Players: 6
Online Trophies: No, but it helps
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: ~30-35 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Trophy Difficulty: 9.5/10 (See "A Very Troubled Youngster")
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Required Equipment for Platinum:
Rock Band Guitar Controller - Solo Frets Required
Drum Set - Drum Kick note trophy
3 microphones - harmonies trophies
Additional guitar - band related trophies
Glitched Trophies:

[top]Tips & Strategies

Note: Green Day: Rock Band has an in game trophy monitoring system that tracks progression and descriptions for all trophies. If you can't remember which songs you completed for certain trophies, you can refer there to help you. It is found in the "Extras" category on the main menu, in the "Pause" menu, or on the main menu for the Career Mode.

This guide tries to assume you're not playing on expert, but just know, you cannot get all the trophies without playing on expert the majority of the time. Also, for those playing comfortably on expert, you should be fine in almost all cases where I mention difficulty.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


There is no missable trophies, and no specific order to this game. It is essentially all just "Clean Up" trophies, as you can go for any trophy you want at any time. I would recommend that you just play through all the songs once to nab a good amount of the trophies and unlock everything first, but it's really up to you how you want to handle this.

The only exception to this rule is "Won't Make it for Dinner", but again, you can start a new career at any time and go for this trophy.


Good Riddance
All trophies collected. I hope you had the time of your life!

Once you unlock the second to last trophy, this one will unlock simultaneously. Congratulations!
Most trouble you'll probably have with this one is "A Very Troubled Yongster."

You Had the Time of Your Life
Five-star every song in Green Day: Rock Band with any instrument.

My only advice is to either practice practice practice, or play on easy mode. Other than that, this is fairly straightforward and quite easy.

We've Come So Far
Earn at least 3 stars on all songs in Green Day: Rock Band with any instrument.

See "You Had the Time of Your Life".

It All Keeps Adding Up
Score 1,000,000 points in a single song.

I found the best way to do this is to play a full band on Jesus of Suburbia, due to its length. Try to have at least an expert or two, especially guitar. If you can't get four people together, you can also do this online.

I Threw My Crutches in the River
Earn at least 3 stars on any song in Expert difficulty.

If you play on Expert, this will be the first trophy you get (probably.) If you are having trouble, I recommend "Last Night on Earth" (Oakland Venue - setlist 1) because it is easy and slow and should also nab you another trophy, "Blue".

Hysteria, Mass Hysteria!
Get a Unison Bonus on the listed songs with 2 or more players.

Meet the requirement on the following songs

From TTK:
A unity bonus is when you both hit certain Overdrive phase that appear on everyone's screen at the same time. That's when the unity icon appears if you hit that OD passage. You could hit 10% of the song notes but as long as you hit the OD you'll get the bonus. There's about 3 in each song so you have room for error
Just do that for all three songs. Trophy can be tracked from in game trophy menu.

Scream at Me Until My Ears Bleed
Use Overdrive 100 times as a vocalist.

Green Day songs are really fun to sing to, so you shouldn't need help with the motivation to sing, but for this one just keep screaming when you have the overdrive available and you should get it sooner or later. Check your progress in the trophy menu in game.

In Good Health and Good Time
Earn at least 3 stars on all songs in Green Day: Rock Band as a bassist.

This requires you to play all songs on the bass (obviously) so pick a comfortable difficulty level and just have fun with it. If a song gives you trouble, knock it down a difficulty level and try again.

Won't Make It for Dinner
Start a new Career and reach the credits within 12 hours as part of a 4-player band.

The game is shorter than 12 hours, so you'll have time. Just to be sure though, don't fool around and don't be afraid to bump difficulties down. For the sake of "I didn't test a different way" I would say, just start a career and then don't leave career and finish the game in one sitting. That is how I did it. (If someone wants to check this, just tell me what you found)

*This does not require you to do the challenges. Only the individual songs.

Feel Like they're Gonna Bleed
Play through a setlist of 20 songs without failing.

Very straightforward, if you aren't sure of your ability, play on easy

Louder Than Bombs and Eternity
Hit 100% of the drum kick notes for "Brain Stew / Jaded" on expert.

Unless you are an insane drummer, there's a good chance this will give you trouble. My advice is to have two people, one holding the kick pedal in their hands, and the other drumming. The kick pedal person is responsible for hitting every kick with their hands, while the drummer tries to stay as non-annoying as possible and also making sure not to fail.

We're on a Roll, No Self Control
Get an 8x Band Multiplier.

Easy, just get a band of four people together and play on easy. Then build up some overdrive. Then when the drummer gets the opportunity, everyone deploy as soon as possible. If someone screws up, just try again.

What's Left of My Mind
Finish any song with Lefty Mode turned on, hitting at least 50% of the notes.

Any song, any difficulty will do. Again, if having trouble, last night on earth is really easy and slow so that is a good choice. When choosing difficulty, just press select to switch to lefty mode.

American Unity
Get all unison bonuses in the song "American Idiot" with 2 or more players.

See "Hysteria, Mass Hysteria!" for unity bonus description. Basically, have two people hit all the overdrive paths.

Freaky Monkey
Complete Dookie Album Challenge with any instrument.

Once you finish all three set lists in The Warehouse, go to "Unlock Challenges" and unlock the "Dookie Album Challenge". Then, pick your favorite instrument+difficulty and play it through. Simple enough, and the album is a blast to play.

Award-Winning Idiot
Five-star every song on the American Idiot album.

Just do as it says, instrument and difficulty does not matter. Pick your most comfortable instrument and difficulty level, and rack up those 5-stars on all the songs from American Idiot. These songs are found in the Milton Keynes Venue.

Mud Fight
Complete the listed songs without the crowd meter going red.

The songs listed that you must meet this requirement on are:
Welcome to Paradise
Basket Case
When I Come Around
Just play these on easy if you are having trouble and you should be good.

Trés Cool
Hit 40 notes in one drum fill.

Over the course of playing through the game on drums, you will come across points where you are allowed to hit any notes you want for a short amount of time. For this trophy just hit the drums as fast as possible, like the same note with alternating hands, or two different drum heads back and forth with opposite hands. The main thing for this trophy is just speed. Make sure you hit the final green note to complete the fill.

Note: I had trouble with this one. After a first attempt, I checked the trophy screen and had 38/40 notes. I tried several more times to no avail. Finally I looked at it and thought how I could get more notes. I thought I could bang use my hands to hit two notes with each, and then realized I could just turn the stick sideways, two per stick. Then you only have to hit all four notes 10 times, much easier. Hope that makes this easier if you have trouble getting it the right way

for hitting 40 notes in in a drum fill, pause it right before the fill and mash the x, square, triangle and circle with your fingers, I got 58 in one attempt.
-Thanks meister

The World Around
Play a Setlist made up of songs in every venue.

Just make a setlist of songs that has at least one song from every venue. If you want, you can look for songs that are the easiest for your instrument from each venue, but if you're having trouble, all you need to do is play on easy anyway.

Earn at least 3 stars on "Peacemaker" on Expert Bass.

One of the few specific trophies. No way around this, just play Peacemaker on Expert Bass until you get three stars, nothing else to it.

Not Growing Up, Just Burning Out
Earn at least 3 stars on the listed songs on Expert Vocals.

Meet the requirements on the following three songs:[INDENT]Welcome to Paradise
When I Come Around
Basket Case
Play them on Expert vocals until you get three stars. Progress can be tracked on the in game trophy menu.

Twiddle My Thumbs Just for a Bit
Earn at least 3 stars on "F.O.D." with each instrument in Solo play.

Without an instruction of which difficulty to play, this is fairly easy AND straightforward. If you have trouble with a certain instrument, you can ask someone to do it for you, or just practice practice practice. You can keep track of what instrument has been completed in in game trophy menu

St. Jimmy
Get Gold stars on the listed songs.

Meet the requirements on the following songs:
Give Me Novacaine/She's A Rebel
Are We the Waiting/St. Jimmy
For a gold star, you need to be on expert and do very well. If you don't have 5 stars already by about 4/5 of the song, you probably won't get gold stars. Make sure you are using overdrive in strategic places, and keep your combos up all the time. You can track your progress from the in game trophy menu.

This is deceivingly hard. Every one of these songs requires near perfection, and every one of these songs has high difficulty levels. Just be warned. Especially Homecoming. I've hear that doing it as a band makes it easier, just remember you all must be on expert.

Letterbomb Guitar ~ 239,000

I Got a Rock 'n Roll Girlfriend
Get Gold stars on the listed songs.

Meet the requirements on the following songs:
Extraordinary Girl
Last Night on Earth
For a gold star, you need to be on expert and do very well. If you don't have 5 stars already by about 4/5 of the song, you probably won't get gold stars. Make sure you are using overdrive in strategic places, and keep your combos up all the time. You can track your progress from the in game trophy menu.

NOTE: "She" is the hardest one here. Scores are as follows: She on expert guitar you need 126,000 for gold stars. For Last Night on Earth (Expert Guitar), you need 60,000 for gold stars. For Extraordinary Girl (Expert Guitar), you need 79,000 for gold stars,

Your Burning Light
Hit 100% of the notes in the solo of "Whatsername" on Hard or Expert Guitar.

For this, you don't need solo frets, just to hit them all. If you cant do it on expert, go to hard, and other than that, you just have to do as it says.

Past the Point of Delirium
Hit 100% of the notes in the solo of "Hitchin' a Ride" on Expert Guitar.

Again, you just have to do as it says. No "hitches" () to this one.

This is a hard solo. Its 16th triplets, so yeah. Basically, go to the main menu, then training, then practice mode. The select Hitchin' a Ride and select Solo - Solo A. Then start with the slowest speed until you get 100%, then move up and so on. Then you just keep playing the song in quickplay or career over and over until you get it. Make sure you get your hands in ready position during the pause before the solo (I put my third finger on red an my fourth finger on yellow during the pause) and then just get the rhythm of the solo strumming in your head and then UNLEASH YOUR ROCK BAND GODNESS. It's a REALLY good feeling when you finally nail it.

I recommend using Super Speed located at Main Menu>Options>Game Options>Super Speed.

Video of me doing it, almost an FC. (Skip to 1:50 for solo, or watch the whole thing )

Also, ignore that xbox at the end of the video. I don't know why that was there...

Ability to Operate Machinery
100% the Guitar Solo in "Jesus of Suburbia" using only finger tapping on Hard or Expert.

Easier on hard, more fun on expert, do what you're comfortable with. Note: This must be done on a rock band controller using solo frets for the whole time WITHOUT strumming. (The solo that is, the rest of the song can be done normally.

Get a 95-note streak while playing "Last Night on Earth" with the guitar.

Among one of the easier songs in the game, this can be done easily on expert. The only problem with lower difficulty levels is that there may not be 95 notes to hit, although the song is pretty long so you should be safe with whatever difficulty you are comfortable with.

Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe
Hit 100% of the notes on "Welcome to Paradise" on medium or higher difficulty bass.

Easiest way to get this is to just play on medium and keep playing 'til you get it right. Not especially hard.

Warning: Burning Drums
Hit 100% of the drum notes on one of the listed songs.

Yup, just one. I'm not very good, so I just did "Basket Case" on easy. Here are the songs you can choose from.
Welcome To Paradise
Hitchin' a Ride
Brain Stew/Jaded
Basket Case
When I Come Around

It's Fun Until Someone Gets Hurt
Play "Longview" on Hard or Expert Bass, playing all hammer-ons and pull-offs without strumming.

Self explanatory. This is one of the harder trophies, and may take several tries to 'pull-off' (see what I did there?). Definitely play it on hard, as it decreases some of the burden.

Make the Best of This Test
Finish all Challenges (Career owner only).

Just play the whole game on your most comfortable difficulty and then go to "Unlock Challenges" and unlock them all. If you don't have enough cred, go back to songs you didn't 5-star, and 5-star them. Then just play through all the challenges. (This WILL take time, as you'll end up playing just about all 3 albums twice.)

Stage Dive
Complete a Challenge in The Warehouse venue.

The first challenge you unlock is when you have 6 cred and have completed the first setlist. Then just go to "Challenges" and play the one you have unlocked for an easy trophy.

On a Mission
Complete a Challenge in the Milton Keynes venue.

Complete the first setlist in Milton Keynes and then go to "Unlock Challenges" and unlock the one for Milton Keynes Setlist 1. Play it with any instrument on any level for a nice bronze trophy.

Stereo in the Static Age
Complete a Challenge in The Fox Theater - Oakland Venue.

See "On a Mission" but just change 'Milton Keynes' for 'The Fox Theater - Oakland.'

This Is How the West Was Won
Earn at least 3 stars on all songs in The Warehouse.

-See "Another Turning Point".

Billboard on the Rise
Earn at least 3 stars on all songs in Milton Keynes.

See "Another Turning Point".

Another Turning Point
Earn at least 3 stars on all songs in The Fox Theater - Oakland.

Play all the songs on your best instrument on your most comfortable difficulty level. Not hard at all.

Live Freaky, Die Freaky
Complete any Challenge with both of the following: 100% a Guitar solo; 100% a Harmony part.

Get three people, one on guitar and two on vocals and choose harmonies for the vocals. Then play any challenge on easy (unless you're really confident on other levels) and do as it says. Let the guitar player focus on his job, and let the vocals focus on their job. Easy silver trophy.

Alternatively, ThisOneJakeDude has a solution for those going this solo, or with just two people.

What I did was the 21st Century Breakdown Challenge and put vocals on easy and guitar on expert. Since vocals were on easy that means no fail mode so I didn't have to sing until Last Night On Earth, which only has a second vocal part once near the end, but not at the same time as lead singer so only one person has to do it.
This seems legit especially for solo acts, since LNoE is super easy on guitar and you can put most of your focus on the singing. Thanks, Jake.

I Walk a Lonely Road
Earn at least 3 stars on "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" with each instrument in Solo play.

Without an instruction of which difficulty to play, this is fairly easy AND straightforward. If you have trouble with a certain instrument, you can ask someone to do it for you, or just practice practice practice. You can keep track of what instrument has been completed in in game trophy menu.

On My Own... Here We Go
Score 400,000 points in a single song in solo mode.

400,000 points is a lot. You're really going to have to play on Expert. Jesus of Suburbia or Homecoming is your best shot, just play on Expert Guitar really well and you should be good. Use star power in note heavy areas and keep your combo up.

I got 414,125 on Jesus of Suburbia on Expert Guitar with a 99% song and a 100% solo, to give you an idea of what you have to do.

A Very Troubled Youngster
Complete all of Tré's Greatest Hits.

How good are you at drums? If you did not just answer "A Drumming God", sadly you will most likely not platinum this game. This trophy requires you to pull off several solos at full speed, as opposed to the trophy below, which doesn't. This trophy is brutal, and pretty much impossible to those without complete drum prowess.

Frank Edwin Wright III
Complete all the Drum Lessons.

If you have any trouble, just lower the speed (minimum is 60BMP, even though you can go to 40BMP, you will not get credit). I was able to take this out in about a half hour, and I'd say I'm a 4 on a scale 1/10 in drumming skill.

Step up to the Mike & Billie Joe
Hit All Double Harmonies on any song.

See "Misleading the Choir".

Misleading the Choir
Hit All Triple Harmonies on any song.

The hardest part of this trophy is probably getting three people together to do this. If you can do that, just pick any song with a triple harmony, and pay close attention.

if you can only find 2 people to do harmonies, play Know Your Enemy. One of the backup singers is always the same as the lead so have the lead singer sing into two mics and one singing the 3rd part
-Thanks meister

Strong Arm, Billie Joe
Earn a Guitar Career score of 1,000,000.

Easier than it looks, after playing for an hour or two I accumulated 950,000 playing on expert, so this shouldn't take that long, but expect some more effort required on lower difficulty levels to reach this.

Dirnt Dirnt Dirnt Dirnt
Earn a Bass Career score of 1,000,000.

See "Strong Arm, Billie Joe".

Sweet Children
Earn a Vocal Harmony Career score of 1,000,000.

See "Strong Arm, Billie Joe".

I Play the [email protected]#% Out the Drums
Earn a Drum Career score of 1,000,000.

See "Strong Arm, Billie Joe".

If you can handle simple expert drums, "Warning" is a good easy 130k to add to this.

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