Players: 1-2 Players
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to 100%: 1-3hrs
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No

The Costume Pack 1 is the first piece of DLC for Drinkbox Studio's Guacamelee!. It adds two (2) new costumes for Juan, and unlocks Tostada (along with her own alternate costume) for Player 1 (previously only Player 2 could play as Tostada). Each costume tweaks gameplay mechanics and comes with a unique set of bonuses and drawbacks.

From left to right: Pollo Luchador (+Health regenerates over time, -Stamina regenerates more slowly), Skeleton (+Infinite Stamina, -No Life from Red Orbs), and Juanita (+Stronger Kicks and Punches, -Short-distance throws)

[top]Tips & Strategies

Most of these trophies are very straightforward, requiring no more than 30 seconds of effort to find an Altar, swap costumes, and fight an enemy.
All trophies can be earned in a 100% completed game with some backtracking.

To switch costumes, locate an Altar (save-point/shop), press to interact, and select "costumes" to access all costumes, new and old.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Bone on Bone can be completed much more quickly than normal so long as you have already completed La Caverna del Pollo challenges and have collected all six (6) Orbs. See the relevant section below for an explanation. See the Guacamelee! Trophy Guide for information on the location of the Orbs and how to get them.


These trophies can be earned in any order, but if you start a new game, you will most likely earn them in XMB order.


Which came first?
Enter egg mode while playing as the Pollo Luchador

Very straight forward. Once you unlock Pollo Power (the ability to turn into a chicken), switch to the Pollo Luchador costume at any Altar, then activate Pollo Power ( on PlayStation 3, swipe down on the touchscreen for the Vita). You'll turn into a half-hatched egg, and this simple Bronze will unlock.

I feel empty inside
Collect a health orb as the Skeleton Luchador

Health orbs are earned by defeating enemies or breaking barrels. At an altar, switch to the Skeleton costume, then defeat some enemies for their delicious health orbs. Oh no! They won’t heal you! Ah well, at least you get this easy Bronze.

Bag o' bricks
Throw an enemy while playing as Juanita or Tostado

At an altar, switch to either Juanita or classic Tostada, then find some enemies and beat them until the prompt appears. Simply pick them up and hurl them for an easy Bronze.

As the Pollo Luchador, find and talk to each of the four giant chickens with the green sombreros

This one requires a little exploration, but, again, it's not too difficult.
While wearing the Pollo Luchardor outfit, you need to track down the four (4) giant chickens throughout the world and initiate a conversation (by pressing ). They can be found in:

1) Forest Del Chivo

In the South-Eastern corner of the map, in between the Altar and the exit to Tule Tree. The Chicken is at the bottom of the ramp.

2) Santa Luchita

In the middle of town there is a giant staircase. At the top of the first set of stairs there is a ledge with 2 barrels. Climb the wall behind the barrels, active Pollo Power, and jump in through the hole in the wall. The Chicken is inside.

3) Temple of Rain

As you run through the Temple of Rain for the first time, you pass underneath the sleeping Alebrije. Once he has awoken, return to the room formerly occupied by the slumbering behemoth and you will find the third Chicken.

4) Temple of War

This place is massive, and it’s very easy to get lost. The quickest way in is from Desierto Caliente, which will see you appearing in the bottom left corner of the map. Travel right until you find the first Altar. Continue right into the next room, wherein you will find the fourth and final Chicken. If it is not there, use dimension shift and it will appear.

Defeat Calaca with Player 1 playing as Juanita

Before the final fight with Calaca, visit an Altar and change your costume to Juanita (NOT Tostada Classic). Initiate the final fight and defeat Calaca (both forms) while wearing the Juanita costume to unlock this trophy. For how to defeat Calaca, see below:

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Bone on bone
Conquer the final column of arenas in La Caverna del Pollo as the Skeleton Luchador

This is unquestionably the most difficult trophy in this DLC pack. To unlock it, you must must finish the final (and only the final) set of challenges in La Caverna del Pollo (located in the bottom right corner of Santa Luchita) whilst using the Skeleton Luchador costume (which prevents you from healing).
Fortunately, the Skeleton costume also grants you unlimited Stamina, so you can spam special attacks. Olmec’s Headbutt is the most powerful move, and should be your go-to attack. Your aim is to take as few hits as possible, because once you’ve lost your health, you can’t get it back. Keep moving; use dodge a lot; and rely on your special attacks to get through this very difficult challenge. Your reward, upon completion, is a shiny Gold.

If you have already completed La Caverna del Pollo’s challenges, and have unlocked all the Orbs, you can get this trophy much more simply. Enter La Caverna, but take the lift (next to the Olmec Head) down to the lower level. Travel right across the map until you are below the final challenge column, then activate Pollo Power and fly (spam ) up past the entrance to Chac Mool and into the final challenge area. Return to your normal form, then, standing in the middle of the arena, double-jump and Rooster Uppercut ( + ) to initiate the fight. Clear out all the enemies, then drop down through the floor to unlock this Gold trophy.


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