Gundemonim Recollection Trophy Guide

Trophies: 8 3 1 0
Players: 1
Online Play: No
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes: None
Cheats Affect Trophies: NA
Recommended Controllers: 1
Minimum Playthroughs: 4
Time to 100%: 30+ hours (extremely dependent on skill)

[top]Tips & Strategies

Gundemonium Recollection and You - the Unexplained Basics

I know this looks like a lot of text, but if you're at all unsure about Shmups or this game, it would be advisable for you to read it all - it is designed to help you be a better player.

IMPORTANT - You cannot gain trophies on Practice Mode!!

There are a few quite crucial things that the game does not tell you, but instead leaves you to discover yourself - for example what all the meters and things on screen are is never explained at all. This can, as you may imagine, make the game confusing for new players, so I will try and explain a few game basics here.

Firstly, the game is not fair, no. You will frequently be put in a position where you cannot help but die, because there are so many projectiles on screen at once, even on Novice mode. It was designed like this intentionally, and yes, I too think the developers are sonsofbitches for doing this. If you are easily angered or annoyed by games, or the type of person to smash controllers, do not under any circumstances buy or play this game. You have been warned.

The HUD is a complex beast. From the very top left, moving right, there is the Score, which is a representation of how well you are doing. You can probably ignore this, unless you're a high score chaser - there are no trophies that have to do with the score. Next is the Mana gague. This shows how many magic attacks you can still perform with the button. It depletes when you use magic attacks, and refills one point for each gem you collect. Next is the Friction gague. Friction is acquired when a part of your character that is not the weak spot touches a projectile. Next is a green gem, and the number next to that is the number of gems you have in the current area. This resets to zero when you move to a different area. Next to this is the Phase Level gague, which determines how difficult the game is - the higher the Phase Level, the harder the game will be. This is important, as it will affect whether you can get Betelgeuse in any given playthrough, or not.

On the next line down are your lives, shown as delightful pink love hearts. You can change the number of starting lives in the menu from 3 to 5, which can be very useful for the less skilled Shmup players out there, myself included. On the other side of the screen is the Area bar, which shows which area you are in - each numbered area has a part A, B, C and D to it, and the bar depletes from the left to the right to show how long you have in the area you are currently in - this goes on time, not defeated enemies, so shoot fast!

At the bottom left is a gague with what look like revolver chambers on. This is a measure of how many times you can use the special attack assigned to the button - once for each revolver chamber. This attack is extremely powerful, has a wide spread, and can take out enemy projectiles can't touch, so it is a life saver in an emergency. Try and save it for when you really need it. On the other side of the screen is (when you are fighting a boss) the boss' health bar. This is a useful way of keeping an eye on how much HP the boss has left - useful if you're deciding to play a risky strategy in the hopes of finishing the boss off.

Three lives (or five, if you've adjusted it in the options menu) may seem a bit stingy, but the hit area on your character that will actually kill you is very small - the red bowtie around your character's neck pretty much encompasses it. Don't get hit there and you'll survive any incoming attacks.

There seems to be no reward for taking your finger off the button, so be trigger happy and fire away!

There are two actions in the "Set Buttons" area of the options menu that are, by default, unbound - Demonic Shift (which, whilst it can be activated by pressing the awkward combination of and , is much easier to bind to - and it's not available in Novice mode) and Rapid Fire Shoot, which you might as well bind to . After all, there's no point having more buttons than actions, right?

In Novice Mode, if and when your hit area collides with an enemy projectile, you will automatically use one of your special attacks instead of dying, so it is recommended, for the preservation of your lives, to avoid using the attack yourself in Novice mode.

Find yourself needing thinking time or feeling overwhelmed? Hit pause! You can see all the action and strategise, perhaps finding a crucial path through the flood of enemy projectiles. It works, give it a try some time!

Don't be afraid to try out the other character, Earl. He has four different sets of kit or "rigs", all of which can be mixed and matched if you pick "Custom". You might have an easier time with his weapons than with Eryth's.

The game is very kind in that if you get a Game Over in, say, chapter 3, if you pick Continue from the main menu, it will let you continue at chapter 3 with full life! This can make completing the game much easier.

Hitting a boss with Eryth's Mana attack slows down projectiles, giving you more time to weave inbetween projectiles before they kill you, so use it if you are faced with a flood of fire that seems unavoidable - it should be your second-last line of defense, before the Bomb ().

As with almost all good Shmups, the focus is always on avoiding damage - you can't very well win the game if you're dead, can you? Damaging your enemy should be an afterthought, and your gaze should usually be fixed firmly on your character.


Obtain 4 life items.

This trophy is attainable on Novice difficulty. A video guide by me for this trophy:

Life items are the hearts encapsulated in spheres that are released only when specific enemies are defeated. Earl's Drill attack is highly recommended for this.

The four enemies you need to defeat to get four life items are:
  • Pamelah, chapter 2C - not difficult at all to make appear, just play the level normally and you should encounter and defeat her without running out of time.
  • Mariel Deux, chapter 3B - to get to Mariel Deux, you must very quickly defeat Slayer, and then she will appear. This is a rush, and there is little spare time, which is why the Drill is so useful to finish off Slayer quickly.
  • Pamelah Deux, chapter 4B - again, this depends on you defeating a boss, in this case Roll, quickly. Fortunately, Roll is very easy to defeat, so you should not have too much trouble getting to this boss in time.
  • Elixirel Chesed, chapter 5 - this is the biggest rush of all, as you need to beat Chesed before the four Elixirels merge into one, but after they've merged into 2 - make sure you have full Mana and spam Mana attacks and keep firing, and this should be enough to defeat them before they merge and get you your final life pickup for this trophy.

Clear Novice Mode.

Normally, I would put "reach the end of the game and this trophy will unlock" here, but this game is so hard, it deserves much more than that, so without further ado, below is a walkthrough for the final chapter of the game, most of which is applicable to all modes, written using Earl as the playable character, with the "111 rig":

Chapter 5 is essentially a very extended boss fight against a boss that constantly changes attack patterns. It seems like it goes on forever. As such, it is extremely difficult, and will take a lot of practice to know what attack patterns to expect next. All of the listed attack patterns repeat until you defeat the variant of the boss, or time runs out, then the next variant of Elixirel arrives immediately.
  • Elixirel Malkuth - first fires spread out straight lines of projectiles which are easy to avoid - just make sure you don't crash into another line whilst you avoid an incoming one. Slowing time can be helpful here. Next she fires vertical lines of bullets aimed directly at you - start at the back of the screen and keep edging forwards to avoid these. Then there are horizontal lines, which are more randomly placed - move up and down when you see these coming. Finally, she fires a spiral of bullets moving inwards, which you can avoid by going up round them and then down, moving into the corner and slipping through.
  • Elixirel Yesad - in case you haven't seen the Hadar section of the trophy guide, this is the best place to get that trophy. The attack pattern has changed. First comes widespread lines of bullets, the trick to avoiding these is to find a large space to linger in and wait for an opening, making sure you don't get trapped. Next come the blue energy rings which are very easy to avoid, then comes a grid of blue and yellow spheres, which have a rigid structure so can be easily predicted and avoided.
  • Elixirel Hod - first there are waves off red bullets that move around the boss, which can be avoided by going in close to the boss. Next are horizontal rows of blue bullets that can be avoided by going to the left edge of the screen, then vertical rows of red bullets that can be avoided by moving to the top of the screen. Finally there is a spiral of bullets that is very hard to avoid - slowing down time using your Mana attack to slip through is recommended.
  • Elixirel Netzach - there is a huge storm of blue bullets that takes gentle nudges of your character to avoid. If you get a good line you can avoid all of the projectiles except the last one, which is out of line to try and catch you out - nudge yourself out of the way to get past this. Next are red and blue spheres that weave in and out of each other's way - there are gaps big enough to squeeze through. Next come a grid of smaller projectiles that can be easily avoided by staying in the vertical centre of the screen.
  • Elixirel Tiferet - this variant of Elixirel fires blue and red circles at you that can be avoided by moving backwards and forwards - this boss can be defeated very quickly, so by the time this attack is over, this variant should be defeated.
  • Elixirel Gevurah - this variant first fires homing missiles at you that can be easily dodged by moving up and down so they go past you. Next are lots of horizontal lines bullets, like those from the first Elixirel boss, but they all come from the right so they're easier to dodge, just move up and down appropriately. Next are chevrons of bullets fired at you, which you can dodge by moving out of the way of the chevrons - they aren't too thick or fast so they're not too much of a threat. Keep moving after this, as exploding bullets will materialize on you, but if you constantly move, they can't hurt you.
  • Elixirel Chesed - four bosses that cannot be damaged appear and each start firing small blue projectiles in all directions. Dodge these until the four merge into one. Then this boss lets ip - there are thick horizontal lines of multi-coloured projectiles, and the boss fires rings towards you down the gaps. Slip in between the lanes between the rings to avoid getting damaged. This is very difficult, and slowing down time is advised.
  • Elixirel Binah - I was also thinking "will it ever end" by now, don't worry. There is a swarm of red, blue and purple bullets moving randomly around. I recommend saving up some "slow down time" power for this, as the boss can be easily taken care of if you dodge all the bullets adeptly.
  • Elixirel Chochman - fires some red projectiles that are easy to dodge, then fires a wall of bullets with only one small gap, that you must quickly fly through.
  • Elixirel Kaether - a bit of an anticlimax here. It fires lots of fried-egg like small bullets at you randomly. Just dodge them and keep shooting and you'll beat this boss.

Congratulations! You just beat what might be one of the toughest games ever made! Give yourself a pat on the back, and enjoy your hard-earned bronze trophy.

Clear Revised Mode.

Complete the game on Revised mode to unlock this trophy. If you're having trouble completing the game, see the walkthrough above for help.

Clear Unlimited Mode.

Complete the game on Unlimited mode to unlock this trophy. If you're having trouble completing the game, see the walkthrough above for help.

Clear Demonic Mode.

Complete the game on Demonic mode to unlock this trophy. If you're having trouble completing the game, see the walkthrough above for help.

Defeat 16 Cyclones in one game.

This trophy is attainable on Novice difficulty. A video guide by me for this trophy:

This trophy must be done on chapter 2B. Cyclones are the pumpkins surrounded by rotating shields that usually take a lot of hits to go down, but can be killed in one shot by Earl's Photon weapon. The trick is to not kill the pumpkins marked with "Shoot", as that will move the game on, which is not what you need here. Use Earl's rig 412 (create this from the Custom option from the main menu) for this, as it allows you to one-shot the pumpkins, slow down time with your Mana attack, making it easier to get to the pumpkins whilst avoiding bullets, and has a Bomb that won't accidentally destroy the pumpkins marked with "Shoot". There should be seventeen Cyclones in all, so more than enough to get this trophy.

Defeat Slayer while destroying only the main body.

This trophy is attainable on Novice difficulty. A video guide by me for this trophy:

The enemy "Slayer" is located in chapter 3B. It is the large sword surrounded by lots of other swords. The aim of this trophy is to destroy the largest sword whilst not destroying the other swords that surround it. It is absolutely essential that you are using Earl's Drill when attempting this, as it shoots through the little swords, and as the little swords keep rotating round, you're never firing at one for too long, so the big sword takes lots of damage in comparison. If you use this tactic, the trophy is easy. If not, it is nearly impossible.

Defeat Phaser after letting it kill you twice.

This trophy is attainable on Novice difficulty. A video guide by me for this trophy:

You must have exactly three lives going into chapter 4C, so if you have less, restart the area, and if you have more, die purposefully on chapter 4B.

When Phaser appears, shoot her until she starts charging at you, and then when she does, stop shooting and let her hit you only once. This will make you lose two lives, so it counts as her killing you twice. Then finish her off, and collect the Altair pickup that will be floating around. This trophy will then unlock. The quickest weapon for dealing damage to Phaser seems to be Earl's Drill weapon, so this is recommended.

Perform a 1,000-Hit Combo in 1 Area.

This trophy is attainable on Novice difficulty. A video guide by me for this trophy:

This is extremely difficult, as you lose your combo as soon as you are hit, no matter whether you counter with a Bomb attack or not. You need to have 1,000 projectiles hit an enemy in quick succession, without getting hit at all, for this trophy to unlock. The white bar under where it says "x Hits" is how long you have left to get another shot before you lose your combo - try to never let it get too low.

When attempting this trophy, I recommend chapter 2B on Novice - the pumpkins with the circling lasers are absolutely excellent targets, as they take so much damage before they are destroyed. Keep firing at them, and make sure you have at least three Bomb attacks and use them all here next to the pumpkins - you can easily get over 1,000 hits using this trick. The other chapters have neither the length nor the sheer volume of cannon fodder to enable you to get this trophy.

There are five weapons you could attempt this with, and I have done a comparison - obviously, this is down to personal preference partly, but some weapons make this trophy easier than others. If you don't want to read the comparison, it boils down to this - use Earl's Sway weapon.

Eryth's Twingun
This has an average rate of fire, and it is moderately wide, so this not the best or worst weapon to use when attempting this.
Earl's Sway
This has a lot of projectiles firing, it is very wide, so it is possible to dodge projectiles and keep your combo going at the same time. The rate at which a 100-hit combo received is very fast, and it grows even faster if you can keep close to the boss. This is the best weapon to use.
Earl's Drill
This weapon is a lot faster than the Twingun, and is about as wide, so it is better than the Twingun when attempting this trophy. It is the second best weapon to use.
Earl's Laser
This weapon is not as quick as you might expect to build up combos, and its tiny narrow beam makes it impractical for keeping a combo going whilst the enemy is moving. This is the second worst weapon to use.
Earl's Photon
This is so slow to build up a combo, that by the time you've reached 1,000 hits, the level may well have ended. This is the absolute worst weapon for this challenge, do not use it.

Obtain 1,000 Gems in 1 Area.

This trophy is attainable on Novice difficulty. A video guide by me for this trophy:

Gems are the green squares and triangles that appear on screen and fly towards you when you defeat enemies or enemy projectiles. They are pulled towards your character slightly, so you do not have to exactly line yourself up with them to collect them, but they will only be pulled towards you if you are close enough, so try to aim to hit as many gems as possible. More gems are released when stronger enemies are defeated - never stray too far from an enemy's projectiles (although don't get hit by them, obviously), as they can turn into gems when the enemy is defeated, and the closer you are, the more gems you will collect.

The single area with the most gems is chapter 5 - sadly, (as you might have expected by now) it is also one of the hardest chapters to stay alive in. If you do manage, it has a ton of gems to reward you with - more than enough for this Trophy. All you need to do is ensure that you don't get a game over before you hit the total of gems that you need. If you're playing on Novice, the game seems to take pity on you and hand out a lot of Bomb attacks, which means that even if you get hit a lot, you may still be able to manage this difficult feat.

Perform 4 Friction Breaks in 1 Game.

This trophy is attainable on Novice difficulty. A video guide by me for this trophy:

For an explanation of what Friction is and how it works, see the Gundemonium Collection and You section of the guide.

A Friction Break occurs when you receive a lot of friction all at once. When you get one, it turns all projectiles on the screen to gems to reward you for getting very close to, but not getting hit by enemy projectiles.

To get this Trophy, play the game until you get to chapter 5 on Novice. Once you get to the second boss in chapter 5 called Elixirel Yesad, dodge all the projectiles she fires at you until she fires blue rings very densely packed with projectiles. Let your character's legs dangle in the ring, but don't let it touch your weak spot, and the rings should turn to gems. Do this four times - twice each time she fires the rings at you - she will fire 5 rings at you, you must do the first Friction Break before all 5 appear, else you will only get one Friction Break from the set of rings and you will run out of time. The boss is on a time limit, so if you do not do this within the two times she fires rings at you, she will transform into the next boss and the opportunity will be lost. If this happens, just exit out and reload your save, and you'll be back at chapter 5. Once you practice this, the trophy is not too challenging.

Defeat Elixirel Daath.

In order to make Elixirel Daath appear, you need to have gained an Ability level of 100 or above (Ability Level is a statistic that is shown only on the Game Over menu) and a Phase Level of 5 or above, so this must be done on Revised mode or harder.

Your ability level is affected by several factors:
  • +1 for every complete chapter played.
  • +1 for every 100,000 points.
  • +1 for every onslaught (which are gained by killing 5 enemies in quick succession).
  • + a value based on your Phase Level.
  • -1 for every death.
  • -0.5 for every bomb used.

If you meet those two requirements, and you remember to Transmigrate at the end of the game (use a Bomb attack when "Transmigrate" is showed on the screen right after you finish off Elixirel Kaether), Elixirel Daath will appear. Defeat her, and you will get this trophy. For a video walkthrough of Elixirel Daath, see below (this time not by me):

Good luck. You will need it.

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