Players: 1, 2 Splitscreen
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20-25 hours
Platinum Difficulty: 5/10 if you start on Easy, 8/10 if you start on Hard
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 plus cleanup
Collectible Trophies: Yes, Mr Popular and Connoisseur
Missable Trophies: None, you can always replay or do Exhibition
Glitched Trophies: N/A


Have you been waiting for a new paintball game? Well here it is. Greg Hastings Paintball 2 features over 50 teams, 3 different types of events (with tournaments for each), Exhibition as well as buying gear. Earn money, buy players and equipment on your way to becoming a paintball legend. Remember, cheating never hurts ........... if you're not caught doing it

[top]Tips & Strategies

Saving - You will NEVER have to save during this game, it autosaves for you.

Cheating - When hit with a paintball you will get the option to cheat. The more times you do it without getting out, the harder it gets. Know when is a good time to do it, because it could turn out to help.

Sliding - When running, press to dive or slide. All the maps will have good cover so it will definitely help you get out of a sticky situation.

Gravity - After a little bit in the air the paintball will start arching back down towards the ground. Make sure you aim high enough so the ball will hit an enemy on the come down.

Cover - All you have to do is run up to something you could use and press to peek out left or right. When a gun shoots paintballs they spray . Cover will help you from getting hit from the paintball barrage.

Backsplash/Fog - Shooting paintballs close to you will cause the explosion of it to hit your mask. It will stay for a little but eventually go away. After running for about 5 - 10 seconds your mask will start to fog up. It will never fog up completely and enemies will still be visible.

Paintball Count - And the bottom left side of your screen you will see a canister with a blue line which indicates how many paintballs you have left. When you get low press to reload and if you get eliminated but come back in you will have the option to refill you ball count and air It will cost you 10 seconds.

Elimination - Certain game modes if you get shot you're done. After that you will take control of a friendly player. Other modes, if you get eliminated you will have a short wait period before you can re-enter.

Commands - Activated by putting your crosshairs on a teammate and pressing . Then a pad will come up on the right side of the screen. for shoot, for defend and for move up.

Shields - On the Top Left and Right of your screen you will see shield, which indicate how many players are left. Your team is Blue and the enemy is Red.

Invincibility - One you, a team member or an opponent is eliminated and respawns they will have around 5 seconds where they are invincible to any type of weapon.

Air Gauge - When you Air Tank starts running low a an air gauge will appear right above the hopper icon. The closer the needle gets to the bottom of the left side the less air you have.

*NOTE: In the guide, some trophies will have sections. 1 will be 1 Controller (if you only have 1) or 2 Controllers (if you have 2 to use).

Also, for whenever I say to go into Exhibition, pick the first field available (not Random).


Step 1 - Easy Playthrough: For this playthrough, you will play Career on Easy. You will play Recball, Woodsball and Speedball in that order.Along the way you will get some Event Specific and other trophies. This playthrough is more for getting a feel for the maps and events, as well as earning cash for Connoisseur and Mr. Popular.

Step 2 - Cleanup: Now you will focus on getting any trophies you missed except for beating all events Hard. You will finish up buying equipment and player. Also once you get the 50 players (and played a tournament with each) for the trophy, you will focus on making a team with all Lengendary players (and maybe a Pro or two).

Step 3 - Hard Playthrough: You will only start this once you have ALL equipment unlocked, your team full of legendary players AND all other trophies are done. The Legendary players will help you out but there will be times where you get stuck. Just keep on truckin' and you'll do fine.


Earn all other Trophies.

Earn all the trophies in the game.

Successfully cheat once.

When your playing and you get shot you will see a paint splatter and an arrow start moving around. When the arrow gets to the paint splatter press and a hand will wipe it off. If you are shot while doing it you will be eliminated. The arrow moves slow the first time so it shouldn't be too hard. You will probably earn this in your first match. You can also run out of the line of fire when you get hi then cheat.

Paint Monger
Shoot 10,000 paintballs.

You will get this between after you finish Recball or towards the end of Woodsball. The hopper holds about 200 shots. It may seem like a lot but this will be obtained without trying. You can reload by pressing during a game and it will give you some more paintballs.

Win a round without losing a teammate in a 5-on-5 or bigger match-up.

While playing in your Career you will play many 5-on-5 match-ups. Having the difficulty on Easy definitely helps and if you have good players. You will get this before you finish all of the career events. It's just one of those trophies that just happen.

Bottom Feeder
Win a round entirely from the prone position.

I suggest doing this on the first event. When the countdown to the round starts press until the icon of the player on the bottom right is lying down. Once the match starts crawl around and try to eliminate the other team, but you guys should be able to take them out.

Here is another easy way to get this:
1 Controller: Go to Exhibition and set it to a 1-on-1, Elimination, Bots on Rookie, Markers to Pistols, Paint to Single Hopper/Clip and Reinsertion Off. Go prone before the match an quickly take out the other guy.

2 Controllers: Same thing as before, except only player 1 goes prone. Crawl towards player 2, get behind him and shoot him in the back with your pistol. When you shoot him and the round ends you will get this trophy, Spy and Lucky Clip.

Lone Wolf
Win a 7-on-7 or higher non-reinsertion game where you eliminate all opponents.

As hard as this may seem, it's not. You will have many opportunities throughout your career. I have 2 methods for this.

Career: Depending on you team (and enemies), you should have a few good opportunities to try this. Cover and knowing how to cheat will be key. This is best done on easy. If you see an enemy just unload and when you get low on ammo reload.

Exhibition: Set the team size to 7-on-7 and to Elimination. Put Reinsertion to Off, Friendly Fire On and bots to Rookie. Once the match start shoot your teammates. Take cover and eliminate the enemies.

Get three or more eliminations in a single round with a 25% hit percentage or higher.

This trophy is actually pretty easy. Try doing it in the 1st Recball Event (3-on-3). Only take shots you know you'll make. Just don't shoot from far away, try and get close. You will get this before you finish all of the events. Also, the most important thing, when you go for this trophy DO NOT SPRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Win a split-screen round without either player being eliminated.

You will need 2 controllers for this. Go to splitscreen and put them on the same team. Set it to Elimination, 3-on-3, Bots to Rookie and Reinsertion Off.

1 Player: If only 1 player is playing, move Player 2 behind cover. Then you and your other teammate can proceed to kill the enemies.

2 Players: Have both players and the AI teammate rush the left side. Then you will be behind them and take them out easily.

One Hit Wonder
Win a round with 3 or more eliminations using a marker without having to reload in a 5-on-5 or larger match.

This trophy may sound confusing. Basically you have to have 3 eliminations in a match of 5-on-5 without reloading. The Marker is just a gun (no pistols). A hopper holds 200 shots. So long as you don't waste it you'll be fine. Try to get as close as you can before you shoot..

Eliminate three or more opponents with a single grenade.

First, you have to unlock and buy the grenade for $2,000. By pressing you will throw underhand and by pressing you throw overhand. It's best to wait for a 7-on-7 or a 10-on-10 match and to be on a small map. Naturally the enemies will group up. There will be a couple of Assault and Point Capture missions where there is only 1 objective. All the enemies will be around it and you should find a group easily. They way I got it, which also may be the way you get it, was by throwing the grenade randomly.

2 Controllers: Here you will just go to an Exhibition match. Pick a map that lets you use grenades. Next, set it to Elimination, Friendly Fire on, Bots to Rookie and a 5-on-5. With player 2, command all players on that team to move to the same spot, and move player 2 to the area as well. With player 1, eliminate eliminate all of your friendlies. Finally, go to where the enemy team is bunched up and throw the grenade.

Dive or slide 100 times.

Diving or sliding is activated by holding the button while running. As long as you do it 1 time per round during your career you will get it. During long rounds you can do it around 25 times or more.

Pump Assassin
Using a pump-gun, eliminate three or more opponents in a round without missing.

This one can be rather tricky. I thought it would be an actually shotgun type gun. It's actually just a regular paintball gun that pumps every time you shoot. You will have multiple events where you must use a pump-gun. It's not a very accurate gun so you will have to get close. It doesn't matter how many shots it takes you to hit the 1st person, so long as you eliminate the next 2 people with 1 shot each.

2 Controllers: Go to Exhibition and do a 1-on-1, Elimination, Reinsertion On, Markers to Pumpguns. Have Player 1 go to Player 2's spawn and shoot him. Wait for him to respawn and do it again, and repeat a 3rd time.

Go Ballistic
Eliminate an opponent you can't see by arcing your paintballs.

What goes up must come down, right? After a distance, you will notice your paintball arch down towards the ground. You will get this while playing your career. What I suggest is using a gun that fires fast, wait until you are on a small map and then shoot (more like spray) towards the enemy spawn. As long as you hit the person without seeing them the trophy is yours.

Shoot an opponent in the back from their own side of the field.

You will get this through normal play, most likely while playing a 2 Flag Capture the Flag. Just run to the opponents side right away, make sure they are not looking and shoot them in the back. No matter if you are on Easy or Hard, this trophy is a piece of cake.

2 Controller: Go to Exhibition and set it to a 1-on-1, Elimination, Reinsertion Off, Markers to Pistol and Paint to Single Clip. Go to Player 2's side and shoot him in the back. This will also net you the Lucky Clip trophy.

Cross Training
Win a Speedball and a Woodsball tournament.

Simple, just win the Pev's Flagsport Capture the Clag (CTF) under Woodsball and Pev's Weekend Warrior Challenge under Speedball. Both are easy events and shouldn't take too long to beat.

Eliminate three opponents by shooting them in the goggles in a single round.

You actually don't have to them in the goggles, you just have to get a headshot. It's best to try for this in a long game like Assault or Point Capture. What you could do also is go for it in XBall. XBall is basically scoring as much as you can in a 5 minute time frame. Since 1 round is 5 minutes and you will have multiple sub rounds, this is the best place to try it. So even though you may play around 10+ sub rounds, they are all still in the same round. If you're having trouble just get as close as you can.

Lucky Clip
Eliminate an entire enemy team using a single pistol clip in a non-reinsertion game.

They basically give you this trophy. You will come across a 1-on-1 pistol only match during your career playthrough. As long as you don't spray the paintballs you will get this trophy.

If you want to get the trophy out of the way from the start here's what to do:
1 Controller: Exhibition, 1-on-1, Elimination, Reinsertion Off, Markers to Pistol, Bots on Rookie and Paint to Single Hopper/Clip. You should be able to eliminate the enemy in 15 seconds or less.

2 Controllers: Same as with 1 controller but Player 2 will not be moving, Go over to Player 2's side and shoot him in that back which will nab you this trophy and Spy.

Team Captain
Win a round after issuing field commands to at least three teammates.

Field Commands are issued by pressing on a player then picking either for shooting, for defense or to move up. You will have to wait for a 5-on-5 or bigger match to do this. Once the match starts quickly command 3 players. All you have to do then is win.

Unlock and then purchase all of the equipment in the game.

After beating an event, you will unlock equipment. There are 116 pieces of equipment costing a total of $135,485. You should have them all purchased after you beat the final Recball event. Some barrels are unlocked when you buy the marker. Some barrels are free while others cost money. Here is all the equipment, the category it's in and the order it is in in each category.

Toggle Spoiler

Mr. Popular
Play games with teammates from 50 real teams.

At the start of the game you will have to start picking players for your team. Only get 1 player from each team though. As you beat events more teams will become available. By viewing a players stat card you can see how many games they have completed. If you have a player who has not played a game yet, use to advance him/her up the list. I advise getting rid of a player that has played as soon as you can. Some players will require you to pay additional cash to get them. Also, if you have a player that cost money to get, when you trade for another player it will take some money off of what it would take to acquire the player. Here is the list of divisions and the teams in each, listed in alphabetical order (which is also how they appear in game). They are not unlocked in this order.

Toggle Spoiler

Win an event while using the jersey, pants and marker from the same manufacturer.

The first company who you have unlocked 1 for each is Tippman. Pick a Tippman gun then the Tippman pants and shirt. Also, to be on the safe side use a Tippman barrel. Play on of the events (and win) using the equipment and you will get the trophy.

NOTE: You cannot receive the trophy if you play a match/event that automatically equips you with a not Tippmanpiece of clothing or gun. The events that equip you with the Rocket Launcher, Pistol or Pump-gun also negate the trophy.

Speedball Champion
Complete all of the Speedball events.

Speedball consists of 15 events you must win. Here is the list in order and in Event Name/Number of Matches/Game Type/Players form.

Pev's Weekend Warrior Challenge/2/Two Flag CTF/3-on-3
The Boston Open/2/Race To/5-on-5
The Bear's Cup/2/Elimination/5-on-5
The valken International/3/Two Flag CTF/7-on-7
CCM Serious Skills Tournament/2/XBall/5-on-5
Speed in the Sticks Tournament/2/Single Flag CTF/7-on-7
The Be Oranged European Tour/3/ Two Flag CTF/7-on-7
Pennsylvania Tournament Series/2/XBall/5-on-5
GPL's Tropical Storm/2/Race To/7-on-7
NEPL Colonial Clash/2/Two Flag CTF/7-on-7
WGP vs. Spyder Mega-Ball/2/Mixed/10-on-10
The R7 Regional Championship/2/Two Flag CTF/7-on-7
Angel USA National Championship/3/Two Flag CTF/7-on-7
The Big Game Break-In/1/Elimination/10-on-10
Pain Xtreme World Championship/3/XBall/5-on-5

Master Woodsman
Complete all of the Woodsball events.

Woodsball consists of 14 events you must win. Here is the list in order and in Event Name/Number of Matches/Game Type/Players form.

Pev's Flagsport CTF Tournament/2/Mixed/3-on-3
The Boston Trials/3/Mixed/5-on-5
Tippman Tactical Team Tournament/2/Mixed/7-on-7
RAP4 Desert Warfare/4/Scenario
Wild West Showdown/2/Scenario
SPPL Presents: Monster Game/4/Scenario
SPPL Presents: D-Day/5/Scenario
The Invasion of Spain/3/Scenario
Euro Big Game/5/Scenario
The First Blood Tournament/4/Mixed/7-on-7
The Pineapple Cup/3/Mixed/10-on-10
UWL National Championship/1/Point Capture/10-on-10
Castle Conquest/5/Scenario
UWL World Championship/2/Point Capture/10-on-10

Jack of All Trades
Complete all of the Recball events.

Recball consists of 17 events you must win. Here is the list in order and in Event Name/Number of Matches/Game Type/Players form.

Weekend at Pev's/3/Mixed
Survivor's Blackjack Tourney/3/Mixed (only get 21 paintballs per life)
Poi Pwnage Invitational/2/Elimination/5-on-5
Team Challenge: Boston Massecre/2/Mixed/7-on-7
Pumper Pandemonium/2/Mixed
GI MILSIM's Pennsylvania Volley/3/Mixed
"Benny's Revenge" Tournament and BBQ Cook-Off/3/Mixed/7-on-7
Tiberius First Strike Field Test/2/Mixed
Sly Chosen One Invitational/3/Elimination/1-on-1
Facefull Promotional Tour: Pev's/3/Mixed
Team Challenge: Misdirected Hostiles/2/Point Capture/10-on-10
Facefull Promotional Tour: NGP UK/3/Mixed
Save Phace Beachside Tourney/2/Mixed
Team Challenge: LA Hitmen/2/Mixed
Return to Paradise/2/Mixed/10-on-10
Facefull Promotional Tour: EuroBigGame/3/Mixed
*The World Tour/12/Mixed

*The World Tour works different then all other events. You must complete the previous 16 Recball events as well as all the Woodsball and Speedball ones.

Paintball Legend
Complete all of the Speedball, Woodsball, and Recball events.

Just beat all of the events. There are 17 in Recball, 14 in Woodsball and 15 is Speedball. It doesn't matter what difficulty you play on either. Also, the last Recball event will not unlock until you play all previous Recball events and all of the Woodsball and Speedball events. See Greatest Paintballer in the World for more detail.

Greatest Paintballer in the World
Complete all of the Speedball, Woodsball, and Recball events on Hard difficulty.

If you have unlocked all equipment and have a team of Legendary players this won't be so bad. Here are some things you should know (and tips).

1. Friendly fire is active, so don't shoot your teammates.
2. Cover will definitely help you out.
3. Make sure all your Legendary players have all skills. If not, press to train them (which is just buying the skill).
4. At some point your team, even if it is made up of Legendary players, will get eliminated quickly. This will most likely happen when you get towards the higher up events.

Here are my recommendations:

Equipment Loadout

Marker - Angel A1 Joyfly
Barrel - Stiffi MF
Hopper - Empire Prophecy
Air Tank - Crossfire 88 4500
Mask - V-Force Profiler
Pod - R7 Titan
Shirt - Invert
Pants - Empire
Pistol - Tiberius T8.1 with First Strike
Grenade - Paint Grenade

Legendary Players

Sonny Lopez
Alejandro Banuelos
Mike "Blue" Hanse
Greg Hastings
Dayon Heard
Clare Benavides
Anthony Parsons
Kirill Prihidni
Mark Kressin

You may have noticed I only have 9 players listed. That's because it doesn't matter if the play you choose to play with is Rookie, Division 2, Pro or any other division. Just make sure you train you player in all the skills he doesn't have.

E'Ventual Evaporation
Eliminate three opponents in a single round with a completely fogged mask.

Wait for a big match, preferably 5-on-5 or higher, and a game type like Point Capture or Assault (they will give you plenty of time). When you run you will notice the bottom half of the mask start to fog up and creep towards eye level. What you do is at the start of the match start running around (but don't shoot anyone) until your masked is fogged up and is not getting foggier, that should be around 20 - 30 seconds. You will still be able to see out of the top half of the mask. Once you hit that point, start running towards the other team and shooting. If you're lucky you could get all 3 in one try. If you don't just start running again to get your masked fogged up.

Tactical Overkill
Hit the opposing flag carrier with a rocket.

The Rocket costs $9,500. It's actually not a Rocket/RPG it's more of a grenade launcher. Certain events allow the rocket but others don't. Play the 4th Recball event for this. Equip your whole team with the rocket. Your team should get eliminated fairly quick. Sit back at your flag and wait for someone from the opposing team to grab it. When they do shoot the rocket.

Successfully cheat five times in a row in the same round.

When you get hit by a paintball a splat will appear somewhere on your screen and an arrow will start swaying back and forth. When the arrow lines up with the splatter press to wipe it off. Getting shot in the head or being shot after you have been shot will eliminate you right away. You can also run after you get hit. Every time you cheat without getting eliminated, the arrow will start to move faster. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd cheats should be easy, but the 4th and 5th may prove difficult. It's best just to try to get to the 4th and practice your timing. Sometimes the arrow won't get too fast around the 4th and 5th time, but other times it will. Wait for an XBall, Point Capture or another long match type to try this. Go an try to get hit and then duck behind cover (or run away). Repeat 4 more times. Just be on the look out for opponents closing in on you.

Foam Cowboy
Win a round while wearing the “Rodeo King” mask.

When playing Woodsball, one of the events will automatically equip you with the mask. Just win the round and you get the trophy.

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