Players: 1 Offline, 2 - 4 Co-op, 2 - 16 Multiplayer
Online Trophies:
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: YES, DON'T USE THEM!!!!!!!!!
Estimated Time to Platinum: 70 - 100 hours, 30 hours max for Singleplayer, 40 - 70 hours for Multiplayer depending on skill/luck
Estimated Difficulty: 7.5/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 Story, Multiple Co-op and Multiplayer Matches
Collectible Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: Auf Wiedersehen Petovic


Ah, Liberty City. Land of the free and prosperous. An immigrats haven. Homes, busniness, a new life ..... hookers. Niko Bellic has just arrived on a cargo ship from Bulgaira to join his cousin Roman to escape from his past. He yearns for a new life, a fresh start. It doesn't go as planned though. Niko is drug into Liberty City's underground world (well since everyone is in on it I guess normal life haha) in his attempt to make a new life for himself. His past catches up to him and Niko gets caught in situations. Betreyal, loss .... anger will follow Niko. He must follow order in pursuit of the American Dream and to face his past and confront the man who betrayed him.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Weapons - As usual, there are beack alley stores and locationsa round the map that have some type of weapon. Make sure to ahv at least one with you at all times.

Body Armor - It can be found at points across the map and you will gain a little by hopping into some form of police escort vehicle.

Health - Can be regained by hopping into an ambulance, eating at fast food places, grabbing a hot dog from a vendor or buying a drink from a machine. There are also health packs around the city.

Saving - The game saves automatically but you can also save via one of your safe houses if you feel the need.

Safe Houses - This is where you sleep, watch TV .... hide from cops. There is also parking space out front where you can save your cars.

Police - Just like any GTA game, commit crimes and sometimes they will come. It all depends of the severity or if they are in the area. The more you do, the mroe your wanted level goes up. The LCPD will send out more manpower and tougher police and vehicles.

Death - Results in a loss of money and weapons. Try not to do, always have body armor and if you get a wanted level, lose it.

For trophies pertaining to things like Exotic Exports, Delivery Jobs, Most Wanted, Random Characters and Text Message Cars, I've only incldued one video so the guide is not full of dozens upon dozens of them. It gives a basic overview of what to look forward to with other missions/vehicles within the tophy parameters. Follow the link to youtube, where recommend videos will be on the side, or in a few cases, there will be an actual playlist of all the things needed. Also, most of the creators have a youtube channel containing the rest of the videos.


  1. Step 1 - 100%: Play through the story and literally do EVREYTHING. Go for every singleplauer bsed trophy possible and do everything needed for the 100% completion. You may also complete the story in under thirty hours.
  2. Step 2 - Under 30 Hours (If Needed): If you didn't get it your first go around, do this on a second run. You will know the story and it will make iteasier, seeing as how you already did the 100% in a previous run.
  3. Step 3 - Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic: Do this from the get go. It's the worst part of the online and at least you will earn cash towards the $5,000,000.
  4. Step 4 - Grinding: Now you will grind out the rest of the multiplayer and work towards the $5,000,000 you need.


Taking A Liberty
Sorry for taking liberties with your time

Off The Boat
You have completed the first mission

This is story related and cannot be missed.

This is the introductory level to the game. Niko arrives on a boat to Liberty City, where his cousin Roman is waiting for him at the docks. Niko will take the wheel of the car and have to drive to Roman's apartment. After the cutscene the trophy will pop.

Off the Boat Video Trophy Guide

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One Hundred And Eighty
You scored 180 with 3 darts

This is a lot easier than it may seem. Basically, while playing a game of darts, in one turn you must get three triple 20's. If you are unfamiliar with darts, you get a triple 20 by hitting the smaller red section underneath the "20" on the board (the board goes big red, big black spot and then little red area). You must hit it with all three of your darts during your turn. Once you gain the ability to hang with Roam, head to the pub/bar on the corner of Ticonderoga Avenue and Morris Street. Head in and the dart board is to the right of the bar. Go up to it and press to start the game. When you're about to throw, use to steady your throw.

One Hundred and Eighty Video Trophy Guide

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Pool Shark
You beat a friend at pool

Grab one of your buddies and head to the Homebrew Cafe where Tutelo Avenue leads into the Broker - Dukes Expressway in Broker/Dukes. Here is a quick run down of the basics of pool. In game, at the start you will hit the Q-Ball into the formation of balls at the other end. Seven are striped, seven are solid. Whoever gets the first ball in, that is the type they will have. So say if you get striped, you must get all your striped balls into the pockets before your opponent gets all his solid balls in. Once you have all your balls in, you will have to sink the black 8 Ball in order to win. The game provides a really good tutorial on how to play the game.

Pool Shark Video Trophy Guide

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King of QUB3D
You beat the high score in QUB3D

The first QUB3D game is located in The Triangle Club off Coxsacks Avenue in Bohan. It is right before you enter the main strip club area. QUB3D is basically Rockstar's GTA4 version of Tetris, in fact it's 3D Tetris but with a different name. It does have it's own little twist, not all the shapes are the same color. An object that descends may be red and blue. The key is to get four of the same color touching for the to disappear. The more points you get, the harder it becomes, with new colors being added and coming less frequently. The score to ebat is 10,950. This can be a little frustrating and will require patience and practice.

King of QUB3D Video Trophy Guide

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Finish Him
You completed 10 melee counters in 4 minutes

First off, from my time with this trophy it seems that they mean four minutes in combat, not four minutes total. The best place to get this is at the Heli Tours location off of Flatfish Place in Southeast Algonquin. The line for the tours is fairly decent and civilians will always keep coming. There is a hot dog vendor for when you run low on health as well. Also, you are able to die during this and I highly recommend using Brass Knuckles for the extra damage. Lock on to an enemy with and give a nice little shove with to initiate the fight. Stay locked on the whole time. When you notice the enemy about to throw a punch, duck with . Then come up with a counter using or . Niko will unleash a fury of kicks and punches which all but take the poor bastards health, sometimes even killing them. Some may need a second counter to finish them off or just a punch. Do this to nine more paying customers.

Finish Him Video Trophy Guide

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Genetically Superior
You came first in 20 singleplayer street races

First, you will have to complete the mission "No. 1" for Brucie before he offers you races. When it's finalyl available, he will give you a call and let you know. To call him for races, simply go to his name in your phonebook and select the race option. There are a total of nine different race tracks spread across the islands. Sometimes Bruice will tell you there are no available races. In that case, simply ehad over to a different island. Races should be available there. Make sure to grab yourself a fast car and don't be afraid to play dirty. Here is a list of the races and what island they are located on:


North Alderney Race
South Alderney Race


Star Junction
South Algonquin Race


Road to Bohan (half in Algonquin, half in Bohan)


Airport Run
Dukes Boulevard Race
South Broker Race

Wheelie Rider
You completed a 500 foot wheelie on a motorbike

This trophy is rather fun in my opinion, due to the trial and error. I had fun watching Niko wipe out. Obviously, you will need a motorcycle for this, which are prominent in the game. You do not want to use the Harley type bikes, though. When you do this, use and pull back on it. You don't want to pull back too far though. That will cause the back part of the bike to skid along the ground and possibly have you wipe out. You will need to find the balance poitn while still keeping on the gas. Here are some good places to go for this:


Plumbers Skyway


Frankfort Avenue
Columbus Avenue
Kunzite Street
Topaz Street


Algonquin - Dukes Expressway
Broker - Dukes Expressway
Dukes Boulevard/Montauk Avenue
Francis International Airport - Runway

Wheelie Rider

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Gobble Gobble
You got a turkey in 10-pin bowling

For you non bowlers, a Turkey is when you get three Strikes in a row. The very first bowling alley available is on the Dukes/Broker Island. It is on the boardwalk, right off of Crockett Avenue. Go in and buy a full game and prepare to test your luck. The best bet is to pick Lane 1, a.k.a. the far left lane when looking dead on at the lanes. When it's your turn to bowl, take two full steps to the left. Pull back as you count to two, and as you start to say "two" push forward. If done right, the ball will be going rather slow and will be riding on the line in between the middle arrow and first arrow to its left. When it hits the pins, it will hit right betwwenn the middle pin and the pin immediately to its left behind it. This can get tedious but keep on trying and it will come.

Gobble Gobble Video Trophy Guide

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Driving Mr. Bellic
You unlocked the special ability of Roman's taxi

Once Roman's like rating is above 60% or 75% (I've heard both, didn't pay attention when I played), he will call you to let you know you can use his taxi service free of charge, anytime. Basically, whenever you need a cab, call Roman and hell send one if it's available. It will take you to yor destinatin without charge. Another plus is the cab driver will never leave the cab. Normal cab drivers will get out at the sound of gunshots, this guy will stay in his cab.

See Liberty City (5) for a more detailed look at Roman.

Rolled Over
You managed 5 car rolls in a row from one crash

This is not as easy as you may think. Mainly because you have to land on all four wheels. Now some people may just be a natural at this and come across a crash where this happens. Most people aren't that lucky. Luckily, there is a place called Francis International Airport that is GREAT for doing this. You will want a fast car for this, preferrably. Go to one end of the runway and lay on the gas. Once you get close to the end of the runway, head onto the grass and get near one of the yellow ramps. Make sure that only the left or right side wheels will hit the ramp (depending how you go about it). You should vault into the air and be doing some serious rolling. There is another method as well. You can drive along the grass portion and constantly hit the yellow ramps, link the rolls together. Each time you hit a ramp you should so one roll. If you keep your finger on the gass you can link together five and get it to count for the trophy.

Rolled Over Video Trophy Guide

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Walk Free
You successfully lost a 4 star wanted rating

This trophy is actually real easy. Basically, either get a gun and start havoc or drive around in a car and plow people. You will have to do this for a bit but you will eventually get enough stars. Now it can get a little tricky. The red/blue dots are cop cars and cops, they will start swarming you. You will be inside a red/blue circle which is where the police can still find you. You will have to escape this circular area. The bad thing, more cops will start popping up making the escape a little harder. You will need to keep out for the dots and turn a lot. After a lot of trying, you will eventually escape. If you are having trouble, once you get your four stars (and have at least two islands unlocked), head for the subway or train and drive along those tracks. Use the subway if you can since the cops can't and won't come underground. If you are REALLY having trouble, you can do the Roman taxi method, I did it this way just to get it out of the way. Once you have Roman's taxi unlocked, call him and get one. Start shooting up everyone and especially the cops when they arrive. When the taxi arrives, set a waypoint for a point far away from the re/blue circle and head there via fast travel. You will have escaped the police. There is also a mission midway into the game called "Four Leaf Clover" where you must escape a four star (or higher) wanted level.

Walk Free Video Trophy Guide

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Courier Service
You completed all 10 package delivery jobs

After completing "Shadow", you will unlock Drug Delivery Jobs from Little Jacob. They are randomly given and can be timed or not. Whatever you do, you will get some sort of payment for doing them. Here is a breakdown of each mission.

Cerveza Heights Carstack Ambush

Location: Intersection of Livingston Street and Camden Avenue
Time Restraint: No
Walkthrough: You will pull up to the destination and get ambushed by five armed guys. Two on the roof in front of you, one on the roof behind you and two from a car behind you. Take out the two in front of you then find some cover and kill the final three. Don't forget to pick up the cash and ammo.

Outlook Park Ambush

Location: Outlook Park
Time Restraint: No
Walkthrough: You are ambushed from two sides, each side of the little tunnel. Take out one side and then use it as cover while you take out the two remaining ambushers.

Willis Alley Sting

Location: Right off of Howard Street
Time Restraint: No
Walkthrough: You get ambushed by cops. Just hop in your car and loose the Wanted level. It's that easy.

Schottler Timer

Location: Right under Algonquin-Dukes Expressway
Time Restraint: Yes, 30 in game minutes
Walkthrough: There is just enough time to do this. The only thing I can say is be as flawless as possible. Any little thing that could cause you to slow down WILL heavily effect you. It may take a few tries but you will get it.

Meadows Park Ambush

Location: Right off of Hewes Street
Time Restraint: No
Walkthrough: You get ambush by five guys, all in different directions. Taking out the guy behind you is easiest. You can then use the low wall for cover and easily take out the remaining gang.

Meadow Hills Ambush

Location: Intersection of Aragon Street and Seymour Avenue
Time Restraint: No
Walkthrough: You are ambushed by five guys (yeah Rockstar likes five I guess). There is a low wall right near you. Take cover behind it. It provides great cover as you easily kill the enemies.

Meadows Park Festival Towers Sting

Location: Meadows Park, where the bend in the park is in a run down building
Time Restraint: No
Walkthrough: You get ambushed as soon as you enter the yellow marker. All you need to do is hop in your car and drive away.

East Island City Tunnel Timer

Tunnel under Harrison Street
Time Restraint: Yes, 45 in game minutes
Walkthrough: This is another trial and error one. You have just enough time and have to be flawless. There isn't really much to say other than practice and be patient.

Steinway Apartment Tower Time

Right off of Brandon Avenue
Time Restraint: Yes, 50 in game minutes
Walkthrough: This is pretty easy and you have plenty of time. Don't sweat it.

Beechwood City Timer

Broker-Dukes Expressway
Time Restraint: Yes, 25 in game minutes
Walkthrough: Just drive right to it instead of making the U-turn recommended by the GPS. It's right down the road, so no problem here.

Courier Service Video Trophy Guide (Not In My Order, Remember It's A Random Order)

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Retail Therapy
You unlocked the special ability of buying guns from Little Jacob

Once Jacob likes you above 75%, he will call you with an interesting offer. Whenever you need guns, call him up. He will drive to/near your location and sell you guns and ammo cheaper than stores. This come sin handy when you have little money and for a select few missions that require a lot of fire power.

See Liberty City (5) for a mroe detailed look at Little Jacob.

Chain Reaction
You exploded 10 vehicles in 10 seconds

Ahhh this was fun. You will want grenades and RPGs for this. Head to Star Junction over in Algonquin, or Burlesque and Denver-Exeter Avenue on the map. Around this area you will find buses very easily. Take one and head over to the Algonquin Bridge. Get the bus and park it in the middle of one of the sides (so it's horizontal). No cars will be able to pass. Take a car and pull it right along side the bus so you can hop on the car and then onto the bus. Turn and face all the cars starting to pile up. When they do, take your grandes and start throwing them EVERYWHERE. Then, get your RPG and fire the hell out of it. The cras will be pentiful so you should have no worry not getting enough.

Chain Reaction Video Trophy Guide

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One Man Army
You survived a 6 star wanted level for a full 5 minutes

This is best gotten out of the way in the very beginning of the game. Head to the subway and Southern Dukes/Broker. Get a motorcycle and head down there and on to the tracks. Follow the tracks towards Algonquin. Once you get there you will automatically get a six star wanted level. Simply sit there for the time being. Cops can't and won't come after you down there. This is by far the easiest way to get it. If you're still restricted to the first island, you could take a car or motorcycle onto the pedestrian walkway on the Algonquin Bridge and camp out there. Now if you want to be a badass and do the difficult way, you can get a shitload of ammo and head to a good spot, like at the end of the pier in Southern Dukes/Broker or you could just go on the roof. Hunker down and get ready for a helluva lot of killing.

One Man Army Video Trophy Guide

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Lowest Point
You completed the mission "Roman's Sorrow"

This is story related and cannot be missed.

You will get a call from Roman and have to go meet him. You will head back to your apartment only to see it in flames. You will then head to the Cab Company but will see that is blazin' more than Cheech and Chong. Roman will say he knows of a place in Bohan where you two could go. Head there and the mission is over.

Lowest Point Video Trophy Guide

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Order Fulfilled
You completed all 10 Exotic Export orders

After completing "No Love Lost", Brucie will start sending e-mails to Niko. Visit the [email protected] Internet Cafe and look out for the e-mails. When you find that you have received an e-mail for a car from him, respond positively to it. A blue dot will appear on your map. Now there are ten cars, but they are not always at the same location/order. One runthrough Car #1 may be at Point #1. but during a second run, Car #1 could be at Point #6. Luckily, the scenario will ALWAYS be the same at each location, but the car may change. Hey, at least I can help you out a bit . Here is the list of vehicles and locations, along with scenarios:


Sabre GT

Schottler Alley

Location: Alley in betweenTuscarona Avenue and Seneca Avenue
Scenario: There is a drug deal going down. Simply kill the two people involved in the deal and take the vehicle.

Beachwood City Carwash

Location: Right off of Tutelo Avenue
Scenario: Some guys are cleaning up a car after it went through the wash. Just walk up and steal it, they won't do anything.

Docks in BOABO

Location: Off of Mohanet Avenue
Scenario: There are four guys gaurding the car and delivery truck. For this one, it's best to snipe them from a distance then go grab the vehicle.

Meadow Hills Train Station

Location: Ellery Street
Scenario: There are two cops patrolling the area. Get the vehicle (hotwire if it's a car) and get the hell out of there. Loose the two star wanted level.

Firefly Playground

Location: Off of Broker-Dukes Expressway
Scenario: There are three thugs around the vehicle. You can attempt to get in and drive off or you can shoot them up. Your choice.

Outlook South Slopes

Location: Off Montauk Avenue
Scenario: The driver is actually driving the vehicle. Either do a drive by and take him out. Then steal the it and loose the cops. Or you could stop in front of the driver and jack him. If it happens to eb the motorcycle, just drive right into him.

Meadows Park

Location: Cleves Avenue
Scenario: Wait for the vehicle to stop at a red light. Then, go up to it and jack or kill the driver. Drive away and deliver the good.

Chase Point Pimp

Location: Attica Avenue (In Bohan)
Scenario: The pimp will stop and talk to a hooker. Take aim and gun him down. Knab the vehicle and be on your merry way.

Park in Outlook

Location: Montauk Avenue
Scenario: A cop is arresting the driver of the vehicle, leaving it open for a quick jack. You will get a two star wanted level though, so drive away as soon as your in.

Cerveza Heights Parking Garage

Location: Between Inchon Avenue and Camden Avenue
Scenario: The driver will be leaving the garage. Do a simple drive by and take the vehicle.

Order Fulfilled Video Trophy Guide

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You completed the most wanted side mission

After completing "Crime and Punishment", you can access the computers in police cars to view the Most Wanted. These fugitives are the msot wanted criminals in Librety City. They have landed on the police radar for various reasons. There are ten per island, for a total of thirty. Some are easy to kill, others can be a little tougher. Here is a list of criminals and there scenarios (the way I have it is the order by island unlocked, count down ten and it's Dukes/Broker/Bohan, next ten is Algonquin, final ten is Alderney):

Maxwell Caughlin

Location: Intersection of Wallkill Avenue and Switch Street in Bohan
Walkthrough: His car will pull out of an alley. Either drive along side him and shoot him or ram into his car a lot. Once you damage his vehicle enough, he and his accomplice will hop out. Kill them, they don't fight back.

Scott Guzowski

Location: Park right off on Concord Avenue in Dukes/Broker
Walkthrough: There are a total of four guys to kill. They are on the big walk path in the park. I would recommend sniping from a distance but if you want to go in and mow'em down mroe power to you.

Antonio Rivette

Location: Erie Avenue in Dukes/Broker
Walkthrough: Head up to the train station on the first floor. Use a shotgun to take the three guys out quick. If you aren't quick enough, one may either run up to the second level on the train tracks or back down to the street level.

Rodrigo Stavnes

Location: Right off Franklin Street in Dukes/Broker
Walkthrough: Once you get to them, all four targets will begin to flee. If you are quick, you can run them over and shoot them from your police cruiser. If not, they will each split up and go their own ways. Just follow them and run them over. They don't fight back so it will be a rather quick and easy mission.

Fernando Tisdel

Location: Crockett Avenue in Dukes/Broker
Walkthrough: Once you arrive, the vehicle containing the target will begin to flee. Make sure you have an SMG or Pistol and shoot out the tires or the driver. The criminals will remain in the car, so if they are giving you trouble just shoot the car until it explodes.

Tyler Pickrel

Location: Meadows Park in Dukes/Broker
Walkthrough: He is alone and doesn't fight, he just flees. Once you are close enough, fill him with bullets.

Preston Pecinovsky

Location: Bronco Street in Bohan
Walkthrough: Run over the fence where he and his gang are meeting. Start shooting at the cars right away, either at the tires or to make them explode. That way they either can't flee or will have trouble fleeing. Once that is done, start shooting them from the cover of your cruiser.

Alonso Goralski

Location: Francis International Airport in Dukes/Broker
Walkthrough: When you get close, one enemy will be on foot and the other will flee in a car. Drive by kill the guy on foot, then catch up to the guy in the car. Shoot out his tires and as he slows down and loses control shoot him.

Bert Reker

Location: Valley Forge Avenue in Dukes/Broker
Walkthrough: He and six goons are in the junkyard. Sit back from a distance and shoot the enterrance doors open. Then, gun down any visible targets. As they begin to diminish, move in closer for the final kills.

Freddy Paparo

Location: Dukes Drive in Dukes/Broker
Walkthrough: When you get close, they will begin to flee in their car. Shoot at the car to inflict damage to it and shoot out the tires. Once the car begins to smoke, the gang bangers will hop out. Keep shooting at them so they won't run. Shoot at teh car until it explodes, which should kill them all.

Shon Kikuchi

Location: Topaz Street in Algonquin
Walkthrough: He flees in his car when you get close. His car is pretty fast, so shoot out his tires as quick as you can. When he starts to slow down, rain bullets down until the car explodes or he gets killed by the bullets.

Jimmy Kand

Location: Apartments off of Wardite Street in Algonquin
Walkthrough: Head up the apartment building stairs until you are on his floow. Head to the back room and stomp him to death. It won't alert any other enemies in the apartment.

Simon Nashly

Location: Building on the docks off Flatfish Place in Algonquin
Walkthrough: All the targets are located on different levels. Stay on the ground level and take out as many as you can by looking up. As you head up the stairs, make sure you take cover when you go up against these thugs, they aren't beginners. I would personally recommend an SMG or shotgun for this.

Tommy Francovic

Location: Castle Drive in Algonquin
Walkthrough: He will flee on a motorcycle. This makes it easy as you chase him, so you can just shoot him on his bike while he flees.

Barry Lamora

Location: President Avenue in Algonquin
Walkthrough: When you cross the bridge, get out of the cruiser and take cover along the low wall on the right. You will have a perfect overview of the bad guys. Peek out and light'em up. One or two may run so hop back in the cop car and run them over.

Lino Friddell

Location: Intersection of Columbus Avenue and Pyrite Street in Algonquin
Walkthrough: The three bastards run into the alley to try and escape. Drive your cruiser into the alley and run them over. Easy enough.

Juan Haimo

Location: Star Junction in Algonquin
Walkthrough: The gangsters will group up and drive away on motorcycles. Try to block them off if you can. If not, aim for the riders and tires. Since they are completely exposed, it should be easy just to aim at them. If not, ram them with the cop car to trow them off and then shoot them. A Biker will go through a gas station (if he makes it that far). If he does, shoot one of the pumps or an easy, entertaining kill.

Darren Covey

Location: Parking Garage near Union Drive West in Algonquin
Walkthrough: There are a fair amount of hoodlums here ..... and a lot of cars. Shoot out the cars to take out groups and cause chain reactions of explosions if need be. Stay back though, preferably near the enterance as these guys can tear you to shreds.

Leo Brodell

Location: Intersection of Wardite Street and Denver Avenue in Algonquin
Walkthrough: Five guys will be in a three (or four) story apartment building. Head in with a shotgun but move cautiously. The shotgun should be a big help though. The final guy is on the rooftop. Head up and make him Swiss Cheese.

Christov Mahonvic

Location: Flatfish Place in Algonquin
Walkthrough: This guy and his henchman are in what looks like a trash truck loading/parking area. Stay at the enterance for good cover, as well as a good spot overall. When it ends up only being a guy or two left, head in guns blazing.

Marty Blodenow

Location: Mueri Street in Alderney
Walkthrough: Marty and his boys are in a parking lot/secluded area in between buildings. There is a gaurd booth that is great for cover. One of the boys should be hanging around a staircase, but he's easy peezy lemon squeezey.

Noel Katsuda

Location: Emery Street/Hardtack Avenue in Alderney
Walkthrough: Cover is key for this bastard. He and his friends are packing a lot of firepower. Some of the guys will be hiding around the silos as well. Just move slow, take your time and use cover. pick up their assault rifles and ammo when you can. Give them a taste of their own medicine.

Rodney Mceniry

Location: Aspdin Drive in Alderney
Walkthrough: He and his comrade will be in a back alley. Enter the alley via a nearby breeze way. If you have grenades, molotovs or RPGs, shoot them into the alley. Kepp your distance though, since you have a real nice line of fire.

Glenn Lushbaugh

Location: Lockowski Avenue in Alderney
Walkthrough: This guy will escape in his car and drop grenades out his window if you are far enough behind. You HAVE to keep up with him. Focus on the gunner first, then the tires. As he begins to slow down, roll up next to the driver's side and pop'em in the head.

Phil Bacerra

Location: Rand Avenue in Alderney
Walkthrough: Two trucks with two passengers in each will flee. Right when you get there, start aim for the tires and the entirity of both trucks in general. When enough damage is done (and you haven't killed the guys or destroyed the trucks), the passengers will get out, but at that point you could either run them over or do a drive-by shooting.

Sergi Szerbin

Location: Long John Avenue in Alderney
Walkthrough: There is very little cover for Segi and his allies. Just do a series of drive-bys to take them out. If you have any molotoves or grenades, throw them from the safety of the police cruiser.

Danny Hatmaker

Location: Industrial Lot off of Roebuck Road in Alderney
Walkthrough: Cover is key for this vigilante. For added surprise, climb on top of the shipping containers. It gives you a few advantages such as: larger view and sneak attacking.

Mervin Eskuchen

Location: Aspdin Drive in Alderney
Walkthrough: There will be two vehicles here and the passengers armed with assault rifles. These guys will do heavy damage to your cars. Tkae out these guys first, then focus on the drivers on the cars. Try doing the PIT manuver if you can, or simply cutting them off for a better shot.

Fredrick Harrison

Location: Walkways under a bridge in Southern Alderney
Walkthrough: Try killing any enemies you can from the ground level, then find a staircase and progress up to the higher levels. Go slowly since they will have a good bead on you. If you have a sniper rifle, you will still have to walk up, but you can stay farther back and kill them from safety. If you want to sue a shotgun, run up towards then quickly and unload on them.

Keenan Burdett

Location: Parking Garage off of Bridger Street in Alderney
Walkthrough: All enemies are located in the parking garage. There are a few in the lower levels but most are on the very upper level. Once everyone is killed in the indoor levels, take one of the cars and drive up to the upper msot, outdoor level. Eitehr run them over, do drive-bys or strategically park the car so you have good cover and a good view.

Manhunt Video Trophy Guide

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Cleaned The Mean Streets
You caught 20 criminals through the police computer

After completing the mission "Crime and Punishment", Vigilante missions will open up for you. To find out current crimes, get into a cop car, access teh computer and "View Current Crimes". There are an unlimited amount and take place across every island. Whenever you enter a police car, you will get a shotgun and some ammo. Also, use the siren ... it helps. You can't exit the cop car until you get to the location though. If you exit, you have thirty seconds to get back in. Once you get to the designated area, you can continue on foot. Now, the crimes can vary. There may be a Criminal On Foot or a Vehicle Stolen etc. Sometimes, it may even be a chase going on. If you get to a location and there are a fair amount of criminals, you could always call in backup on the computer as well.

Cleaned the Mean Streets Video Trophy Guide

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Fed The Fish
You completed the mission "Uncle Vlad"

This is story related and cannot be missed.

After finding out that Vlad is boinking Roman's girl and causing him problems, Niko will head with Roman to Comrades Bar to have a "chat" with good 'ol Vlad. He will then run for it. Push through his boys and hop in your ar with Roman. Chase Vlad down and confront him. Then, execute the pig bastard so he will no longer bother your cousin.

Fed the Fish Video Trophy Guide

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It'll Cost Ya
You made a taxi trip from one island to another without skipping

You must have at least Algonquin unlocked in order to do this. Find a taxi and hold to get into the cab as a customer. Have a waypoint on the map set to another island (excluding Bohan). Select the waypoint as your location. If you want to speed it up you can press . Other than that, set the controller down for a few and go get some food, a drink and use the bathroom.

It'll Cost Ya Video Trophy Guide

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You have taken all variations of the helicopter tours of Liberty City

In (Southeast) Algonquin, right off of Flatfish Place , you can take tours of Liberty City via the Heli Tours service. There are five helicopters in total, making five different tours. You need to do all five. When you want to do one, go up and press . You are able to skip the tour, but I opted to watch them. The tours actually run for citizens so not all will always be waiting at their landing zone, they could be off giving tours.

Sightseer Video Trophy Guide

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Warm Coffee
You were invited into your girlfriend's house

Getting invited into your girlfriends house . Just like in real life, it won't happen the first time, you have to work your way there. There are four girls you can hook up with, two via the story and three on the internet. They each have their own preferences for cars, Niko's clothes, food, drinking, activities and shows. The most important thing is to never turn down their request for a date. After enough time dating and making them like you, they will invite you in and you'll have some run . Now go get'em like boosh gets chulos. Here are all the girlsfriends and some details:


How You Meet: During Roman's mission "Three's a Crowd"
Residence: N/A
Availability: 6:00am - 11:00pm
Preferred Cars: Roman's Cab, Banshee
Niko's Attire: Low Style Russian
Food: Diners or Pizza This
Drinking: Steinway Beer Garden or Comrade's Bar
Activity: Darts or Pool
Shows: Split Sides

Carmen Ortiz

How You Meet: as SoBoHoe
Residence: Bohan
Availability: 1:00pm - 6:00am
Preferred Cars: Sultan RS, Stallion
Niko's Attire: Modo or Perseus
Food: Diners or Pizza This
Drinking: Any
Activity: Darts or Strip Club
Shows: Any

Kiki Jenkins

How You Meet: as LawChick
Residence: Algonquin
Availability: 6:00am - 2:00am
Preferred Cars: Washington, Chavos
Niko's Attire: Low Style Russian
Food: Any
Drinking: Jerkov's or Club Liberty
Activity: Bowling, Darts or Pool
Shows: Any

Alexandra Chilton

How You Meet: as Liberated Woman
Residence: Algonquin
Availability: 6:00am - 2:00am
Preferred Cars: Turismo, Stretch
Niko's Attire: Perseus Only
Food: Diners or Pizza This
Drinking: Steinway Beer Garden or Lucky Winkles
Activity: Any
Shows: Any

Katie McReary

How You Meet: During Packie's mission "Waste Not Want Knots"
Residence: Dukes/Broker
Availability: 8:00am - 12:00am
Preferred Cars: Patriot, Comet
Niko's Attire: Low Style Russian
Food: Diners or Pizza This
Drinking: Steinway Beer Garden or Lucky Winkles
Activity: Darts or Pool
Shows: None

That's How We Roll!
You unlocked the special ability of Brucie's helicopter ride

Once Brucie likes you at or above 75%, you will unlock an interesting but rather useless ability. He will basically give you helicopter rides ..... not as exciting as you may think. He could have given you nice cars for cheap but noooooo ..... the bastard.

See Liberty City (5) for a more detailed look at Brucie.

Half Million
You have amassed a fortune of $500,000

This is a lot of money, especially since you only get a little over that amount from main story mission earnings. The rest will come from the side missions. The mission "Three Leaf Clover" awards you $250,000 at the end. Basically, just try not to buy a lot of thing or do a lot of money costing things. Keep deaths to a minimum as well as arrests. Look for hearts, weapons and body armor scattered across Liberty City. Extra cash can be earned by killing civilians and taking their money as well as replayable side missions.

Impossible Trinity
You completed the mission "Museum Piece"

This is story related and cannot be missed.

Ray Boccino sends Niko to meet up with some bikers from The Lost biker gang at The Libertonian Museum. Their goal is to secure a bag full of diamonds from some Jewish moneygrabbers. The party will be crashed and your biker buddy will leave with the money, but the diamonds are gone. Niko must fight his way out of the museum then kill the rest of the Jewish guy's crew. After you have escaped and killed everyone, you will need to lose your wanted level.

Impossible Trinity Video Trophy Guide

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Full Exploration
You unlocked all the islands

This is story related and cannot be missed.

During the game, Packie will ask you to check on his older brother Derrick, who is currectly in Alderney. This is the very first mission to have at least some of the mission take place in Alderney, thus it unlocks the final island.

You Got The Message
You delivered all 30 cars ordered through text message

After completing "Smackdown", Brucie's buddy Stevie will text you pictures and a rough location of cars he needs to be found. There are a total of thirty and the order is random. The same car will always be found in the same location, luckily. There is a total of thirty that he needs, some real expensive and others not so much. The way you get paid is by the amount of damage on the vehicle when you get it to Stevie's lock-up. the less damage there is, the more money. Use the pictures in the texts Stevie sends you. Look for area clues and the vehicle color. Also, no marking comes up on the map so your on your own .... well I mean you'll have my guide and a video to help. So without furhter adue:


Max Value: $7,260
Location: On Charge Island, no the right side of the island is some type of facility. The van is in the parking lot near the brownish blobs.


Max Value: $7,260
Location: Off of Franklin Street in Dukes/Broker, there will be a pool behind a brick wall. The car is near this area.


Max Value: $8,250
Location: On Mohanet Avenue in Dukes/Broker, there will be a factory. This is where you chased Dardan to in the mission "Bleed Out". The vehicle is at the bottom of the steps you ran up.


Max Value: $6,600
Location: Near the Harrison Street and Bunker Hill Avenue intersection in Dukes/Broker.

Sabre GT

Max Value: $8,250
Location: Towards the end of Tudor Street, where it intersects with Stillwater Avenue in Dukes/Broker. It's in the driveway of a mansion along Meadows Park.


Max Value: $6,600
Location: Intersection of Saratoga Avenue and Carrollton Street in Dukes/Broker.


Max Value: $3,960
Location: In the small, middle road connecting Thorton Street and Huntington Street in Dukes/Broker.


Max Value: $6,600
Location: At the end of Lynch Street in Dukes/Broker, there is a car wash. You'll find the motorcycle here.


Max Value: $8,250
Location: At Francis International Airport in Dukes/Broker there will be a parking garage. It will be found on the top level.


Max Value: $8,250
Location: When you arrive on Asparagus Avenue in Dukes/Broker, head north until the road curves to the right and intersects Onion Street. The car is literally at the curve.


Max Value: $33,000
Location: Intersection of Montauk Avenue and Earp Street in Dukes/Broker, it will be in front of a restaurant.


Max Value: $5,940
Location: It is in the parking lot of Crockett Avenue and Oneida Avenue in Dukes/Broker.

Huntley Sport

Max Value: $5,940
Location: There is a Liberty City Police Department building on Leavenworth Avenue in Bohan. You will find the vehicle in the parking lot of the police station.


Max Value: $13,200
Location: There is a parking lot near an auto shop off of Lompoc Avenue in Bohan .... this is the cars location.


Max Value: $7,260
Location: Intersection of Vauxite Street and Exeter Avenue in Algonquin.

NRG 900

Max Value: $8,250
Location: Intersection of Topaz Street and Bismark Avenue in Algonquin.


Max Value: $26,400
Location: On Galveston Avenue, right before you come to Obsidian Street if heading north in Algonquin.


Max Value: $19,800
Location: Parking lot off of Union Drive West in Algonquin.


Max Value: $11,550
Location: Intersection of Columbus Avenue and Hematite Street in Algonquin.


Max Value: $13,530
Location: In front of the church off of Feklspar Street in Algonquin.


Max Value: $2,310
Location: Along Diamond Street in Chinatown, Algonquin.

Super GT

Max Value: $36,300
Location: Along Calcium Street, near Columbus Avenue in Algonquin.

PMP 600

Max Value: $10,560
Location: In an alley near the bank on/near Bismark Avenue in Algonquin.


Max Value: $16,500
Location: South Parkway in Algonquin, at the very south of the island.


Max Value: $36,300
Location: Owl Creek Avenue in Alderney, right where Cariboo Avenue intersects with it.


Max Value: $23,100
Location: Near the hospital on Long John Avenue in Alderney.


Max Value: $29,700
Location: In the alley across from Lyndon Avenue in Alderney, where it meets up with Boyden Avenue.


Max Value: $7,750
Location: In the factory parking lot off of Roebuck Road, Alderney. This is where Phil Bell is located near.


Max Value: $8,250
Location: This is located off Strower Avenue in Alderney. the street leads to the factory/industrial area. It in the the parking lot next to the building opposite of where you meet Phil Bell.


Max Value: $11,550
Location: In a home of Aspdin Drive, near where the Plumbers Expressway exit is in Alderney.

You Got The Message Video Trophy Guide

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Dare Devil
You completed all the unique stunt jumps

These are jumps located around the city. When you hit one well enough, the cameraa slows down and you must land at a certain distance and on all wheels to complete the jump. Some require boats, other motorcycles or cars. Make sure you have a fast car you two at one of your houses. I will include a map to help out, the the quick written guide will go along with it.


1. Located near Cassier Avenue, behind a grocery store.
2. Along the beach, there is a little sand hill that can help you jump over a little water outlet.
3. Use Beaverhead Avenue to gain speed and jump the alley in between the houses at the street's end.
4. Top of the parking garage on Parcell Road.
5. Use the alleyway off of Franklin Street to jump and land on Plumbers Skway.
6. There is a BIG dirt hill along Plumbers Skyway. Use it to completely jump over the skyway.
7. There is a dumpster off of Applewhite Street. This is the jump.
8. There is a dumpster right off of Aspdin Drive that will land you on the Plumbers Skyway.
9. There is a dumspter located off of Bedrock Street.
10. There is a staircase in Koresh Square you must jump.
11. Off of Applewhite Street, there is a mound in between two yellowish buildings.
12. If you follow Mahesh Avenue until it hits Rand Avenue and continue on, you will come across wooden boards that will land you in Algonquin.
13. Go to the helipad above Booth Tunnel and look across to Algonquin. If you then look left you can see the jump in between two trees.
14. Go to the Red Wing Avenue and Plumbbob Avenue intersection. There is a little, non usable bridge. Take a motorcycle and drive up it. The jump is on the other side of the bridge thats across the river.
15. Follow Roebuck Road down and past a building on the left. The jump isn't big, but you can see train tracks on it.
16. There are playwood plants on Barsac Avenue, right under the Plumbers Skyway.
17. There is a chuck missing in the gaurdrail on Plumbers Skyway. You will have to drive into on coming traffic to nail this jump correctly.
18. There is another chunk of wall missing on the Skyway, but this time you do the jump by going with the traffic on the right side.


19. The wood ramp is in between two buildings on Galveston Avenue.
20. In the apartments, there is a smooth incline to the right of a small staircase.
21. There is a blocked off/barricade protected ramp off of Grummer Road.
22. Dirt ramp off of Vespucci Circus.
23. A ramp is to the right of a building, next to a staircase off of Wardite Street.
24. You have to drive up stairs off of Garnett Street. Ride along the rail until you hit the end and jump.
25. The dumpster in the middle of the Star Junction intersection.
26. A dumspter on Jade Street, this time you jump across Star Junction.
27. In the middle divide of the freeway, you can find a wooden board. You need to use a motorcycle to do this jump.
28. A wooden/tin ramp in the river in between two cargo container type things. You need a boat.
29. This is an Embassy. You will get a wanted level for entering. There are multiple ways in, but no matter which way you need to get to the white, ramp-ish roof of the main building. Use a motorcycle and fly off the right side of the roof.
30. This is a tin ramp sitting on some spikes in the river. It is also right off some docks. Grab a boat for this one.
31. There is a metal ramp in an alley on Feldspar Street, before you hit Privateer Road.
32. There is a large archway built into a building on Columbus Avenue. Jump it going East to West.
33. Go down Amethyst Street until you come to a large building on the end, with a path on the right. Follow the path to find the jump.


34. There is a blue ramp on an unfinished overpass near Guantanamo Avenue.
35. Off of Jackhammer Street, there is a building near the water. The ramp is behind the building.
36. Take Northern Expressway until you reach the unfinished portion. Jump from piece to piece until you reach the ramp on the right side of the fourth unfinished portion.
37. After 36, go to the final unfinished portion and you will see the ramp.
38. Off of Franklin Street, you will see the large wooden jump on a hill.
39. Where Morris Street and Ticonderoga Avenue meet up, you will see the ramp to the right of a construction area.
40. A dumpster on Ticonderoga Avenue, a little south of 39.
41. The ramp is on the right of the East Borough Bridge entrance.
42. On Hooper Street, there is a ramp that leads up to a parking area. The ramp is the jump.
43. Wooden ramp off the bend on Creek Street.
44. The middle alley on Charleston Avenue contains a ramp, in between two apartment buildings.
45. Use the alley in 44 to get to this one. Jump over the train tracks.
46. On the Algonquin Bridge, there is a pedestrian walkway that separated the sides of the bridge. Right where the separation begins, there is a steep incline in the guard wall. Get a motorcycle for this on.
47. On the Carson Street and Tutelo Avenue intersection, there is a ramp that allows you to jump across the Algonquin-Dukes Expressway.
48. The ramp is at the Lynch Street and Freetown Avenue intersection. It also goes over the Algonquin-Dukes Expressway.
49. Dumpster off of Tudor Street, near an Expressway exit.
50. At the other end of Tudor Street, this jump takes you across the Broker-Dukes Expressway.

Dare Devil Visual Locations Guide

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Assassin's Greed
You completed all 9 assassin missions

After completing "Truck Hustle", Phil Bell will tell tell you of a man named The Fixer who ahs jobs for you. These are randomly assigned assassinations. For the most part, these are quick and easy. The Fixer also leaves you weapons you will need for the job and some body armor. Just hop over the fence to grab them. Here is a rundown of the missions:

Migration Control

Location: Helipad above Booth Tunnel in Alderney
Walkthrough: Head there but don't get too close. Let the target get close to the helicopter and shoot an RPG right at it. The ensuing explosion will kill the target.

Migration Control Video Guide

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Bailing Out For Good

Location: Police Station off of Franklin Street in Alderney
Walkthrough: Head to the police station. The target is being escorted to a cop car. Simply kill him en route and lose the wanted level.

Bailing Out For Good Video Guide

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Derelict Building

Location: Applewhite Street in Alderney
Walkthrough: This is a large construction building, with a few enemies per floor. Move slowly up and down staircases, taking cover often. A few enemies are waiting at the top of the stairs, so act like there is always one there to be safe. Overall, another easy mission.

Derelict Building Video Guide

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R.U.B. Down

Location: Alley near Toggle Avenue in Alderney
Walkthrough: Once you arrive, you will see a meeting taking place. A few guys are on motorcycles. No matter how you go about this, these are priority targets. Take them out first. Either snipe them or shoot an RPG. Once the bikers are taken care of, finish off the rest.

R.U.B. Down Video Guide

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Taken Out

Location: Keneckie Avenue in Alderney
Walkthrough: There will be a convoy of vehicles but your target is the limo. Any action that shows you may attack them will cause a chase to ensue. Try to avoid doing that. If you can, get in front and shoot an RPG at the limo. If not, try to come along the drivers side of the limo and kill the driver and light up the car. The limo's weakness is hills ..... it goes very slow up them. That is the best time to go after them if you opt not to do the RPG method.

Taken Out Video Guide

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Industrial Action

Location: Industrial Site off of Muskteer Avenue in Alderney
Walkthrough: The enemies are located on the many levels of the factory. Good thing is, most of them are in good view. A few may be hard to see, but it all depends on how it plays out for you. Basically, take out all enemeis on the ground first. Then, focus on the enemies on upper levels. Once you killed all that you can, move up stairs and catwalks to eliminate the remaining targets.

Industrial Action Video Guide

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Hook, Line and Sinker

Location: Beachline off of Beaverhead Avenue in Alderney
Walkthrough: A sniper rifle is neccessary for this level. You can see the target on a boat way off in the water. Take out your sniper and get the target in the crosshairs. Pop'em. You don't need to kill the other person. Don't enter or go near any boats though, or you will start a boat chase.

Hook, Line and Sinker Video Guide

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Dead End

Location: Rand Avenue in Alderney
Walkthrough: You will chase a car and it will eventually go into an alley. You will be blocked from behind by another vehicle. Find cover .... good cover, and start to pick off any enemies. If you happen to have an RPG, you can destroy the fleeing care before it gets to the alley.

Dead End Video Guide

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Water Hazard

Location: Emry Street in Alderney
Walkthrough: A sailboat will be drifting along in the water. Use your sniper to zoom in on the target and kill him.

Water Hazard Video Guide

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Endangered Species
You collected every hidden package in the game

Hidden Packages are just pigeons that you have to shoot. There are a total of 200 located in Liberty City. Some you will come across, others are hard to find. This is a pain, especially if you only miss one or two and there is no tracking them in game. Be patient, make sure you mark every location. This will also get boring real quick. Some of the numbers are a little mixed up. 72 and 73 are skipped in Bohan/Broker/Dukes because they are not considered part of that area, rather they are in Algonquin. Bohan/Broker/Dukes only has 73 birds total, the 72nd and 73rd birds were put in what Rockstar considers Algonquin according to the included map.


1. Go to the long pier on the beach, but go underneath it. It is under the pier towards the end, next to a wood beam.
2. Right underneath the ferris wheel along the beach.
3. On the top most point of the roller coaster. You will have to get on the elevated train tracks to get a good shot at it.
4. Go to Ketchum Street. It's on the backside of the house, on a railing.
5. There is an apartment complex with a small railing around it. It's on one of the railing corners.
6. On the median of the Broker-Dukes Expressway.
7. On a broken portion of wall under the Expressway.
8. On top of a door facing an inner courtyard.
9. On top of a sign post that has three arches.
10. On a pier under the Broker Bridge.
11. On the left side of the Navy Yard sign.
12. On top of an air conditioner on a lumber yard building.
13. On top of the Perestroika sign.
14. In the gazebo in Outlook Park.
15. On top of a garage in a back alley off of Mohegan Avenue.
16. On the railing of a sidewalk next to the Gizzard restaurant.
17. On top of a bus stop roof.
18. On a piece of concrete near a little construction area next to Burger Shot.
19. On a fire escape along the road.
20. On one of the house's stoops.
21. In a little tunnel/breeze way under the Algonquin-Dukes Expressway. It's sitting on a metal beam.
22. In the alley near Brucie's place, on the fire escape.
23. Next to the building that was STORAGE written on it in red letters.
24. On the basketball courts, on top of a backboard.
25. Near an entrance to the train, above the ticket booths.
26. On the roof of the building across from the train station.
27. On Saratoga Avenue, under the train tracks. At the top of one of teh support beams.
28. On top of a small poll at a toll booth look-a-like.
29. There is a black hole on the airport building. The best view of the pigeon is if you get on the train tracks to see it.
30. On the railing at the top of the airport's control tower.
31. In between two air vents on the airport's roof.
32. In Meadows Park, you will see pipes that go in the ground and in a small structure. It's on top of the small structure.
33. On the green overhang at an apartment building's entrance.
34. In the doorway of what look to be an old circus area/tent.
35. At the base of a statue around the fountain with the globe.
36. On top of a chimney of a building that is enterable on Savannah Avenue.
37. You will see a big red building on the corner. The top floor has a lot of windows. Shoot an RPG up or throw a grenade.
38. On a wooden fence in the alley.
39. In a civilian tunnel under the East Borough Bridge.
40. On top of the pool's high dive board.
41. There is a tree across the street from a pub. The bird is on one of the branches.
42. Go up to the tran station and look in the rafters overhead.
43. It is underneath the wooden Unique Stunt Jump.
44. On top of a large rock under a tree.
45. At the cemetery, they have the little above ground burial buildings. It's on top of one of them.
46. On top of the monkey bars at the playground.
47. On a wall near a parking lot.
48. There is a tree right behind 47, it's at the base.
49. It's on one of the cement blocks under the Dukes Bay Bridge.
50. On a giant rock on the shoreline.
51. On top of a streetlight attached to a building.
52. In a window of the cabin of a boat at the pier.
53. On the roof of a metal manufacturing building.
54. On a railing next to two semi-trucks.
55. On a railing under the raised portion of Attica Avenue.
56. Inside a large pipe.
57. On top of a large, thin rock (it's the third rock of the bunch).
58. On top of a cement archway (it doesn't really arch, it just goes straight across.
59. The arch in 58 is connected to a small wall. At the abse is a stack of blocks. The bird is on top.
60. In a little fenced ina rea under the train station.
61. On a fence post in the alley.
62. On a piece of cement on the beach, near the docks.
63. Under the pier.
64. On a large grouping of rocks.
65. On top of a gatepost.
66. On the corner of a rooftop. The building is a cleaners place.
67. Right next to 66.
68. There is a railing running along the sidewalk. It's on a little cement/brick design that the rails run into, then start up again on the other side.
69. On top of the roof of an old train station building near the police station. The roof is easily seen and gotten to from street level.
70. In a little circled off grass area, on the welcome sign.
71. On a pipe in an alley.
74. On a railing of the bridge.
76. On a railing near the bridge's support beams.


72. There is a boat citing near a warehouse, it's on the boat.
73. Under the East Borough Bridge, near car billboards.
75. On the East Borough Bridge, on the first cross beam if going from Dukes/Broker to Algonquin.
77. On a set of steps along the river.
78. On top of a blue ramp/roof looking thing.
79. On the roof of the bulding in between the two smoke stacks.
80. On an old merry go round.
81. On a windowsill of the old mental hospital.
82. On top of a barge.
83. In a dumpster on a barge.
84. On a low ledge of an apartment building.
85. On the wall near a small blocked off construction zone.
86. On the hospital rooftop's vent.
87. On the hospital's sixth floor balcony railing.
88. Wall where the train comes by and goes under the road.
89. On a post at the entrance of an alley.
90. It's on the uneven portion of the building with a destroyed wall.
91. On a patio railing.
92. On the fire escape of an apartment building.
93. On a cement block along the shoreline.
94. On the corner of a wall behind an apartment building.
95. On the boathouse roof.
96. On the entrance post to the park.
97. On the railing of teh subway entrance.
98. To the right of the big set of stairs you will see a large carved out nook in the wall. It's in there.
99. On the tarp over the hotel entrance.
100. Near the hotdog vendor on a post.
101. In a tree near Seagull Theater.
102. On top of the cross os the church's roof.
103. It is on what appears to be a statue of a symbol like a target.
104. Near an onramp on Union Drive East.
105. It is on a gondola.
106. It is behind the large statue of a person.
107. In a pile of trash under the freeway.
108. In an arch built into the side of the freeway.
109. In the skate park under Broker Bridge.
110. On top of the Broker Bridge cloumn, only reachable by helicopter.
111. In the alley next to Bank of Liberty.
112. Behind a bench near the Heli Tours.
113. On the brick circle in the middle of a little park.
114. It is only seen from the water and looking in a nook in the side of the .... building or structure (not sure what it is).
115. On the top of a shipping container.
116. It is between a red bush and yellow bush.
117. On the rail leading up to a boat.
118. In the alley on a railing, near a billboard.
119. On a small cement block near a lightpost.
120. On a gravestone behind a church.
121. At the base of a tree near the Italian flag.
122. On top of a bus stop waiting location.
123. It is under the first portion of the raise train tracks.
124. On the lookout ledge of Rotterdam Tower.
125. On top of the Viendemont entrance.
126. In the mouth of the shark at the Burlesue and Iron Street intersection.
127. It's perched on a tree branch.
128. On a power box on a wall, below a sign that says "Enter Here".
129. It's on a building only accessible by helicopter. Land on the roof and take the ladder down to it.
130. On the abandoned, raised railway on a beam.
131. On a railing in the alley.
132. At the abse of a tree in a tree planter.
133. On a lower ledge of the memorial building.
134. On a windowsill of the museum.
135. On a concrete post at a park's entrance.
136. In the sandbox of an old playground.
137. On the low wall of the Hickey Bridge.
138. Under the Hickey Bridge, on one of the supports.
195. On the second tier of the statue's base.
196. On the statue's left hand, where it is holding the book.
197. On the statue's left shoulder.
198. Just below the statue's crown but above her forehead.
199. On the statue's right thumb, against the coffee cup.
200. On the rim of the coffee cup.


139. Under a wood ramp on the beach.
140. On a rooftop under a blank billboard.
141. On top of the stairwell door of a jewelry shop.
142. On the lawn next to the police station.
143. On top of a deli's air conditioner.
144. On top of a cement post along a long path to houses.
145. On the ground near one of the little grass patches.
146. Under where the overpass starts to rise.
147. On a fence post near a swimming pool.
148. On top of a brick wall under a tree.
149. In between two water towers one a restaurant roof.
150. In the planter, next to the hospital.
151. Under a tree near an apartment building.
152. On the second story balcony railing of Mr. Fuk's.
153. On the corner of a roof across from Mr. Fuk's.
154. On top of a low wall.
155. On a wall near a hot dog vendor.
156. On top of a gravel mound against a large wall.
157. Next to the stairs of a large white building (looks almost like a courthouse).
158. On the walkpath of a billboard that says "CRIME".
159. On a sidewalk wall across from a hotdog vendor.
160. Near a hot dog vedor and a magazine kiosk.
161. Under the stairs leading to the boardwalk.
162. On the top ledge of the entrance to Booth Tunnel.
163. Near some bushes near a Cluckin' Bell billboard.
164. In a small outcove at teh end of the railway.
165. Behind the boat propeller (how's that considered art?).
166. On an air vent on the roof of a fireproof door business.
167. On the corner of a wall behind a dock house.
168. On top of a shipping contained at the rear of the building.
169. Under a tree near some railway tracks.
170. On one of the ledges halway up an auto parts building.
171. On the corner of a brick wall.
172. On the roof of a little shed in front of Cluckin' Bell.
173. At the bottom of the stairs of teh second white house.
174. On a building's first story balcony railing.
175. Across from the [email protected] cafe, to the left of the building that juts up from the roof, on the ledge.
176. Next to the dumspter across from a water fountain.
177. Under Plumbers Skyway, on the support area.
178. On top of a shipping container right next to a Plumbers Skyway exit ramp.
179. Along the edge of the island, on the rocks.
180. There is an LCPA room right next to a Plumbers Skyway on ramp. To the right of the LCPA room is the pigeon.
181. On the lowest roof tier of the large industrial building.
182. On top of an electrical box.
183. On the roof of the Honkers entrance.
184. Up on the freeway support for Plumbers Skyway. The support is near a diner.
185. On a post in the middle of the bridge.
186. At the base of a tree near Dude Chemicals.
187. On one of the walls of a building foundation.
188. Along the edge of a walking path, near a half sunken boat.
189. On the center median of Plumbers Skyway near the on/off ramp in the middle of the highway.
190. On top of a pipe in an industrial area.
191. On top of a wall with barbed wire fencing.
192. On the ground below 191.
193. On the roof of a warehouse.
194. On the half sunken boat in the water.

Endangered Species Visual Locations Guide

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Endangered Species Video Trophy Guide

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Under The Radar
You flew under all the main bridges in the game

When you open the map, you will see fourteen trophy icons on bridges. Go to Southeast Algonquin, right off of Flatfish Place. Go to the Heli Tour location and steal a chopper. Be carefull, sme of these bridges can be a little tricky!

Under the Radar Video Trophy Guide

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Dial B For Bomb
You unlocked the special ability of Packie's car bomb placement

When Packie's like rating gets to 75% you will unlock a fun little perk. Call him and he will tell you the location of a bomb. Go and pick it up. Then, pick an unsuspecting car to plant it on. Detonate it and watch the explosion. This comes in handy in some missions ... and is just fun as hell to use.

See Liberty City (5) for a more detailed look at Packie.

Gracefully Taken
You completed the mission "I'll Take Her"

This is story related and cannot be missed.

Gerry McReary will want you to set up a fake meet to test drive Grace Ancelotti's car. Your real intentions are to kidnap her and hold her for ransom. Go to an internet cafe and set up the meet. you will then meet with her and kidnap her. Drive her to the safe house and take her in to complete the mission.

Gracefully Taken Video Trophy Guide

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Liberty City (5)
Your friends all like you above 90%

First off, the five is in parenthesis because you could only have four friends based on more of a moral decision. When you choose either to kill Playboy X or Dwayne, if you kill Playboy X, Dwayne will become your friend ..... if you kill Dwayne, well .... no friend for you. Also, all available friends must like you above 90% at once. Remember that Roman could also die based on a moral choice as well, so get him done early. You are able to do up to threee activities with a friend before he will want to go home. I highly recommend doing three since it will raise the like rating quicker than say doing three, single activity hangouts at different times. Also, NEVER reject an invitation to hang out, the likeness rating will drop. If you really don't want to hang out, accept the request then call right back and cancel. It will not effect anything.


When He Becomes Available to Hang: After Beating "Bleed Out"
All Day
Bowling, Darts, Drinking, Eating, Pool, Show, Strip Club
Food Preferences: High End Restaurants or Burger Shot
Nightspot Preferences:
Special Ability: Free Taxi

Little Jacob

When He Becomes Available to Hang: After Beating "Shadow"
1:00pm - 4:00am
Activities: Darts, Drinking, Eating, Pool, Show, Strip Club
Food Preferences: Fast Food (Cluckin' Bell is best)
Nightspot Preferences: Club Liberty
Special Ability: Guns


When He Becomes Available to Hang: After Beating "No. 1"
7:00am - 1:00am
Activities: Boating, Bowling, Drinking, Eating, Heli Ride, Show, Strip Club
Food Preferences: High End Restaurants, No Fast Food
Nightspot Preferences: High End
Special Ability: Heli Pickup/Rides


When He Becomes Available to Hang: After Beating "The Holland Play (Kill Playboy X)"
11:00am - 3:00am
Activities: Bowling, Drinking, Eating, Show, Strip Club
Food Preferences: High End Restaurants or Cluckin' Bell
Nightspot Preferences: Club Liberty
Special Ability: Backup


When He Becomes Available to Hang: After Beating "Three Leaf Clover"
Availability: 3:00pm - 6:00am
Activities: Bowling, Darts, Drinking, Pool, Show, Strip Club
Food Preferences: Burger Shot, Pizza Stack, Pang
Nightspot Preferences: Donnie's Bar
Special Ability: Car Bombs

No More Strangers
You've met all the random characters

During the course of the game, you will come across some random (more like strange) characters. They will need help in various ways, and it's your job to help them. They are scattered all across Liberty City just yearning for Niko to help them. You need to do certain thigns to unlock them though. Also, you will see the same people mroe than a few times. For the purpose of this guide, Ivan, Clarence and Cherise will be included although they can be killed. They do not, however, count towards the 100% trophy. Well here you have it:

Brian: Meet 1

Prerequisite: "It's Your Call"
Walkthrough: Basically, you just walk up to Brian and talk to him. He gives you $100 and the meet ends.

Brian: Meet 2

Prerequisite: "Brian: Meet 1"
Walkthrough: All you do is drive Brian to a meet with some drug dealers and then drive him home.

Brian: Meet 3

Prerequisite: "Brian: Meet 2"
Walkthrough: Brian tries to make amends with his former dealers, but they don't take to kindly to it. They start kickign his ass. Hop out and beat up the dealers before they kill Brian. Then, take Brian abck to his place.


Prerequisite: "Shadow"
Walkthrough: You'll see badman on a park bench and he will want you to take him somewhere. When you arrive at the location, half a dozen gangsters will be in the alley. My preferred takedown method was to just run them over. After all that and a short talk with Badman, the mission ends.


Prerequisite: "Escuela of the Streets"
Walkthrough: Mell will want you to take him to meet with his loan sharks. You get there and of course it doesn't go according to plan. They pick up their guns. Take them out before they can harm Mel. When they are dead, drive Mel back to his place.

Ilyena Faustin

Prerequisite: "The Puerto Rican Connection"
Walkthrough: She wants you to get rid of her daughter Anna's boyfriend. When you arrive to him, you can either beat him to near death or flat out kill him, your choice. The only thing it effects is the phone conversation.


Prerequisite: "The Puerto Rican Connection"
Walkthrough: You need to take him to pick up his back pay. The meetign goes bad and the guy flees with Hossan's money. Chas down teh car and take him down by any means. Once he is dead, pick up the money and take Hossan to the alleyway he requests.

Sara: Meet 1

Prerequisite: "The Puerto Rican Connection"
Walkthrough: You will need to take Sara home and deal with her husband. you can either fight him with fists or shoot him up. Either choice completes the mission.

Sara: Meet 2

Prerequisite: "Sara: Meet 1"
Walkthrough:She will want you to pick up a package from Perseus. When you arrive, you could either buy it for $500 or just kill the guy. After you get the package, take it back to Sara.

Pathos: Meet 1

Prerequisite: "The Puerto Rican Connection"
Walkthrough: Some douches will talk trash on Pathos, and eh will chase them down. Follow him and take out both of them, they don't fight back if you have a gun.

Pathos: Meet 2

Prerequisite: "Pathos: Meet 1"
Walkthrough: Pathos gets trashed talked again, aggrivating him and getting him shot. Take out the attackers quickly. When they are dead, get a car and take Pathos to the hospital.

Jeff: Meet 1

Prerequisite: "Photo Shoot"
Walkthrough: He wants yo to follow his wife. Stay far back enough as to not spoot them but close enough to have a good eye on them. When they enter the cafe, head up to the second level and snap a picture for Jeff.

Jeff: Meet 2

Prerequisite: "Jeff: Meet 1"
Walkthrough: Jeff contatcs you by phone and arranges a meet in a parking garage. He killed his wife and wants you to dump the body. Drive it to the location, avoding any cops. If they see you, you get a one star wanted level and must lose it to complete the mission. When you get to the location, launch the car into the water.

Jeff: Meet 3

Prerequisite: "Jeff: Meet 2"
Walkthrough: Jeff wants to be your friend ... and wants you to kill his new wife. In frustration, he walks out into traffic and gets hit and killed. Pick up the cash he drops.


Prerequisite: "The Holland Play", Spare her in "Ruff Rider"
Walkthrough: Pick up Cherise and take her to her boyfriend so you can have a talk. Her boyfriend will take out whatever weapon you have out currently, so go in with your fists and switch to a weapon during the fight. After he is badly hurt or killed, go back and talk to Cherise.

Marnie: Meet 1

Prerequisite: "Three Leaf Clover"
Walkthrough: All you do is drive her to her dealer.

Marnie: Meet 2

Prerequisite: "Marnie: Meet 1"
Walkthrough: After hearing her sob story, Niko takes her to the train station. That's all folks.

Eddie Low: Meet 1

Prerequisite: "Three Leave Clover", found between 10:00pm - 4:00am
Walkthrough: All you do is take eddy to the docks, and then take him to a second location in Westminster.

Eddie Low: Meet 2

Prerequisite: "Eddie Low: Meet 1", found between 10:00pm - 4:00am
Walkthrough: Eddie will come after you with a knife. You should have a gun this far into the game, so just pull it out and shoot him.


Prerequisite: "Three Leaf Clover", Spare him in "Ivan the Not So Terrible"
Walkthrough: Ivan wants his money and you take him to go get it. There are five guys to kil after the cutscene and you need to protect Ivan. Find cover, pull out a gun and aim for headshots. After all are ded, Ivan gives you a nice little reward.


Prerequisite: "Blood Brothers", Spare him in "Holland Nights"
Walkthrough: Clarence wants to see you beg for your life now. After the cutscene you will be behind a large pillar. It's good cover so stay there. Peek around the corner and unload into Clarence.


Prerequisite: "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend"
Walkthrough: Gracie will spot you and freak out. Five gaurds will come to protect her. Hop in a car for safety and do a series of drive-bys. They drop a lot of money, so pick it up.

No More Strangers Video Trophy Guide

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That Special Someone
You completed the mission "That Special Someone"

This is story related and cannot be missed.

They got him. U.L. Paper has finally got the bastard that killed most of Niko's squad back in Bulgaria. Niko informs Roman and heads to pick him up. The two will head to the meet-up at Francis International. Darko will be dropped off .... and boy does he look like hell. He's led a miserable life. You can choose to avenge your fallen allies and kill Drako, or you can accept that it will change nothing and let him live. It's your call. The only thing that changes is Roman's and Niko's dialogue on the way to drop off Roman at Brucie's.

That Special Someone

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You Won!
You have completed the story

Ah, all you have to do is complete the story ... all 87 missions!!! I gotta say though, this is a fun game with some great missions. you have your standard ones, really easy ones and a few harder ones. In usual GTA fashion, you will have different mission strands as well. Here is a breakdown on every mission strand:


The Cousins Bellic
It's Your Call
Three's a Crowd
First Date
Bleed Out
Easy Fare
Jamaican Heat
Uncle Vlad
Logging On
Roman's Sorrow
Hostile Negotiation
Weekend at Florian's
That Special Someone


Bull in a China Shop
Hung Out to Dry
Clean Getaway
Ivan the Not So Terrible

Little Jacob

Concrete Jungle


Crime and Punishment
Do You Have Protection?
Final Destination
No Love Lost
Rigged to Blow
The Master and the Molotov
Russian Revolution


Search and Delete
Easy As Can Be
Out of the Closet (Parts 1 and 2)
No. 1


Escuela of the Streets
Street Sweeper
Luck of the Irish
Blow Your Cover
The Puerto Rican Connection
The Snow Storm
Have a Heart

Playboy X

Deconstruction for Beginenrs
Photo Shoot
The Holland Play

Dwayne Forge

Ruff Rider
Undress to Kill

Francis McReary

Call and Collect
Final Interview (Parts 1 and 2)
Holland Nights
Blood Brothers

U.L. Paper

Wrong is Right
Portrait of a Killer
Dust Off
Paper Trail

Packie McReary

Harboring a Grudge
Waste Not Want Knots
Three Leaf Clover

Ray Boccino

A Long Way to Fall
Taking in the Trash
Museum Piece
No Way on the Subway
Late Checkout

Gerry McReary

Action Speaks Louder Than Words
I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle
I'll Take Her ... (... I'll Take Her)
She's a Keeper
Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

Phil Bell

Truck Hustle
Catch the Wave
To Live and Die in Alderney


Pegorino's Pride
Flat Line
Pest Control

Derrick McReary

Tunnel of Death

Bernie Crane

Buoys Ahoy
Bryce's Infernus


Dining Out
Liquidize the Assets


If The Price is Right OR A Dish Served Cold
Mr. & Mrs. Bellic
A Revenger's Tragedy OR Out of Commission

Liberty City Minute
You finished the story in less than 30 hours

This isa ctually VERY easy. I happen to currently be around 25 hours played and only have 150 pigeons left. Basically, you can do a lot of stuff over the time. I never used a taxi, watched most of the cutscenes and did things for 100%. The story should only take you around 15 - 20 hours as is. If you do the bare minimum (just the main story), you could most likely do the story two times in the alotted time. Also, if you don't think you could do it, go and do the 100% trophy first. Then, since you have a recent and good memory of the game, replay an do this trophy. If you are worried here are some tips:

Skip Cutscenes: This will cut out a fair amount of time towards the 30 hours. Watching them doesn't hurt you much.

Keep Track of Time: In the main stats page, it will tell you how much playtime you have. Keep a track of it.

Taxi and Skip: Once you can use Roman's taxi, start using it to get to every location and skip the trip as well. You won't lose money and it saves time.

Key To The City
You completed GTA IV to 100%

Ah ... for this you basically have to do EVERYTHING. There is a lot to do and will take you around thirty hours. Also, this has to be done on one save/a playthrough. As usual, you have free roam after you beat the main story to do everything. Here is EVERYTHING you need to do for it.

Main Story Missions

See You've Won!.

Assassin Missions

See Assassin's Greed.

Drug Delivery Missions

See Courier Service.

Exotic Exports

See Order Fulfilled.

Street Races (Win)

See Genetically Superior.

Text Message Cars

See You Got The Message.

Most Wanted Missions

See Manhunt.

Vigilante Missions

See Cleaned The Mean Streets.

Friends' Abilities

See Retail Therapy, That's How We Roll!, Dial B For Bomb.

Friends' Activities (All They Like To Do)

See Liberty City (5) (Only Little Jacob, Brucie and Packie).

Random Character Missions

See No More Strangers.

Activities (Must Win All)

You must win a game of Darts, Bowling and Pool as well as beat the high score on QUB3D.

Flying Rats

See Endangered Species.

Unique Stunt Jumps

See Dare Devil.

You killed 5 opposing team members

This one can be a pain, especially if you can't find players. This trophy isn't simply getting five kills, you need to kill five different players from the enemy team. Any team based game will do fine, but Team Deathmatch may be your best bet at this. You start off with a pistol but wandering around and grabbing better weapons will give you an edge against opposing players. If you can't get enough players, you could always find some to boost with.

Teamplayer Video Trophy Guide

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Cut Your Teeth
You were successfully promoted up a rank in multiplayer

This will come naturally over play. All you need is $1,000 to rank up, so you should get it at the end of any match. If you want to do a nice, quick match, play Hangman's NOOSE. You'll get around $4,000 in under four minutes.

Cut Your Teeth Video Trophy Guide

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Join The Midnight Club
You won a multiplayer race without damaging your vehicle too much

Unfortunately, I have not been able to tell what the boundaries are for "too much damage". Now it may be easy to complete a race with no damage BUT the trick is winning that way. You may get lucky and have an opponent who crashes a lot but odds are that won't be the case. This, more than likely, will require boosting. Set up a private match and pick any map. Make sure you set the laps to one. start the race and have your boosting buudy drive directly towards the finish, but stop a few feet away from the finish line. Then you can cruise and be careful and once you cross your partner can cross.

Join The Midnight Club

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Fly The Co-op
You completed "Deal Breaker", "Hangman's NOOSE" and "Bomb da Base II" in time

These are the three co-op modes for GTA4. Beating them under that time ... well it isn't overly easy. It will give you trouble and is a pain. It's best to stick with a small group of two or three players and to do ti all together. Here is a quick rundown to help you out:

Hangman's NOOSE

Time to Beat: 2 minutes 32 seconds
Recommended Players: 3
Walkthrough: You have to escort Petrovic out of the area. One person go and hop on the little runway car to the right. This person should eb teh best flyer. They will head around to the other side of the airport, get one of the assault helicopters and fly back and land in the designated spot. The flyer with then pick up Petrovic and his teammates and fly them to the landing zone. At that spot, they can crash land and complete the mission. The players that stay behind will kill the NOOSE agents trying to get to Petrovic. Stay back and gaurd the jet. Once enough are killed, you will be able to extract Petrovic. The main threat will eb the NOOSE agents that come from behind.

Hangman's NOOSE Video Guide

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Bomb Da Base II

Time to Beat:
5 minutes 34 seconds
Recommended Players: 3
Walkthrough: The ideal spot for the truck to spawn is towards the bridge, not too far from where you spawn. Hop in a vehicle, drive to the truck and start lighting it up. Do not shot the wheels. Once the vehicle stops, kill the armed gaurds in it. Hop in the truck and take it to the marked point on your map. A helicopter will be dropped off for you. Fly it to the marked location on your map, a boat. Drop two players off on the bottom level on the back end of the boat. The pilot will fly to the uppermost level, the wheel house, and jump off up there. They will then kill the enemeis inside the wheel house and plant the explosives. The other two players will make their way down into the hull, towards the second bomb placement where the loen player will meet up with them. Once it is planted, escape the boat. There is a glitch to make it more easier. One player goes on the deck, to the left side. When the player comes to the point where the bomb should be place in the hull, there should be the last silver panel for the section. Go to the middle of the panel and climb up. If done correctly, the player will glitch into the hull and be able to plant care free. The other two players will leave the boat and the bomb planter will kill himself with a grenade.

Bomb Da Base II Video Guide

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Deal Breaker

Time to Beat: 7 mintues 3 seconds
Recommended Players: 2
Walkthrough: Instead of driving to the location, hop in the car at teh spawn and drive to the near by helicopter (location shown in video). Both players hop in the copter and fly to the marked area. The flyer will drop off the other player at the top of the multi-tiered structure, then pilot the helicopter down to the corner on the right, almost near the water. The player that got dropped off on top will work from the top down. The pilot will work from the ground level and up to about the first level. Now this is the part that is easiest and needs to happen in order to beat the mission in time. You want the bikers to escape by boat. If they do, they will head right to where the helicopter is parked. The pilot will head over and whip out an RPG to take the boat out. If the other player can make it in time, he will use his assault rifle to try and take out the escaping bikers. That way either oen of you will surely get the kill. When they are dead, hop back in the helicopter and fly back to the spawn. Crash land in the garage and you've done it!

Deal Breaker Video Guide

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Taking It For The Team
You were on the winning team in all multiplayer team games

Grand Theft Auto 4 offers five different types of team based games. Some people report having problems with the trophy. The best thing to do in one session. They don't take long to complete, so it will only take maybe an hour or two. Here is a list of game modes and descriptions:

Team Deathmatch

It can have up to sixteen players and eight teams. Instead of being restricted to a kill limit, you are restricted by time and money. Get to the target amount first, or have the most before time runs out.

Team Mafiya Work

Again, up to sixteen players and eight teams. It is time and money based. Petrovic will give you mini-missions to do. Be the first team to complete them and earn the most money.

Team Car Jack City

Up to eightt eams and sixteen players. Cars will be marked on the map either blue or green. Green markers indicate drug cars, which are worth more money. You have to bring cars to a destination in order to earn money. The amount of money you receive is based on if it is marked green or blue and on the condition it is in when you deliver it.

Turf War

Only two teams and up to sixteen players. Bases are placed around the map based on how many players there are. You must capture and hold the bases in order to gain points to win.

Cops N' Crooks

There are up to sixteen players and two teams. One team are Cops, the other team are Crooks. There are two inner game modes.

All for One - One team member is chosen to be the boss. The Crooks must get him to the getaway vehicle, the Cops must try to kill the boss.

One for All - Each Crook tries to get to the getaway vehicle. The Cops must kill every Crook in order to win. For the Crooks, if you die you must wait until the next round to respawn.

For this game mode, you must win both as the Cops AND as the Crooks.

Top Of The Food Chain
You successfully killed 20 players with a pistol in a deathmatch

This one can be tricky. Somethin always comes up when you get close, the time limit is reach or the point limit is reached. This is where hosting a game works real well. Set the game for max points, max time and pistols only. People are bound to join the game, now some may drop out but others will msot likely join in. Since you are using pistols only and there is so much time and you need so many points, you won't have a problem getting this.

Top of the Food Chain Video Trophy Guide

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Top The Midnight Club
You won 20 different multiplayer standard races

There are 54 different races you can do. Luckily, you only need to do twenty and there just so happens to be twenty "Road Races". They are basically the standard race that takes place on ... well a road. The "GTA Race" varient DOES NOT count as a standard race. If you don't get this trophy after completing all road races, move to the boat and helicopter ones and you will get after one of them. Good thing is, you have to do this in the pursuit of the almight Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic. Also, say if you pick a map to do the race on, it won't count as two times if you do it once with cars and once with motorcycles. Once you win on it, no matter the vehicle you use, it will not count again towards the trophy. Here is a quick list of the "Road Races":

Road Race Maps

Driving While High
Exhaust Fumes
Thunder Road
Industrial Action
Short Circuit
Don't Look Down
Duck and Weave
Drag Kings
Ride in the East
Horse Punch
Stars in Your Eyez
Road to Bohan
Round the Block
Southern Switch
Bogan's Run
Bawhan Dash
Quick Knives
Terminal Velocity

You achieved the highest personal rank possible in multiplayer

First off, this will take A LOT of grinding. Find a group of dedicated players who all need it, that way there is always people on to play with. There are a total of ten ranks you must go through to get the coveted trophy. Here is a breakdown on the amount of money for each:

Rank 1: $1,000

Rank 2: $10,000

Rank 3: $50,000

Rank 4: $100,000

Rank 5: $250,000

Rank 6: $500,000

Rank 7: $750,000

Rank 8: $1,500,000

Rank 9: $3,000,000

Rank 10: $5,000,000

Now by far the best way to boost is to play Hangman's NOOSE. Play on Hard, that way each player will get a minimum $4,500. Now when you first start playing, it may take you three to four minutes each time. As you get more skilled you can beat it in under three minutes, and sometimes get close to two minutes. My personal best was around 1 minute 42 seconds. You may want to switch it up every now and then though, like mess around during a NOOSE match oe play a few matches of Bomb Da Base II or Deal Breaker to break up the monotony of hardcore NOOSEing. There is a three and four person method I will give a rundown of.

3 Player Method

Basically, one person grabs the helicopter while the other two fend off NOOSE agents. The pilot will then come and pick up Petrovic and the other two players and head to the LZ. This can be seen in more detail in Fly the Co-op.

4 Player Method

Basically, the same thing is done as the three person way, but the fourth player needs to be a good pilot. They will drive over to the helicopters with the player who will pick up Petrovic and the others. The fourth player will get his own heli and head to the LZ OR head back with the other helicopter to help fend off NOOSE agents while everyone boards the other helicopter.

Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic
You won in all variations of multiplayer games

Ah this trophy is a $#&*&. You have to win all variations of multiplayer games. Now, there are reported problems with this trophy. The stat tracking server isn't the best, so you may ahve to check your own stats page now and again to make sure certain thigns are counting. The best way to avoid it, although the most time consuming, is to do it ALL in one sitting. It may seem like a pain, bet in the end it seems to be the best bet. Also, people have reported goign threw evry single thing, having it count and still not get it. For "Races", you must win both the Race and GTA Race versions on every map. Also, to heighten your chances, for every Race/GTA Race, win with the best time (it comes along with just winning). For other modes such as co-op, Deathmatch etc. try to finish with the top overall score AND win (in the case of co-op beat successfully). Here is a list of everything you need to do:


Hangman's NOOSE
Bomb da Base II
Deal Breaker

Other Modes

Team Deathmatch
Car Jack City
Team Car Jack City
Mafiya Work
Team Mafiya Work
Turf War
Cops N' Crooks

Road Races (Race/GTA Race)

Driving While High
Exhaust Fumes
Thunder Road
Industrial Action
Short Circuit
Don't Look Down
Duck and Weave
Drag Kings
Ride in the East
Horse Punch
Stars in Your Eyez
Road to Bohan
Round the Block
Southern Switch
Bogan's Run
Bawhan's Dash
Quick Knives
Terminal Velocity

Boat Races (Race/GTA Race)

Beat the Bitch
Water Hazard
A.B.K. Endurance
Get Wrecked

Helicopter Races (Race/GTA Race)

556 Connection
Smoke Screen
Noise Pollution
Buzz the Tower
Hard Eight
Boogie Down
Bohan Burning
Big Op
Hoem Turf
Grand Tour

Free Races (Race/GTA Race)

Black Gold
Strip Off
Track Marks
Sinner & Saint
Heart Stopper
Coming Down
Back Breaker
Highs & Lows
Business Trip

Cannonball Run Races (Race/GTA Race)

Cargo Haul
Long Way Round
Getting Wood
Pilgrim's Progress
Donut Dash
Get it Pumped
In the Drink
Take Off

Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie
You killed a Rockstar in multiplayer

The game has been out for so long with trophy support that EVERYONE has this trophy. Basically, you have to kill a member of the Rockstar staff, or someone who has killed a member, or kill someone who has killed someone who is a member ..... you get it. You will ahev to play the multiplayer A LOT, so this will come over natural play during your time in the game.

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