Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to 100%: 2-5hrs, depending on skill
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No

El Diablo's Domain is the second piece of DLC for Drinkbox Studio's Guacamelee!. Buried in the depths of the Desierto Caliente lies a secret entrance to El Infierno, land of the dead and former postal address of one Carlos Calaca.

This all-new area contains 17 challenges that will put your combat and platforming skills to the test. Three new costumes are unlocked by earning Bronze, Silver, and Gold ratings in the various challenges which, like the costumes in the Costume Pack 1, tweak some fundamental gameplay mechanics, and come with their own set of bonuses and drawbacks.

Costumes are unlocked by earning medals in the various challenges: El Portero is unlocked after earning 10 Bronze medals, Alebrije is unlocked after earning 10 Silver medals, and Diablo's Suit is unlocked after earning 10 Gold medals. The costumes can be collected from the three (3) rooms on the ground floor.

From Left to Right, they are: Alebrije (+Deal Massive Damage, -Take Massive Damage), El Portero (+Super-powerful Throws, -Weaker melee attack damage), and Diablo's Suit (+Melee attacks steal life, +More stamina, -Less life).

[top]Tips & Strategies

I recommend that you attempt these challenges once you have achieved 100% (or close to) completion, ensuring that you have all the available health and stamina upgrades, as well as all powers and abilities. Collecting all six (6) Orbs will also go a long way to making your life easier - acquiring all Orbs will grant you the ability to fly in Pollo (chicken) form, which you can abuse to complete the platforming challenges without any hassle.


Your first priority should be tackling Heavyweight ,Title Contender , and World Champion . Medals stack, so earning a Gold medal on your first try will also unlock a Bronze and Silver medal. As you progress through the challenges, use the costumes you unlock to make the challenges easier. Doing so will most likely see you earning GOOOOOOOAL! and Beastly .
The Old-Fashioned Way
is the last trophy you will earn in El Infierno (if you haven't already unlocked it with natural play), after which you should equip Diablo's Suit, then head off to face Calaca to unlock the final trophy, The Devil wears Revenge! .


World Champion
Earn a Gold Medal in all Infierno challenges

There are a total of 17 challenges, grouped in 5 stages, and they can be attempted in any order you like. Since they get progressively more difficult, I recommend approaching them in numerical order.

Challenge Set 1

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Challenge Set 2

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Challenge Set 3

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Challenge Set 4

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Challenge Set 5

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Title Contender
Earn a Silver Medal in all Infierno challenges

See World Champion for a breakdown of the challenges and accompanying tips and strategies. All medals stack.

Earn a Bronze Medal in all Infierno challenges

See World Champion for a breakdown of the challenges and accompanying tips and strategies. All medals stack.

Complete Infierno challenge 10 and challenge 15 as El Portero

To unlock this trophy you need to simply complete Challenges 10 and 15 while wearing the El Portero costume (which is unlocked after earning 10 Bronze medals) - you don't have to go for gold; a simple bronze medal will suffice. Go to the Altar on the ground floor and switch to the El Portero costume. This costume increases the power and damage of your throws, but weakens your melee attacks. Complete the two challenges while wearing the costume to unlock this Bronze trophy.

Complete Infierno challenge 17 as the Alebrije

If you followed my advice in World Champion then you will already have this bronze trophy. To unlock it, you need only complete Challenge 17 while wearing the Alebrije costume (unlocked after earning 10 Silver medals), which can be accessed at the Altar on the ground floor.

The Devil wears Revenge!
Defeat Calaca with full health in Diablo's Suit

For this trophy you'll need to leave El Infierno and travel to the Great Temple. Backtrack outside of Devil's Advocates Law Firm, interact with the Olmec Head, and set the Great Temple as your destination. When you arrive, activate the Altar and select Diablo's Suit (which is unlocked after earning 10 Gold medals)- this costume grants you life-steal and increases your stamina at the cost of some of your life points. With the costume equipped, head up the stairs and confront Calaca.
For this trophy to unlock you need to defeat Calaca's second form with full health, meaning the first part of the fight is irrelevant. If you get hit at all during the course of the fight, just whale on Calaca to get your health back. Once you defeat him in his second and final form, provided you have full health, this trophy will unlock.

For how to beat Calaca, see below:

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The Old-Fashioned Way
Complete Infierno challenge 14 using Goat Fly no more than four times

For this trophy you need to complete Challenge 14 using Goat Fly no more than four (4) times. There are two ways to accomplish this:

Option 1)
Part 1 - Jump on the Left wall and use your first Goat Fly rightwards. Roll through the red thorns, then jump to the middle column. Navigate your way to the other side of the middle column, and use your second Goat Fly, again, rightwards.

Part 2 - Jump onto the right wall and Goat Climb up. Instead of flying across the room, slide down a bit, then jump towards the red thorns, jump upwards, Rooster Upper-cut, then Dashing Derp Derp back towards the right. Climb the wall, then jump left while rolling through the red thorns, and finish with a second jump to land you on the left wall. Jump back to the right wall, then Goat Climb up.

Part 3 - Roll through the red thorns and climb the right wall. Once at the top, jump to the right wall (again rolling through the thorns), then Goat Climb up. At the top, position yourself on the right wall, then use your third Goat Fly to cross to the left wall past the spikes. Goat Climb up, then use your fourth and final Goat Fly to cross to the right wall. Climb up, then, just like you did in Part 2, slide down a bit, jump away from the wall, then up, then Rooster Upper-cut for some height, and Dashing Derp Derp towards the right again. Climb up using Goat Climb and regular Jumps until you reach the top.

Congrats, you've made it and earned a Bronze for your trouble!

Option 2)
If you've been using Pollo Flight like I suggest in World Champion , you'll get this very easily. Use Goat Fly to get past the first wall of red thorns, then activate Pollo Power and simply fly to the end of the level. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

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