So here it is my second retail game guide! I don't have the platinum for this and I don't think I ever will. But I have a lot of experience from playing every guitar hero to date. In the guide there is methods of how to gain the trophies, i will put my personally used methods in as i complete the trophies. Now that that's out of the way, on with the guide!


Guitar Hero: Smash Hits Trophy Guide
By CommandoCurse

Trophy Breakdown: 53 Trophies
4 Silver
2 Gold
1 Platinum
12 Hidden

[top]Tips and Strategies

Slim Santa's tips!:

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To Platinum this game you NEED the full band set.
The full set is TWO Guitars,The drums and a microphone


Earn all of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies.

Simply put, "Earn all of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies."

The Greatest Journey in History
Complete a song in every venue.

Really simple, just complete the game and if you've played at least one song in each set you will get this!

You Cannot Beat Me
Win an online Pro Face-Off match by 25,000 points or more.

Not the hardest of trophies but still easier with a partner. If you're trying it with some random, pick a song you're good at and you should eventually get it. Or if you're the worst guitar hero player EVER! I'm sure you can find a friend, and attempt to get into a game with him.

Jaw Dropper
Win an online Face-Off match by 25,000 points or more.

Same as the above just a different game mode. Just pick a song you're good at or try and get into a game with a friend.

You Should Be Afraid
Win an online Face-Off match.

You should be able to get this. No matter how bad you are there should be someone out there you can beat!

One For All
Complete a song in a Band (4 players).

For this you need all 4 instruments. Guitar x2 microphone and drums. You don't even need 4 friends either! If you put the difficulty to beginner, one person can drum one handed and sing, whilst the other strums two guitars simultaneously. Trust me it's easier to do it than it sounds!

Rocker's Guide To Godhood
Complete the Career Tutorial.

Just go through each tutorial, if you can't get this I wouldn't recommend going for platinum.

The Greatest Crew
Complete a song with all Band members on Expert (4 player Band).

If you have some good friends it's easier than it sounds, just practice, practice, practice and play either a song you know, or something simple.

Golden Fingers
Perform as the Guitarist.

1. Plug in guitar
2. Play.
3. *Ting* Trophy!

Play With Me
Play 20 online matches.

Remember its only PLAY 20 online matches, so you can suck as much as you want just don't leave the game!

Low-Pitched King
Complete the Career as the Bassist.

You can do this on whatever difficulty suits you! Complete it on beginner if you wish! Also, if you want a challenge, I always find bass easier than guitar. So if you can get 4 or 5 stars on medium guitar you should be able to complete songs on hard bass!

Thunder Kissing
Trigger Star Power simultaneously (4 player Band).

Again you need all 4 instruments, and again you can do the beginner trick, then when you have full star power (A lot harder when its only nearly full) , press on the controller used for mic, yellow and orange on the drums and tilt your guitars or hit select on them. And as long as it's all at the same time you'll get the trophy.

Craving For More
Download a song from GHTunes(SM).

Easy! Go onto the GHTunes section and simply just download a song, it doesn't matter which just pick the first.

I Wanna Rock
Complete a song with any instrument on any difficulty in local Quickplay or Career.

Once again,
Plug in instrument
Complete song
*Ting* trophy

Rock Legends
Complete the Career in a Band (2-4 players).

You can do this on your own too. I always do it singing and playing bass as it's the easiest to do, of course on easy difficulty. Although you can just get a friend to do it. Or try guitar and drums at the same time, I dare you!

Promising Diva
Perform as the Vocalist.

Just finish a song whilst singing, you can shut all your windows and doors to avoid embarrassment and you'll gain this trophy.

Cowboys From Hell
Get 100% on a song as a Band (4 players).

I wouldn't recommend trying this with any less than 3 players. If you do it with 3 then have one singing whilst playing one of the other 3 instruments. Play on easy and after a few tries you'll get it.

Band Leader
Score the highest individual score in a 4 players Band.

I think you have to be player one for this, either play on a higher difficulty to the other 3 or just get them to play worse and you'll gain this. Wouldn't recommend trying this when singing.

Complete the Career as the Drummer.

Again you can do this on whatever difficulty you want, just make sure you're playing drums when you do it. Play your final song and *TING* Trophy

Wondrous Strummer
Complete the Career as the Guitarist.

Almost getting tired of saying this now.
Play songs.
On Guitar
Any difficulty
Gain the trophy.

Bark at the Moon
Complete the Career as the Vocalist.

...Play songs.
As vocalist
Any difficulty
Gain the trophy.

Unnoticed Presence
Perform as the Bassist.

Simply play one song as Bass, not guitar drums or vocalist and you'll earn another easy trophy.

The One Man Band
Complete all four instrument careers on any difficulty.

Gained by doing all 4 of the instrument career trophies. (Back At The Moon , Wondrous Strummer , Unyielding and Low-Pitched King). When you finish you're 4th career you'll get this trophy.

War Apparatus
Complete a song on Expert + (Drums only).

Personally I find this incredibly hard. I don't know if it's possible with just the one bass pedal or not, and there isn't an easy song to complete on expert +. Just practice lots and maybe, you'll get it!

SlimSanta believes that bark at the moon can be done with the one bass pedal. Yet to be tested.

Master Craftman
Create a new custom instrument.

When making a custom rocker you can change instrument etc. Just make one from scratch and you'll get it.

Artist On The Rise
Create a new custom Band logo.

You'll do this when you start career mode, it can look like anything, just make one!

Create a new custom rocker.

Done from the main menu, you don't even have to customize it, just save it and you'll earn the trophy.

Perform as the Drummer.

Plug in drums
Chose song
ANY Difficulty

There's Hope!
Recover from a poor performance.

By now you should of noticed the bar going from red to yellow to green. Just play badly to get it into red and then shred some notes and take it into green.

Clash Of The Titans
Win a Band vs. Band match (8 players).

Harder than it sounds, it takes A WHILE to get into a game with 8 players. I'd recommend singing as most people seem to never choose that, don't worry they can't hear your terrific glass breaking voice! Just pray that you'll win the match and belt your heart out!

Ink And Blood
Create a custom tattoo.

In the rock-star creator bit, choose tattoos and make one from scratch.

Glory to the Daring
Play a song in the Atlantis venue.

Earned by natural progression through the Career mode.

Face To Face
Win an online Pro Face-Off match.

This time you simply have to win an online pro face-off match. You can win by any margin just make sure you win it. Try using easy songs on hard difficulties.

Killing In The Name
Win 50 online matches.

This takes some time and a little bit of skill. If you're good at the game you should be able to win 50 games. Hey if you're lucky you can get it within a day. Just sit down and shred some notes!

Get a 100 note streak in the song Through The Fire and Flames on Hard or Higher as the Drummer.

Personally I don't think this one is that bad, as most people can learn to play hard drums. Certain sections are obviously easier than others so learn one part that you like that's steadier and you can get this.

Rock Veteran
Play 150 songs throughout your entire Career

I'm not sure if it counts every time you do career mode and quickplay. But just carry on playing and by the time you've completed all 4 times and played some friends on quick play and played it online you'll get this.

Score 5 stars in a song on Expert with Lars Umlaut in single player.

IMPORTANT that you choose the character Lars Umlaut. Just keep playing the same song until you get really good at the one song, if you're good at the game you should be able to get this.

Amazing Rockstar
Complete single player Expert Career on all instruments.

One of the hardest trophies on the game, as most people are only really good at the one instrument , guitar & bass , drums or singing. Hey if you're that naturally talented go for it. This takes a hell of a lot of practice to perfect but trust me, if you get it I'd take the name Amazing Rockstar, as you are one!

Golden Voice
Score 95% or more on the song Killer Queen as the Vocalist (Expert).

It has been confirmed that holding your microphone up to a speaker can score you 95-97% on this song.. which is enough for the trophy.. or you could sing and earn it properly like I did.

Lightning Speed!
Complete the song YYZ with 5 stars on Expert Bass.

Hard stuff again, the title Lightning Speed is definitely fitting. Some mega wrist movement speed required, up and down strumming helps for me, just develop a style for it and you MAY be able to get this.

That was Close!
Win a song with the rock meter in red.

Quite simple, just play moderately well and keep it in the yellow zone to play it safe. Then at the end of every song there's a section with no notes. Just repeatedly strum up and down in this section to lower the bar, making sure you don't end the song by failing though!

8th Wonder
Complete the song Through The Fire and Flames with 4 stars or more as the Guitarist on Expert.

Hard, very hard. Very easy to give up on this one but if you stick with it you might be able to get it. Despite there being a few people 100%ing this on guitar hero 3 ( ) it's still ridiculously hard. Although if you could do this on guitar hero 3 you should be able to get this, as it's easier now with the touch pad sections.

Bloody Feet
Complete the song Raining Blood with 5 stars as the Drummer on Expert+.

The easiest way to do it is to do the drums yourself and get a friend to do the bass pedal.

Open Minded Strummer
Hit all Open Strum notes in the song Laid To Rest as the Bassist.

Ridiculously hard song to play, and can only be done one expert. Once again and I'm sorry for repeating myself but practice the song and you may be able to get this. Also you only have to hit every open strum note, the purple lines. After a while you'll learn when to not hit colored notes as then you can make sure you get the open strums. Some really tricky open note sections in this song.

Rising Star
Complete 100% on any song on Expert in single player.

Takes a large amount of skill to gain this. Personally I will never get it but yeah, if you're really great at one instrument then go for it. Just practice an easy song lots, and use the practice part to try it slower etc.

You Play It Well
Perfectly play the Lets Play section in the song Play With Me as a lead Guitarist on Expert.

Not really any advice for this except PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!... myself im really awesome at this game, this was the first song i played and i got it in 15 minutes.

Complete the song Smoke On The Water as a Vocalist.

Easy as pie! Play the song, any difficulty just make sure you're singing!

Fail a song with available Star Power in single player.

As soon as you've got star power just thrash any button , the song will end, you'll be booed off and embarrassed for life for failing on easy. We know, its bad but you'll get over it! And you've just got the last un-hidden trophy!

Raining Notes
Perfectly play the First Blood section of the song Raining Blood as the Guitarist on Expert.

The easiest thing to do is to master this on hard and then get somebody to hold the green button for you... thats how i did it.

Hail The Reverend
Get 5 stars on the song Beast And The Harlot Expert Drums without using Star Power.

It's hard enough on hard never mind expert. Personally i think it's the hardest drum song on the game. And getting 5 stars without star power is a BEAST (See what I did there ) to get! There really isn't anything I can recommend for this, just that practice and skill will earn you this trophy.

Free As A Band
Score 2,000,000 points on the song Free Bird as a Band.

Wow. I'll be surprised if anyone's got this. Hardest trophy on the game, all 4 players need some mega skill to get this, 500,000 each and I'm sure vocals can't get anywhere near that. Maybe one day you can get this... Maybe...

It is believed you can get roughly 700,000 on a good performance on guitar, and the same on bass. Leaving 600,000 to be gained on two instruments!

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