Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: Yes, cheats that make gameplay easier will disable trophies (All HoPo and All Sliders).
Estimated Time to Platinum: Unknown
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Collectibles Trophies: Gem Collector, Amateur Astrologer, Accomplished Astrologer, Gem Hoarder, Adept Astrologer, Ace Astrologer
Missable Trophies: Tracker of Deeds, Nauseous Numerologist, Mathematic Sharpshooters, Lucifer's Accountant, String Twins
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • On your first career playthrough, only play the amount the game requires you to. You will have to play all the songs again in order to Dominate the game after you beat the career the first time.
  • Don't hesitate to lower the difficulty of the song if you're having troubles; most trophies can be earned on at least Medium!

Character Powers
  • Warrior Lars, Multiplier Extender+: Maximum Multiplier is x6.
  • Warrior Echo, Star Power Generator+: 10% of Star Power is awarded for every 10 note-streak.
  • Warrior Pandora, Star Power Nova+: Star Power multiplier becomes x6
  • Warrior Austin, Star Power Amplifier+: Star Power phrases give 4x SP more (Full Bar)
  • Warrior Axel, Resurrector+: The user gets 5 ankhs in the beginning of the song. Each Ankh refills your Rock Meter when it is flashing red. At the end of the song, 1 ankh remaining = 1 Power star.
  • Warrior Judy, Crowd Hyper+: Rock Meter starts maxed and overflowing it gets Power Stars. For each time it is overflowed, the player gets 1 Power Star (max: 5)
  • Warrior Casey, Streak Guardian+: 2 shields that regenerate (about 1 sec. regeneration time) guard your streak (not percentage). as long as your streak is, as more stars you will get (max: 5)
  • Warrior Johnny, Speed Freak+: Minimum multiplier is 2x and you need half the notes to increase it. Staying above 3x multiplier gets Power stars (max: 5)

Power Combinations Suggestions for Power Challenges
  • Star Power Nova+ and Star Power Generator+ for slow songs with decent amount of notes (Bohemian Rhapsody)
  • Star Power Nova+ and Star Power Amplifier+ for songs not slow enough to use 1st combination.
  • Speed Freak+ and Resurrector+ for songs where dying is not hard.
  • Speed Freak+ and Crowd Hyper+ for songs where you won't die and you will not be able to get an extra 10 stars with the first 2 combinations.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Cheat Codes:

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1. Complete Quest Mode
First and foremost, you'll want to complete Quest Mode in Warriors of Rock. By doing this, you'll unlock all of the songs that come with the game, all eight Warriors and their respective powers, and Domination Quest Mode. Don't worry about getting all of the possible stars for each warrior quest; only go for the number of stars needed to transform the Rocker. Once you've finished Quest Mode, move on to step 2.

2. Aim for Ace Astrologer
This trophy will take the longest to earn in the game by far. In the process of earning those 2000 stars you'll need in Quickplay+, you'll no doubt earn a whole bunch of random trophies. Many of the Challenges will teach you some tricks to earning all 40 Power Stars in a song, which will help significantly in step 3.

3. Domination Time's the toughest step in Warriors of Rock - dominating Quest Mode. You'll be all-powerful, meaning that you have access to all eight powers at once. With these powers you'll be able to earn a grand total of 40 Power Stars in a single song. The main goal here is to fully dominate the entirety of Quest Mode...meaning you'll be playing every single song in the Quest. The songs get harder with each setlist, so don't be afraid to lower the difficulty to earn the max amount of stars. When all is said and done, and you've earned the lone gold trophy this game has to offer, it's time for the fourth and final step.

4. Tie Up Loose Ends
There will no doubt be a few remaining trophies left for you to unlock - the score-specific trophies, tutorial trophy, gem/Star Power trophies, etc. All you need to do is play a few final songs, and you'll have completed Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock - congrats!


Platinum Trophy
Earn all of the trophies in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Earn all other trophies in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock!

Tracker of Deeds
Follow any five Hero Feed items (Online only)

Although the description might be a little confusing, this trophy is almost painfully easy to earn. When you're on the Main Menu (and most importantly online), enter your Hero Feed (press the button that the Menu prompts you to). After the Hero Feed expands on the right side of your screen, you can scroll through the various Feeds. What you're looking for is any Feed from people on your friends list that have Warriors of Rock - some of these Feeds prompt you to immediately go to Quickplay+. When you get to the instrument/difficulty/rocker/etc. screen, back out and return to the Main Menu. Repeat this 4 more times, and you'll have a new trophy!

Anthemic Archivist
Expand your song library to at least 115 songs of any type. Be creative!

There are two ways to earn this trophy, either:
  1. Download or create enough songs from GHTunes to reach 115.
  2. Go to the music store and buy a few track packs. If you have other games you can import songs from them as well.

As a side note, once you have passed Quest Mode you will unlock a number of songs you were not previously playable in Quickplay+. This will bring your tally up to 110 songs; you then only need to download, create or import 5 songs for the trophy.

Stellar Centurion
Deploy Star Power a total of 100 times (Quest)

To deploy Star Power, you'll first need to fill your Star Power Bar at least halfway. To fill the bar, you'll need to perfectly hit Star Power Phrases (any group of notes that appear to be spinning stars) without overstrumming or missing a note. This usually takes two phrases to fill your bar halfway, but with either of Austin's powers, you only need to hit one SP phrase to be able to deploy Star Power. How you deploy Star Power is instrument-specific:
Guitar/Bass: either hit the Select bar right by your strum bar, or tilt the fretboard of the guitar upwards
Vocals: either press the Square button or tap/shout/make a quick, sharp noise into the mic
Drums: hit the yellow and orange cymbals at the same time (Guitar Hero drumset); hit the blue and yellow pads at the same time (Rock Band drumset)

100 Star Power deployments will come over time; you don't need to go out of your way for this trophy. After your 100th deployment, this trophy will be all yours.

Gem Collector
Hit a cumulative total of 75,000 notes (Quest)

See Gem Hoarder for description.

Gem Hoarder
Hit a cumulative total of 150,000 notes (Quest)

This will be quite time-consuming, but it isn't tough. Some songs in the game can have upwards of 3000 notes, so just keep playing until you get this trophy. Also, the higher the difficulty, the more notes within the song, so increase the difficulty to speed this trophy up.

Champion of Challenges
Target another person's score on any Challenge and earn a higher grade than they did (Local Quickplay+)

When you go to choose a song in Quickplay, you can choose to go to the Challenges List. There you will see another menu that displays all of the challenges available for that song, an what people on your friends list have earned on those challenges. Select one of your friends' scores to target (you'll have to play the same difficulty and instrument as them) and play the song. You can track your progress towards beating their score by looking at the circle in the lower left corner of your screen. When you beat your friends' score, the trophy will unlock at the end of the song.

Self Improver
Target your own score on a Challenge and earn a higher grade than you did previously (Local Quickplay+)

This is the same as Champion of Challenges, only this time you're trying to beat yourself. First, you'll need to play a song to put your name onto the challenge scoreboards for the instrument of your choice. To make this trophy slightly easier, do one of the challenges very poorly so you leave yourself plenty of breathing room. Then follow the same steps you did for the previous trophy, only here select your own score. Play the song again, beat your previous score for the challenge, and this trophy will appear.

Ultimate Answerer
Earn all Stars from any one song (excluding the Power Challenge) (Quickplay+)

Excluding PowerChallenges, there are a total of 42 Stars you can earn for a song. The first 6 are from just playing the song (6 Stars - 100% notes hit, no overstrums), while the remaining 36 Stars can be earned through Challenges.

Every song has 5 categories of Challenges: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, and Band. Also, some categories might have more than one Challenge per song (i.e. there might be two Drums Challenges). The Challenges themselves can be a variety of things, like getting a high note streak or reaching a certain score, but all of them have three tiers of completion - Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. To earn the 36 Challenge Stars, every Challenge for that song must be completed at the Diamond level. Once this is done, the trophy is all yours!

Scions of Excess
Earn an 11x Band multiplier with any 4-player Band configuration (Quickplay+)

To earn an 11x Band Multiplier, all four players must activate Star Power after a successful Band Moment. This can be done with any Band configuration, and on any difficulty; if you have four mics, you can play a song on Beginner and set them in front of a fan. When the Band Moment comes, just activate Star Power on all four mics. If you don't have four mics at your disposal, work together with the Band you're playing with and activate Star Power at the same time.

Player of the Ear Worm
Play any one non-GH(tm)Tracks song 10 or more times (Quickplay+, Quest, Competitive)

The description says it all - pick a song you like, and play it ten times. This includes all downloaded songs except those from GH Tunes, so picking a song to play shouldn't be too hard. If you want to speed up the process, choose songs that are short.

Patron of the Arts
5-Star any GH(tm)Tracks song containing at least 200 notes (Quickplay+)

You could make your own song consisting or simple notes or download any song from GHTunes. Just make sure that it has at least 200 notes

Apostates of Orthodoxy
5-Star any song as a 4-player Non-Standard Band, with all players on Medium or higher (Quickplay+)

Not a hard trophy. If you have the DLC song (free) "On Broken Glass", this trophy will be a piece of cake. The song is full talkies on any vocals difficulty. Set 4 microphones on expert and go for the 6 Gold stars

Bearers of the Standard
5-Star any song as a 4-player Standard Band, with all players on Medium or higher (Quickplay+)

This one requires a drumset, a microphone and 2 guitars, being one set as guitar and the other as bass guitar. Get enough people to play it on medium or higher difficulty or call some friends to set an online party. Choose a song, choose all difficulties above medium and get the trophy.

Mythical Millionaire
Earn 1,000,000 points or more in a single play of a song in a Power Challenge (Quickplay+)

Alright, the power challenge grants you the use of 2 powers. Some good combinations are: Multiplier Extender and Star Power Nova, Star Power Nova and Star Power Generator. Just pick a song that you are good with and can get a decent score.

Altered Virtuoso
Earn 40 Power Stars on a single song (Quest)

For this trophy, you first have to finish Quest Mode and gain the ability to use all 8 Warrior Powers at once (your first experience with the All Powerful ability will be the song Sudden Death, just after freeing the Demigod of Rock). This allows you to earn an insane amount of Power Stars. Any song can be 40-starred, you just have to play it very well. This trophy can be earned on all difficulties except Beginner, so lower the difficulty if you're having troubles. For those that want to earn this trophy on expert, Bohemian Rhapsody is a fairly easy song to earn 40 Power Stars on.

Manager of Fate
Create and play a custom playlist of at least 5 songs, and earn 5 Stars on 5 of the songs (Quickplay+)

You can make this setlist as long as you want, as long as it has at least songs in it. You can pick any difficulty, but you must pick songs you know you will 5 star without the use of any powers. To speed up the setlist, don't hesitate to choose shorter, easy songs. If you make a setlist that's more than 5 songs long, you only need to 5-star 5 of them to unlock this trophy.

Mocker of Fate
Create and play a 5-song random playlist, earning 5 Stars on each song (Quickplay+)

This is harder than Manager of Fate, since you can't choose what songs you get to play. Choose a difficulty you're very comfortable with, and you know can get 5 stars per song more often than not. It doesn't prevent you with being pretty unlucky and getting Chemical Warfare, Fury of The Storm, Sudden Death, Holy Wars..., and/or This Day We Fight!, but there's not much you can do if that happens. To get a preview of the following song, simply pause the current song; the next song will be listed in the bottom left corner of the screen. When you finally 5-star all 5 songs in the setlist, you'll have another trophy under your belt.

Nauseous Numerologist
Beat any song with a final score of 133,337 (Quickplay+, Competitive)

This trophy can be either a piece of cake, or nearly impossible. This can be done on any instrument, and you MUST finish the song with a final score of 133,337 points; no more, no less. You can try to get this out of a combination crazy skill and even crazier luck...or you can take the easy way. Head to GH Tunes and search song titles for "133337". There are plenty of songs made specifically for this trophy; download the song of your choosing, and this trophy will be yours.

Mathematic Sharpshooters
Beat any song with a final score ending in 000 as a Band (Quickplay+)

Here's another trophy that is final score-specific, although this song requires at least two players (or one person playing two instruments). Much like Nauseous Numerologist, you can earn this either by relying on luck to earn 000 in an actual song, or by creating a song in GH Tunes. If using GH Tunes, make a song such that the final score will add up to something ending in 000 with one instrument. Then make a track for another instrument that you WON'T be playing, so that you can have two instruments playing and have it count as playing in a band. When you're done creating the song, save it, play it, and earn yourself another trophy!

Lucifer's Accountant
Beat any song with a final score which is evenly divisible by 6 (Quickplay+)

This is the easiest score based trophy to be earned while you are doing your challenges. I suggest you do all the other trophies before this one, since it may come with time. If not, there should be a song sitting on ghtunes with that or just make a song yourself with 1 triple note, since it will give you 150 points!

Gold Master
As a single player, earn Gold or higher on three or more Challenges on a single play of a song (Quickplay+)

Pick a song, play it well enough to get the gold stars on 3 or more types of challenges. Remember, it has to be in a single play.

Diamond Master
As a single player, earn Diamond on two or more Challenges on a single play of a song (Quickplay+)

This requires a little bit more skill than Gold Master, since Diamond is the highest Challenge reward you can receive. You have to be sure you will get the challenges, and practice them if you must - there isn't much more to it than that. Bleed it Out by Linkin Park is a good choice to play for this trophy.

Quick Learner
Full-Combo any tutorial exercise (no missed notes or overstrums)

Description says it all. Just do the easy guitar tutorial and go for it. There aren't a lot of notes, too few to be honest. Do it right and it is yours

The Siren
Recruit Warrior Judy (Quest)

You do not have to play all of the songs to get the warrior form of any character. Just play the amount of songs requested and move on to the next chapter, since you WILL have to play them again in order to dominate the quest. After doing so, your character will begin the transformation and you will play the encore song. For Judy, you'll need to earn 45 Power Stars to make her transform.

The Trickster
Unleash Warrior Johnny (Quest)

See The Siren for description. For Johnny, you'll need to earn 35 Power Stars to make him transform.

The Vigil
Charm Warrior Casey (Quest)

See The Siren for description. For Casey, you'll need to earn 24 Power Stars to make her transform.

The Brute
Release Warrior Lars (Quest)

See The Siren for description. For Lars, you'll need to earn 27 Power Stars to make him transform.

The Eternal
Awaken Warrior Axel (Quest)

See The Siren for description. For Axel, you'll need to earn 40 Power Stars to make him transform.

The Exalted
Summon Warrior Pandora (Quest)

See The Siren for description. For Pandora, you'll need to earn 24 Power Stars to make her transform.

The Dynamo
Liberate Warrior Echo (Quest)

See The Siren for description. For Echo, you'll need to earn 27 Power Stars to make her transform.

The Recluse
Invoke Warrior Austin (Quest)

See The Siren for description. For Austin, you'll need to earn 27 Power Stars to make him transform.

Divine Liberator
Free the Demigod of Rock (Quest)

This can be a tough three-song setlist for many people: Holy Wars...The Punishment Due, This Day We Fight!, and Sudden Death without any breaks. The way this setlist works is simple - Band 1 plays Holy Wars..., Band 2 plays TDWF!, the Demigod of Rock (who uses all eight powers at once) plays Sudden Death, and all's right in the world; this trophy will unlock after TDWF!. Alas, this is easier said than done.

The goal for Holy Wars... and TDWF! isn't just to pass them, but you must earn 12 stars per song to fully charge the Legendary Guitar. This is where you get some help - you have access to all eight rockers broken up into two 4-rocker bands of your design. Choose your bands wisely, as certain powers work well with others. Here's a great setup for your bands:

Band 1 - "Multiplier Madness"
Warrior Austin (Star Power Amplifier+)
Warrior Lars (Multiplier Extender+)
Warrior Pandora (Star Power Nova+)
Warrior Casey (Streak Guardian+)
Breakdown: This band is built around getting your Score Multiplier as high as possible for as long as possible. Warrior Austin's Amplifier gives you a full Star Power meter with every one Star Power phrase hit. Both Warrior Lars and Warrior Pandora further raise your Score Multiplier up to a max of x36. Lastly, Warrior Casey is used to safeguard your Multiplier; with Streak Guardian+, you're allowed two mistakes within a short period of time without losing your Multiplier. Short story long, you'll be getting all of your stars from your keep that combo going and watch the stars come pouring in!

Band 2 - "Star Spam"
Warrior Echo (Star Power Generator+)
Warrior Axel (Resurrector+)
Warrior Judy (Crowd Hyper+)
Warrior Johnny (Speed Freak+)
Breakdown: This band has one thing in mind: getting free stars. As long as you don't fail out during a song, Warrior Axel's Resurrector+ gives you a free 5 stars at the end of the song. Warrior Echo is the "support rocker" of the group, mainly to make it easier to earn free stars from both Warrior Judy's and Warrior Johnny's respective powers; Judy gives stars by over-filling the Rock Meter, while Johnny dishes out his stars by keeping a high Multiplier. Your score with Star Spam won't be anywhere near as high as Multiplier Madness, but score isn't your main concern; getting stars for free is!

Axe Claimer
Regain the Legendary Guitar (Quest)

When you recruit Warriors Johnny, Echo, Judy, and Austin, the setlist to unlock the Legendary Guitar will become available. You'll be playing the 7 songs that make up Rush's 2112 - none of these are terribly hard (since it's essentially a medley, you'll be seeing many phrases repeated through the song), and you'll be able to use all four Powers at once. Play on your favorite difficulty, pass all 7 songs, and this trophy (and the Guitar) will be all yours!

Savior of Rock
Defeat the Scourge of Rock (Quest)

This trophy will be earned in the same setlist that Divine Liberator is earned (this trophy being earned second). When you free the Demigod of Rock, he "fights" one-on-one against the Scourge of Rock, playing "Sudden Death". What's nice about the DoR is that his power is called "All Powerful", and gives you access to all eight of the Warrior Powers at once.

Sudden Death itself is not extremely hard, and is definitely not the hardest song in the game. If you're having trouble, either lower the play difficulty or if you're playing Guitar, switch to Bass. This song is also your first opportunity to earn Altered Virtuoso during Quest mode. Once you finish Sudden Death, the trophy will appear.

Amateur Astrologer
Earn a total of 100 Stars (Quickplay+)

See Ace Astrologer for description.

Accomplished Astrologer
Earn a total of 500 Stars (Quickplay+)

See Ace Astrologer for description.

Adept Astrologer
Earn a total of 1000 Stars (Quickplay+)

See Ace Astrologer for description.

Ace Astrologer
Earn a total of 2000 Stars (Quickplay+)

Alright, seeing as 42 stars are available if you get everything from a single song, playing 49 songs and maxing them out will get you this trophy. Of course, it is pretty hard to do so, so better start playing all of the songs for this trophy.

When you feel as though you are only getting one or two stars per song, it's time to start the Power Challenges. You should always use Resurrector and Speed Freak to earn a total of 10 extra stars, and if you full combo the song, you should end up with about 17 stars per song.

Pseudo Perfectionist
Dominate any 2 chapters of Quest (Earn all the Power Stars from any 2 chapters of Quest)

See Pseudo Perfectionist for description.

Partial Perfectionist
Dominate any 4 chapters of Quest (Earn all the Power Stars from any 4 chapters of Quest)

See Pseudo Perfectionist for description.

Perfect Perfectionist
Earn all the Power Stars from all character chapters (Quest)

After defeating the Scourge of Rock, you will enter Domination Mode. This means that every rocker is considered "All-Powerful" and has access to all eight powers at once. This means that you can earn a total of 40 Power Stars per song! To Dominate a setlist, you must earn 40 Power Stars on every song in that setlist, including the Encore. Later setlists get harder, so if you're having trouble earning all 40 Power Stars, don't hesitate to play the song(s) at a lower Difficulty. Once you completely "Rock the World", you'll earn this trophy.

Motivated Improviser
Play 100 notes in a single GH(tm)Jam session

This trophy is one of the easiest trophies in the game. From the Main Menu, go to Create>GH Studio>GH Jam>Create New Song>select your Song Style>Create New. Select "Continue", followed by choosing Lead Guitar as your instrument. When the music starts, simply strum like crazy. After you play 100 notes, this trophy will unlock.

String Twins
Complete a song with only a Guitarist and Bassist, both earning the same score (Quickplay+)

Either make a custom song where you play one note in guitar, then you have enough time to switch to a bass guitar you have (2 guitars needed) to play the same note. Then you get the trophy. Or you could get a friend and shoot for same score on Fury of The Storm on expert if you are real bored.

Poor Boys
Beat Bohemian Rhapsody as a band including at least two vocalists, with all on Medium or higher difficulty (Quickplay+)

For this trophy, you only need two vocalists; no other instruments are needed. Further, the same person can sing into both mics and unlock this trophy. Bohemian Rhapsody can be tricky at the beginning and other random parts since the lead vocalist sings the harmony, not the melody. It might take a few tries for non-singers to get the hang of this, but just know that if you know you're singing the melody and you're not hitting anything...try the harmony. Once two vocalists (or you singing into two mics) beat this song on Medium or higher, you'll earn this trophy.

The Meek
Beat 2112 Pt. 4 - Presentation as a Standard band with 3 or more members, all on Medium or higher difficulty (Quickplay+)

To unlock this trophy, you'll need 3 or 4 players, all playing different instruments (or 2 or 3 players, if one person plays vocals and another instrument at the same time), and everyone will need to play on at least Medium difficulty (average difficulty doesn't count - one on easy and one on hard wouldn't count). There is no star requirement for this trophy, nor are there any Challenges needed...just pass the song together, and this trophy will be all yours.

Chosen One
Beat Fury of the Storm as a solo Drummer on Hard or higher difficulty (Quickplay+)

The trophy description doesn't say you can't use Power Challenges. To help you out, select powers that help you remain alive (Axel's and Austin's Warrior powers are really useful here), and head to Practice Mode if you're still having troubles on this song. Fury of the Storm is a little over 7 minutes long, and is very fast-paced, so those that don't often play Drums might have troubles with this trophy. If you're still having problems, take this approach: the bass kicks aren't entirely mandatory. There are a huge number of notes aside from the bass kicks, and as long as you're hitting kicks once in a while, staying alive should be very possible. Make sure you're fairly comfortable with the rest of the notes, as the kicks can get you off-beat if you're not careful. Here's a video of the Expert chart posted by xxPolishDrummeRxx if you'd like to see how it is:

Toggle Spoiler

Hand Mutilator
Beat Black Widow of La Porte as a solo Expert Guitarist (Quickplay+, except Power Challenges)

This will be the hardest trophy in the game for many people. This is because, unlike Chosen One and Giant Slayer, you're not allowed to use Powers to help you survive. If you need help, your best bet is to take this song into Practice Mode, and work on a section at a time. Start off at a slower tempo, and gradually work your way up to normal speed as you're learning the solo patterns. While playing the song, don't be afraid to pause the game and take a break; this is a grueling 7-minute song, and for many people...your hand will start to ache and get tired, and tired hands are prone to failing. For those that want to see the chart in all of it's glory, check out this video by gh5rock (who also videotaped himself as he was playing the guitar):

Toggle Spoiler

Giant Slayer
Beat Holy Wars…The Punishment Due as a solo Bassist on Hard or higher difficulty (Quickplay+)

Since this trophy not only allows you to play n Hard or Expert, but it also allows Power Challenges, it should be easier than Hand Mutilator. If you need hep passing this song, use Axel's and Austin's level 2 Powers; they're the best at saving an ailing Rocker. Also, head to Practice Mode to learn some of the patterns before you tackle this song. Here's a video showing 99% on the Expert chart for Holy Wars... from xDocy93x:

Toggle Spoiler

Gold Standard
As a Standard Band, earn Gold or higher on 2 Band Challenges in a single play of a song (Quickplay+)

This trophy is similar to both Gold Master and Diamond Master, only this time you're going after Band Challenges and not instrument-specific Challenges. Standard Band simply means 4 players on different instruments: Guitar, Bass, Vocals, and Drums. When you look at the Challenges list, the Band Challenges will be at the bottom of the list, signified with a checkered square icon. It doesn't matter if you get your friends to play with you on the same console or different consoles, if you do a member search online, or all of the above, just make sure each player is on a different instrument. Remember: there's no required difficulty level, but some of the Challenges are easier on higher difficulties (i.e. Score, Total Notes Hit, etc.) When you successfully earn Gold and above on at least two of the Band Challenges on oe play of any single song, this trophy will be yours!

Seasoned Competitor
Play Pro Faceoff, Momentum, Momentum+, Streakers, Do or Die, and Perfectionist at least once each (Competitive)

Alright so you have to play all of the modes. Get 2 guitar controllers, and hook both up as guitars. Go to competitive modes and start playing. Get your parents, kids or just hope a ghost will play the other guitar when you're shredding yours, just hope it's not Jimi Hendrix for your self-esteem. Once you play each mode, the trophies should be yours.

Each competitive mode consists of different ways to beat or get beaten:
  • Pro Face-off: The most classical mode on GH. Both play the same song, same instrument, maybe not the same difficulty, and the one with the highest score win. You cannot fail in this mode.
  • Momentum: In this mode, everyone starts off in Medium, but as you go making a streak, your difficulty goes up. User with the highest score wins.
  • Momentum+: Appears to be a harder version of Momentum.
  • Streakers: Name says it all, user with the highest note streak wins the mode. So yes, squeezers, go learn to FC.
  • Do or Die: There are certain checkpoints at parts of the song. The user who misses 3 notes before the checkpoint has to wait the other checkpoint. High score wins.
  • Perfectionist: Name says it all, user with highest percentage wins. What differs this from streakers is that, you can overstrum on perfectionist and win, not on streakers.

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