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Players: 2-8
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20-50 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No


Platinum Trophy
Earn all of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies in Guitar Hero 5

Just get all of the other trophies to earn the platinum.

Above And Beyond
Complete a song with an average individual multiplier above 4x

Pick a song and instrument you are good at and pick the easy difficulty (or beginner). I did it on "They Say" by Scars on Broadway.

All Four Bass Are Belong to Us
Play a song with 4 Bass Guitarists

Get either 4 offline or online friends and have everyone choose the bass guitar as the instrument.

Play a song with 4 Vocalists

Get either 4 offline or online friends and have everyone choose the microphone as the instrument.

Box Set
Complete 100 songs in Quickplay

Just complete any 100 songs in the Quickplay mode. I would advise picking songs you like, to prevent boredom.

Challenge of the Supergroup
Complete 5 band challenges at Gold or better

You'll need at least one other person for this trophy, either offline friend or online. Pick a song with the square symbol next to it and complete the song to a gold standard. It will tell you what you need to do for the gold (hit so many notes, etc.); try getting a partner who is good at the game to help you out so that things will go faster. Do this 5 times on 5 different songs for the trophy.

5 Star 'Ex-Girlfriend', 'Send A Little Love Token' and 'Only Happy When It Rains' as a Vocalist

A little trick for this if, you're not good at singing, is turn the volume up to the top and hold the mic towards the speakers. Trophy is yours.

Crank It Up To 11
Achieve a maxed out band multiplier as a standard band

Firstly, get a band together of 4 people who are of at least average level, and pick a song you're all good at. Choose easy difficulty. To get the maximum multiplier, all 4 players need to have star power activated with an 8x multiplayer and you also have to hit every note in a band moment. A band moment is where the background starts to glow a yellow-ish color. You need to activate all of these close to each other so close that one of them doesn't run out. Remember you need 4 players with 8x multipliers all in star power, and a band moment activated.

Crowd Pleaser
Fill your Rock Meter all the way

You'll need to complete four star power sections for this trophy (notes that look like stars). Just pick a song you are good at, go on easy, and don't use any star power.

Did You Finish Like We Did?
Get 95% of the way through 'Do You Feel Like We Do? (Live)'

Pick your favorite instrument, play on easy difficulty, and hit as many notes as possible. Keep trying until you get the trophy. If you get stuck on a particular bit of the song, go into practice mode until you get it right.

Play a song with 4 Drummers

Get either 4 offline (!) or online friends and have everyone choose drums as the instrument.

Explore the Studio Space
Read 5 Tooltips in GHMix

Go into GHstudio at the main menu, then to GHmix, and choose "new song". Holding a button down (green, blue, red, orange, and yellow) shows you a tip.

Fest Quartet Quest
Play 10 4-Player RockFest Mode games of any type

Go online and choose "RockFest" mode with 4 players and do this 10 times. I suggest boosting with 3 other friends, as you can't usually connect with people online or there is simply no one on.

Going Diamond
Complete 50 of the challenges at Diamond

Every song in career has a bonus challenge. Look at the description and see what you need to get for a diamond level. The challenges are usually "hit some many notes of a certain type", "get a certain note streak", etc.

Going Gold
Complete 50 of the challenges at Gold or better

Refer to Going Diamond trophy.

Going Platinum
Complete 50 of the challenges at Platinum or better

Refer to Going Diamond trophy.

Iron Lungs
Complete a 25-phrase streak as a Vocalist

Easiest way to do this is to turn the volume up to the top and hold the mic towards the speakers. The trophy should unlock using this method.

Juke Box
Complete 300 songs in Quickplay

Just keep playing songs in Quickplay mode. I wouldn't play any downloaded or created ones though, as I don't think they will work.

The Fabricated Four
Create a band of 4 created rockers and play a song with them locally in Career or Quickplay

Play a song offline with 4 created rockers. Basically, create 4 random characters, put them in your band and play any song.

No Mistakes Allowed
Streak through the entirety of a song in Quickplay or Career

Get 100% on a song. Either create your own song with one note, or play a song that you are good at and hit each and every note. Try this on easy if you are having problems.

Ménage à Huit
Play an online match with 8 players, all on the same instrument

Go online into a 4 v 4 band match and choose guitar as your instrument, as that is usually what everyone else picks. Or just boost.

Open Minded
Complete each on-disc song at least once (Career, Competitive, or Quickplay)

There are 85 songs on the disk. You should get this trophy if you play every song in the career mode.

Toggle Spoiler

Complete 25 Pro Face Off matches online (Win or Lose)

Go online and play 25 matches in the "Pro Face-Off" mode. If you can't find any players online, boost with someone.

Over 9000!
Earn over 9000 points in a single Star Power deployment

I recommend only activating star power when you have maximum star power for this. Also only activate star power if you have a 4x multiplier. Wait for a lot of notes and activate your star power (for guitar, lift it vertically; for drums, hit the middle two pads). You only have to hit 23 notes for this trophy and you'll get OVER 9000!!!!

Play It To The Bone
Make and complete a setlist which is at least 1 hour long

Go into Quickplay mode and create a setlist. Then, in the bottom right-hand corner, it will tell you how long the setlist is. Keep adding songs until it reaches 60 minutes and then play the setlist from start to finish.

Create a music studio song

Create any song. Go into GHstudio and then into GHmix and finally create song, to create your song.

Quadruple Threat
Complete at least one challenge for every instrument at Gold level or better

You must complete a challenge for the guitar, bass, drums, and mic. This must be done in the career mode for you to get the trophy. Look for the easiest challenge you think you can achieve to a gold standard and complete it. The challenge will be instrument-specific as well.

Rising Star
Collect 101 Stars in Career

Refer to Star Cluster trophy.

Make a standard 8 player Band v Band match online, win or lose

Go online and search for a band v band match and hopefully you'll be in a 8 player match. Boost, if all else fails.

Sampler Plate
Play at least one song in Quickplay, Career and each Competitive game type

Play a song in Career and then in Quickplay mode, followed by each competitive mode, which are:
  • Pro Face-Off
  • Rockfest
  • Team Pro Face-Off
  • Team Rockfest
  • Band vs Band

Score Big
Earn 500,000 points in a single song as a solo act

There are 2 options to getting this. You can either download a song called "1200 Green" and hit every note, or you can complete a song on expert if you are good enough (choose a long song that you can play well).

Score Bigger
Earn 1,000,000 points in a single song as a solo act or band

You can do this online. If you can get in an online match with 3 experts than you'll be fine, and you can just go on the difficulty you prefer. If you can't find any experts to play with, try with a bunch of online or offline friends to get it. Pick a song you're all good at and try it on the hardest difficulty you can play on. A good song is King Crimson - "21st Century Schizoid Man" or Peter Frampton - "Do You Feel Like We Do? (Live)".

Score Biggest
Earn 3,000,000 points in a single song as a band

You will need experts for this, so look on the internet or join random games until you find 3 good expert players. Pick the King Crimson - "21st Century Schizoid Man" or Peter Frampton - "Do You Feel Like We Do? (Live)" if possible, as they are the longest songs and have the most notes. This means the highest possible scores.

Senior Commander
Earn 5 or more Stars on a song in Career or Quickplay

All you have to do is get 5 stars out of 9. At the bottom right-hand corner where it shows you your score, is a star with a number in it. Just get that to 5 and you'll get the trophy once you have finished the song. Alternately, go into career mode and do a challenge to at least a gold standard and get at least 4 stars in the song. Doing this trophy on easy difficulty and on career mode is the easiest option, as you can aim for the challenge stars as well as the song stars.

Shooting Star
Collect 303 Stars in Career

Refer to Star Cluster trophy.

Create a custom instrument

Go into Rock Star creator, edit character, and then into instrument to edit to your liking. Do this whilst making your own character.

Star Cluster
Collect 808 Stars in Career

You can get a maximum 9 stars per song - 6 for getting 100% and 3 more for completing the challenge on the song to a diamond standard. In total you can get 909 stars. Try and complete the songs to the best of your ability on easy, then do the challenges on higher difficulties if they require you to get so many points or so many notes, etc.

Our Powers Combined
As a 4 player standard band, all 4 players activate Star Power simultaneously

Get into a band and all have the star power active. Just wait until you all have enough star power and then activate it.

Meet all of the celebrity guests

You will get this by playing through the career mode. The characters are unlocked when you play a song they feature in. The characters are:

Toggle Spoiler

String Quartet
Play a song with 4 Lead Guitarists

Get either 4 offline or online friends and have everyone choose lead guitar as the instrument.

Super Star
Collect 505 Stars in Career

Refer to Star Cluster trophy.

Complete a sponsor gig challenge at Diamond level

At O'Connell's Corner, play the Paul Reed Smith's Open Call and get a note streak of 300 for a diamond level. It's the easiest one. Its also the one I did for the trophy.

Complete 20 Band Moments

To complete a band moment, all the band members have to complete the band moment sections (the glowing orange notes). All band members have to hit each note in the band moment!! Then repeat 20 times.

The Grand Tour
Unlock every venue in the world, and then some

Getting Stars unlocks new venues, so just keep getting songs until you have unlocked every event. Once you have done that there will be one left. To unlock this you have to complete every song on the second last venue.

The Streak
Complete a 1001 note streak

You cannot do this whilst in a band! You must do this in solo play! If you're good at the game then it should prove no problem for you, as you can just play King Crimson - "21st Century Schizoid Man" or Peter Frampton - "Do You Feel Like We Do? (Live)" and get 100%. There is an easier way though - download a song called "1200 Green" and just 100% it.

The Traditional
Complete Career Mode

When you unlock the last venue by playing every song in the second last venue, you play a song whilst the credits are rolling. After you have completed that song you get the trophy. To unlock venues, gain the required number of stars. Simple (highlight a locked venue to see how many stars you need).

What's an LP?
Complete 14 songs in Quickplay

Play any 14 songs in Quickplay mode. You should get this when going for the Play It To The Bone trophy.

You Want More?
Play 5 encore gigs

In Career mode you have gigs where you play some songs. Once you have played so many songs at a gig, you unlock encores which have a lighter symbol next to it, meaning that that song is an encore. Play 5 of these to get the trophy. You should find about 2 at one gig, so you have to have unlocked encores on 3 different gigs.

Young Star
Collect 25 Stars in Career

Refer to Star Cluster trophy.

What's New?
Complete any tutorial's lesson on a new feature

From the main menu go into training and then tutorial. Complete any of the tutorials that have "new" in brackets and the trophy will unlock.

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