Players: 1
Online Play: Yes, in the form of episodical DLC's.
Online Trophies: None, as of now.
Cheat Codes: No, and saves are copy protected.
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Suggested Playthroughs: 2, and some convenient and short backtracking
Time to Platinum: 30-35 hours, with this guide in use

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Heavy Rain is one of my very favorite games. It pushes the limits of the player's will with only one simple question. "What would you risk to save someone you love?" Would you Risk, Suffer, Endure, Murder, and Sacrifice to save your son? Would you live to tell the tale? In Heavy Rain, you can find out. Travel an amazing storyline with branching paths and 4 playable and diverse characters.

Without revealing too much information, I will try to inform the reader of trophy information without ruining your experience.

Trophy Roadmap-

1 Play in your own respective style, but aim for Nerd, Trial Master, and possibly Four Heroes. As I cannot state enough in this guide, play style matters.

Go into the chapter select section, and choose the Hassan's Shop level. Select to save, and attempt the Perfect Crime trophy. This will probably be
the hardest one in the game, so use the guide shown below.

Use the chapter select, and finish all of the trophies involving single levels. Do not save these, there is no need to.

Use the chapter select to return to certain levels to finish the endings. If you have all of the silver trophies, and Perfect Crime, you will only have to go back to On The Loose.

Enjoy the rest of the game at your leisure!

Endings Walkthrough-

Assuming that by now you have the Perfect Crime trophy, and all of the silver trophies, then this guide should have you through the remaining endings in approximately 2 hours. From Perfect Crime, you should have-
Unlocks- New Start, Uploaded, Dead Heroine, and Unpunished.

Step 1- Reload the Old Warehouse scenario if you have all of the characters alive. If not, backtrack further to make sure you do. Then purposely fail everything so that everyone dies.
Unlocks- Ethan's Grave and Unpunished

Step 2- Reload the Rat. Have Ethan fail the trial and pick the wrong address. Have Jayden fail in Solving the Puzzle, and then have Madison die in Killer's Place. (Jumping out of a window in Killer's Place will save alot of time)
Unlocks- Origami Blues, and Smoking Mirror

Step 3- Continuing on from the last save, load Killer's Place. Hang out in the secret room until the killer shows up, then escape the place without the address.
Unlocks- Tears in the Rain

Step 4- Reload Fugitive. (in case Ethan escaped there. If he did not, then just go back to On the Loose. The goal is to get Ethan in jail) As Scott, save Lauren in trapped. Make Norman give up in Solving the Puzzle. In the Killer's Place, have Madison escape without the address.
Unlocks- Square One, Helpless, and A Mother's Revenge.

Step 5- Reload Killer's Place (if you did step 4 before hand. If not, then backtrack far enough to have Jayden give up and put Ethan in jail). Have Madison find the address, escape, and go to the warehouse alone. Then have her free Shaun and kills the Origami Killer.
Unlocks- Innocent, Heroine, Resignation and Origami's Grave.

Special thanks to Johnny_Sparx, ShaitanCR, and NFPM for creative help and support. Also a thanks to all of the video makers for there help. All credit goes to them for the videos. Good luck everyone!

Most trophies will unlock after the end of their respective level. If not, I will note it as such.


Heavy Rain Master
Unlock all trophies

Unlocks when all other trophies for HEAVY RAIN have been unlocked.

Happy Birthday
Prologue- Complete the Drawing + Set the table + Play with kids

Note: This trophy will unlock after the level "Father and Son" This trophy will be a nice warmup for the rest of the game. After walking down the stairs in the morning, walk to Ethan's left to a workshop with an architectural sketch. Sit down and complete the quick time events to finish the drawing. It is complete when Ethan signs it in the corner. When the Ms. comes home, set the table carefully, to avoid a diplomatic incident with her mother. Then run outside with the kids. Play with them both until the game forces you to set the down (this is important). Then sword fight with Jason, it doesn't matter if you win or lose.

Interactive Drama
Thank you for supporting Interactive Drama

Note: This trophy will unlock after the level "Father and Son" This is a free reward for buying Heavy Rain (Hey, it's $60 retail).

Good Father
Father and Son- Follow the schedule and put Shaun to bed at a reasonable hour

While Ethan's taking care of his child, (Who is addicted to cartoons) follow the schedule and make him happy. The chart below shows a good plan to accomplish this. Note: There are 3 clocks, one in the kitchen, one in the living room and one in Ethan's bedroom. Use these to time things accordingly. You do not have to be exactly accurate, just be within 20 minutes, either early or late.
  • 4:30-Snack: There is a basket near the sink in the kitchen. Take out an orange and give it to Shaun.
  • 5:30-Homework: Tell him to do his homework and then watch him do it.
  • 7:00- Dinner: Pull a pizza out of the fridge, then microwave it and place it on the table.
  • 8:00- Bed: Tell him to go to bed, then when asked about the teddy bear, run downstairs to the laundry room and it's on top of the washer.

White Knight
Sleazy Place- Beat Troy

After talking to Lauren and puffing the inhaler, head back inside and complete the fight scene against Troy. This fight is simple, and not at all difficult on easy.

Private Eye
Sleazy Place- Lead Lauren to talk about her son

Lauren can't be bought, so your best bet is to trick her. Select it as soon as it comes up and Lauren will spill like hot coffee in a paper cup.

FBI Investigator
Crime Scene- Find all clues related to the Origami Killer in the scene

This is your first chance to use Norman's kick-butt glasses. As you walk the scene, press to scan for clues. You should find them easy enough, and this is crucial to the Nerd trophy later on. Below is a list of locations:
  1. The tent that the body is in, near Carter Blake.
  2. Examine the body to find the orchid, mud, an origami, blood on his pants, and exam once again to fin the bodies identity.
  3. A pollen trail near the tent.
  4. Blood splatter on the train track
  5. Footprints near the train track, opposite the pollen trail.
  6. At the end of the print trail, notice some blood.
  7. Up the hill, check out the tire tracks and footprints.

Good Friends
The Park- Play two games successfully and buy him candy

There are 4 possible games to play, and they are:
  • Boomerang
  • Swing
  • Merry-Go-Round
  • See-Saw

You only have to finish 2 games. Then go to the vendor and buy some candy. It makes no difference wether he likes it or not. Then by him a carousel ticket, and off you go.

Got to Remember!
Welcome, Norman!- Remember what time it was in the park and what Shaun was wearing.

After control shifts to Ethan, select the right answers to report to Norman. The answers are 4:15, beige, and green. Below is a visual aid-Note: This will help in the investigation later.

Hassan's Shop- Persuade the robber to leave

After the robber walks in, walk up to him and let him notice you. He'll point a gun at you, so it's time to get creative, less you get shot. The options "Calm", "Name", "Help", "Affective", "Nothing Serious", and "Killer". Below is a video guide by Roosterteeth, who makes great walkthroughs.

Paparazzi-Leave home without being spotted by the journalists.

Journalists swarm your front door on this level. Walk out the back door, then jump over your neighbor's fence. Walk up the alley and leave in your car. If you do it quick then you'll have this trophy easily.

Lucky Locker
Lexington Station- Find the correct locker on the first try.

After you make it to the luggage claim, find the correct locker in one try. Press the button to check the number, and it's in the back-left hand-corner from the entrance.

Lexington Station-Knock down 50 passer-by

After your vision starts, then run through civilians like an unstoppable laser bullet. Don't worry about Jason, just focus on the 50 passer-by. Note: Some players say that they only knocked down 48 civilians, and that the two Ethan knocks down at the beginning of the scene count toward the total.

Nathaniel- Shoot Nathaniel

This trophy can't be obtained with Self Control. Nathaniel arrives after a few minutes in the apartment. When Nathaniel goes vigilante on Carter, press to end the fight quickly.

Self Control
Nathaniel- Do not shoot Nathaniel.

When Nathaniel pulls a gun on Blake, refrain from shooting. Talk to him and convince him to drop the gun. This is very easy, just tell him to calm down and, when the option arises, tell him to drop the gun. Below is a video guide-

Baby Master
Suicide Baby- Make no mistakes taking care of the baby.

After being asked to care for the baby, you must successfully feed, change, burp, and rock it to sleep without error. This is not a particularly challenging quick time event, but I do recommend to tone the difficulty down to easy if you have trouble. After all, it is a baby.

The Bear- Take the best route on the highway

There are a few ways that this can be done. There is no definite route on the highway, because a few can be changed. However, you must not make any mistakes or you'll have to retry it. The route goes like this, and the turning points are when you have a choice between a right turn and a left turn.
  • 1 Left or Right
  • 2 Right
  • 3 Left
  • 4 Left
  • 5 Right
  • 6 Right
  • 7 Right
  • 8 Right
  • 9 Left or Right

Do all the prompts correctly and you'll have a very difficult trophy. Below is a video guide-

Good Driver
The Bear-Complete the Bear Trial successfully.

This is a difficult and long quick time event, so I recommend setting difficulty to Easy. You don't have to make a perfect run, but if you do this will appear along with Kamikaze. Just follow the prompts and crawl out of the car with the data drive.

Cat & Mouse
Covered Market- Beat Korda in the cold storage.

This one is much like your earlier fight with Troy, but longer. Follow the quick time events and beat Korda down with the crowbar (Gordon Freeman, anyone?) in the freezer and the trophy is yours. Make sure to chase him down and follow those prompts as well, because he can get away if you don't.

Tough Guy
Kramer's Party- Defeat Gordi's bodyguards

After sneaking up stairs, you have to win the fight against the guards. This isn't too awfully hard, but if you foul up too much you'll get defeated. So follow the quick time events and make the guards fear your fists of fury!

The Butterfly- Give up or fail the Butterfly Trial

You can't earn the Trial Master trophy in conjunction with this. After going through the tunnel, walk out the exit before taking on the electric wire. You won't get the Killer's data chip for this.

The Butterfly- Complete the Butterfly Trial successfully

This looks scary at first, but it's not the worst "shock" you'll have in the game. Cross the wire by holding down the corresponding buttons. I recommend going through the wires that are only emitting a few sparks, as those won't hurt Ethan as much as the others.

Good Cop
Shrink & Punches- Stop Blake from hitting Dupre

When Blake starts attacking Dupre, step in and stop him. This can't be earned simultaneously with Bad Cop

Bad Cop
Shrink & Punches- Do not stop Blake form hitting Dupre

When Blake assaults Dupre, don't step in. You can just sit back and wait for the level to end. Can't be earned at the same time as Good Cop

Gold Finger
The Lizard- Cut off your finger using axe , knife or pliers + disinfect + cauterize the wound

This is a sadistic 5 minute trial. Take the knife in the kitchen wall, pliers from the TV set, or the axe on the floor, whatever you prefer. Then place it on the table, and get the piece of wood to bite on near the table, the iron bar on the left side of the table, and the alcohol in the kitchen. Then heat up the pole in the stove.Bite into the wood, cut off the finger, then rub the alcohol in and press it with the hot pole.

The Lizard-Cut your finger using the saw or scissors

The saw is on the floor in the entrance room and the scissors located on the sink. Grab either and cut away. Cauterizing the wound doesn't effect this trophy, AS FAR AS I KNOW. To be on the safe side, don't try that.

Fugitive- Manage to escape Blake in the subway station

For this, you'll have to escape the cops in the subway. Run across traffic, from where you start in the jam, you can pretty much just walk forward, but quickly go around the cars in your way and enter the subway. When given an opportunity, follow the quick time event and cross the track. From there just board the train and your set.

Hands Up!
Fugitive or On the Loose- Get arrested by Blake

This is risky if you want Trial Master and Ethan at the end of the game. If it happens once, Norman can break him out, but only once. So be careful about this one, as it can really screw your chances at some of the endings. Just let Ethan get caught and arrested, it's that simple.

Ludwig Von
Jayden Blues- Play the piano without a wrong note.

This starts as soon as the level does, so be ready. On Easy, it's just a bunch of 's and 's, so I recommend doing it this way, otherwise be prepared to scream at the TV.

Jayden Blues- Resist triptiocaine.

This can only happen if Ethan escaped in the last chapter. If he didn't, you can go back and replay the last chapter in "Chapter Select" and alter it as such. When Jayden has a relapse, run into the bathroom and turn on the shower (and ruin a nice suit).

Wise Guy
Under Arrest- Switch off the camera in the surveillance room before saving Ethan.

This level appears only if Ethan is arrested, so it can happen after Fugitive or On the Loose. Norman will have to free Ethan, and facing his room is a camera. Have Jayden do the following-

-Tell the guard to take a break.
-Take the keys from the guard's desk (next to Carter's desk)
-Take the coat from the surveillance room
-Switch off the camera in the same room
-Give the items to Ethan and let him escape

I'm A Killer....
The Shark- kill the drug dealer.

Finish the action sequence and avoid the dealer's 12 gauge, and press to repaint the walls with his grey matter.
Mean, yet simple.

I'm Not A Killer
The Shark- Do not kill the drug dealer.

After the action sequence, choose to give mercy to the dealer. Word of Warning- Trial Master can't be earned in the same playthrough.

Smart Girl
The Doc- Do not drink the doc's beverage

When offered a drink by the quack doctor, say no both times. If you want, you can walk into his bedroom and get a card for the Blue Lagoon, and then leave. Or you can walk down the hall to continue the level. Note- This trophy is not affected by Madison's life or death.

Queen of Ropes
The Doc- Escape before the doc returns

You won't actually have escaped the doc at this point, but when he answers the door for the salesman (don't you just hate those guys?) Struggle out of the ropes. As long as you are ready to fight upon his return, your good. I think you have to win the fight to get this, but I'm not 100% sure. To be on the safe side, win.

Goodbye Mad Jack
Mad Jack- Survive the fights against Mad Jack

Notice the plural in the description? That's because you'll have to win both the separate fights in the chapter. Search for the clues, (crucial to Nerd) then when you corner Mad Jack, and Jayden reaches for the Triptocaine, resist it. Then, escape the car crusher and complete even more prompts to finish Mad Jack.

The Chef
Eureka- Prepare a good omelet on time.

Lauren will ask to take a shower, so as soon as she does proceed to the kitchen to cook. Grab the skillet and the eggs, then turn the stove on. The quick time events in this are all about rotating the stick, so just do that. Scott will tell you when it's done, so then place the omelet on a plate in the kitchen strainer, then pick up a fork and knife and place them on the table. Lauren will say "That almost looks good enough to eat!" If you did it right, so if she says that you'll be in the clear.

I'm Not Scared!
Twins- Follow your brother without making any mistakes.

This trophy is hard, as there are a lot of prompts. The game autosaves at some places, so if you mess up, return to the main menu and continue from the last save point. This trophy includes all prompts from beginning to the time you play hide and seek.

Pride Saved
Sexy Girl- Take off no more than one piece of clothing during the strip-tease

Once Madison starts taking it off, take off only one piece of clothing, then move for the lamp option. Slap Paco upside the head with it and the trophy is yours at the end of the level. Even if you want to, don't drag out the scene!

On the Loose- Do not forgive Madison

Should you have both characters alive at this point, you will have the option to start a sex scene. Kiss Madison, and then later on in the night, (Sorry, no details, family-friendly site) after the argument, don't forgive her. Lover Boy will not unlock in conjunction with this.

Lover Boy
On the Loose- Forgive Madison

Should you have both characters alive at this point, you will have the option to start a sex scene. Kiss Madison, and then later on in the night, (Sorry, no details, family-friendly site) after the argument, kiss and forgive her. Unforgivable can't be earned at the same time as this.

Escape Master
On the Loose- Escape the police at the motel.

After having Madison call Ethan, finish a long string of quick time events to escape the police. I recommend easy difficulty if you have trouble. When cornered by Blake, have Ethan jump from the roof and steal a taxi to escape. This is important if you want Ethan at the game's end.

Swimming Instructor
Trapped- Save Lauren underwater.

Note: You cannot earn this in the same playthrough as Perfect Crime
When underwater, free your own hands, (Turn on the car, then burn the rope with the lighter) then untie Lauren.
Break open the passenger's side window and escape with Lauren, and this trophy is yours.

Invincible Scott
Face to Face- Do not get shot in Kramer's villa.

Scott goes out for vengeance against Kramer, do not get shot by any bodyguards. This consists of entirely and prompts on easy, so this isn't a particularly difficulty set of events. You can always reload this in chapter select.

Kind Hearted
Face to Face- Give Kramer his medicine.

Note: You cannot earn this in the same playthrough as Perfect Crime

When Kramer has a heart attack, walk to the desk to give him his medicine. This will save his grateful hide and hand
you a trophy.

The Rat- Drink the poison

This is the easiest trial, yet possibly the most gut-wrenching. Downing the phial gets you a trophy and possibly Trial Master.

Clever Dad
The Rat- Work out where Shaun is held.

Note: This trophy will unlock after the level "Killer's Place"
Note: You can't earn Trial Master in conjunction with this.
You have to have finished either 3 or 4 trials to trigger this. Check your clues if you want to do it yourself, but the correct address is- 852 Theodore Roosevelt Road.

Cold as Ice
Killer's Place- Survive the explosion by hiding in the fridge.

To get out of an extremely bad situation, first bust out the wall to the left of the door, and crawl through. Tip over some furniture to continue on on, and stay out of the fire as it eats up your time. and once you reach the kitchen, (blue door to the right) clear out everything in the fridge and get in it.

Simple Mind
The Old Warehouse- Save the Origami Killer before he falls, with Jayden or Madison.

Wether your fighting with Jayden or Madison, you will have the option to save him with either character. This will extend your fight, but it's a trophy all the same.

So Close...
The Old Warehouse- Reach the end with all characters... and die.

I recommend going for this trophy after obtaining Four Heroes and then using chapter select. To do this, have-
  • Jayden: Lose the fight
  • Madison: Get arrested
  • Ethan: Get killed by the police.

Fulfilling these sadistic requirements will earn you a nice and shiny trophy.

Heavy Rain Hero
Finish Heavy Rain

More free incentive from Quantic Dream (They love giving out free trophies) for completing a gripping and engrossing storyline.

Four Heroes
Complete the story with four characters alive.

The game has plenty of dangerous moments, so dying is quite possible. Below is a list of ways in which each character can be killed-

  • Survive all of the trials (The Rat is not included)
  • Evade arrest (Norman is a get out of jail free card)
  • Escape Blake at the hotel
  • Find Shaun's location (via the trial's or get the information from Madison)

  • Escape the Doc's alive
  • Jog Anne's memory and find the killer's identity
  • Escape the killer's apartment alive

  • Survive all of the fights
  • Find clues from the three crime scenes ( Crime Scene, Mad Jack's, and Fish Tank) and figure out where the killer is and who he is. ( Madison can also call Norman with the information)

  • Scott is always at the final scene

Trial Master
Succeed in all Ethan's trials.

Following the guide above, complete all of Ethan's trials to uncover Shaun's location. This is a long trophy, so I recommend getting it in the first playthrough.

Find all clues using ARI (Crime Scene + Mad Jack + Fish Tank) and find the Origami Killer.

You have to find all the clues in one playthrough, and you can't skip chapters. Another one that is recommended for the first playthrough.

Crime Scene:
  • Orchid on the body,
  • Mud on the bodies face
  • Blood on the pants
  • Origami in the hand
  • Identity of the body
  • The pollen trail from the tent
  • The blood on the railroad track
  • The footprints following the blood
  • The blood on the fence
  • The footprints
  • Tire tracks at the top of the steep muddy slope

Mad Jack's:
  • Footprints of Mad Jack and a customer
  • The blood on the tools
  • The finger prints of Mad Jack's
  • The paint near the table
  • The open space where the car was painted
  • Tire tracks made by the suspect's car

Fish Tank:
  • Find the gun
  • Shell casings for the bullets
  • All finger prints
  • Gas station receipts

When analyzing the evidence, examine the gun, then geo-analyze the gas station receipts and cross check the two. Bring it down to a narrow location, and only one suspect is left.

Save the Kid
Save Shaun

If you complete any of the scenarios in which Shaun is saved, then you'll get this trophy. So long as Ethan, Norman, or Madison are there, you'll have a chance to save him. If Ethan is there, he'll do it regardless. There is a pole behind Ethan that allows him to pop the grate. Also, make sure whatever character saves him makes it out alive.

Perfect Crime
Clean Manfred's shop of evidence + Let Lauren, Hassan and Kramer die + Kill Madison and Jayden + Origami Killer free.

Note: There is more than one method to obtain this trophy.
This is a hard and time consuming trophy. Hopefully you will have all the silver trophies by now. Make sure to do this via chapter select, just enter chapter select and choose Hassan's Shop. Be sure to save as well because this may take awhile. Below I'll paste a few methods, and ShaitanCR's help thread on the matter.
My method is so far the most successful method of obtaining the trophy. Find a method that works for you, and go for it.
My Method-
- In Hassan's Shop, let the store keeper get shot, then check on him to watch him die.
- After the Lizard trial, let Ethan get arrested by the police.
- While in Manfred's shop with Lauren, do NOT enter the bathroom because it will eat up your time when you have to clean the prints. After you discover Manfred's body, clean the phone beside him, the phone at the desk, the magnifying glass, the whiskey glasses and bottle, the ballerina ornament Lauren touches, the cabinet she leans on (which she doesn't always do so pay attention to her actions when the screen splits to show her and show you), and finally the front door. If you do not end up at the police station after this chapter, then you did what you needed too correctly.
- As Ethan, when given the chance, kiss Madison and forgive her.
- Let Ethan get arrested a second time, or let him find the wrong address for the Rat. You can also save him until the end and allow the cops to kill him. He does not have to die for Perfect Crime to happen.
- When in the car sinking, do not save Lauren ( don't loosen her binds or undo her seatbelt or even try and slap her awake). Escape without her and continue on.
- After killing the bodyguards, let Kramer die without his meds.
- When Madison is trapped in the killer's place, let her die in the locked room. DO NOT have her escape the room and die, this may prevent you from getting this trophy.
- In the final fight, let Norman loose the fight against the killer and die.

ShaitanCR's method-
Kill Hassan in "Hassan's Shop" (by Scott hiding in the back until the robber shoots and then flees).
- Have Ethan jailed both times (in "Fugitive" and again in "On the Loose").
-At Manfred's shop, wipe away all the prints successfully, If all the fingerprints are successfully removed, Scott and Lauren won't be automatically brought to the police station in the following scenes but will have a argument in the car
- Let Madison die in "The Doc".
- Let Norman die in "Mad Jack".
- Let Lauren die in "Trapped".
- Let Mr. Kramer die in "Face to Face" (after Scott wins the gunfight).

I will do these in order of chapter, jumping around and always SAVING.
Kerwan_Ratchet's Method-

1. Let Hassan die
2. Let Ethan get caught after the Lizard
3. Clean up all the prints at Manfred's shop
4. Let Madison drink the drink at the Doc THE SECOND TIME ONLY (this is important) and let her win the fight and escape.
5. Let Norman die at Mad Jack
6. Forgive madison and get caught in On the Loose
7. Let Madison die at The Killer's Apartment

Number 4 is really important, it makes everything else work.

All Endings
See all endings.

There are in total 18 endings. This does not mean that you have to play the game 18 times through. Multiple endings can unlock at once. Below is an endings guide-

Ethan Mars
  • Ethan's Grave (Ethan Dies)
  • A New Start (Ethan lives, evade arrest. Madison dies, is rejected, isn't kissed, or never finds the warehouse. Shaun is saved and the Origami Killer is killed)
  • A New Life (Survive, evade arrest, Madison is forgiven, and Shaun is saved)
  • Origami Blues (Survive, evade arrest, Madison is unforgiven or dies, don't find the warehouse, Shaun dies)
  • Tears In the Rain (Survive, evade arrest, Madison is forgiven, don't find the warehouse, Shaun dies)
  • Helpless (Arrested, Shaun dies)
  • Innocent (Arrested, Shaun is saved)

    Madison Paige
  • Dead Heroine (Die)
  • Heroine (Survive, Ethan rejects Madison, or is arrested, Shaun is saved, Origami Killer is defeated)
  • Square One (Survive, Ethan rejects or does not kiss Madison, and either is killed, arrested, or picks the wrong address. Norman dies, gives up, or saves Shaun alone. Shaun dies or is saved by Ethan or Norman.)

    Norman Jayden
  • Uploaded (Die)
  • Resignation (Survive, give up, Madison or Ethan saves Shaun.)
  • Case Closed (Survive and defeat the Origami Killer)
  • Smoking Mirror (Survive, give up, and Ethan and Madison die or fail.)

    Scott Shelby
  • Origami's Grave (Die)
  • A Mother's Revenge (Survive, Lauren survives)
  • Unpunished (Survive, Lauren dies)

Now, those are the criteria for each ending. Below, with some help from NFPM, is a walkthrough of the endings and quicker ways to obtain them. Remember, always use chapter select and save so you can keep the endings!

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