Players: 1-10
Online Trophies: 15 (all of them)
Estimated Time to 100%: 15+ Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: No Campaign. Requires many online matches
Difficulty Trophies: None
Collectible Trophies: Yes; Capture the Power & Notches in the Axe
Missable Trophies: None


A shadow grows over Middle-earth as the greatest armies of the Third Age prepare for the coming battle. Take up arms in the clash over Middle-earth with the most powerful heroes from the greatest fantasy epic of all time.

Guardians of Middle Earth is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) similar to games like Dota 2 and League of Legends. Matches are 5v5, with AI taking the place of any non-human players. You'll fight for control of battle 'lanes' while trying to crush enemy Guardians, their soldier reinforcements as well as their towers and barracks while pushing towards the ultimate goal of destroying their base.

If you need some background music while reading the guide or playing online, open the spoiler and prepare to rock out!

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[top]Tips and Strategies

It's important to understand the information on your HUD so you can simultaneously manage your abilities and devise strategies on the fly with your team mates. Keeping an eye on the mini-map will help make sure you're aware of your surroundings and you don't get caught off guard and overwhelmed.

HUD and MiniMap key in Spoiler

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  • Stay alive! Let your soldiers set the pace of battle.
  • Deaths give enemy Guardians points and XP towards being even stronger.
  • Use Commands! Don't be afraid to use your Heal Command early in the match if it means staying alive.
  • Hide in the bushes! You are shrouded while in the shrubbery on the edges of the lanes, unless an enemy enters the same patch of shrubbery.
  • Work with your team and execute ability/attack combinations.
  • Mix your Guardian classes on your team. IE: 2 Tacticians, 1 Enchanter, 1 Defender and 1 Warrior or Striker.
  • Capture Shrines for bonuses to your Guardians.
  • Upgrade Towers and Barracks as you level up. There are 4 upgrades for each structure.
  • Bring Potions that cater towards your Guardian's playstyle.
  • Use Relics and Gems to polish your Guardians and enhance their battle abilities.
  • Don't get frustrated if you get demolished in a match. I've lost 700-0 before.
  • Learn from your mistakes, and don't be a lone wolf hero.
  • Remember to use the Official Guardians of Middle-earth Boosting Thread if you're having difficulty earning a certain trophy.

Glossary of Terminologies

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[top]Advanced Gameplay

After selecting a Guardian, you'll need to work towards refining their Loadout to maximize effectiveness in battle. An average Loudout will cost roughly 30,000-40,000 in-game Gold in order to purchase necessary Relics and Gems. Potions raise this cost even more, up to 10,000 Gold per match. Be prepared to play many games simply in the pursuit of Gold to make your Guardian stronger. Never quit a match prematurely if you need Gold, as you must complete a match in order to earn any Gold. Use the information below to gain an understanding of Commands, Relics, Gems and Potions.

Commands are usable by any Guardian, and unlock in Tiers as you rank up throughout your GoME matches. They have cooldown times similar to Abilities, but take much longer before they're ready for use again. will use the command while switches between Commands in your current Loadout. Choose wisely, based on your Guardian's function in battle. Here's my personal favorites:
  • Tier-1: Heal
  • Tier-2: Refresh for Agandaur or any Tactician class, Healing Totem for support Guardians
  • Tier-3: Amplify Ability
  • Tier-4: Summon Defense

Tier-1 Commands (Unlocked at Rank 2)

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Tier-2 Commands (Unlocked at Rank 5)

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Tier-3 Commands (Unlocked at Rank 8)

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Tier-4 Commands (Unlocked at Rank 12)

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Your belt is made of 7 slots, in which you can place Relics. These Relics, when combined with Gems, add powerful bonuses to your Guardian. As you level up in a match, each of the 7 slots will activate. The first slot activates at level 2, the second slot at level 4, and so on until you reach the maximum level (14) and all your Relics and Gems will be active. Relics come in 2, 3 and 4-slot varieties, and can be mixed and matched in any combination up to 7 total slots.

Relics come in 5 flavors: Assault, Finesse, Hardiness, Ability & Utility.

Assault Relics focus on Basic Attack Damage and Lifesteal
Finesse Relics focus on Attack Speed and Movement speed
Hardiness Relics focus on Health and Health Regeneration
Ability Relics focus on Ability Power and Ability Penetration
Utility Relics focus on Command and Ability cooldown Reduction

Gems come in 3 qualities (Silver, Gold & Mythril), and they come in 5 varieties just like Relics. Gems boost your stats, depending on which color and shape Gems you use. Certain Relics can only be filled with Gems of a specific type, so keep this in mind if you decide to deviate from my recommendations and make your own custom build.

Red Rubies
focus on Basic Attack Damage and Lifesteal
Yellow Topazes focus on Attack Speed and Movement Speed
Green Emeralds focus on Maximum Health and HP Regeneration
Blue Sapphires focus on Ability Damage and Ability Penetration
Purple Amethyst focus on Ability and Command cooldown Reduction.

Gems can be set in your Belt by themselves, but I recommend placing them in Relics to make your build more viable. See Loadout recommendations in each of the Guardian class trophies found later in this guide.

Potions are 1-time use consumable items that give you an advantage in battle based on their effects. Potions come in 3 qualities (Silver, Gold & Mythril), and 5 varieties Assault, Finesse, Hardiness, Ability & Utility

Assault Potions focus on Basic Attack Damage and Lifesteal
Finesse Potions focus on Attack Speed and Movement speed
Hardiness Potions focus on Health and Health Regeneration
Ability Potions focus on Ability Power and Ability Penetration
Utility Potions focus on Ability and Command Cooldown Reduction and also XP boosting potions

[top]An In-Depth Look at Agandaur

Much of this guide revolves around Agandaur as a main Guardian for use in 1-Lane Battlegrounds matches. While he's insanely powerful, he can't take much damage before dying, making him a "glass cannon". This information will give you a great outline for how to play Agandaur and rack up kills.

Agandaur's Stats:

As you can see, he has terrible Basic Damage, but insanely high Ability Damage. Don't neglect your Basic Attack () though, you never know when you'll need that extra 35 damage.

Dark Assault
This is a Teleport move, usually reserved for quickly getting out of range of enemy Guardians, but can also be used to close the distance on a fleeing enemy with low health. This Ability has the potential to damage and Root enemies as well, but is quite difficult to use in this manner. For each casting of Dark Assault not boosted by the Overcharge Ability, Agandaur will summon a floating orb (up to a maximum of 3 orbs) that revolve around him, each adding +10% Ability Damage Resistance and +5% Basic Damage Resistance. An orb is consumed once the Overcharge Ability is used.

Overcharge enhances Agandaur's other abilities, adding Ability Damage Penetration. This is especially useful against high resistance builds or against enemy Guardians being shielded by nearby enemy Tactician and Defender class Guardians.

Northern Bolt
You'll be using this Ability the most to suppress your enemies, keeping them weary of your power, but it is also a nice follow-up Ability after casting Shockwave to clear any remaining stragglers from the battlefield. Northern Bolt fires lightning with moderate range, in a wide arc. If buffed by the Overcharge ability, it will produce an even wider damage arc and gain a Penetration bonus.

Shockwave is your main weapon. This Ability casts in 3 back-to-back lighting bursts over an extremely wide area, causing massive Ability Damage. When paired with the Overcharge ability, enemy Guardians are also Slowed by 30% for 0.8 seconds, which is useful for keeping them in the range of the 2nd and 3rd Shockwave blasts. Try and get as many enemy Guardians in range of this Ability, and watch them drop like flies.

As you earn XP and Level Up, increase your abilities with this priority: Shockwave, Northern Bolt, Overcharge, Dark Assault

You'll want to level your Shockwave Ability as soon as it's available, and make it a priority until it's fully leveled.

Once the match starts, press to use your Dark Assault to speed towards the middle of the battlefield, while adding Orbs around you. Stay behind your Soldier Reinforcements and try not to stray far from the group while using your Northern Bolt to deal damage and keep enemies at bay. Save your Overcharge for when an enemy Guardian has low health, so you can snag a quick and easy kill with Northern Bolt. Continually move around the battlefield waiting for Northern Bolt to be refreshed until you reach level 5 and unlock Shockwave. Hide in the shrubbery on the edges of the lanes and wait for the enemy team to be grouped together and let them ride the lightning with an Overcharge / Shockwave combo. This tactic will take some practice, but I regularly get 20+ kills with this strategy.

Use the Loadout suggested in the Enchanted section and also reference the video in the Renowned section.


Simply play the game in Standard Battlegrounds 1-Lane to rank up and unlock new Commands, Custom Loadout Slots and Potion Slots, all the while earning gold.

While learning the game, now would be a good time to at least capture Shrines at the start of matches, working towards Capture the Power. Focus on assists at first, since you will typically be underpowered as a new player. Upgrade Towers and Barracks which will count towards the 50 Accolades you need for Notches in the Axe as well as Seasoned. Once you've risen to level 5, you can begin working on Ultimate Vengeance. By the end of your first match, you'll most likely already have earned Honor in Death.

You should now have a feel for the basics of the game, and you can begin experimenting with different classes to earn Warrior's Mettle, Strike Hard, Strike Fast, Defend to the End, Enchanted, Fortified as well as MVG, Collector, and Rise to the Top.

By now, you should have ranked up enough for a few custom Loadout slots, as well as unlocked tier-4 Commands and all 4 Potion slots. Now's the time to focus on Renowned while making steady progress towards your final trophy,There and Back Again.

By this point you'll have a clean 100% on the only MOBA currently on PSN.


Honor in Death
Fall on the Battleground

The easiest trophy you could possibly ask for. Simply die in battle, and you'll be mourned with a bronze trophy.

Ultimate Vengeance
Use an Ultimate Ability to defeat an Enemy Guardian in any Battlegrounds Match

Each character has an Ultimate Ability that unlocks at level 5. To use the ability, simply press . Typically, the ultimate ability is the strongest move for each character. Try to wait for an enemy to be below 50% health when you use your ability, and you should earn the kill and this trophy.

Rise to the Top
Reach Level 14 in any Battlegrounds Match

You start each Battlegrounds match as a Level 1 Character, and you'll level up by killing enemy soldiers and Guardians, as well as capturing Shrines and destroying enemy towers. Level 14 is the maximum level any character can go in a single match, and it's extremely common. You should get this fairly easily once you've bought Relics and Gems and set up your Loadout.

Warrior's Mettle
Win with a Warrior-Class Guardian in any Battlegrounds Match

The warrior class is designed to get into the middle of the battle and add some beef to the fray. Generally having high basic attack damage and moderate health, they're ideal for taking a little extra damage, as other classes are more fragile by comparison. Below are a few suggestions for Warriors, but I recommend Arathorn or Ugluk.

Mozgog Loadout in Spoiler

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Ugluk Loadout in Spoiler

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Strike Hard, Strike Fast
Win with a Striker-Class Guardian in any Battlegrounds match

The Striker class Guardians excel at basic damage. Whether it be melee or ranged archery, Strikers are essential for early-to-mid game field position and control. Below is a list of recommended Strikers, but I personally prefer Haldir and Legolas

Loadout in Spoiler

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Defend to the End
Win with a Defender-Class Guardian in any Battlegrounds match

The Defender class excels when paired with other Guardians. Defenders generally have decent ability power and sub-par attack power. You'll use the Defender class for tanking, healing and casting protective abilities on your fellow Guardians. Below are a few suggested Defenders to use, though I recommend Galadriel and Eowyn for healing/backup, while Witch-King and Wulfrun will be your tank/assist characters.

Witch-king Loadout in Spoiler

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Wulfrun Loadout in Spoiler

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Win with an Enchanter-Class Guardian in any Battlegrounds match

The Enchanter class focuses heavily on Ability Power, whether through healing abilities or damaging abilities. Below is a list of recommended Guardians, though my favorites are Agandaur and Lugbol.

Loadout in Spoiler

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Win with a Tactician-Class Guardian in any Battlegrounds Match

The Tactician class focuses on Lane suppression, keeping enemy Guardians at bay, and maintaining a safe perimeter for other Guardians to recover behind. Tacticians rely heavily on strategy and teamwork. Below is a list of recommended Tacticians, but I prefer Hildifons and Nori.
Loadout in Spoiler

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Earn 20 Guardian Kills in any single Battlegrounds Match

This is the most difficult trophy in the game, but I've taken all the necessary steps to give you a clear idea of how to achieve this goal by now.

I strongly recommend using Agandaur for this trophy. He has the most Ability Damage output of any Guardian in the game, and his ultimate move Shockwave can flat-out kill the entire enemy team. Other Characters to use would be Haldir and Legolas, but if you prefer purchasing DLC Characters or have the Season Pass, Bert also works nicely. I prefer doing this in 1-Lane matches, but 3-Lane will also do the job.

Use the tips provided throughout this guide to keep yourself alive and you'll push towards this trophy during your 25 wins for There and Back Again.

Video Guide provided by Angelus253

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Alternate Legolas Video by iFury

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Also, here's a helpful tip from a member of our community, Walle:
Play the game at an unusual time, so that you're alone with bots.
The bots aren't that smart and will most likely rack up in the middle. I could easily get 5 kills. and don't press on their towers, so that you'll fight longer in the middle.
The trophies will pop no matter if you face bots or players. You're still officially online.

(MVG) Most Valuable Guardian
Earn a combined Guardian Kill/Assist Streak of 8 in any Battlegrounds Match

You'll need to stay alive long enough to get any combination of 8 kills and/or assists for this trophy.

The assists will be a little easier, since all you have to do is deal damage to the enemy Guardian before they die. Healing and buffing your teammates while they get kills will also count towards the 8 assists. As long as you play conservatively, this trophy should come while on your way towards 25 Battlegrounds wins.

My Haldir/Legolas Loadout (found in the Strike Hard, Strike Fast section) is a great build to get both assists as well as kills. Their ranged attacks will keep you safely in the back of the battle, while giving you ample opportunity to get shots in.

Earn 5 Accolades from any single Battlegrounds Match

Simply earn 5 Accolades in any single Battlegrounds match. See Notches in the Axe for more info.

Kill or Assist a Guardian from each Class once in any Battlegrounds Match

This trophy should pop randomly while playing through Battlegrounds during your quest for 25 wins.

You need to either kill, or assist one of each Guardian class in a single match. Your opponents and team mates will usually be random, but hopefully there's a mixture of the 5 classes amongst the 10 Guardians in the match. Use the tips listed in MVG for additional strategies.

Capture the Power
Capture 15 Shrines total in any Battlegrounds matches

You can capture shrines to increase the effectiveness of yourself and your allies. There are four Shrines in each 3-Lane Battlegrounds match, and two Shrines in 1-Lane. Simply stand beside a Shrine to capture it and get credit for this trophy, but be aware that the game only counts the first time each shrine is captured, so capturing the same shrine twice in a match won't work. After capturing 15 shrines, this trophy will unlock.

Capture Shrines to enhance your team

Notches in the Axe
Earn 50 Accolades total in any Battlegrounds matches

You receive Accolades for many different tasks in Battlegrounds matches: being the first to capture a shrine, capturing the most shrines, having the most/least deaths, longest killstreak, most damage dealt, least healing received, etc. This trophy is cumulative across all your 3-Lane and 1-Lane Battlegrounds matches and should unlock while on your way towards 25 wins.

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There and Back Again
Win 25 total Battlegrounds Matches

This will most likely be your last trophy on your way towards 100%.

Standard Battlegrounds matches have a 20 minute time limit, so this will take a while. As usual, Standard 1-Lane Battlegrounds will be your best bet for quicker matches, sometimes ending around 10 minutes. Follow the strategies listed in this guide and stay vigilant and this trophy will be your reward.

[top]Special Thanks

It doesn't take the Eye of Sauron to see that this guide is a collaborative effort. Many thanks to everyone who lent a hand.

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