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Trophies: 7 4 1 0
Players: 1-4
Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes: None
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Recommended Controllers: 1
Difficulty: 8/10
Time to 100%: 25+ Hours


Manual Override
Win a 4-player match while only losing harvesters through a self-destruct and owning at least one in every turn, in Battle Mode against only Skilled or Expert computer players

There is a reason why this is a gold trophy - it's very difficult. Make sure that at all times you have at least one harvester, and never let them be taken by your enemy or fall off a cliff - self-destruct them when they're about to crumble into the abyss below. Also, for these reasons, never build or capture a harvester that's already on a tile that's as low as possible, as you won't have time to self-destruct it before it goes anyway. Be wary of enemy's cannon fire, and quit out as soon as you lose a harvester through other means. Good luck - you'll need it.

One at a Time
Win a 4-player match by fighting all enemies one at a time, in Battle Mode against only Skilled or Expert computer players

Start a match against three Skilled AI opponents. When you've attacked a faction, don't attack anyone else until that faction is eliminated. Do this once again, and then eliminate the final faction. Make sure that you have a good defense, as you won't be able to attack the faction you're not targeting if they decide to rampage around and take your buildings, so building enough of an army to ward off attacks is a must.

Financially Independent
Win a match before the supporting funds go up, in Battle Mode against only Skilled or Expert computer players

Start a match on the two-player Morana Fields map with one Skilled AI opponent, as this is a large map with 64 tiles. You need to finish the map with at least half of the map remaining, as then the supporting funds will go up. Don't build harvesters - yes, you will be broke, but the preservation of land must come above such petty complaints - and win quickly. This will be difficult, but if you build lots of units and let the enemy collapse their map, you can stop them from bringing the fight to you, which makes preserving tiles easier.

Use it Wisely
Earn a combination of credits, tiles and carrier as an elimination bonus, in Battle Mode against only Skilled or Expert computer players

Start a match in Battle mode with at least two Skilled AI opponents (because a 2-player match would end, skipping the elimination bonus). When you eliminate one of the factions, make sure that they have more than 0 money (to get credits), some empty tiles (which will become yours when you eliminate them), and a carrier. It's worth not utterly destroying the map, as then they won't be tempted to use the carrier, but it seems that they tend to build one when they're somewhat isolated, so at the very least make sure you're in Cannon range so they can use cannons instead of carriers on you or the opponent. Keep trying, waiting until the above conditions are met before you eliminate the AI, and you'll end up with the trophy.

Moving through the Ranks
Earn 9 titles

If you first focus on completing the Campaign game, you will find yourself with 8 titles already. All you need to do then is gain one more, the easiest of which is "Private", which you will get by playing 20 online matches and being in the top 5,000 players on the global leaderboards. If you don't feel like playing with those "other people", there's a harder title that you can do alone (you lonely person), which is "Crusader" - to acquire this you have to beat all Empire (the last faction) campaign levels in the right order, without losing any of them.

Fear of Flying
In the Empire campaign, win a match without using a carrier

This trophy isn't particularly hard, as Carriers are expensive and not particularly efficient anyway - whilst playing the Empire campaign, don't build a carrier one match and win. It's best not to destroy the map to the extent where you put yourself out of cannon range of your opponents, as the cannon is your last bastion of hope when you get cut off from your opponent. Keep close, and you should be fine.

With Cannon, you can
In the Cartel campaign, fire a shell you did not buy from a cannon you did not build at the enemy you captured it from

The easiest way to go about this is to build a carrier so you can have 16 units swoop down on the Cannon tile from afar - even better if the cannon's undefended. Wait until the enemy has put ammo in their cannon to do this. Once you've gained control of the cannon, shoot it at an enemy tile with something on, and this trophy will be yours.

Island of Doom
In the Pirate campaign, destroy an enemy island of at least 3 tiles by strategically placing a harvester

For this trophy, you will need four adjacent enemy tiles (in a "square" or "diamond" shape, of equal height and belonging to the same enemy), none of which are being pounded into the ground by a harvester. If there's something roughly right, but not all equal height, pound the higher tiles to the right height with a cannon. It doesn't matter if they have buildings on them or not, as long as you can defend the tile you capture once you're on it. Get a troop of 16 units and send them over to capture (only) one of the tiles and build a harvester there. Defend this tile until your harvester collapses all the tiles, and the trophy will unlock.

Lost in the Wave
In the Freemen campaign, destroy an enemy unit or building with a chain reaction

The Freemen campaign is the first campaign you play through. In the level immediately after the tutorial, build a cannon close enough to the enemy to be able to shoot at them. You need two enemy tiles in range, preferably without a Harvester on or adjacent, one of which should have an enemy building on (a building is preferable instead of units because the cannon would kill the units). Lower them both with the cannon so that cracks are starting to show on both of the tiles, and then fire a shot at the tile with nothing on (if both of the tiles have something of the enemy's on, then either will do). The collapse of the tile you fired at will trigger the other tile to collapse, and you can say goodbye to your enemy's building and hello to this trophy.

Global Warfare
Complete the single player campaign

Play through all four faction's campaigns, each of which have six levels, and once you have finished all 24, the trophy will unlock.

Daylight Saving
Win a match without the time expiring in any turn, in Battle Mode against only Skilled or Expert computer players

Start a match in Battle Mode with one Skilled computer player, and play as you normally would without letting the timer in the corner of the screen hit 0. You have 60 seconds for your turn, which should really be enough to let you get done what you need to. If the timer gets lower than about 5 seconds, immediately hit R2 to end your turn. If you win, then this trophy will unlock. If not, keep playing until you pound the AI.

Got it Covered
Build enough armed cannons to cover all remaining tiles in the map, in Battle Mode against only Skilled or Expert computer players

Start a match on a nice, simple map (Mokosh Dam, one of the earliest maps you unlock, is a favorite of mine) with one Skilled computer player. Before you knock the stuffing out of them, build lots of cannons - enough, in fact, to be able to fire everywhere on the remaining map! They need to be loaded for this, so save enough money for buying at least one round of ammo. A cannon can shoot up to 5 tiles away, but they can't shoot tiles adjacent to them, so building them a good 4 or so tiles apart works well.

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