Players: 1-2 players
Online Trophies: (1) 'World Peace'
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: Could take up to 2-4 hours because of 'I'll make them pay' and 'Innate Guerilla Warfare' may cause you some trouble
Minimum Playthroughs: 1- 5 playthroughs. You need 2 playthroughs alone for 'Rising Mode' and 'Arcade Mode'. The Other playthroughs are for cleaning up the rest of the trophies and for practicing for 'I'll make them pay'.
Collectible Trophies: (2) 'Decorated Soldier' and 'Disposable Warrior'
Missable Trophies: (2) 'Decorated Soldier' and 'Burning Spirit'
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

- Go download Sayuri from the PS Store (she's $2.49)
- If you're not that good, you could attempt going through these trophies with a friend in coop
- 'I'll make them pay' will require some practice unless you're a seasoned Contra vet

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

This isn't much of a cheat code, but you can obtain some serious CP in Stage 2. Get the Heated Plasma gun (it's an orange capsule with the letter 'H' emblazoned on it.) and sit on the right side and charge up your shots and kill the alligators while taking down the packages that the helicopter drops. Here is a video to better explain:

Toggle Spoiler

Just rinse and repeat!


- 'Let's do this thing right!'
- 'Stage Clear'
- 'The Strongest Warrior'
- 'All Clear'
- 'Disposable Warrior'
- 'Decorated Soldier'
- 'Burning Spirit'
- 'You can never play too much'
- 'World Peace'
- 'The definition of a Warrior!'
- 'Innate Guerilla Warfare'
- 'I'll make them pay'


Let's do this thing right!
[ARCADE MODE] Defeat 10 or more Privates

Privates are the dark green guys with red mohwaks that you first meet in the game. You will get this trophy before you finish Stage 1.

Stage Clear
[ARCADE MODE] Clear Stage 1

This trophy will pop up after you beat Stage 1: Desert.

All Clear
[RISING MODE] Clear all missions

'Rising Mode' has a level select so you can finish these stages at anytime. This trophy will pop up once you beat all 8 Stages.

- Stage 1: Desert
- Stage 2: Jungle
- Stage 3: Ruins
- Stage 4: Capital Highway
- Stage 5: Capital Laboratory
- Stage 6: Capital Railway
- Stage 7: Capital Tower Building
- Stage 8: Battleship

Decorated Soldier
[RISING MODE] Obtain all medals

There is 1 medal per Stage. They can be found floating in the sky inside capsules that do a wavy motion when they pass by (floating capsule fly by quickly, they don't stay in one place in the air.), inside gold chests and inside ordinary chests. Gold chests can unfortunately be seen once you walk right next to them (pretty much on top of the chest ), so here is a video with their locations to help as a visual aid. I mean, who seriously would be able to get the one in the tree in Stage 2 unintentionally? By the way, some parts of the video are slowed down on purpose to show you where the power up is because it whizzes by pretty fast so just pay close attention to what the player is shooting.

Toggle Spoiler

Desert - Gold Chest
Jungle - Gold Chest
Ruins - Ordinary Chest
Capital Highway - Floating Capsule
Capital Laboratory - Floating Capsule
Capital Railway - Floating Capsule
Capital Tower Building - Gold Chest
Battle Ship - Gold Chest

Burning Spirit
[RISING MODE] Achieve the highest rating on all stages

The highest rank in the game is the 'S' rank. You are ranked on how many enemies you killed, how fast you were and how many times you died. You won't get this if you die even once during that Stage so just practice. You fortunately get awarded a Time Bonus if you beat the Stage under a certain time limit. The bonus is 3,000,000 CP! Here is a list of the time limitations:

Desert - 6 minutes
Jungle - 7 minutes
Ruins - 6 minutes
Capital Highway - 10 minutes
Capital Laboratory - 10 minutes
Capital Railway - 7 minutes
Capital Tower Building - 12 minutes
Battle Ship - 12 minutes

You also get a little 250,000 bonus for finding the medals again per stage. (I doubt it'll help all that much.)

You can never play too much.
[RISING MODE] Purchase all obtainable items

Only Bahamut and Krystal are needed for this trophy so leave those other characters alone! In order to bet CP and buy items for a certain character, you'll have to use that character! You cannot gain points with one and pass it on to the other. You'll be able to buy everything once you've accumulated 225,550,000 Corps Points for Bahamut and Krystal! CP can only be obtained in 'Rising Mode'. For tips on how to get CP, look at the video that is in the spoiler in the 'Cheats, Glitches and Exploits' section of the guide. Note that getting an 'S' rank on a Stage awards you with 4,000,000 CP too.

The Strongest Warrior
[ARCADE MODE] Clear all missions

This trophy is similar to "[RISING MODE] Clear all missions". The only difference is that 'Arcade Mode' doesn't have level select so you'll have to obtain this in one go. The trophy will appear after you've completed all 8 stages.

Innate Guerilla Warfare
[ARCADE MODE] Clear all missions without defeating more than 50 Privates.

Like mentioned before, the Privates are the tall dark green guys with red mohawks. They are fairly common but not much of nuisance. They are a little slower than you and can easily be outrun and jumped over. If you keep advancing, they'll have a hard time catching up to you and this shouldn't be all that challenging. Privates almost always try and rush you with their bayonets and I've also seen a few don't move and try to take a shot at you. I recommend trying to get 'The definition of a Warrior!' while trying to get this trophy too, because you simply won't need the power-ups if you're just trying to go through the game without killing any Privates!!

Disposable Warrior
[ARCADE MODE] Stock up 20 or more extra lives

You start 'Arcade Mode' with 2 lives. You can find additional lives by picking up '1UP's. They are red with gold trim. This video should help you find the '1UP's, but pay attention since this guy goes pretty fast and the '1UP's are small.

Toggle Spoiler

World Peace
[ARCADE MODE] Clear all missions with friends from around the world

Simply get a friend who also has this game and clear all of the missions in 'Arcade Mode'. This must be obtained in one sitting though since you cannot pick levels like in 'Rising Mode'. You can get the other trophies while in coop!

The definition of a warrior!
[ARCADE MODE] Clear all missions without picking up any weapon items

In order to get this trophy, you need to beat all 8 Stages without picking up any weapon upgrades. Weapon upgrades are those capsules that you come across that have letters on them such as 'L', 'R', 'M', 'S', 'C' and 'H'.

I'll make them pay…
[ARCADE MODE] Clear all missions without dying

I recommend purchasing the character Sayuri from the PS Store. Sayuri costs $2.49 USD. She is a lot stronger than Bahamut and Krystal and her health meter is twice the size of Bahamut's (Bahamut has 3 bars of health while Sayuri has 6). Her sword attacks are pretty sweet and she blazes through the screen. I wouldn't use Krystal for this trophy if I were you because her health meter only consists of 2 bars. Other than that, all I can say is practice, practice, practice! Memorize these Stages like the back of your hand and you should rip through this no problem.

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