Players: 1 (2 Co-op and Vs., split screen only)
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 3-10+ Hours (depending on skill)
100% Difficulty: 7/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 (depending on skill)

[top]Tips & Strategies

  1. The beginning of each song is a good time to build your initial multiplier by placing as many blocks as you can with the beat. Later on focusing with strategic placement.
  2. If you get a large clearing of blocks during the song, repeat the above tip to rack up a high score!
  3. Once you've unlocked more bonuses and leveled them up, re-do older songs if you want to get ranked higher on the leader boards.


Gettin' the rhythm
Obtain 1 star from any song.

You should easily get this on the first song you complete.

Help is on the way!
Unlock two bonuses.

You'll unlock this trophy simply by playing. Once you get Easy street you should have this trophy.

Easy street
Obtain 32 casual stars.

Finish most of the songs on Casual getting 3 stars on each song and you'll have this in no time. These songs require the least amount of points to unlock stars. If you have trouble here, you should practice some more before moving to Experienced.

Feelin' complete
Complete a song set.

There are 7 sets in each difficulty. The first 3 songs on Set 1 should be the easiest to complete; they also each only require 10,000 points to 3-star them.

Sextuple me
Get a 6x multiplier.

Easiest to get at the start of songs. Once you get the beat of the song, start placing as many blocks as you can at the start, to the beat. Once most of the screen is filled up, take your time and wait for a large beat to come by, which will increase your multiplier by 4x to 6x if you hit it.

Nothing beats experience
Obtain 32 experienced stars.

There are new blocks now which adds some more complexity to the songs. Once you get the hang of the beats to each song, and you follow the tips above, this will come in time. You may have to re-do some songs once you've leveled up or unlocked more bonuses later on to get more stars.

It's a hard life
Obtain 34 hard stars.

Most of the blocks are now the square-shaped ones and harder to get combos with. The tips above will still work, you'll just have to be a lot more careful as you'll find hitting the top and ending the song will happen a LOT on Hard difficulty. Just keep practicing and hitting the beats.

Weapon of choice
Unlock all bonus types.

The last bonus type to unlock is the Nuke bonus, which will net you two trophies. The only difficult part for the Nuke is that you need almost all songs on Experienced at 3 stars. Just keep playing the songs and you'll get it with time. Repeatedly playing the same song will help you get the beat down pat so you can focus on strategy.

Obtain 36 stars on all challenge songs

Legend mode makes Hard feel like Easy. Don't get upset if you can't beat a single song, as not many people have, in fact the top 100 lists aren't even full yet. As of this edit, there are not even 10 people on each song that have completed them.
You need to unlock Legend difficulty to have access to this trophy. 40 Hard Stars are required to unlock Legend.
~thanks to fluisterwoud

Playin' with power...
Unlock all destruction bonuses.

Requires you to max out the Destruction bonus type. Each level will require more and more stars of varying difficulties.

Unlock Nuke bonus
Unlock Nuke bonus (BOOM!!!)

This will be gotten along with the Weapon of choice trophy.

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