Players: 1
Online Trophies: Zero
Online Pass Required: Nope
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: There are no cheatcodes
Estimated Time to 100%: 9-12 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 + clean-up
Collectible Trophies: There is none of the collectibles you have to get all of.
Missable Trophies: Backtracking is allowed, so no.
Glitched Trophies: None seen so far, but the game does have a tendency to freeze.

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Get to know the layout, so you can easily navigate through the levels.
  • Get used to the sudden changes of gameplay and controls... you will be seeing a lot of it.
  • Choose a favourite weapon, so you can kick maximum ass.
  • Don't waste your money on costumisations and stuff (especially if you already have the trophies).
  • One of the first things you should upgrade is your health.
  • You have very little health always focus more of dodging the enemy instead of hitting it.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Do I hear crickets?


Part 1: Play through the game + experiment the island

Just go through the games, chomping the monsters and completing the missions. Remember to also focus on the Island so you don't have to just stand around and do nothing while the Island does stuff.

Part 2: Clean-up

If you're missing some missions or misc. trophies go get them now, so you can get your 100%.


Armed and dangerous!
Get the missiles from the shop!"Now's the time to strike back!"

This trophy is story-related and therefore you shouldn't worry about this trophy!
This is very early on. You'll talk to Nestor and he says, that he is going to give you some guns, and voila... trophy for you. You will get this right before killing your fifth monster (and there is 101, so it is really early on)

Win the $10,000 jackpot on the slot machines."You won the Grand Prize!"

There are two types of slot machines. The classic, and the LOL slot machines. The classic is unlocked in Zone 4 and the LOL are unlocked in Zone 6. The LOL slot machines are kinda confusing, so I would suggest to scrape together at least a 1000 in cash, and then just play the machine until you get three sevens and the 10000 dollar jackpot. Be aware, that this may take some time (depending on your luck), so ready your schedule for it. So do you feel lucky? well do ya, punk?

Weapon Collector
Collect 8 weapons!"You got a full armoury!"

This comes almost naturally. You get around 5-6 guns for free throughout the game, so you'll just have to buy the rest, though they aren't cheap. The most expensive costs 7000 dollars, but that should be an affordable price at that point. Don't worry too much about this one. There is a total of 11 guns in the game.

Fashion victim!
Have at least 10 face customisations."Wow! All these fancy things!"

There are a ton of face customisations (okay, there is 54, but close to a ton), and there are definitely more than 10 in the shop. They can be bought for 100-500 a piece. There is also some scattered around, in gifts.

Pimp that wheel!
Get at least 5 wheel customisations."You can ride for hours!"

You have a starter wheel, and you unlock another not far from the beginning, and you can buy three more then you first visit the shop, totalling five. So as you can see, you can get this trophy very early on.

Island master!
Open a gift sent from the Island"When you're the Boss, you have 365 birthdays."

When you've captured 10 monsters you can enter the Island. Here you can make your captured monsters work for you. Put them to work at some place, and continue the main game. The monsters work while you're gone. Come back and if there is a gift from them you can send it to the main game, by hovering the cursor over the gift and press . Go back to the main game to get your gift.

Not a chicken!
Clear 10 secondary missions."You mission freak!"

There is a total of 30 secondary missions, but you'll just have to complete 10. They will first unlock in the end of Zone 4, where you talk to your future self Ash 2.0. Here is a rundown of all missions:

Zone 1:

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Zone 2:

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Zone 3:

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Zone 4:

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Zone 5:

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Zone 6:

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Zone 7:

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Zone 8:

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Zone 9:

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Zone 10:

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Quick rabbit!
Die less than 5 seconds after a respawn."Ooooh! Poor thing! Want a cookie?"

In Zone 2 there is save point right under where you fight Victor Ball. Not far from there is a button that makes green goo flow out of a pibe. Press the button and kill yourself. You will spawn right next to the same button, and do this procedure again, under five seconds to net you this trophy.

Bug tracker!
Kill 500 bugs in the game!"Thanks for your help!"

Bugs = enemies... just so you know. These can be pretty much everything, from the small purple worms, you kill by just running them over, to those annoying clouds in Zone 8, and you will probably get this trophy at around 75% through the game, so be patient. You could of course always grind it, by killing the very small critters in Zone 1, if you want, but this trophy is not going to be a problem.

Groundhog day lover!
Die and retry more than 100 times."You did it on purpose?"

Ugh... This bloody trophy. The problem is that you have to do it in one session. If you quit the game, the death counter will reset and you'll have to start over. There are a lot of insta-death methods in the game, like spikes and green goo. You can always follow the method of the "Quick rabbit!" trophy to get this fast.

Superior Completion Skillz!
Finish the game!"Congratulations! Thanks for your hard work!"

The game is pretty easy and not that long. Just chomp down every monster and get to the end. If you happen to get stuck on a monster, check the Monsterpedia. I didn't spend 15 hours making it otherwise.

Good Santa!
Find a secret gift."You are gifted, sir!"

There are a good amount of gifts, and you are most certainly going to find the gift in the small corridor under Cosmo Snail in Zone 5. It's that easy to find.


[top]Zone 1

- Get ready for a Hellish experience

Found in: Zone 1
Description: Sometimes when you're playing those matching games and send a load of junk over to the opponent's screen, some of it get's lost in warpspace and lands here. Then things gets worse and worse.
How to Beat: I know this is your first real enemy, and you're nervous, but all you have to do is go close to him and spin your blade until his health depletes.

Found in: Zone 1
Description: Ernesto used to be bullied a lot by the cruel kids at Hell School. But then he saved up his lunch money for a small surgical modification. Can you spot it?
How to Beat: Because of his chainsaw, you have to sneak up behind Ernesto, by breaking the crystal to your left and then get close to him and spin your blade to his death.

Found in: Zone 1
Description: You'd be cranky too, if you were a giant eyeball that had to scuttle up and down walls for a living. All that dust and cobwebs! You'd never be done wiping.
How to Beat: Simple... Jump and spin the wheel. It's best to angle your jump so you hit the eyeball straight on.

Found in: Zone 1
Description: Myron died the same way he lived: looking ridiculous.
How to Beat: Avoid Myron's bulletfire and and get close to him and spin him to death.

Found in: Zone 1
Description: Zane loved life as a fly in hell, when it came to dinner he was always spoiled for choice. He'd been especially looking forward to tucking into the remains of Splattersaw, though we can't think why.
How to Beat: First go buy some missiles from the shop. The just pummel him with missiles till he dies.

Found in: Zone 1
Description: Earth's most infamous trillionaire. Dr Ima once claimed to be the smartest man alive. He was spending a year out of his body for tax resons when his BrainSuit suffered a disastrous electrical failure.
How to Beat: When you first see Thoughtwave just pass him, until you get your missiles, then just shoot him from a distance.

[top]Zone 11

- The first boss is always the easiest

Found in: Zone 11
Description: Although much-admired for his civility, the Hell Yeah! Bosses Union wishes to make clear that Luther should in no way be considered indicative of their future attitude towards your endeavours.
How to Beat: Well, your first boss. Bosses are usually divided in phases. Remember that it is best to kill Fuegogo with your missiles.

Phase 1:
Luther has three attacks. One where he just goes from right to left. Use the lowered parts of the arena to avoid it. He will also throw burning skulls at you. These are simple to avoid. Lastly he rolls into a fiery ball, which you will have to jump over.

Phase 2:
Luther now begins to teleport over the whole arena, and sometimes he stands still and throws spiked balls in a circular pattern. These can be a bit tricky to avoid.

Phase 3:
Luther is now chasing after you, use the cannons on either the left or right side to damage him. When he comes close jump out and use the speed boosts nearby. Fuegogo sometimes stop chasing you to drop bouncing fire balls.

Just deplete Fuegogo's health bar to win.

[top]Zone 2

- Do the Robot

Found in: Zone 2
Description: Despite his rather alarming appearance, Kelsey was actually a really cool guy. If you'd asked politely, he'd almost certainly have just gotten out of your way, without all of that unpleasantness.
How to Beat: Kelsey is a bit annoying. He throws screws at you. Get up the three tilted platforms and shoot him. I would suggest to stand the left corner when shooting Kelsey.

Found in: Zone 2
Description: One of those types who always tries to make the best of even the toughest situations. Sadly, nobody in Hell is ever really in the mood for a good old sing-song or a lively game of charades.
How to Beat: This is the first puzzle-oriented monster. Jump on the highest platform and push the crate down, so you can jump on the crate and on to the next platform, where you'll have to push the crate on top of Marvin.

Found in: Zone 2
Description: After the Great Bamboo Famine of 2086, greedy zookeepers resorted to extreme measures to keep their lucrative pandas alive. Poor Vince prayed for death long before you arrived. He thanks you.
How to Beat: Vince is actually a bit tricky. You should really only shoot him when his back is turned. As soon as he turns around run for the exit, but not too far away or he regains his health.

Found in: Zone 2
Description: Evil monster: Check. Impenetrable armor? Check. Inexplicable tendency to open up aforesaid armor at regular, predictable intervals to allow enemies a free shot inside? Hell, bad guys are such morons.
How to Beat: This guy is annoying. Darth gives a few seconds of time to shoot him, but you'll have to do it from above. So use the platforms above to shoot him while avoiding his missiles.

Found in: Zone 2
Description: It takes a certain special kind of creature to make their home slap in the middle of about 20 huge buzzsaws. We wonder if you tune out the noise after a while, or if you just go insane.
How to Beat: The only thing that makes Kermit a bit tricky is that the surroundings is an elevator and a mass amount of buzzsaws. Just shoot through his shields and avoid the very few bullets he shoots.

Found in: Zone 2
Description: These guys always look miserable. You'd think anyone who had a whole island to themselves would be a pretty chiffed about it, but no. We bet all their yachts are the wrong colour too, poor babies.
How to Beat: Roosevelt here is pretty easy to kill. Just approach him slowly and then shoot him.

Found in: Zone 2
Description: Sheldon never made the breakthrough into the videogame big-time. After numerous supporting roles in go-kart titles, he was just happy to get a job where he could smoke and drink.
How to Beat: Jump over him and shoot the exploding thingies below him (don't get too close to the explosion).

Found in: Zone 2
Description: Clayton was the snake that lived in your phone. In the rare moments when you weren't forcing him to eat, he stole tiny components and made himself armor. That's why your phone never worked.
How to Beat: Clayton is relatively simple. Only shots to the head works and he moves around with a pretty good speed so be precise. Clayton doesn't shoot that often so don't be afraid.

Found in: Zone 2
Description: 0011110010101110...SECURITY... 0111010010011101111...LOCO...101110111000 00110101010...KILL...10110010101010111100010100110B00O0O00B00S
How to Beat: Don't let his appearance scare you. He is pretty easy. He will charge you jump over and make sure he is following you. Run to the other side of the room to activate a button that lets slime fall from a pibe, which will kill him.

Found in: Zone 2
Description: Formerly the supervisor in the sweatshop where small children worked 20-hour days making toys. She "saved" all their wages until they were allowed to leave at 16, or died in a suspicious accident.
How to Beat: Just shoot the exploding thingie nearby.

[top]Zone 3

- Weaponless Combat

Found in: Zone 3
Description: In some ways, Princess She'Baa was a prisoner of circumstances. In other ways, she was a stupid, useless, parasitic blight on society and we're glad that you killed her.
How to Beat: Get the flamethrowers to shoot at you then you're beside Tamara and then quickly jump over her to make the cannons hit her. Rinse and repeat.

Found in: Zone 3
Description: Fluffy has a pedigree of failure.
How to Beat: Just make Felipe run into the spikes on your left.

Found in: Zone 3
Description: Garland and his twin brother Tyrell couldn't stand each other, so their parents gave Tyrell away for adoption. They enjoyed the peace and quit so much that they had Garland adopted too.
How to Beat: First push down the crates into the holes, so you make a "bridge" from Garland to Tyrell, then make them charge into each other.

Found in: Zone 3
Description: ...but due to an administrative mix-up the same family adopted both brothers. When the authorities tried to send one back the next day, their parents had moved house, with no forward address.
How to Beat: First push down the crates into the holes, so you make a "bridge" from Garland to Tyrell, then make them charge into each other.

Found in: Zone 3
Description: Mellicent was a pretty hopeless knight. He'd tried to rescue a grand total of 213 princesses but 212 of them were either killed or already rescued before he got there. She'Baa was his last chance ever.
How to Beat: This is more like an obstacle course. Run around and use Mellicent's own weapon to break the crystals to proceed. When you get to the end, make him shoot both crystal platforms that is holding the crate and make it fall on him.

Found in: Zone 3
Description: Everyone who saw Elwood immediately wanted to rush up and give him a great big hug. Which was an invaluable boon for his work with children's charities as well as in his career as a Mafia assassin.
How to Beat: Use Mellicent's weapon on him.

Found in: Zone 3
Description: In his life before Hell, Truman was a "deadbeat dad". His punishment was to be given sole custody of 269 eggs. He did a surprisingly good job, but now they're all orphans. Are you proud of yourself.
How to Beat: Go through the water maze to find a crate you can push through the the maze until it hits Truman in the head.

[top]Zone 12

- Boss 2: Revenge

Found in: Zone 12
Description: A fully paid-up member of the One Percent Club. Marcel enjoyed a life of ostentatious luxury. He made his fortune in the nutcracking industry, and likes to keep his hand in.
How to Beat: Second boss... and more phases. I recommend the Gatling Gun here.

Phase 1:
He will mostly just spam this wave attack you have to jump over. He is too tall to jump over so you'll have to quickly navigate under him and then shoot him on the other side of the arena.

Phase 2:
He teleports between the very ends of the arena. He makes stalagmites come up from the ground. They are fortunately marked before they do so. He also makes stalactites fall from the ceiling. These are not marked so beware (they are slower though).

Phase 3:
There is two stories in this arena. Always stay on the upper story. Marcel does a powerful charge attack on the lower story, and a not so powerful missile attack on the upper story.

[top]Zone 4

- The G(r)eek Club

Found in: Zone 4
Description: We're pretty sure this isn't actually God, so don't feel too bad about having killed him. Except in so far as he'd want you to, of course. Killing things is wrong, sometimes.
How to Beat: Zeus is annoying, but pretty simple just jump around and shoot him with the gatling gun while avoiding his lightning bolts.

Found in: Zone 4
Description: If you think you have a tough life, try being a 26th-generation MegaGorgon born into a fairground family who run a hall of mirrors. The we'll see who ends up a little bit paranoid and twitchy.
How to Beat: This is an annoying battle. You can't jump down to Mavis, because of spikes. So stand on the left side of the gap and jump and shoot (preferably with your gatling gun), until he dies. Though stand far enough to the ledge so his hammers don't get you.

Found in: Zone 4
Description: This was one of our favourite monsters. Just take a look at him. He's magnificent. But to you he was just another piece of meat, to be slaughtered with barely a thought. Have you no respect for art?
How to Beat: Roman shoots out cards pretty quickly so use your gatling gun to quickly shoot the cards away. When you get close enough to Roman shoot him in the face.

Found in: Zone 4
Description: Tyson had to keep running backwards and forwards all the time, because his tiny legs wouldn't support his legs if he stood still for even a second. They don't call it Hell for nothing, you know.
How to Beat: He basically just runs back and forth and you have a very minor slot to hit him, so keep jumping and shoot him in the back, and he will go down eventually.

Found in: Zone 4
Description: Back home Brooks was the manager of a department store, a proper old-school type where the customer was always right. So when one said " Going down" in the ground-floor elevator, he had to.
How to Beat: Don't get too close to walls, since his projectiles explode into smaller projectiles in collision, other than that jump n' shoot for victory.

Found in: Zone 4
Description: Poor, innocent Asa was the president of Ash's fan club (Hell branch). He was besides himself with excitement the day your pics appeared on the Hellternet. Probably best off dead.
How to Beat: Push the vase through the portals and avoid the flamethrowers. Before pushing the vase through the last portal (which is right next to Asa) make sure that it will be timed correctly to hit him on the head.

Found in: Zone 4
Description: Despite the image he liked to put out, Sexton wasn't card sharp at all. His money came from a trust fund set up by his parents, who ran a company selling knitted jumpers with kittens on them.
How to Beat: He teleports around and shoot cards everywhere. Use a gatling gun for this guy.

Found in: Zone 4
Description: One of the few advantages of looking like a ten-ton wrecking ball covered in spikes is that you get a really striking passport photo.
How to Beat: Seriously... Just get the hell away from his projectiles. They explode into multiple projectiles. Remember to aim for the head, and I personally suggest using missiles on this guy.

Found in: Zone 4
Description: One of the three heads was a sensitive poet, praised for his thought-provoking reflections on the nature of war. But you didn't even ask, all of those damn dirty snakes are the same to you. Racist.
How to Beat: This guy is pretty easy to beat, as long as you stand a few distances away and just spam missiles like crazy.

Found in: Zone 4
Description: Nobody who ever tried sticking a flower in this quick-tempered grump ever made the same mistake twice.
How to Beat: You'll have to make a big fall to knock over this guy. Use the boosts near you to get on high ground, then you fall down to the cannon. Use it to shoot you straight down.

[top]Zone 5

- In Spaaaaaaaace

Found in: Zone 5
Description: Osvaldo got to Hell through a newspaper competition. It had actually been intended as an April Fool's joke, but a legal error in the small print meant they had to strangle him on the spot.
How to Beat: Just use your blade on him.

Found in: Zone 5
Description: "Hasson's onboard, right?" was the last phrase he heard before Apollo 97 lander took off. He spent years drawing huge SOS signals, but the mission had been to the Dark Side and nobody saw.
How to Beat: Spin into him. Now hit him three more times without having Merle touch the ground. It may be a bit tough, but at least he doesn't fight back.

Found in: Zone 5
Description: Due to cutbacks, later NASA missions were ad-sponsored, mainly by gambling and porn companies. Nobody was happy about it, but that's the future for you.
How to Beat: Same as Merle, but instead of four times, you'll have to spin into him 7 times. Try to hit him head-on, so he doesn't fly around, but just shoots Ulysses straight up in the air.

Found in: Zone 5
Description: Some parts of the Dark Side are still uncharted. The Major wandered off into one and something bad happened. We're not quite sure how he was still moving around. Brrr.
How to Beat: Same as Merle and Ulysses, but Caleb here takes 10 hits. Be sure to kill the enemies in the area so they don't disturb you.

Found in: Zone 5
Description: If you're wondering why this guy looks so fed up, it's because he bites himself in his bottom eye every time he has dinner, which really sucks. The name was a total coincidence, incidentally.
How to Beat: Go into a nearby shooting turret. Look straight down. Shoot the fiery crystals to make a fiery vent fall down. Push that fiery vent to the left, while avoiding the lasers. Shoot the fiery gas, when it's below the exploding thingies under Eric.

Found in: Zone 5 - Space Part
Description: After 30 years getting squished on that God-damned highway by total jerks in trucks, Colin finally decided he wasn't to take any more. It wasn't like he could swim anyway, so what the Hell.
How to Beat: Shoot the surrounding enemies first, before tackeling Colin

Found in: Zone 5 - Space Part
Description: He'd wanted to be one of the ones with the plunger or the grabbing arm. But no, they had to give him a laser blaster. You can't open a pickle jar with a laser blaster, can you?
How to Beat: Pretty easy. Just keep shooting at him while avoiding his slow moving bullets. Don't worry about gas unless you're low.

Found in: Zone 5 - Space Part
Description: Autotron Systems Ltd. thought that a femininely-styled mechanibot would make the female inhabitants of Hell feel more comfortable. But an unexpected bug made the SR-02 a total bitch.
How to Beat: Keep circling around him while shooting him to avoid his heatseeking missiles.

Found in: Zone 5 - Space Part
Description: Caution: objects in space are bigger than they appear. We've had complaints, but we don't care.
How to Beat: This took me a while to figure out, but the hint gave it away. You need to make him see the big picture.... get it? You need to press to zoom out, so Colton sees, that he is alone and dies.

[top]Zone 13

Boss 3: Ressurection

Found in: Zone 13
Description: Max's moves may have seemed a little erratic to you during the fight, but in fact if viewed from above they were the traditional mating dance of its species. You ruined it.
How to Beat: A boss fight so guess what?... Phases. Remember to aim for the head.
Phase 1:
He keep going around in circles in a relatively small area. He shoots a lot of lasers. Remember to keep going in the fuel circle to pick them up. Don't worry, they respawn.

Phase 2:
In this round, Max charge at you, which on one side makes you an easier target, but on the other hand makes him an easier target too. The fuel is pretty scattered around, so if you run low, go back to the Phase 1 area.

Phase 3:
He leaves bombs around, but other than that it's just more of the same. Luckily in the phase 3 area there is a lot fuel boosts, so just keep shooting him without really worrying about your health... since your health is your fuel.

[top]Zone 6

- Wallstreet's worst nightmare

Found in: Zone 6
Description: You'd better hope this one forgives you if you want to see a Hell Yeah! 2 someday.
How to Beat: This Spongebob reject, shoots a popular internet meme at you. Avoid the rainbowy "Nyah", by jumping over them, and just keep shooting him (I prefer the missiles).

Found in: Zone 6
Description: Kwakalot is living proof that even harmless creatures can be REALLY annoying sometimes.
How to Beat: Don't worry you'll get this automatically, but first after you've killed the next three monsters. Right before the door where you have to kill 50 monsters, you'll cross some fire spewing... uhmm... purple things, which will burn Hester.

Found in: Zone 6
Description: In Hell, COWS milk YOU.
How to Beat: Stay on high ground, since Sabrina shoots "moo"'s from up to down, but she is pretty easy to kill.

Found in: Zone 6
Description: Awwww! Look at this little fella! Go on, pinch his cheeks, ruffle his hair and wait, you did WHAT? Good God. We don't even know who the monsters are anymore.
How to Beat: He is upside down. And drops small pellets on you, so stay out of his way and shoot him from a distance.

Found in: Zone 6
Description: All that stuff people tell you about puppets being controlled by humans with strings is a lie. In fact there are little tiny cats in there. Every single puppet show you ever saw? All cats.
How to Beat: He shoots "Hey"'s, but they have a very short range, so you can easily shoot him from a distance, without even getting close to the projectiles.

Found in: Zone 6
Description: Ever wondered where the leftovers go when something gets bitten in half by a shark? Hell, of course. Nobody wants just the ass half of anything, however cute it was before.
How to Beat: Get close to him and press to let him see Cornelia and he will then commit suicide.

Found in: Zone 6
Description: You know what you really don't want to think about? How these things eat.
How to Beat: Go to the nearby shop. Get the Lovethong customisation for free, and wear it to open the door right next to Cornelia, and then shoot her.

[top]Zone 7

- Dump n' Junk

Found in: Zone 7
Description: Woodrow loved his job at the children's home as a Nightmare Summoner. But in time, they frightened him more than the other way round. He recently applied for political asylum.
How to Beat: Jump up the platforms near Judson, then continue up the path and continue to wall jump up the walls next to the door. You'll find a sniping turret. Snipe the monster.

Found in: Zone 7
Description: As a football manager, Judson had been a firm believer in the principle that anger was an energy. If you thought he was hostile to be rabbits, you should have seen him near pigs.
How to Beat: Jump up the platforms near Judson, then continue up the path and continue to wall jump up the walls next to the door. You'll find a sniping turret. Snipe the monster.

Found in: Zone 7
Description: Sterling arrived in Hell as a tiny, adorable monster kitten. But people never think about the future, and by the time he'd lived to 450, his nickname had become less spirited.
How to Beat: Jump up the platforms near Judson, then continue up the path and continue to wall jump up the walls next to the door. You'll find a sniping turret. Snipe the landmines and the exploding robots to kill him indirectly.

Found in: Zone 7
Description: Sometimes killing is the kindest thing you can do in the circumstances.
How to Beat: Jump up the platforms near Judson, then continue up the path and continue to wall jump up the walls next to the door. You'll find a sniping turret. Snipe the crystals just above Demetrius to make a block fall and kill him.

Found in: Zone 7
Description: As you can plainly tell, the Hideotrope really likes Lime Jelly. The sures way to enrage one is to make a joke about its "jewels". It's them all, a lot.
How to Beat: This guy is annoying as Hell. You can find nectar around area, and you will have to lure Fidel into some of that green goo. The nectar attracts him, but it only works for a little while and you'll need to get a refill.

Found in: Zone 7
Description: Very few Hideotropes live long enough to reach full maturity, mostly because they're so irritable they invariably get killed in bar fights by the age of two. This was the only one currently alive.
How to Beat: Same idea as Fidel, only that Hector is not destroyed by green goo, but by the robots bullets. There is this long hallway filled with enemy robots. They will shoot at you, but make them hit Hector.

[top]Zone 3 - Revisit

- Into the abyss

Found in: Zone 3 - Revisit
Description: The females of this species are tiny. So no, that wasn't actually a shoal of little kids. What you just brutally slaughtered was one seriously sexy Dadyss.
How to Beat: The submarine is slow and unresponsive, so this guy is actually not easy. Use your torpedos, because your bombs are waaaay too slow, to even scrape him, and then just hope, you don't get slaughtered by him or the other enemies.

Found in: Zone 3 - Revisit
Description: The exotically-plumaged creature had a placid temperament most of the time, only attacking things that clashed with what she was wearing. Like you and your stupid hats.
How to Beat: Unlike Judd, Lavina is slow and relies mostly on her spawns of other enemies. Therefore it's a good idea to just swim over her, and bombard her with your bombs.

Found in: Zone 3 - Revisit
Description: We don't know why you'd need guns to fight off this monster fish. Everytime it comes past you just whip one of its bones out and hide it in a drawer. Soon it's just a couple of fins, job done.
How to Beat: Barton is really quick, so I wouldn't suggest to use either the bombs nor the torpedos.... unfortunately those are the only weapons you have so the torpedos is probably your best bet. Check the radar to see where his head is located, when he is not on screen so you can "Predict" where to shoot.

[top]Zone 8

- This is truly Hell

Found in: Zone 8
Description: Lawanda was a cheerful little flower who clearly didn't belong in Hell. She only ended up there because she was so chirpy and annoying that nobody else wanted her anywhere near them.
How to Beat: Find the rainbow pile nearby, drop down, and shoot down the small passageway with the spike.

Found in: Zone 8
Description: The old dear survived the sinking of the Titanic, the Hindenburg disaster, two world wars and being knocked down by a total of 27 separate buses, trams and underground trains. But not you.
How to Beat: Use a missile weapon to free the tank, then use a rainbow pile to shoot the tank while it point on the gap at Sylvia.

Found in: Zone 8
Description: This guy's so boring we don't even remember you defeating him. Are you sure it happened? There may have been a bug. Please call our QA team.
How to Beat: Use the same rainbow pile at Sylvia and quickly bring it to area where Geoffrey is... but where is he? He is so small, that you need the radar to locate him. Once you've sprayed him with the rainbows and he has grown big, use any other armory you have to finish him.

Found in: Zone 8
Description: The Horribilis and Mirabilis are twin evolutions of the Janus species, with only. 0.0005% different DNA. The Mirabilis will still rip your arms off, but it does it with a grin and a sunny disposition.
How to Beat: There is this small obstacle course you have to run with the rainbow pile. Kill the enemies beforehand and just avoid the spikes and shoot rainbows in to the very small hole in the wall to shrink Octavio so he walks into the spikes.

Found in: Zone 8 - Flying section
Description: This weirdo was asking for it to be honest. Used to beat up his wife and all sorts of bad stuff. We hope he rot in... actually where's worse than Hell? Is there an UltraHell or something?
How to Beat: If you're quick you can just fly over him and drop bombs without reaching to even touch you... if not just spray him with bullets.

Found in: Zone 8 - Flying section
Description: No matter how stealthy a ninja you are, walking around with a giant sword and your face covered in blood tends to blow your cover. And, y'know, also the whole "giant canary" thing.
How to Beat: A bit harder than her husband. There are enough room for bombs so just blast her, and then she comes too close flee for a bit and blast her again.

Found in: Zone 8 - Flying Section
Description: Hey, YOU'D be militant, if you were a starfish. Imagine basically spending your entire life at the bottom of the toilet humanity flushed all its sewage into.
How to Beat: Just be above him and rain down bombs... no seriously, there's not more to it than that.

Found in: Zone 8 - Flying Section
Description: Oh, for Heaven's sake. He was just trying to be friendly, you moron.
How to Beat: Jeremiah has some annoying heatseeking cookie bullets. Ram him with bullets as hard as you can, but be aware of the small corridor you have to battle him in.

Found in: Zone 8 - Flying Section
Description: Eeww. Christ. It gives you that horrible icky feeling at the back of your neck kust looking at it, doesn't it? It's like they painted a happy face onto the inestines of a hanged serial killer.
How to Beat: Trianna doesn't attack that much, leaving them to be a pretty easy target. Just bomb or shoot them. Your choiche.

[top]Zone 9

- Strobelight-a-ganza

Found in: Zone 9
Description: This is what happens if you get into a stranger's car after school, kids.
How to Beat: Millard runs back and forth while being electrified. You just needs to shoot him, and trust me... he's very easy.

Found in: Zone 9
Description: If you set out to go to an acid rave, but get on the wrong bus and end up at a hardcore black death metal club in the basement of a dodgy pub, you have to get pretty good at violence pretty fast.
How to Beat: He really shoots out a lot of bullets. If you happened to have the Holy Water Gun, you can actually stay on low ground and shoot him from there. Everything else is just a matter of speed and luck.

Found in: Zone 9
Description: DJ Lame was the King of mashups. Well, at least, he thought he was. Unfortunately, his experimental works on Psychobilly vs. Klassikal vs. Hardcore did not get him the fame he expected.
How to Beat: Dante is just standing in the corner throwing cards at random, so you can basically just stand still and fire at him.

Found in: Zone 9
Description: There's no more tragic sight than a hula-dancer with chronic motion sickness. At least you finally put it out of its misery.
How to Beat: Just press near him... it's getting a bit old, isn't it?

Found in: Zone 9
Description: Don't get over-excited, boys, she's on the other team! (By which we mean, the team of evil bloodsucking beasts who want to destroy your life forever. You can finish that joke yourself.)
How to Beat: Locate and enter the camera. Locate her (she around the northeastern corner) and take a few pictures of her to kill her.

Found in: Zone 9
Description: The one upside of being devoured by a Marcelo is that you get a pleasant tickling sensation from the funny little protuberance on Pom-Pom (the blue thing) to distract you from the agony.
How to Beat: Just use your blade to slice her... uhm... he... it.

Found in: Zone 9
Description: A really big ABBA fan, his favourite song was an obscure B-side track from their second album, "Waterloo". Man, you probably don't even know what a "side" of an album is, do you?
How to Beat: Hey remember those astronauts where you had to spin into them and then spin them a number of times without them having to touch the ground?.... yeah weren't that fun? Let's do that again, except a lot faster. Hit this guy 8 times.

Found in: Zone 9
Description: Favourite dance: The Samba. Favourite song: La Bamba. Favourite snake: Black mamba. Favourite expression: Caramba!
How to Beat: Same as Quincy but 10 times.

Found in: Zone 9
Description: Former estate agent. The life and soul of any party, but then takes you to one side later in the evening and tries to sell you a timeshare apartment, leaving a sour taste permeating the whole night.
How to Beat: ...12 times without touching the ground........ I have nothing more to add, except that it's pretty hard........

Found in: Zone 9
Description: At the touch of a button, Dr Bit could transform himself into a powerful locomotive. Unfortunately he was set to run on an archaic non-standard gauge, so there was never any points in bothering.
How to Beat: Speaking of things we've tried before, you remember Napoleon? No, not the French guy, the big vase, which had to be destroyed by pummeling to the ground. It's the same here. Boost up the blue boosts and just jump down and hit the ground just below Cassius.

[top]Zone 1 - Revisit

- Back to the start

Found in: Zone 1 - Revisit
Description: In Hell, souls are reborn in a form determined by the last thoughts and images in their minds at the point of death. Jeff was mangled beyond recognition in a motorway pile-up.
How to Beat: This guy is rolling around on the ground with a lot of buzzsaws kinda just minding his own business. Just shoot him.

Found in: Zone 1 - Revisit
Description: Poisoned on Earth by a drink that was simply too orangey, Gilberto subsequently reacted violently to anything with bright cartoon colours.
How to Beat: He only flies around and shoots out missiles. You've tried this a dozen times (I even think literally).

Found in: Zone 1 - Revisit
Description: Thad lived a quiet, contemplative life as a librarian, but always had a nagging feeling he'd missed his true vocation. After a series of experimental murders, he moved into HellLand Security.
How to Beat: Destroy the fiery crystal to the left. Jump up to the little alcove with the button. When Thad is under the stone face, press the button to drop goo on him.

Found in: Zone 1 - Revisit
Description: Like all conjurors, Jason lacked social skills. The more lonely he felt, the more spectacular his magical pyrotechnics. By the end, even an attack from a psychotic rabbit was just a form of company.
How to Beat: How the Hell did they get away with this obvious Mario reference? His attack is quite menacing, but he has very low life. Just fire away.

Found in: Zone 1 - Revisit
Description: Born tone-deaf, Elvis was a crushing disappointment to his parents. The years of neglect could do nothing to dampen his natural exuberance, though, and he became a world-renowned mime artist.
How to Beat: Get on one of the moving platforms on one of the side of the "batcave" and shoot him when the opportunity is there. I prefer the laser since it's bounces on surfaces.

[top]Zone 7 - Revisit

- The Return of the Trash

Found in: Zone 7 - Revisit
Description: All Terry ever wanted to do in life was make people laugh. But he failed as a clown, and performed furious bitter stand-up comedy in the Cabaret Infernale when not on monster duty.
How to Beat: Very easy guy, since his bullet range is abysmal and you can shoot him from afar with no problems at all.

Found in: Zone 7 - Revisit
Description: Gertrude adored line-dancing, so she was enraged to be reincarnated in Hell without any legs, and devoted her time to lurking at the bottom of swimming pools trapping careless bathers.
How to Beat: Get the magnet, and hang from the ceiling when fighting Gertrude. It makes her projectiles so easier to dodge.

Found in: Zone 7 - Revisit
Description: In Hell restaurants, the Carniflora is what passes for the vegetarian option. Which one of you eats the other is not a foregone conclusion.
How to Beat: No matter what your plan is... ALWAYS STAND ON THE LEFT PLATFORM!!! It makes him SOOO much easier.

Found in: Zone 7 - Revisit
Description: Foamanchu's people were the most feared villains of the early XIXth century. Everyone thought the Foaman Hordes would enslave the world. It turned out the real danger was sexual harassment.
How to Beat: He has a big flame coming out of him, so always keep moving n' shooting.

[top]Zone 10

- Snoozefest finalé

Found in: Zone 10
Description: Zargnor was voted the Sexiest Creature In Hell four years running. The museum is one of the only places he can still quietly read a book without being mobbed by hysterical groupies.
How to Beat: Push the Pyramid turret through the portal. Do not get hit though... that would be stupid.

Found in: Zone 10
Description: A natural braggart, known in the bars of Hell for his preposterous tales. It was only natural that after a few drinks he'd think himself easily a match for some stupid rabbit.
How to Beat: Okay, there is another shooting pyramid, which you have to push through multiple portals. The pyramid is to the left of the exhibition with Leonardo in it. Once you've pushed it through the portal to Leonardo, it will kill him.

Found in: Zone 10
Description: Jarvis gets through an awful lot of saddles. As a rule, he gets Rover to trot rather than gallop, which is why the beast is permanently in a foul mood.
How to Beat: Now that another door has opened you can push the pyramid over the exhibition with Jarvis McDanial (and Rover). Follow the paths to get the pyramid into the exhibition with Jarvis (and Rover).

Found in: Zone 10
Description: Nothing hacked Delmar off more than people coming along with a couple of drumsticks and using him as a giant xylophone. But he had to reluctantly concede that he had a lovely timbre.
How to Beat: Go to the left of the arena, where a small gap is. Jump in it, and when Delmar has moved enough to the right AND has his back turned jump out and shoot the Hell out of him.

Found in: Zone 10
Description: Being a lonely sleeping beauty in a dusty museum isn't the greatest life, and the weird neighbours can be a trial. But everything changed when Casey discovered DISCO!
How to Beat: Approach her slowly and then shoot her... simple.

Found in: Zone 10
Description: Most of Lord Nitzer is actually just armor. The only living (and therefore vulnerable) part is the small yappy dog that lives inside his helmet, which why he's so difficult to kill.
How to Beat: This guy is annoying and tricky to get. You need to get that pyramid pushed down, pushed past the gate, and have a clear passageway over the single spike so it can shoot rusty from below. Clear the passageway first, then push the pyramid.

Found in: Zone 10
Description: Abigail was a spoilt little brat who was banished to Hell by her incredibly strict parents when only 6, for refusing o eat her peas. We hope this teaches you an important lesson. (YOUR PARENTS SUCK).
How to Beat: He just warps around and shoot 8 straight bullets in 8 different directions at a time. He is pretty easy.

Found in: Zone 10
Description: Many denizens of Hell were just ordinary folks put in difficult positions by circumstance. But Sicklight was an embodiment of true evil, he'd pick his nose and wipe it on your sofa, the works.
How to Beat: He warps around and charges at you in a narrow corridor. Try to get as many shoots in as possible before he sees you.

Found in: Zone 10
Description: Brent wasn't the true Duke of Hell. The actual Duke's car broke down outside Brent's house one night, and noticing their similarity, Brent killed him and took his place. He regrets it now, obv.
How to Beat: He shoots a lot. And you have to shoot him in the head. The magnet helps a whole lot to accomplish this task.

Found in: Zone 10
Description: The Duchess was Hell's greatest patriot. Dim-witted but fiercely loyal, she would furiously attack any threat she perceived to its integrity. Her main weakness was the inability to see past her own hair.
How to Beat: She is pretty much the same story, as Brent with the exception that you HAVE to use the magnet to even pass her.

[top]Zone 14

- Boss 4: The Final Frontier

Found in: Zone 14
Description: It's a long story.
How to Beat: Last boss.... now with phases 2.0
Phase 1:
Incredibly easy phase. He jumps around and shoots a bit of waves. You will get the hang of it pretty easily.

Phase 2:
There are cannons that shoot at you, time it right to pass, since they can't be destroyed. There is a small platform used to jump over Obesius, because he is doind a constant spinning axe attack.

Phase 3:
There are a lot of one-hit-death-spikes, so watch your step. Obesius just jumps around and throws heat-seeking missiles after you, but it's not too bad.

Now it's finally over... OR IS IT?

Found in: Zone 14
Description: Shame on you. All this because of a cheerleader.
How to Beat: Yeah... There is two phases more of this battle... now against Cherie here.

Phase 4:
She floats around and shoot stuff, and she does it quickly. Be on your toes, and if you can get a missile in her eyesocket she should go down quickly, but not easily.

Phase 5:
Easier than the previous phase. She now just speeds around and occasionally stop to mass-fire bullets. This is the most optimal time to shoot her.

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