Players: 1-16

Online Trophies: Yes - Off the Plane , Three-Bit Gangster , Making Moves , Above the Law , Numero Uno , The Midnight Club , Unnatural Selection , Backseat Driver , Run Like The Wind , Clean Sweep , Decorated , Stick Up Kid , Enjoy Your Stay , Crew Cut , Full Refund , Dialling Digits , American Dream
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: Yes
Estimated Time to Platinum: 100+ hrs
Minimum Playthroughs: 1+ Cleanup
Collectible Trophies: Yes - From Beyond the Stars , A Mystery, Solved , Waste Management
Missable Trophies: Yes - Three Man Army , Altruist Acolyte , Wanted: Alive or Alive , Kifflom! , TP Industries Arms Race , Red Mist
Glitched Trophies: Kifflom! but fixed with 1.01 patch.

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Grand Theft IV Trophy Guide

Grand Theft Auto is a game series that needs as little of an introduction as possible. It has gone beyond a simple videogame, it has evolved into a part of modern pop culture. Its transition from a little-known 2D shooter to the world's biggest and most well-known gaming franchise has been extraordninary. The previous installments in the series are some of the most critically acclaimed games ever, with sales into the millions. But this alone will mean nothing if the impossibly high standards that the series has set itself over the years aren't kept, or even exceeded. Let me guide you through the latest incarnation of this gaming monster...


Los Santos: a sprawling sun-soaked metropolis full of self-help gurus, starlets and fading celebrities, once the envy of the Western world, now struggling to stay afloat in an era of economic uncertainty and cheap reality TV. Amidst the turmoil, three very different criminals plot their own chances of survival and success: Franklin, a street hustler looking for real opportunities and serious money; Michael, a professional ex-con whose retirement is a lot less rosy than he hoped it would be; and Trevor, a violent maniac driven by the chance of a cheap high and the next big score. Running out of options, the crew risks everything in a series of daring and dangerous heists that could set them up for life.

The biggest, most dynamic and most diverse open world ever created, Grand Theft Auto V blends storytelling and gameplay in new ways as players repeatedly jump in and out of the lives of the game’s three lead characters, playing all sides of the game’s interwoven story.

[top]Grand Theft Auto V Characters

Three playable protagonists - Michael, Franklin and Trevor may live in different parts of town, have their own issues, attitudes, lifestyles, desires and goals - but they do know how to work together. They also each have their own unique skillsets to bring to the table when it's time to get the job done.


He's a veteran bank robber, and an expert with the kind of knowledge that only comes from years as a successful career criminal. Now retired and living comfortably in an unofficial sort of witness protection, Michael's not without his own problems though - he has a wife who can't stop spending money and two spoiled kids he doesn't understand at all. Michael made it out and got everything he wanted, and he's still miserable.


A former street gangster now looking for real opportunities and serious money, Franklin works as a repo man for an Armenian luxury car dealership that runs scams on ambitious young hotshots with new money, selling them expensive cars they can’t afford. When they can’t make their payments but want to keep their cars, it’s Franklin’s job to get them back.


Not interested in living by anyone else’s rules, Trevor's a habitual drug user and extremely volatile individual that's prone to destructive outbursts and violent rampages. A former criminal colleague of Michael's from long ago - the less that's said about him the better.

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Warning, there are some spoilers in this guide. Read at your own risk.
  • Story mode contain the below objectives for you to complete if you are aiming for that GTA V .
    Missions - 69
    Hobbies and Pastimes - 42
    Strangers and Freaks - 20
    Random Events - 14
    Miscellaneous - 16
  • I recommend signing up and linking your PS3 account to the Official Rockstar Games Social Club. It tracks your game progress such as your missions etc and serves as a checklist which it a very useful tool. Also sign up to our very own PS3Trophies Crew for your online part of the game.

  • You can replay any of the Missions and Strangers and Freaks tasks via the menu options.
  • Franklin, Michael and Trevor all have different starting abilities such as special ability, stamina, shooting, strength, flying, driving and lung capacity. They can all be upgraded by objectives which are shown under each of the character stats screen via your menu.
  • Michael can only do Missions/Stranger Tasks that are coloured blue for Trevor they are coloured orange and for Franklin they are green.
  • The mini map flashes red and blue when the cops can see you. To lose a wanted level, stay out of the coned areas, which are visible on your mini map, until the cops call of the search. Hide in alleys or in the dark to stay out of their sight.
  • Use this interactive map for help in finding collectables and more.
  • Getting a gold medal in all challenges in the shooting range will give you a 25% discount in Ammu-Nation.
  • Be careful in loading the Online part of the game from the first loading screen (when you can press to load online instead of SP) as it might delete your online character.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Guns & Upgrades Exploit

This can be done early on in the game with Trevor on Nervous Ron Mission which is activated once in Trevor's safe house. You need to buy all weapons and upgrades in the ammu-nation shop which you need to visit in the mission anyway and you will already have enough money to do it when you start. Once all purchased you need to go outside, kill your self with a grenade and reply the mission. You will now have all the upgrades for the weapons and all your money back.

Infinite Money Exploit

There is a money glitch that will earn you $25,000 every 20 seconds. That's a million dollars in a little over 13 minutes. There is a hidden briefcase in the ocean, on the west side of Los Santos. It's on a sunken submarine. Go dive for it, pick it up and stay at the exact same spot. Don't use Franklin for this, as he cannot hold his breath for long. Trevor is the best choice. After getting the briefcase you switch the character and immediately switch back to Trevor. The briefcase will respawn and you get $25,000 again. Your breath will also refill, so don't worry about dying. Just make sure to stay right above the briefcase spawn point to make this as effective as possible.


MISSIONS - Start playing the story mode by completing missions with all three characters. The amount of open missions for each character is indicated by a number just under their faces when your press . If you come across any random events, strangers & freaks, miscellaneous items or collectibles then I would recommend doing them.

NOTE: Remember to get those missable trophies out of the way!!

HOBBIES & PASTIMES, STRANGERS & FREAKS, RANDOM EVENTS & MISCELLANEOUS - You may of completed most or even some of them so now I would finish them all off. Your characters will be faster, stronger and overall better so this should make some of these a bit easier.

GOLD MEDALS/COLLECTIBLES/CLEAN UP - You can reply any missions and stranger & freak tasks from your menu. You just will need 70 gold medals out of a possible 127 gold medals. Remember that if you reply a mission/stranger & freaks tasks you just need to get the objectives on that certain mission/task that you failed on. Finish off the single player mode by cleaning up any other missed trophies. This will be the "grind" part of this platinum, I suggest that you stagger out how you do them as well. While doing step two you can replay the some strangers and freaks missions for the gold, and when you're in the area for a random trophy you could do it as well. Regardless though, the collectibles are a true test of patience. I recommend you buy a helipad and a helicopter to easily get to the collectibles (unless you're doing stunt jumps or knife flights).

MULTIPLAYER - In this (long) step, you're gonna want to get a few friends and start playing the multiplayer part of GTA V. Getting to rank 100 is not an easy task and will take a very long time. To make this step a little more fun and not just a grind, play with friends how you want to play, do races that you wanna do when you want to, don't just focus on the trophies that you need. Once you get to rank 100 you'll probably have most requirements for most of the trophies anyway. You'll also have higher stats and better equipment, making the trophies easier for you.

PLATINUM - Show off your shiny new platinum


Los Santos Legend
Congratulations! You're Vinewood's biggest star!

Unlocked all of the below trophies to get this shiny new platinum.

Welcome to Los Santos
You repo'd a car and raced it through the heart of a sun-soaked metropolis.

This will be the first trophy that unlocks whilst in story mode during the Franklin and Lamar Mission after the prologue. Once you have completed the Prologue mission you will then find yourself in free roam mode behind a house. Walk straight ahead and turn right where you will need to pick between a white and a red car to race in but it doesn't matter which one you pick. Once you are in the car you will need to chase Lumar in the other car that you didn't select which will go on for a few minutes until you reach a car park lot. You will then need to lose the police and follow the GPS location with your car back to the dealership where the trophy will unlock.

A Friendship Resurrected
With friends like this who needs enemies?

You will get this trophy after completing Fame or Shame. In it, all you need to do is drive to the Fame or Shame filming area, watch a cutscene, then chase Lazlo until he runs out of gas and watch another cutscene. Simple as that.

A Fair Day's Pay
It's time for a little getaway.

For completing the mission Caida Libre. In it, you first need to shoot down a plane as Michael with a high powered gun. Shoot the red square that is a little ahead of the plane to actually hit it. Next, you play as Trevor and have to chase the falling plane until it crashes. Once it does, shoot the guy that gets out and run inside. Then you'll play as Michael and have to meet Trevor to learn that he's been just a little naughty.

The Moment of Truth
You have uncovered the truth about Brad.

For completing the mission Bury the Hatchet. In this mission, you play as Trevor and need confirmation of who is in Michael's coffin. You have to drive all across San Andreas, and then fly for a bit and you watch a cutscene. Afterwards, you play as Michael, defending against the Triads. Eventually you'll get to your car (which, thanks to Trevor, doesn't work anymore). Michael is captured as Trevor's boyfriend and the mission ends.

To Live or Die in Los Santos
Completed the final mission.

The final mission can go a number of ways (read: three). Be warned, this will contain spoilers. To avoid spoilers but get this across, choose option C at the end if you don't want to make a few things missable.

Toggle Spoiler

Diamond Hard
You cleaned out Vangelico to pay back Martin Madrazo.

This trophy is for completing The Jewel Store Job. You will need to complete a heist on a jewelry store, choosing to do it either loud or smart. If you chose the smart path, you will need to get an exterminator van and a van with BZ Gas. After that, you'll be ready to start this mission. The loud way is very straightforward, go in, shoot everyone, steal the jewelry and run, whereas the smart way has Franklin climb to the roof and throw BZ gas in the vents, allowing the rest of the crew to steal the jewelry with ease. After taking the jewelry you then have to get away on bikes, driving through sewer tunnels. Manoeuvring the tunnels can be a bit tricky at times and losing your crew or destroying the bike cause you to fail the mission. Take it slow through the tunnels. Afterwards, you take control of Michael and keep the cops away from the guys on bikes. Just ram the cops out of the way and you'll get to your destination, which will pop the trophy.

You stole an experimental super weapon from Merryweather... and gave it back.

For completing the mission The Merryweather Heist. In this heist, Michael has to plant 4 bombs on a ship while Franklin covers him from afar. Afterwards, Franklin will have to detonate the bombs, and Michael will have to dive to find the cargo. You then take control of Trevor in a submarine, pick up the cargo and have Lester explain why it has to be returned.

You performed a classic blitz play.

For completing the mission Blitz Play. In this heist, you will need to collect a garbage truck, tow truck, masks and suits. During the heist, you need to block off a road with the garbage truck and smash into a security van with the tow truck. This will trigger cops, and you'll have to fend them off, following the objectives as they come. Once the cops are dealt with, you'll need to get to the getaway vehicle and then take control of Michael and watch a cutscene. Classic blitz play.

Small Town, Big Job
You made a big impression at the Paleto Bay Chicken Festival.

For completing the mission The Paleto Score. Before you start this heist you'll need to steal a military truck with valuable weapons and drive it to a safe place. Next, to start the heist, Trevor, Michael and a henchman will enter the Paleto Bay bank. You have to go into the back where all the money is and basically wait for the cops to show up. Once they do, Trevor and Michael will be suited with juggernaut suits and have heavy weapons. You now have to make your way through a few buildings and eventually take control of Franklin.

Franklin will be driving a bulldozer, which will be the getaway vehicle. This thing is slow as all hell, and you'll have to dodge a few cop-cars on the way to Trevor and Michael. Once you're there, scoop them up and drive to the chicken factory nearby. Inside, you'll be back in-control of Michael and Trevor, just mowing down the cops. You'll have to wait for a train to come in here, so just hold off the cops until it arrives. Once it does, a cutscene will trigger and you'll get this trophy. Also note: the more your crew gets shot, the more money you will lose.

The Government Gimps
You recovered sensitive information from a highly defended federal building.

For completing the mission The Bureau Raid. In this heist you are given two options, A: act as a janitor and gain access that way or B: parachute onto the roof from a helicopter. Obviously go with option A, amirite? But no go with B because it's fun. You'll have to jump out of the helicopter then land on the roof of the building (use + together to make a precision landing). Once you're there you'll go through the window and inside the building. Now plant a sticky bomb on the door and detonate it, triggering the alarm. On the computer you need to run a few programs with some minigames. They are all pretty straight forward except for the one for finding the password (for me, anyway). There's a cursor in each column, and you have to start with the first letter. Once the M hits the box in the middle, press the button to lock it in.

After this, you'll have to defend against waves of cops while the computer runs. This will take a minute or two. Once it's done you'll have to find a place to rappel down the building. This means you have to run through a few floors of the building while shooting many cops. At the end of the rappeling, there will be a helicopter that needs shooting. Kill the pilot and keep rappeling down the building. Now depending on who you hired as your driver, you'll get to your getaway vehicle (in my case, it was an ambulance because I hired the best driver). Once you get away you'll be done.

The Big One!
This ain't no dream no more.

Alright boys. This is the big haul. There are two ways to do this; the obvious way or the sneaky way. I went for the obvious way, so this trophy will be describing that way. You first need to get a driller, a getaway vehicle and a locomotive. After that you'll be ready to start the heist. It begins with Franklin driving the driller through the bank vault walls. Then the gunman will have to haul out the gold. You must cover him from the cops while he's doing this. Once both batches of gold are where they need to be, you'll take control of Trevor in a helicopter and will fly away. Then you play Michael, who is defending against hordes and hordes of cops. He eventually meets up with Franklin, but this entire part is just running and shooting. At the end, you'll need to lose a helicopter. Instead of driving away all crazy, just turn around and shoot the pilot once or twice. You take control of Trevor again and will have to get close to enemy helicopters so that Lester can shoot them down. At the end of this, you'll land at the hangar and this heist will be completed.

Solid Gold, Baby!
Earn 70 Gold Medals on Missions and Strangers and Freaks.

There are in total 69 Missions and 58 Stranger and Freaks tasks to choose from and you just need 70 gold medals to unlock this trophy. Though there are only 69 missions, there are technically 72 as you can replay the end options from the replay menu. It's recommended that you try to get a gold in most if not all stranger and freak missions as they are easier (for the most part) than the main story missions. You can pick and choose though, go for the easiest ones.

See Career Criminal trophy for more details.

Career Criminal
Attain 100% Game Completion.

This is the big trophy to get. You need to do (just about) everything Grand Theft Auto 5 has to offer. You have to complete all 69 Missions, 20 Strangers and Freaks, 42 Hobbies and Pastimes, 14 Random Events, and 16 Miscellaneous quests in San Andreas. Note that you do NOT have to get gold medals in everything to get this trophy, but you will for Solid Gold, Baby! and Multi-Disciplined .
100% Breakdown:
  • Missions - 50%
  • Strangers and Freaks - 10%
  • Hobbies and Pastimes - 10%
  • Random Events - 15%
  • Miscellaneous - 15%

In total there are 69 missions and you need to complete all 69 missions for them to that count towards your 100% checklist as shown below.

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In total there are 58 strangers and freak events but you only need to complete 20 specific strangers and freaks events that count towards your 100% checklist as shown below.

Toggle Spoiler

In total there are 57 random events but you only need to complete any 14 random events to get this trophy. The title states "Random" so they will appear randomly on different days and times but in the same locations. Below is a map highlighting the areas of where these random events will appear. The random events are quick and easy and shouldn't give you any trouble. They could be anything as dropping someone off at a certain location, running after a mugger and returning the stolen items back to the owner, intercepting someone from being mugged....

Hobbies and pastimes are usually small events that are found all around the map. Things like parachuting and races, training in the shooting range and flight school, etc. You do not need gold medals on everything, just one gold medal in every category for Multi-Disciplined.

Toggle Spoiler

In total there are 30 miscellaneous events but you only need to complete 16 specific miscellaneous events that count towards your 100% checklist as shown below.

Toggle Spoiler

You can check your 100% checklist at anytime via your menu under the "Stats" section at the bottom.

San Andreas Sightseer
Explore all of Los Santos and Blaine County.

When you first start playing the story mode, you will notice that the map is fully shaded out. The only way to reveal parts of the map is to physically visit that area by foot, vehicle or even air. To unlock this trophy you will need to reveal the entire map which includes land, waters, isles and the borders. Whilst playing missions, you will get to visit most areas so I would leave this trophy towards the end of the game. I would also recommend taking a plane from the airport and flying over the shaded areas to reveal them to speed up the process until the trophy unlocks. Below is an image of what your map should look like once fully revealed.

Toggle Spoiler

All's Fare in Love and War
Purchase Downtown Cab Co. and complete a private fare.

Purchasing properties becomes available after the mission Nervous Ron. The Downtown Cab Co. is in East Vinewood and can only be purchased by Franklin and costs $200,000. Since this will be after the first heist, I suggest you use the money from that to buy the property. Once you've bought it, you'll get a welcome call from the manager. The next call will be for a private fare (you'll have to play a few missions before the call appears). Accept it and go pick up the guy and take him to his destination to complete the private fare.

NOTE: If you manage to die whilst driving your fare then another private fare will be offered to you later on in the game.

TP Industries Arms Race
Purchase McKenzie Field Hangar and win the arms race.

After Nervous Ron, you'll be able to buy properties with each character. For this trophy, right after the mission you'll be next the the McKenzie Field Hangar, which can only be bought as Trevor for $150,000 (which Trevor has when you start playing as him, money is not an issue). Now what you have to do is complete five drop challenges and five ground challenges. The drop challenges can be started by entering the plane in the hangar, and has you flying around San Andreas dropping packages off. Press to drop a package at the desired locations. The ground challenges have you driving a dune buggy picking up packages dropped. Both types of challenges are rather simple, this trophy is just a little time consuming.

NOTE: I recommend unlocking this trophy as soon as you can as if you don't choose "Option C" when offered the choice on the final mission then this trophy will be missable.

Attain a gold medal in all applicable hobbies and pastimes.

You do not have to get golds in EVERY event in each hobby/pastime! You only need ONE gold medal in an event for this to count. The hobbies and pastimes that count towards this trophy are: Flight School, Shooting Range, Triathlon, Street Race, Sea Race and Off-Road Race. In the Sea Races, Off-Road Races and Triathlons you just need to get first place to get a gold medal, just once. See Career Criminal trophy for more details on how to get a gold medal. Note that you will still have to finish all the hobbies and pastimes, but you don't need a gold on each. Also note that only Trevor can do the off-road races. Last note: Franklin has a stranger and freak mission called Shift Work which counts as a street race. Even if you don't get a gold medal for the mission, coming in first will still count towards this trophy.

From Beyond the Stars
Collect and return all spaceship parts.

There are in total 50 space ship parts to collect and they are also required to reach 100% game completion. You must start the side mission "Far Out" to make the spaceship parts appear in the open world. This side quest becomes available after beating the "Fame or Shame" main mission.

The spaceship parts are small, glowing objects and emit a vibration sound when you get close. Some of them can only be reached with a helicopter! You can easily get one from the South Los Santos hospital helipad. If you don't know where that is, jump to 10:39 in this video and you will see its location.

To unlock the trophy you must return to Omega after finding all 50 parts. He will also give you a unique vehicle.

NOTE: You will need a helicopter for collectibles #28, #33, #36, #37, #45 and #46. The parts can be collected by any of the three characters and only Franklin can begin and finish the mission.

A Mystery, Solved
Solve the mystery of Leonora Johnson.

To unlock this trophy you will need to complete a total of 50 Letter Scraps which are also included in your 100% checklist. The letter scraps can be collected at any time, even in the very beginning of the story. Unlike with some other GTA V collectibles, there are no special requirements or side missions necessary to make them appear in the open world. You can also collect them with different characters if you want, doesn't need to be a specific one.

The letter scraps are small, glowing pieces of paper. Some of them can only be reached with a helicopter! You can easily get one from the South Los Santos hospital helipad, or the Sandy Shores helipad.

After finding all 50 letter scraps you must go to the green "Killer" question mark while playing as Franklin. There you will meet Leonora Johnson's killer (Dreyfuss). You must kill him in order to unlock the trophy. Only collecting the 50 letters won't be enough, you must finish this side mission!

NOTE: The collectibles can pick them up with all 3 characters.

Waste Management
Purchase the old dock and collect all nuclear waste.

To unlock this trophy you will need to collect a total of 30 Nuclear Waste Collectibles which are also included in your 100% checklist.

To collect them you need to buy the Sonar Collections Dock while playing as Michael. This property can be bought after completing the "The Merryweather Heist" story mission. The dock costs $250,000. You need to pick up the waste with the submarine. The submarine always spawns at the dock. Pretty much all of the nuclear waste is at the bottom of the ocean. Buying the docks will also give you a new app called "Trackify". The app starts automatically when entering the submarine and provides a radar that points to the next collectible. The order in this video matches with the order of the Trackify app. However, the app won't mark any of the waste on your in-game world map. Sometimes a piece of waste is miles away on a different part of the coast. The submarine is also very slow. If you collect everything in one run it will take about 2 hours.

On the bright side, getting all this stuff will help you uncover the ocean map further and you will get a lot of money. $32,000 per piece of nuclear waste you find and a $250,000 bonus after finding the last one.

Red Mist
Complete all Rampages.

This can only be done while playing as Trevor. Rampages will start after you do the first one which is labelled as a Strangers and Freaks mission called Rampage One and it is located in the Grand Senora Desert by a gas station with this symbol. Look out for the symbols on your map for the next rampage. Start it and Trevor will get a bit pissed off and have unlimited ammo. The goal is to kill at least 25 gang members before the time is up. The amount of people that need killing goes up with each mission.

After the first rampage, instead of posing as Stranger and Freak missions, they'll show up as a Skull on the map. There are only FIVE of these and they don't take too long. Remember to use Trevor's special ability + to limit damage taken and to maximize damage given for a much easier time.

NOTE: I recommend unlocking this trophy as soon as you can as if you don't choose "Option C" when offered the choice on the final mission then this trophy will be missable.

Show Off
Complete all Stunt Jumps.

To unlock this trophy you will need to complete a total of 50 Stunt Jumps which are also included in your 100% checklist. I recommend completing the stunts using Franklin as you can use his special ability to slow down time while driving. You will need to use a variety of vehicles to complete the stunts such as motorbikes and sports cars.

Remember you need to always land in a specific area, or even a very specific spot to complete the stunt jump. If you drive too fast, or too slow, you might miss the target area and the stunt will fail.

A nice little trick is to use the quick save before every stunt jump. After loading the save game you will be sitting in your car (or on your bike) again and still be at the exact same spot where you saved the game. That way you will never lose any progress if you die or destroy your vehicle.

Complete your path to enlightenment... or not.

This can only be done while playing as Michael! The Epsilon quest line is the most time consuming one in the game. It becomes available as soon as you unlock Michael as a playable character. See the step-by-step walkthrough below on how to trigger these missions. You will also need to have at least $90,500 with Michael. Certain donations have to be made and an expensive outfit has to be bought.

However, completing all of these "The Truth" Epsilon missions can earn you up to $2,100,000. In the last quest you have the opportunity for a big cash out. So it's well worth the time investment. Look out for the symbol on your map whilst going through the steps below.

If you are specifically looking for the five Epsilon vehicle locations (as these are the hardest part of the quest line), jump to 2:31 in the video. All of these vehicles have fixed spawn points. They will spawn at the shown points every time!

GLITCH - Step 7 is glitched for some players but has been fixed with patch 1.01

Below is a detailed Step-by-Step Walkthrough:

Step 1 - Open the internet browser of your in-game phone, go to the Epsilon website "" and complete the evaluation.
Step 2 - A question mark will show up in Raton Canyon after a while. Go there.
Step 3 - After the cutscene you will get an e-mail. Open the attached link and donate $500 to the Epsilon website.
Step 4 - The Epsilon symbol will appear on the world map after some time. Go back to your house and save the game a couple of times until the symbol shows up on the world map. Go there.
Step 5 - After the cutscene you will get an e-mail. Open the attached link and donate $5,000 to the Epsilon website.
Step 6 - Go to the next Epsilon symbol (takes some time until it shows up on your map, go to sleep in your safehouse again).
Step 7.1. - Collect all five Epsilon vehicles (1. Declasse Tornado)
Step 7.2. - Collect all five Epsilon vehicles (2. Pegassi Vacca)
Step 7.3. - Collect all five Epsilon vehicles (3. Benefactor Surano)
Step 7.4. - Collect all five Epsilon vehicles (4. Enus Super Diamond)
Step 7.5. - Collect all five Epsilon vehicles (5. Dinka Double-T)
Step 8 - Go to the next Epsilon symbol (takes some time until it shows up on your map, go to sleep in your safehouse again).
Step 9 - Complete the mission.
Step 10 - Donate $10,000 to the Epsilon website.
Step 11 - Go to the next Epsilon symbol (takes some time until it shows up on your map, go to sleep in your safehouse again).
Step 12 - After the cutscene you will get another e-mail. Open the attached link and buy the robes for $25,000 from the Epsilon website.
Step 13 - After the robes are being deliverd (takes 1 day), get them from Michaels closet. You need to wear them for 10 cumulative days. Keep going to sleep until 10 days have passed.
Step 14 - Go to the next Epsilon Symbol, after wearing the robes for 10 days. You might need to take a few more naps before the symbol shows up properly.
Step 15 - Complete the mission.
Step 16 - Go to the next Epsilon symbol (takes some time until it shows up on your map, go to sleep in your safehouse again).
Step 17 - Wander 5 miles through the desert ONLY wearing Epsilon robes. If you walk outside the desert zone then it will reset. After that you will get a call, take it! ( I recommend picking up any collectibles in that area)
Step 18 - Go to the final Epsilon symbol (takes some time until it shows up on your map, go to sleep in your safehouse again).
Step 19 - Finish the mission. To get $2,100,000 and a gold medal you must kill everyone and escape with your vehicle.

NOTE: I recommend unlocking this trophy as soon as you can as if you don't choose "Option C" when offered the choice on the final mission then this trophy will be missable.

Three Man Army
Survive 3 minutes on at least a 3 star Wanted Level with all three characters together off mission.

You will need to complete the mission "Mr. Philips" to unlock Trevor as a playable character. After that you can call the other two characters via your in-game mobile phone. Pick them up with a car. The car has to have 4 doors. Now head to the Los Santos International Airport at the southern end of the map. Once you enter the airfield you will immediately get a 3-star wanted level. Keep driving from one end of the airport to the other and make sure that you don't lose the cops. You might also want to upgrade your car with the bullet proof tires from the car repair shop to make this a little easier.Make sure to complete it before the last five story missions otherwise you will miss this trophy. NOTE: to make this trophy NOT missable after the game, choose option C at the end.

Out of Your Depth
You're gonna need a bigger boat...

This trophy requires you to swim into the ocean and to be eaten by a shark which spawn randomly in deep waters. Head to the fairground area which is towards the bottom left of you map and jump into the ocean. You will need to get into a speedboat/jet ski or even swim into the ocean for a few minutes and the mini map will show several shades of blue which get darker as you go further out. Keep swimming out until a red dot appears in the ocean which indicates a shark. Swim under and attempt to get in front of the shark until he eats you and the trophy will unlock.

NOTE: Franklin has the best standard lung capacity so he can stay under water for longer periods. You can upgrade a characters lung capacity by swimming under water for long periods.

Altruist Acolyte
Deliver an unsuspecting victim to the Altruist Cult.

The Altruist Cult is unlocked after playing a few missions with Trevor (I was able to get this trophy after Trevor Phillips Industries). On my way back to Trevor's house, a random event popped up where two drunk love-birds wanted a ride back to their motel. Hop into their car and you'll get a notification that you can deliver people to the Altruist Cult. Ignore the yellow waypoint and go to the map, and put a way point on the nearest Altruist Cult area (not too far away). At the end of the drive, they'll leave the car and you'll walk away with some cash as well as a trophy. This trophy is missable if you deliver all people from random events to their target destination instead of the Altruist Cult. Only Trevor can deliver persons to the Altruist Cult. It won't work with any other character. Look out for the symbol on the mini map.

NOTE: I recommend unlocking this trophy as soon as you can as if you don't choose "Option C" when offered the choice on the final mission then this trophy will be missable.

A Lot of Cheddar
Spend a total of $200 million across all three characters.

You get money from owned properties, buying shares in companies, and various missions throughout all of San Andreas. By the end of the game you should have around $30,000,000 or more. You can do this a number of ways, but this is by far the easiest.

Once you've finished the game and have a few millions, buy shares in a company (any company at all, does not matter). Pour all of your money into buying shares, then, sell the shares and get your money back. Keep doing this until the trophy pops. This daunting trophy isn't actually that tough and only takes a minute or two once you've finished the game.

Trading Pure Alpha
Make a profit over your total investments in the stock market.

To unlock this trophy you will need to make a profit over your total investments in the stock market. During your game play will get a reminder to invest some money in the stock market where I got the reminder sometime after completing the Friend Request Mission as shown in the top picture below.

You need to access the internet from your mobile phone. You can access the stock exchange site by pressing when that reminder comes up or select the money category then press either the LCN or Bawsaq logos on the site. Once you are in the stock exchange menu as shown in the second picture, you need to select Markets to view what stocks to buy. You can buy one, two, three.....or as many shares as you want in how many companies as you like as long as you have the cash to invest. I would only recommend investing in one or two different companies as you need to make a profit in ALL the companies at the same time. I personally purchased stock in two different companies that had the worse change percentage as this makes it easier for the companies to turn around a small profit sometimes. You then need to wait for your companies to make a profit as shown in picture 3 and it doesn't matter how big or little as long as it's profit. When you companies are showing a profit at the same time then select the Sell All button and the trophy will unlock.

If you fancy making some big bucks then you can greatly influence the stock values by doing assassination missions. Here are the stocks you will want to buy before each assassination:
  • Assassination #1 - BetaPharmaceuticals (BAWSAQ stocks)
  • Assassination #2 - Debonaire (LCN stocks)
  • Assassination #3 - Fruit (BAWSAQ stocks)
  • Assassination #4 - Vapid (BAWSAQ stocks) **The stock value will drop at first but eventually goes up after a few days***
  • Assassination #5 - GoldCoast (LCN stocks)
Be sure to buy as many of these stocks as possible with every character before starting these assassination events. The more money you invest, the more profit you are gonna make. As part of the assassinations, you take out certain competitors of the above mentioned comapnies, which will greatly boost up their market value. Don't sell your stocks right away though. Wait for 3 days after each assassination and then sell them. You should make well over 75% of pure profit.

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Pimp My Sidearm
Fully mod a weapon.

I did this with Franklin a bit early on in the game. You can add mods to any weapon by visiting an Ammu-Nation store located all around Los Santos. I chose to do this with the Shotgun because you need to buy a flashlight for it anyway for a mission. In total it cost around $2900 to fully mod it, the mods being a flashlight, suppressor and, though I'm not sure if they count or not, an extra cartridge and a tint. You only have to fully mod one weapon so you can wait and mod your favorite weapon or do it as soon as possible.

Quote Originally Posted by Faust View Post
For Pimp My Sidearm, it's cheaper to do it with Trevor, for those who like to pinch pennies. Thanks to Trevor's "special" relationship with the Ammu-nation store owner in his neck of the woods, most weapons are free, and come pre-upgraded with features that would ordinarily set you back a few grand. Simply walk into the store and 'purchase' a Sniper rifle or Carbine and select the free upgrades. You'll need to pay for some, like paint jobs. I got the trophy for no more than $600.

Wanted: Alive Or Alive
Deliver a bail bond target alive.

To start getting bail bonds missions, you must first meet Maude, who is marked as a Strangers and Freaks mission in Grapeseed. You must be playing as Trevor as well. A few minutes later, Maude will email you about the first bail jumper, Ralph Ostrowski. He is located in the Davis Quartz quarry, not too far away from Maude's place. Meet him at the bottom of the quarry, and he'll make a run for it. Quickly shoot his tires out and point you gun at him. Then he'll follow you into a car and you'll have to take him to Maude. It's very important that you do not hit Ralph at all, be it a punch of a gunshot, as he can die rather easily.

NOTE: There is more than one bail bond mission, so don't worry too much if you kill Ralph as you will get a few more tries to deliver a bail jumper alive.

Los Santos Customs
Fully mod a vehicle.

You will have access to upgrade vehicles at the Los Santos Customs shops after completing the Father/Son Mission. You're gonna need a few thousand dollars to do this. Luckily after the first heist you should have way more than that with Michael. Pick any car and drive it into a Los Santos Customs shop and buy at least one thing in every category. This means buying one color/wheel type in every category!. Just buying one from one category does not work, you need at least one color and one wheel type/color/accessory in each different category. You can buy the cheapest option as well, if you don't want to spend too much money. Once you've bought them all, except the shop and the trophy will pop. Look for the symbol on the map.

NOTE: Not all vehicles can be modified. If you are having issues finding a vehicle that can be modded then you can open the internet browser on your in-game mobile phone and go to "". Buy the Weeny Issi for $18,000 and retrieve it from your garage.

Now enter the Los Santos Customs (car repair shop) and buy the following upgrades:

1. Armor -- Armor Upgrade 20%
2. Brakes -- Street Brakes
3. Brakes -- Sport Brakes
4. Bumpers -- Custom Front Splitter
5. Bumpers -- Custom Rear Bumper
6. Engine -- EMS Level 1, Level 2, Level 3
7. Exhaust -- Dual Exit Exhaust
8. Hood -- Vented Hood
9. Horn -- Truck Horn
10. Lights -- Xenon Lights
11. Plate -- Blue on White 2 (buy what you don't have)
12. Respray -- Primary Color -- Chrome
13. Repsray -- Secondary Color -- Chrome
14. Skirts -- Custom Skirts
15. Suspension -- Lowered Suspension
16. Transmission -- Street Transmission
17. Turbo -- Turbo Tuning
18. Wheels -- Wheel Type -- SUV -- Benefactor
19. Wheels -- Wheel Color -- Black
20. Wheels -- Wheel Accessories -- Custome Tires
21. Wheels -- Wheel Accessories -- Bulletproof Tires
22. Wheels -- Wheel Accessories -- Black Tire Smoke
23. Windows -- Light Smoke

Close Shave
Complete all Under the Bridge and Knife Flight challenges.

To unlock this trophy you will need to complete a total of 50 Under the Bridge Aerial Challenges and a total of 15 Knife Flight Aerial Challenges which are also included in your 100% checklist.

First off, get a Maverick helicopter from the South Los Santos hospital helipad. If the Maverick doesn't spawn, go down to the street and up to the helipad again. You can complete all 50 Under the Bridges with it. Most of them are really quite easy. There are just a few hard ones. You might also want to max out the "Flying" statistic of one of your characters first. You can do that by completing the Flight School. If your helicopter gets massively damaged, you can use the quick save and immediately reload the game. It will automatically be repaired when loading the save game. Also make use of quick save before attempting the harder Under the Bridge challenges.

First off, get a fighter jet from Ford Zancudo. You can complete all 15 Knife Flights with it. Alternatively, you can also try to get a stunt airplane. They land at the airport in the desert from time to time. To learn how Knife Flights work you should visit the Flight School at Los Santos Airport. You might also want to max out the "Flying" statistic of one of your characters to have more control over your aircraft. If your jet gets massively damaged, you can use the quick save and immediately reload the game. It will automatically be repaired when loading the save game. Also make use of quick save before attempting the harder Knife Flight Stunts.

Quote Originally Posted by Troy
An easier way to do the knife flights is to go to flight school (it's required through the story you do it with Michael so I recommend going there with him since you've already done it at this point), and do the loop the loop challenge. After you fly through the first checkpoint, you can fly the stunt plane (which in my opinion is easier to control than the jet) around the map wherever you want. If you do a knife flight, it still saves, and if you blow up you simply restart at the beginning of the challenge with no loading screen. It's a lot quicker than having to wait to end up at a hospital then go through another loading screen to reload a quick save.

Off the Plane
GTA Online: Complete the Introduction.

You can access GTA V online by pressing whilst the games loads or if your in story mode press to show the character selection wheel and select the bottom option. Once your in the online mode for the first time you will need to create your playable character by adjusting your options to choose your appearance, age, clothes etc. Once your happy then just save and continue.

Just sit back and relax whilst watching the introduction to GTA V online. You don't need to do anything whilst the introduction is playing as it shows you what the online game has to offer. Lamar will pick you up from the Airport, give you a weapon and drop you off at a house, where you will find your vehicle. The trophy will unlock after the 2-3 minute introduction.

Three-Bit Gangster
GTA Online: Reach Rank 25.

See Above the Law for more details.

Making Moves
GTA Online: Reach Rank 50.

See Above the Law for more details.

Above the Law
GTA Online: Reach Rank 100.

To reach Rank 100, you will need to earn RP by completing missions, races, losing the cops, robbing stores, completing award objectives...... The amount of RP needed to reach the next rank will increase as your rank increases.
  • To reach Rank 25 you will need 127,100 RP
  • To reach Rank 50 you will need 448,800 RP
  • To reach Rank 100 you will need 1,583,380 RP
RP Tips
  • Complete missions as a team gives you 20% more RP for that mission compared to doing it solo.
  • Complete missions as a team but with crew members that are in your crew gives you a further 10% more RP on top of the 20% RP as a team.
  • Complete mission on "Hard" will give you 1.5x more RP.

Numero Uno
GTA Online: Obtain first place in all competitive game types.

Competitive game types can be found all over San Andreas in the multiplayer. You will need to be at least Rank 18 to unlock all of the below modes. These types include:
  1. Races
    • Water Races
    • Bike Races
    • Land Races
    • Rally Races (Driver or co-driver win needed)
    • Air Races

  2. Deathmatches
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Deathmatch
    • Vehicle Deathmatch

  3. Parachuting
  4. Darts
  5. Tennis
  6. Golf
  7. Arm Wrestling
  8. Survival - 10 waves/complete it
  9. Shooting Range - All three of the challenges (Target Grid, Cover Target & Random Targets)
You can easily check *some* your stats on the Social Club as it lists your wins/losses in most game types. I would recommend you grab a few friends with you and either boost or just play for fun and win. You should be able to get this out of the way pretty early into your online career though.

Quote Originally Posted by blacKnight47 View Post
In response my trophy problem with Number Uno - Win 1st in every competitive game type. I figured out the problem. I was going through all of medals on the Social Club and it showed that I had a race win in all types of races but when I went to the actual Air Race one, it labeled it as a PLANE race, not just any old air race. So I searched around for an airplane race, instead of a helicopter race. I won that race and got the trophy.

Long story short, your air race needs to be in a plane, not a helicopter.

The Midnight Club
GTA Online: Use custom vehicles to win 5 races.

In one of the early missions, Simeon will make contact with you and requests that you get a vehicle bring it to the nearest Los Santos Customs shop which are indicated by this symbol. Once in the customs shop you can respray, insure the vehicle for free and can add any further paid modifications if you wish. Once you leave the customs shop, you will notice various Land Races on your map indicated by this symbol, so just select any one of them. At the location you will need to get out of the vehicle and stand in the blue circle to activate the race. I used the Downtown Underground race which is unlocked at Rank 8 as it's simple and not to many turns.

Pick to be the host and in the race settings change the Laps to "one", turn Custom Vehicles "on" and select the Vehicle type to what your insured vehicle is such as muscle, sports, sedan etc. Select your customized vehicle via the settings to use in the race and invite a friend to race against. Take it in turns to win the race and you can replay it afterwards via the voting screen at the end. Win five races and the trophy will unlock.

Unnatural Selection
GTA Online: Complete all 10 waves of a Survival.

You need to be Rank 15 to unlock survival missions and Ron will call you with these missions. There all ten waves of enemies and you will need to survive all waves to unlock this trophy. You can play with a maximum of four players and as long as one player is alive in each wave then you will spawn on the next wave if you are killed. The trophy will unlock when you complete wave ten as well as receiving a Platinum award for completing it.

Naturally the enemies will become harder as you go further in the waves such as more enemies turning up, helicopters and vehicles full of enemies. You will need to find an area to cover such as hiding behind a bin in a garage etc so you can get cover away from the helicopter.
  • Collect ammo, health kits and body armor between waves
  • Take cover as enemies will suddenly appear randomly and out of sight from the helicopter
  • Play with four players to increase your chance of winning
NOTE: If you are above Rank 20 with $5,000 then you can call in helicopter support once during the survival match by calling Merryweather from your mobile phone.

Backseat Driver
GTA Online: Direct a driver to 1st place as co-driver in Rally Mode.

To start a Rally Race, you will need to go to a Race job found all over San Andreas. Press Host and change the Race Type to Point to Point Rally. From here, you can choose to be a co-driver or a driver. For this trophy you'll need to be the co-driver. Might be easier to do this with a few friends and they can let you and your partner win as it may be annoying to get this while playing with randoms.

How Rally Racing Works: A driver and a co-driver are chosen and each have important tasks. The driver does not know the route and has no HUD at all. It's the co-driver's job to give directions to the driver as they have a HUD and can see the route. Use a headset as well as on-screen turning directions to aid your driver. Use and buttons to show where to turn.

NOTE: I recommend using the "Criminal Records" track as its one giant loop so you just need to drive around as fast as you can as it doesn't need any directions.

Run Like The Wind
GTA Online: Survive for a day with a Bounty on your head.

You have to be Rank 10 to place a bounty on a player's head, which costs $1000+. To place a bounty on someone's head, you have to bring up the phone, go into the contacts and phone Lester. From here, you have a few options. All you need is the first option, setting a bounty. Or rather, what a friend/opponent needs. That being said, it's probably best to do this in a closed/private session with a friend or two so that they know not to kill you.

Once a bounty is set on you, you will have to survive for 48 minutes, which is one full day in-game. After a day passes, the bounty will be relieved and you will get the money. If you're in an open lobby with randoms, it's a good idea to take your car to Blaine County, the off roads parts of San Andreas where it may be a little harder to catch you. Keep an eye on the mini map as well and look for any suspicious white dots .

Clean Sweep
GTA Online: Finish a Gang Attack without dying and kill at least 10 enemies.

You will need to be at least Rank 18 to unlock gang attacks. Gang attacks are indicated on your mini-map ONLY via a red circle whilst you travel around the game. When you find a red circle, just simply stand inside the circle to activate the gang attack. You will then need to fight off numerous amount of gang members all at once so ideally you should do this when your strength and stamina skills have increased. To unlock this trophy you will need to kill at least 10 gang members without dying.

First you're gonna want to buy some armor and perhaps a shotgun (pump or assault) for an easier time doing this by going to an ammu-nation. There is one near Trevor's airport and a few around Los Santos that can be easily done for this trophy. Find some cover too if you can as you'll have dozens on you at once, which is more than overwhelming.

GTA Online: Earn 30 Platinum Awards.

You will need to unlock at least 30 Platinum awards out of a possible 85 to unlock this trophy. You can easily check your stats on the Social Club website. Most of the awards will have a bronze, silver, gold and platinum level and you will receive RP for each different award. They will require a certain amount of wins, kills........ to unlock them but some awards are already at platinum level. Each award will have "Complete" under the logo once unlocked.

Some Easy Awards:
  • Survivor - Complete 10 waves in a survival match
  • Lapping It Up - Buy 25 private lap dances
  • Stayed On Target - Land Parachutes jumps in the target
  • Vehicle Thief - Steal 500 cars
  • Ace - Win tennis ace shots (Ideal to boost)
  • Over The Top - Win arm wrestling matches (Ideal to boost)
  • Throwback King - Win dart matches (Ideal to boost)(Minimum one leg)
  • Snappy Dresser - Buy 25 items of clothing or mix and match 25 different outfits
  • The Hustler - Buy 25 different haircuts or just keep swapping 2 around
  • Armed Robber - Rob 20 stores
  • Sky High - Blow up tons of cars
  • In A Class Of Your Own - Win one race with your custom vehicle (Ideal to boost)
  • Out Of Five - Win a 5 set tennis match (Ideal to boost)
  • Stroke Master - Win 25 Tennis matches (Minimum one set)
  • Straight Sets Win a tennis match in straight sets (Ideal to boost)
  • The Fugitive - Spend 60 minutes with a Wanted Level (Just sit in your apartment)
  • The Swing King - Win 25 rounds of Golf (Minimum one hole)
  • No Claims Bonus - Drive for 30 consecutive minutes without crashing (Accumulated so no need to do 30 mins in a row)
  • Suped Up- Apply each type of mod to one vehicle (Use a cheap car for cheaper mods)
  • Unirider - Wheelie for 2000 consecutive feet (Use the runway and hold down to pull a wheelie)

Stick Up Kid
GTA Online: Hold up all 20 Stores.

The hold up capability and stores do not unlock until you have reached Rank 3. Just go into any gas store, supermarket or liquor store which are all indicated on your map when unlocked with the symbol. Once in the store you will need to equip yourself with a gun, aim it at the cashier's head which increases the intimidation and they will eventually pass over the cash to you from the till. You could also go behind the counter, punch the cashier and press to collect the cash yourself.

The cops will be automatically alerted and you will need to escape as quick as you can away from the store. Generally you will get a two star wanted level but if you shoot inside the store it will push it to a three star wanted level but all the stores vary from one star to five stars. Once you have robbed all 20 stores then the trophy will unlock. Each store that has been successfully robbed will have a green tick on the icon via your map with this symbol.

The store may disappear from your map shortly afterwards due to it being closed as it just got robbed. Don't worry if the cops manage to catch up with you as long as you collected the cash from the cashier then it counts.

NOTE: This will also earn you the Armed Robber Platinum Award and 800 reward points.

Enjoy Your Stay
GTA Online: Participate in everything Los Santos has to offer.

There will be plenty of activities to keep yourself busy with and you will need to have experienced each activity below at least once to unlock this trophy. Each activity requires a different rank to unlock it so you will need to be at a minimum of Rank 6 to experience all the activities for this trophy.

You can check your progress whilst playing by pressing scroll to stats then scroll down to unlocks and select progress. It ill show you what you have and haven't done next to each activity with a yes or no.
  • Buy new clothes
  • Get a haircut
  • Get a tattoo
  • Play golf
  • Play tennis
  • Play darts
  • Play shooting range and win a challenge
  • Play arm wrestling
  • Rob a store
  • Buy a private dance at the Strip Club (Costs $40)
NOTE: You must complete the activity without quitting the session. It will show "Yes" but it will not count towards the trophy.

Crew Cut
GTA Online: Complete a Job as a member of a Crew.

Firstly you will need to be part of an official crew such as PS3Trophies. Once you are online you will need to find any mission which are marked by small blue stars on your map. Once in the mission options screen just invite a online crew member and complete the mission. You can have as many crew members that the mission will allow you to have and you will all unlock the trophy once the mission is complete.

Full Refund
GTA Online: Kill the thief that mugged you.

The quickest way to unlock this trophy is to have a friend who is at least Rank 50 as that is the require rank to unlock the Mugger feature. The player that wants the trophy can be at any rank but needs to have $5,000 cash or over on them and not in the bank and the other player will need $1,000 to use the mugger feature.

Set up a Closed-Friends Lobby and meet up in a secluded area away from busy traffic so that it gives you room to run after the mugger. The player doing the mugging needs to select the mugger option via their mobile phone and then choose the other player to mug.

Eventually you will be knocked down to the floor and mugged of all your cash where you will need to adjust the camera angle to move around to see where the mugger went. Once your up, simply run after him, kill him and you will have your cash back and the trophy will unlock.

Dialling Digits
GTA Online: Call for gang backup for the first time.

When you reach rank 10 you will receive the Merryweather contact in your phone with various options. You need to be at least Rank 20 to unlock the backup helicopter option and it will cost you $5,000 per helicopter call out. Once you have the money just select the option via your phone and the trophy will unlock.

American Dream
GTA Online: Own an Apartment, Garage and an Insured Vehicle.

You will need to complete missions, races, rob earn enough money to buy property as it's not cheap. I would recommend visiting ATM's located at stores and strip clubs to deposit money into your bank as you don't want to be robbed of your savings.

Insured Vehicle
In one of the early missions, Simeon will make contact with you and requests that you get a vehicle bring it to the nearest Los Santos Customs shop. Once in the customs shop you can respray and insure the vehicle for free. You can claim on the insurance if your vehicle is stolen and the insurance contact will be added to your mobile phone.

Own an Apartment/Garage
The ability to purchase property unlocks at Rank 5. You can search for properties to buy through your mobile phone on the internet via the "Dynasty 8" website. It allows you to view all the properties and the location which you can add to your map to go and view. Purchase your property online via the website as sometimes pressing on the property outside can sometimes glitch. Properties don't always come with garages so you may need to purchase a garage separately.

List of Properties To Purchase

Toggle Spoiler

NOTE: I recommend Apartment 13 on Rockford Drive as it comes with a garage and only costs $80,000.


  • PowerPyx - Provided video guides for some of the trophies. Visit his website HERE
  • blacKnight47
  • Faust

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