Note Sheet

1-4 Offline/ 4-8 Online
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: Yes, cheats like Auto Pedal will disable trophies as long they are on.
Estimated Time to Platinum: Depends on your Guitar Hero skills, expert players may get it around 60h, novice players are looking for 100h+
Platinum Difficulty: How hard is this ? Try to cut James Hetfield's hair while is on stage, something like that. (9.9/10)
Minimum Playthroughs: 4, one for each instrument (Guitar, Bass, Vocals and Drums), you'll also need the drum set in order to get the platinum and a microphone.
Collectible Trophies: ...And Justice for All The Ecstacy of Gold Seek & Destroy The House Jack Built Wherever I May Roam
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None


Warm Up

Welcome to Guitar Hero: Metallica, if you are reading this you have challenged yourself to get one hell of a
Step in the shoes of James, Kirk, Lars and Robert Guitar Hero style and make your body cry for mercy while you demolish Disposable Heroes on drums or Whiplash on guitar, it doesn't matter, by the end of the journey you'll be Broken, Beat & Scarred but at least you'll have a shiny new to show your friends.

"Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here"

[top]Tips & Strategies


If you wanna jump in the fire, at least have some tips before you do so:

1- This may sound stupid, but before you play stretch, believe it or not people have been injured while playing Guitar Hero, it's not a joke, your arms, wrists, fingers, legs and feet, even your voice. Take care of yourself, it may be a game but it can still hurt you if not played the right way.
2- You'll need to be an multi-instrumentalist to get some of the trophies... Or have friends that can play other instruments and help you out on those.
3- In the line of the above you'll need a Guitar Hero Drum Set and a Microphone for some trophies, I'll point out this ones.
4- The total score instruments trophies like Creeping Death and Enter Sandman will be one of the hardest parts on getting this platinum, but I'll try to help you as much as possible.


The Road To The Final Gig
1- The Career:
Complete the careers for all the instruments and one of them in Expert. You'll unlock all the venues, get a lot of Stars and a lot of Money. This is also the time to make your own character, your own band logo and your own instrument.

2- Band Time:

Get your friends, invite them to your place and shred the hell out of your house. Now is the time to get all the trophies related to band in Quickplay. You better have some great friends because some of these trophies are a pain, but we'll get there.

3- Shred Online!:
Online trophies, yeah I know it's hard, "I'm not a good player", no problem, connect with a friend online and you'll have these in no time.
UPDATE - Playing Guitar Hero: Metallica online now is harder then Lars getting hair, the place is deserted to say the least, your best bet is to find a friend that wants the online trophies too, gather 8 friends (you and your friend included) and go for these trophies. It's still possible, but this might be the only way to get them.

4- My Little Jam Session:
This is the time to get all the other trophies regarding Quickplay that you left behind and others, trophies like The Memory Remains Lemmy King Diamond Astronomy these little suckers should be caught now.

5- Metallica Mode ON!:
Get ready to swear, cry, bleed and pain, loads of pain. They are just 6 trophies but they will be your worst nightmare. You will have to take your guitar, bass, drum and vocals skills to the max. I'll help you out the best I can, but in the end it's you who will have to break them.

6- Platinum Artist:
Look at you with that new and shiny


Platinum Artist
Earn all of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies in Guitar Hero Metallica

You want this one don't you? Well, first do all the others that are below and you'll have this.

The More I See
Complete the Tutorials

When you choose Career, you'll then have three options: Single, Band and Tutorials. Click on Tutorials and get ready to learn.
These are pretty easy challenges, you get 5 for guitar/bass, 2 for drums, one for vocals and one for band. The band tutorial you don't even need to play, just sit back and listen to her explaining how playing in band works, easy has that. The others are pretty straight forward too, so there should be no problem in getting these.

Attention- You do need a Guitar Hero Drum Set and a Microphone to get this trophy.

Complete any instrument career on Expert (Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Drums or Band)

Before you go on a career Expert playthrough, let me tell you a little secret. You can actually do a full career on Easy and then play the last song "The Thing That Should No Be" on Expert and you'll still get the trophy... But if you want to go on Expert Metallica style, go head, no harm done it's just practice.

James Hetfield
Complete the career as the vocalist

Whether you are a trash singer or actually have some good pipes it doesn't matter, this trophy is not difficulty related so you can go on Easy and still get this one, but if you feel like James on the 80's then go head on Expert.
James has one of the most "HELL YEAH!" voices and some of the songs really make you sing, "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" "Seek & Destroy" and "The Shortest Straw" are just some of the many that may give you a hard time, if that's the case, just lower the difficulty and you'll be good.

Lars Ulrich
Complete the career as the drummer

Are those arms of yours fit? And how about those feet, can they take the pain? You don't need to go on Expert, or even Expert + if you are that insane, the good old Easy will be enough for this trophy, but where's the fun in that?
Now, Lars was a very good drummer and some these songs mirror that, some of them are hell itself like "One" "Whiplash" "Master Of Puppets" these are just a few and these can really put your drumming skills to a test, if that's the case, then just put the difficulty below and go on.

Kirk Hammett
Complete the career as the guitarist

It's time to put those fingers to the test, rhythm and lead all in one insane guitar track, once again if you're not that good of a guitar player then put Easy and breeze through the guitar career, but if you really want to hammer it put Expert and feel like Kirk and James all in one!
There are more than enough insane songs in this game just to name a few "Battery" "Creeping Death" "Dyers Eve" and one of personal favorites "Disposable Heroes" (your strumming arm will fall off in this one if you go on Expert). These can really give you a hard time especially in higher difficulties, but if you feel that just put the difficulty below and you'll be good.

Robert Trujillo
Complete the career as the bassist

Whether it's a Cliff Burton or Jason Newsted song you'll still have your hands full... Literally.
You think you have what it takes to challenge the might of the great Cliff Burton? One of the most iconic and best bass players of all time, Cliff was a genius and although there many songs that are an example to that, you only need one "Orion". This instrumental track is a bassist heaven. This is Cliff's domain and if you feel that your not up for the challenge just lower the difficulty.

Holier Than Thou
Complete all instrument careers

Put on your best Metallica t-shirt and your steel toe booth, this is a big one, although you do not have to make them in a specific difficulty, this trophy is still a long and hard one to get.
All the careers will have to be finished in order to get this one, it will take some time, a lot of playing and loads of music, but that's the fun! Once your last career is done this trophy will pop along with it's career specific one.

Attention- To get this trophy you'll need a Guitar Hero Drum Set and a Microphone

Complete a song with any instrument on Hard or Expert in local Quickplay or Career

If this sounds hard to you let me tell you it's not. I know it says Hard or Expert but it's still an easy trophy even if you are not that good.
The easiest songs are by far "The Unforgiven" "For Whom The Bell Tolls" and "Nothing Else Matters", pick one of these and practice, then go on Hard and hang on until the end.
...Or pick Expert, even Expert +, and go ape on "Disposable Heroes".

And Justice for All
Earn 100 stars in Band Career or any single instrument Career

This is more of a time trophy than difficulty, by now you should know that how well you play determines how many Stars you get, giving that all of the songs can be played on the Career you'll have a lot a songs to play, also this trophy requires the 100 Stars to be in one instrument career so you can't get 50 on guitar and the other 50 on drums, you can still change difficulty between songs and it will still count.
There are two basic ways to get this trophy:
1- Pick Easy and just 5 Star twenty songs as quick as you can, it's easy so no big deal.
2- Don't bother with it at all, you will get it by normal playthrough and if that not happens by the end of the career you'll need a few more so choose some songs and finish it.

The Ecstacy of Gold
Earn $15,000

The amount of time that takes to get this trophy depends actually on you spending that well earned cash in new guitars and some new clothes or keep it to you.
You get money from playing in both Quickplay and Career, the amount of money you make is based in the difficulty and performance, so if you play on Expert + (this requires a Drum Set has Expert + is only playable on Drums) and smash the living hell out of that drum kit you'll earn some big bucks.
The quickest way to get this is going on Quickplay, make a 6-song playlist and then playing it in the highest difficulty you can, if you want you can change difficulty during songs but will earn you less money. Keep doing this and you'll get this in no time.

Damage Inc.
Perform as the drummer

How easy is this trophy? Pick a song, put it on Easy and finish it, yes it's that easy. This trophy should pop as you progress, there's not much to it. If you want to make things really easy pick "The Unforgiven" or "Nothing Else Matters", they are the easiest songs in the game.

Attention- For this trophy you need a Guitar Hero Drum Set

Perform as the vocalist

I know that singing can be hard but for this trophy there's no difficulty required, just to finish it, so to make things smoother pick a song that you like, put it on Easy and just sail away until the end.

Attention- You'll need a Microphone in order to get this trophy.

Invisible Kid
Perform as the bassist

Let me guess "I'm not a good bass player", no worries, pick an easy song like "Nothing Else Matters", put in a difficulty that you are comfortable with and feel the bass on your fingers, this is only a hard trophy if you make it.

Some Kind of Monster
Perform as the guitarist

Some solos are very hard you may say, but they don't need to be, pick a song that you like and put it on Easy and then finish it, you don't need to be good at it, just finish it.

Ride the Lightning
All band members trigger star power simultaneously (4 player band)

This trophy is not hard but it can be a bit tricky. You have to fill the Star Power all the way up so there's enough for every band member to trigger it, you don't need to trigger all four of you at the same time, you just need be all four riding it. The vocals are the hardest to trigger because the microphone might not understand that you tapped two times on it (you can also press Start on the remote control), so let the vocals trigger first and then the rest of the band follows.

2 X 4
Earn a band Hot Streak (4 player band)

In order to get a Hot Streak you need to hit a few notes in a row, now just do this with four guys playing at the same time. Since there's no difficulty required you can put all instruments in Easy and then play along, the game will indicate that you are on a Hot Streak and then the trophy will pop.

Metal Militia
100% a song (4 player band)

This trophy is only hard if you make it. There's no difficulty required so make things easy on all four of you, pick "Nothing Else Matters" or "The Unforgiven" and play it on Easy, if you are all good players it should be easy, even in the vocals, these are the easiest songs and your best bet at getting this trophy.

Master of Puppets
Earn the highest individual score on a song in a band (4 player band)

First of all synchronize your instrument as Player 1, you don't want to do the whole song and then realize that Player 1 was actually the drums and you are on guitar. This trophy can be easily done if you ask your band mates to perform bad so you can shine on your own, once you finish the song and you get the highest score in the band this trophy is yours. If you really want to make this trophy quick pick "Stone Cold Crazy", it's the shortest song in the game.

The Struggle Within
Complete a song in a band in Quickplay or Career (4 players)

See The Four Horsemen below.

The Four Horsemen
Complete a song with all band members on expert in Quickplay or Career (4 player band)

You can get this and The Struggle Within at the same time.

This trophy can be a challenge, even "Nothing Else Matters" on Expert is still a bit tricky so save your Star Power for when a band mate is struggling, the good part is that you don't need to do perfectly, you just need finish it, keeping that in mind just take it slow and you'll get it.

Nothing Else Matters
Complete the career in a band (2-4 player band)

This trophy is not actually that hard and since there's no difficulty required you can make it easier on yourself and your band mate and do it on Easy.
There are two basic ways of getting this trophy:
1- Get a friend that can stick with you for some time and jam away the career. It takes a while since the majority of the songs are lenghty.
2- You can do this on your own, be the Vocals and then another instrument of your choosing and go for it solo. It's best if you have a microphone stand.

Win an online battle match with the Fade to Black power up

When playing online you can get a beginner or an ultimate shredder, and you can also be hit with Power-Ups so stay on your toes.
The Fade To Black Power-Up turns your enemy's fretboard black as the night making it impossible for him to see the notes, this for it itself is not enough since good players tend to memorize the songs and still hit a few notes. To maximize your chances of finishing it gather some Power-Ups, wait for a tricky part like a solo or a bridge, hit him with the other Power-Ups first and when he's about to fail hit him with Fade To Black and he will go down.

Better Than You
Win an online Pro Face-Off match

The hard part about this trophy is your opponent, in Pro Face-Off both players play at the same difficulty, making identical the points you can get so the only way to get this is to be better that the other guy. The meter on the middle of the screen points out the best player throughout your performance, when the song ends and the meter is on your side you win.
If you are having issues with this trophy, boost it.

Win an online Band v Band match (8 players)

Bring out your band and get ready for a Battle Of The Bands, two bands will compete for the best score, make sure you have some talented guys on your side because when playing Band vs Band you're dealing with hardcore players and they all play.
If this trophy is giving you a hard time, boost it, ask a friend to play Guitar Hero: Metallica opposite of you in the other band, get six more guys and then jam online against each other.

Seek & Destroy
Play 20 online matches

All online modes count towards this so you can do a few of each. Also, you don't need to win, winning is always better, but for this one you just need play a total of 20 online matches.

The Unforgiven
Win an online Face-Off match

Once again, it all depends on how good the other guy is. In Face-Off each player plays on it's own difficulty and it varies from you both playing different sections or at the same time, in the end the player with the highest score wins, a higher difficulty gets more notes which in return means more points to you, so playing on higher difficulties gives you a helping hand.
If you can't get this one, boost it.

The Unforgiven II
Win an online Face-Off match by 25,000 points or more

Just like The Unforgiven above but you'll need to win this by 25.000. This is actually not much and if you are playing in a higher difficulty than him the points earned gap is bigger making you earn more points and distancing yourself from his score.
You you'll get this one eventually, faster if the other guy sucks and if you're having problems with this trophy, boost it.

The Unforgiven III
Win an online Pro Face-Off match by 25,000 points or more

Unlike The Unforgiven II, both players play on the same difficulty making it equal the points you get, this is the bad news. Combine that with the fact that the other guy might actually be good and this trophy can get a bit tricky. In the end you'll have to be better than him, pick a hard song that you know giving you some advantage.
If this trophy gets a really big challenge you can always boost.

Download a song from GHTunes

Pretty straight forward trophy, you just have to download a song from GHTunes, download one for free so you don't pay extra for it.

Recover from a poor performance in Quickplay or Career

Pick a song you like and that's fairly easy, to get this trophy you need to get your meter to green, then after a while start to fumble notes and get it to red, then get back up to green and finish the song. To make things easier on yourself play it on Easy so you can fumble more notes and stay on red more time before failing.

Green Hell
Drum every green note and finish the song Blood and Thunder with the rock meter in green

You can do this trophy on Medium, in this difficulty the song is pretty standard, the bass pedal is really simple, the only thing that can make you flinch it's the sequences of red and blue notes, but it's still very easy. There are only two green sequences in this difficulty and they are together, when you see the first you'll see the second right after and then there no more green notes in the song, so you just have to finish it with the Rock Meter on green and the trophy is yours.

Disposable Heroes
Create a new custom rocker

You can do this by going to Backstage on the Main Menu and then Rockstar Creator, now it's time to make your very own rocker. You can make it wild or even insane, just make it your own. You'll also be given the chance to create your rockstar after the first gig in career mode, it's just two songs "For Whom The Bell Tolls" and "The Unforgiven".

Create a new custom tattoo

A new custom tattoo is actually just one of the many designs you can put on your awesome rocker. Go to Rockstar Creator and give him a tattoo, while at it, why not two?

Eye of the Beholder
Create a new custom band logo

After you create your rocker through the career mode, you'll be given a chance to create your own band, this includes the name and logo. Now you just have to make your own logo and you're ready to go.

Create a new custom instrument (guitar, drums, mic)

Now this is the fun part, what musician wouldn't like their very own and custom instrument? In Rockstar Creator go to Instruments and create a sick guitar, bass, drum or microphone. There are tons of options to customize and I'm sure you'll have a good time, just remember, it costs money.

Hero of the Day
Complete a song on Expert + in Quickplay or Career (drums only)

Now this is a hard trophy. Expert+ is only available for drums and not every song has this option. Has you can imagine, Expert+ is serious, you'll get every note you hear, double bass pedal insane sections that will make you do some heavy foot-work and your feet cry, riffs that are ballistic and murder to your arms coordination, in a nutshell it's real heavy.
To get this trophy you'll obviously need to be good at drums, you'll also need to be at a stage were your foot-work is higher and better, having two bass drum pedals will help you, but it can be done with just one. Now the song is actually your choice, I did this with "Orion" and using only one bass drum pedal, it has a simple hand-work and the brakes are not that hard, the foot-work is also pretty easy the only time you'll get hit by a crazy double bass pedal section is in the final riff, it gets hard but it's doable, if you are having troubles in this riff just save your Star Power for this part, other than that there are no tricky parts.

The House Jack Built
Complete a song in every In-the-Round venue

There are just actually 2 In-the-Round Venues, these are the Indoor venues but with the 360 stage design.
The venues are "The Forum", which is the first of them all, and "Meadow Lands" this is the sixth venue you unlock. Once you have played a song in each of them this trophy is yours.

Wherever I May Roam
Complete a song in every venue

You can only choose your stage by playing through the Career Mode. After you finish a career with any instrument, you would have played at least one song from each gig setlist which in return is one in every venue in the career, at this point you should only be missing a couple so pick a song and pick the venues where you haven't performed and you're good to go.
Here's a list of all the venues:
The Forum
The Stone
The Ice Cave
Donington Park
Hammersmith Apollo
Damaged Justice Tour
Recording Studio
Tushino Air Field

Once one song is played in each of the above venue the trophy will unlock.

Trapped Under Ice
Complete a song at the Ice Cave venue

The Ice Cave is the final venue in the career, it's a massive underground cave filled with ice and haunted by a monster. The only song to play in here is "The Thing That Should Not Be", once you've played this trophy will pop.

Stone Dead Forever
Complete a song at The Stone venue

The Stone is a special venue that you have to unlock by completing any career. Once you have done that head back into Career Mode, pick a song and choose The Stone has the stage when given the option.

King Diamond
Rock out as King Diamond

First off, to unlock King Diamond you must first beat Mercyful Fate's "Evil" where King Diamond joins your band on stage to perform, after that you'll have to buy him, it will cost you 2.000$, when that's done, go to Career, when you are in the VIP Lounge you'll be given the option to Select Rocker, do so and choose King Diamond, then go ahead into the career and pick a song that's not from Metallica so you can perform as King Diamond.

Rock out as Lemmy

Lemmy becomes available to buy after you beat Motorhead's "Ace Of Spades" where he does a guest appearance, after unlocking him go buy it, at a price of 2.000$ you'll be able to rock in any non-Metallica song as Lemmy after choosing him in the VIP Lounge as your rocker and by doing so you get this trophy.

The Memory Remains
View a Metallifacts video

It's time for some Metallica facts. Every time you beat a song in Career Mode for the first time you unlock that song's Extras, in these Extras you'll find Metallifacts.
Metallifacts is a video of the band characters playing the song while facts appear on-screen for you to read. To get this trophy all you need to do is beat a Metallica song and watch it's Metallifacts video until the end.

Creeping Death
Score 575,000 on the song Creeping Death as the guitarist

Now this is a hard trophy. "Creeping Death" is one of Metallica's fastest songs, it also has one of the band's most iconic riffs, this riff is also one of the reasons why this trophy is so insanely difficult, let me break down for you:

The Difficulty- To get the 575.000. points for the trophy you'll need to play on Expert, even if you 100% on Hard the amount of points is not enough.
The Hardest Sections- There are two parts in this song that make it a living hell, the first is the main riff, a combination of single and double notes at high speed with a crazy pattern, once you get the pattern and the speed it'll be a easier. The other section is the solo, this is one fast solo with hammer-ons and pull-offs coming from every direction, some crazy sequences of notes and to finish it off a tapping sequence.
The Points- You'll need an almost perfect run, you can't fumble besides a few notes in the solo, all Star Power phrases have be hit and stretched with the whammy bar, the final Star Power Phrase is the final part of the tapping sequence at the end of the song.

You'll need to practice a lot and when you reach the amount of points, the trophy will unlock.

Dyer's Eve
Score 450,000 on the song Dyer's Eve as the drummer

Another killer, this time for the drummer. "Dyer's Eve" is a maze, the rhythm for the arm-work is ballistic, combine that with an off-beat foot work and you got yourself a recipe for frustration and disaster.

The Difficulty- This can be done on Medium, it has enough notes for you to reach the 450.000. but the problem is that on this difficulty the song is already a total chaos. You can try it on Hard but it's insanely difficult and the pattern is even worst to get.
The Hardest Sections- The thing about this song is the pattern of the arm-work with the foot-work, the first two riffs are easy, when the third comes in (when James starts to sing), this riff is your death, double red and yellow notes in a very specific beat and then throw in a bass pedal with an orange note off-beat, this is the third and main riff and one of the reasons this trophy is so hard. When you get this one down it will be easier for you.
The Points- You need an almost perfect run and the Multiplier has be to kept on 4x for you to reach the score, if you fumble more notes and can't get the pattern, then it's practice time. The Star Power Phrases have to be collected and only triggered in sequence, this means filling the Star Power Meter all the way up, and when you see another phrase trigger it making your multiplier stay in 8x for longer.

Memorize that pattern and then work from there, have fun.

Fight Fire with Fire
Score 340,000 on the song Fight Fire with Fire as the bassist

When you play "Fight Fire With Fire" on the bass, you realize why Cliff was a genius. This probably the hardest song for the bass and when you see that riff you die.

The Difficulty- You can try to 100% on Hard and guess what? It's not enough. For you to have enough notes to reach the points you need to be on Expert, and ohh boy does it make a difference.
The Hardest Sections- I'm gonna go ahead and say the entire song and I'm not even joking, if you have been playing on bass then you already have some practice, which by the way won't be enough for this insane track, if not... well let's take it slow. The opening section is a breeze, even the final chords are easy, the problem begins as soon as you hit the first and main riff, a combination of speed with simple bar strums, with yellow, red and green notes in the middle and a double bar strum in beginning of each note, yes it's that complicated, then you still have the chorus which can be nightmare just like the main riff and the bridge is also a complete blowout. And if all of that wasn't enough, the final riff is a trap for finger work and coordination. Once you get that you're good to go.
The Points-
You need an almost perfect run (like usually with these trophies) and once again the multiplier must be kept on 4x to make enough points, try to hit all the Star Power Phrases as they really make difference and only trigger them when you have 4x multiplier so it can turn into 8x. The Star Power phrase on the final chords of the intro section can fill the entire meter if you use your whammy bar to the max.

Stone Cold Crazy
Score 65,000 on the song Stone Cold Crazy as the vocalist

It had to be a Queen song with Freddie Mercury on the vocals, this trophy is all about your voice, if you can sing like Freddie then your basically good, if not then you are trouble... or are you?

The Difficulty- You can do this on Medium but you need a 100% and that isn't easy at all, it's better if you go for Hard and have more points. You can always do on Expert.
The Hardest Sections- If having Freddie doing the vocals wasn't hard enough, he also sings like is on speeds or something, it's fast as hell and lyrics are hard too, combine that with the speed and you're in for some fun.
The Points- This is by far the shortest song in the game, it doesn't help you in any way, now take that and make only half the song with vocals, the other half is filled with solos and riffs and you are really in trouble. Hit those Star Phrases and use them only when you a 4x multiplier which in vocals is pretty hard, specially on this song.

You can do all that and get the trophy... or you can do it the easy way. The video in the spoiler below was created to "sing" this for you.

What you have to do is set the difficulty to Expert and put your microphone up to your computer speaker, volume turned up, then start the video about a half second before the first lyrics start, and it should sing the song 99 or 100%. If the timing is not correct just keeping adjusting it until you synchronize it.

Toggle Spoiler

Enter Sandman
Score 330,000 on the song Enter Sandman on guitar

This is the easiest of the score target trophies, "Enter Sandman" is one of the most famous Metallica songs and it's not that hard on guitar... well just a bit.

The Difficulty- If you go for this on Hard you'll need the 100% and some Star Power stretching which can be done, but it's really hard. If you can go for it in Expert, it's harder but you have more points and you can fumble during the solo and you'll still get it.
The Hardest Sections- The song is pretty straight forward, the hardest parts are by far the opening riff which can confuse you and take some time to get on it, and of course the solo, but it's actually one of the easiest solos in the game. The other riffs, the chorus and bridges are pretty easy, so work on the opening riff as it will be the difference in getting this trophy or not.
The Points- You can actually miss quite a few notes in the solo and still get this trophy. If you keep the multiplier on 4x and only miss on the solo you're good for the trophy.The Star Power will make the difference in ranking up the points, after the solo you'll have 3 Star Power Phrases, the first 2 are pretty soon but the final one is almost at the the end of the song and if you triggered the other two by now this one becomes pointless, keep the first 2 and when you see the final one trigger it and the ride the Star Power until it ends. Believe me, it makes a difference.

This will probably be the first of the six hellish score target trophies you'll get.

Score 1,000,000 on the song Battery as a band (4 players)

I think it's better if you invite Metallica into your house to get this one for you because this one hell of a trophy and unless you have some talented friends you are pretty much dead. "Battery" is one insane fast track, every instrument has a battle to face here and they are pretty hard.

The Difficulty- You can choose Hard for two instruments and the other two have to go for Expert, but this means that all four need to do it perfectly which in Hard is a death sentence, it's best if all four pick Expert and really play it to get enough points. Also, if you have a good drummer put him on Expert+, this will rank up some extra points that are much needed.
The Hardest Sections- Besides the opening riff, the whole song is lunatic. It's fast, it has some crazy patterns in all instruments and the vocals are pretty fast and the lyrics too. The solo is finger killer, so is the bass in the entire track and the drummer is in for some fun with that foot-work. Overall this is one song that will make four guys cry in the same room.
The Points- Star Power, it's all about the Star Power, the best way is to get the band to trigger it at the same time and all four have 4x turning the Score Multiplier really high and ranking up some huge points. Besides that you just have to be really good and own it.

All that I have left to say is have fun.

Hit every star phrase in the song Orion

"Orion" is Metallica's most well known instrumental song, it's also one of Metallica's longest song. The song itself is not a problem, especially if you play it on Easy which you can, although I recommend doing it on Medium because the rhythm is easier, then you just have to it all Star Phrases.

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