Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 15+ hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 3
Collectible Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No


This game is pretty much the same as Super Monkeyball, but instead of monkeys it's hamsters. You have to guide your hamster through many different and difficult levels. Watch out for mazes, mallets, cliffs, and spikes as you guide your little furry friend to the goal. The game contains many different modes and many levels of pure fun that will keep you busy for hours.


Guinea Pig
Complete all non-bonus levels in Hustle Mode.

Finish all levels in this mode. There is 33 levels in total for this mode.

Gnawer Chief
Complete Hustle Mode with more than 500 seconds in Time Pool.

Hustle mode has 33 levels. While playing this mode you'll what to finish each level with at least 15 plus seconds. This trophy shouldn't be a problem.

Typical Rat
Complete all levels in Stunt Mode.

The goal is to get at the end of the level as fast as possible, going past obstacles and finding the fastest routes to the end. Most of the obstacles are similar to the ones encountered in Hustle mode, but you are given a different camera view that will change how you deal with them. There aren't many levels and the mode can be done in about roughly 15-30 minutes on your first playthrough.

Rodent King
Find all locks in stunt mode

One per level:
  • Cascade: behind 8 ball area around the wall of the pipe
  • Dizzy: after the floor with 3 moving pieces, down the red arrow ramp and up
  • Tower: after 8-ball down the ramp and up
  • Up: on the floor with 3 blocking lift pieces, right of the left side ! lift
  • Neon: after first phantom bridge
  • Odd: after the white arrow on wall from start, do not go down ramp, go past it
  • Glass: after vertical drop right of right side "10"

**Thanks to Minarum for this tip**

Field Vole
Get Apple Award in all Trial Mode levels.

See: Vermin Champion

Vermin Champion
Get Watermelon Award in all Trial Mode levels.

Each level in trial mode has a specific time to finish it. After you finished the first run through of a level it should tell you what time you need to achieve to earn the Watermelon or apple awards. For this specific trophy you need all watermelon awards.

Super Porcupine
Defeat 6 opponents in single match in Sumo Mode.

Alright the first thing you need to do is chose sumo mode. Then when it goes to the player selection pick AI for all but one slot. This slot will be for you. When it goes to the actual game, you will need to atleast knock down 1 or 2 of your opponents hamsters. After that avoid all the hamsters, cause you will get points for all hamsters that the computer knocks-out.

***This is what it should look like***

Flying Squirrel
Make an incredibly long jump and land successfully with 'Jumper' hamster.

A good spot for this trophy is at the Speedway II stage. Towards the end of the stage there will be a ramp. Use the ramp and you should be able to get and land the large jump. (Thanks to Minarum for the tip)

Long Legged Marsupial
Reach an unreal speed with 'Speedy' hamster's ability.

See Flying Squirrel above, but use speedy instead of jumper. Press and hold the button this makes the hamster go faster.

Restless Cavy
Destroy 150 obstacles with 'Spiked' hamster throughout the game. Trophy statistics are counted for completed levels only.

When you get the spike hamster use the button everytime that you run into a obstacle. This will destroy the obstacles. Good thing is that this trophy add up over time, as long as you finish the level.

Prudent Chipmunk
Win a level with 55000 score points.

For this you what to try and get as many of the pigs as you can. Then try to finish the level as fast as you can as well. If you do these things you shouldn't have to much trouble getting this trophy.

Familiar Beaver
Complete all non-practice Hustle levels with single hamster type

Simply put, play all 33 levels with a single type of hamster. The first two levels are the practice levels.

Prairie Dog
Roll 200000 meters (656168 feet) throughout the game in any single player mode. Trophy statistics are counted for completed levels only.

You'll get this through normal playthrough of the game. But they will only count as long as you finish the level.

Naping Dormouse
Roll through 10 phantom bridges in "Night" levels. Trophy statistics are counted for completed levels only.

The phantom bridges are the ones that disappear and then reappear. Go across 10 of these successfully and this trophy will unlock. Hint: I found it easier if I just stayed and waited for it to go through once to get the timing down.

Funky Rabbit
Make 20 catapult jumps in "Bounce" levels. Trophy statistics are counted for completed levels only.

In these levels use the catapult that are in the ground, press X and the catapult will throw you to the next platform to continue the race. Successfully land 20 of these and you'll be rewarded this trophy. But make sure you finish the stage so it saves.

Curious Talpa
Visit 15 rooms in any single "Bonus Labyrinth" level.

The bonus levels unlock after completion of the Hustle mode. Once this level unlocks go in 15 rooms and the trophy should pop up.

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