchase a locked item.

The above is just an example but you can buy any item within the loadout with the unlock key if it's available for that relevant section.

You can also earn this trophy by purchasing a costume item for either the Bats or Jokerz. The costume items will not be unlocked until you are level 8. You can earn costume coins by completing matches and once you buy any item the trophy will also unlock.

Weapon Specialist
Complete all feats related to a particular weapon.

You can access the feats required on each weapon once you reached level 10. The requirements will only start counting once you reached level 10 and not before. Go to the weapon feats option and scroll down the list and select any weapon to view the requirements and below is one example.

Gatekeeper Weapon
  • Certain amount of kills.
  • Certain amount of headshots.
  • Certain amount of kills with the sniffer.
  • Certain amount of kills with the extended magazine.
  • Certain amount of kills with the muzzle break.
  • Certain amount of kills with the penetrator.
  • Certain amount of kills with the red dot sight.
  • Certain amount of kills with the reflex sight.
  • Certain amount of kills with the silencer.
The trophy will be yours once you have completed all the requirements for any one weapon.

Hero of the Hour
Turn the tables in Fumigation when the enemy team's victory is imminent.

Whilst playing Fumigation, the enemy team must have at least a 90% lead and control all 3 gasblasters. The percentage will be displayed at the bottom left of your screen against each team. Your team will have to then capture all 3 gasblasters, whilst the enemy team still have a 90% lead and the trophy will be yours.

Total Victory
Win each game mode in Ace Chemical, Amusement Mile, Crime Alley, Gotham Power, and The Docks.

You will need to win a match on each map on each game mode so overall you will need to win 15 different matches. You may get this playing the game normally but to keep a track on your progress you may want to print or copy/paste the below table and just tick off the maps when completed.

Complete the table below and the trophy will be yours.

The Docks
Ace Chemical
Amusement Mile
Crime Alley
Gotham Power
Psych Warfare
If you dont get this trophy before getting to level 35 then you can track your progress through the game mode feat option which unlocks at level 35.


  • GamerChips - Allowing use of the amusement mile and gotham power challenges and the initiation youtube videos.
  • Snack134 - Allowing use of the extended ace chemical, the docks and crime alley challenges youtube video.
  • Gothamcityimpostors - Allowing use of the introduction youtube video.
  • Cheatingthesystem21 - Allowing use of the kill crazy youtube video.

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