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Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: 10+ hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Glitched Trophies:

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8 Bits of destruction
Kill 256 gun or missile turrets

To unlock this trophy, simply destroy 256 turrets within the Campaign and Planet Modes. This is quite a number, so depending on your playing style, you are likely not to get this during the course of Campaign Mode. It is easier to replay the earlier levels which contain adequate numbers of turrets, as you are less likely to die in the process, making level completion easier.

Feeble Humans!
Rescue 50 stranded crewmen

Throughout all of the campaign levels, there are many stranded crewmen to rescue - they are the little green people running around. To rescue them, slowly descend onto the platform they are on, and wait for them to come aboard your ship. Once you have done this for 50 crewmen, this trophy will unlock.

Obsolete Technology
Defeat any boss

The first boss is on Akwia, the last planet in the Basix system. Traverse the level until you reach the underwater chamber at the end, where the boss is located. Shoot at the glowing core through the gap in its armor until it explodes.

You will get this by playing through the campaign mode.

Power Saving Mode
Complete "Norova" level without refuelling or dying

Novora is available once you've beaten the Basix galaxy. Fuel is extremely tight when attempting this, as is life, and you cannot heal yourself without also refueling. I recommend playing in dual-analog stick mode to allow better maneuverability and easier dispatching of enemies.

Try not to waste momentum when you attempt this trophy, as there really is little fuel to waste, but nonetheless make sure to dodge out of the way of enemy fire.

You should have taken down the large domed shield by destroying the two generators before the fuel gauge starts blinking - if not, it would be wise to restart the level.

Exception Handler
Refuel your ship after the fuel depleted warning message is displayed

This can be done on the first level - fire at one of the fuel crystals to release all of the fuel pickups, but do not pick them up yet. Fly around very close to the fuel pickups until the fuel gauge is completely empty and a message reading "Fuel depleted, critical systems failing!" appears. Now grab the fuel crystals, and the trophy will unlock. Make sure that you are directly above the fuel crystals, as once you're out of fuel, you can no longer steer your ship, so you are relying on gravity to bring you within reach of the fuel crystals.

Passive Resistor
Complete "Vectora" level without firing a single shot

Vectora is unlocked from the start of the campaign. Launch the level, collect eight orange gems and fly to the warp hole without shooting, and the trophy will unlock. This is very easy as long as you don't run out of fuel, which is unlikely - it is relatively easy to reach the end without the fuel gague starting to blink.

Avoid a homing missile until it runs out of fuel.

To get this trophy, you must dodge a homing missile long enough for it to run out of fuel. This can be completed on any level which contains a missile turret, and is much easier on dual-analog mode where movement is generally much easier. The Akwia planet in the Basix system is recommended for this, as it has an isolated missile turret, and plenty of open space to maneuver without much risk of the rocket crashing into the scenery. Make sure to draw the missile away from the turret, to make sure that you're not being chased by multiple missiles, which becomes difficult to deal with.

Data Miner
Unlock any secret level

This is another heavily glitched trophy. The secret levels are the ones directly above the boss menus in the menu. Sometimes they will all randomly unlock, preventing you from getting the trophy. If this happens, copy your save game somewhere else, delete it and create a new save game. Then, once you have the trophy, copy the old save back. The 1.02 patch seems to have fixed this issue, however.

To unlock secret levels, you have to collect all of the items scattered around the levels. Just make sure that you're thorough in your obsessive collecting, and you'll get the trophy before the first system's complete.

Activate every node in the game, including those in secret levels

Nodes are green things that activate when shot. As long as you are thorough in shooting and collecting everything in the levels, you should get this by playing the campaign mode through.

Shiny Trinkets
Collect a total of 10 purple gems across different levels

This trophy is very easy to get - just play through the campaign mode and be thorough in collecting everything in each level - my advice is to completely ignore the par times for now. You will eventually get enough purple gems to unlock the trophy. It might take a while, as they aren't common in campaign levels.

I Made This!
Create and publish a level, then have it rated by 5 users.

From the main menu, choose Editor, which will bring you to the level editor. Play around with the editor tools, and create a little level. Press start to bring up the editor menu, and choose Share Levels then Publish Level. Give it a name, description and then accept. Your level is now published. Head on over to http://www.ps3trophies.com/forums/gr...lp-thread.html and post there if you'd like help with this trophy, otherwise wait for 5 people to randomly rate you as a creator or use your own alternate accounts!

Please note, if you do use alternate accounts, bear in mind that you cannot play user-created levels until you have completed at least one level in the Basix galaxy, but it is very quick to skip all the tutorials and play through Eazia, which unlocks user-made levels.

Within Acceptable Parameters
In Manual Shield Mode, Save Yourself With Only 5% of the Shield Remaining.

To get this trophy you must be in manual shield mode, and save your ship using the shield whilst less than 5% of the shield remains. Hover close to some rocks whilst draining your shield, and when it runs out, let it recharge for a fraction of a second and then activate it whilst bumping into the rocks. If you didn't get it, you let it recharge for too long.

Guidance Software Approved
Complete all training lessons

To do this simply choose Single Player from the main menu, then choose Pilot Training. Play through all of the tutorial lessons without skipping any, and this trophy will unlock.

System Analyst
Find 5 user created levels you like, and rate the creators

Once you have unlocked playing user-generated levels by completing the Basix system, simply launch 5 levels created by different authors, and whilst playing them, pause the game and choose the Rate Author option. Once you have rated 5 levels, the trophy should unlock.

Collect all artifact pieces.

As long as you are thorough in your hoovering up of everything in every level, you should get this as you play through campaign mode. Remember, if an area seems impossible to access, there will be a destructible wall separating you from something worth collecting, often an artifact.

This trophy is definitely glitched - I obtained this accidentally immediately after obtaining Power Saving Mode, and then later found a previously uncollected Artifact.

Cache Hit
Find all gems in every level

To get this trophy, you must collect all of the gems in each level, including secret levels. As long as you collect everything as you go along, you should get this before the end of campaign mode. If you missed any gems in a level, you can go back and play it again in planet mode, or campaign mode (once you have completed the rest of the system).

Beat the recommended time on 10 levels

Complete 10 levels with a time quicker than the recommended time to unlock this trophy. On most levels this can be achieved by ignoring everything except the main objective - shoot only things you strictly need to.

Beating the recommended time on community levels seems to count as well as on campaign levels. This trophy seems to be extremely glitched - the "best time" on all campaign levels seems to be permanently stuck at "00:00:0", and I got this accidentally immediately after obtaining Power Saving Mode.

Retro Fitted
Have rear, side and 3-way fire simultaneously

To do this, you will need to play on Campaign Mode so that your power-ups will carry to the next level. This can be achieved easiest in the Basix galaxy: play first on Eazia and find the 3-way power-up, then on Zeeta and find the side power-up (using less than 100 shots to achieve the mission objective, which should not be hard) and then play Abyssia and find the rear power-up. Once you have all three, the trophy will unlock. Try to shoot as little as possible to avoid the power-ups running out before you get all 3.

Mega Points
Get a score of 1,048,576 in Campaign mode

To get this trophy, you must obtain a total score of 1,048,576 on campaign mode. To increase your score, you can replay earlier systems in campaign mode.

Finish the single player campaign game

To get this trophy, simply play through the game until its conclusion.

You will get this by playing through the campaign mode.

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