Players: One.
Online Trophies: None.
Online Pass Required for Platinum: No.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20 - 25 Hours.
Minimum Playthroughs: 2+
Collectible Trophies: Eleven - All weapon related trophies.
Difficulty Trophies: Six - Three for completing, three for Silent Assassin ranks.
Missable Trophies: No - Chapter Select is available.
Glitched Trophies: N/A


Hitman: Contracts is the third installment in the Hitman franchise featuring the series protagonist Agent 47. We catch up to 47 on the job after he suffers a gunshot wound, throwing him into shock. Left semi-unconscious, we flash back to pivotal contract assassinations carried out, unfolding everything leading up to this moment. As time passes, law enforcement closes in as 47 is nursed by an Agency doctor. Will 47 be able to finish what he started?

[top]Professional Tips and Strategies

Your goal of any mission is to get is to get to your contracted target and kill him with as little attention to yourself as possible.

- Small things like walking to your objective or learning the paths of your enemy can greatly impact how easy you find it to stay incognito.

- Other things like peeking through the numerous keyholes and shutting the door behind you as you enter a new area can cut out a lot of chances of being caught of guard or attracting witnesses.

- True, you can't always be perfect, so if you need to eliminate a non-target to get to your objective, it's best to do it discreetly. The quietest way to get rid of someone is to use the Fiber Wire (lethal) or the Syringe (non-lethal).

- There will be situations where you need to quickly and quietly dispose of a body that may be found by another enemy. After killing or sedating someone, you should drag then to another area or anywhere that's safely out of view.

- In some missions you'll need to wear a disguise to enter some restricted areas to reach your target. By killing or knocking out someone then taking his clothes, you'll be able to move freely about as long as you don't do anything suspicious, like run around.

- At least for trophy sake, you don't have to be absolutely perfect. As long as you can finish the mission you can always go back on lower difficulties to clean things up. Making a tedious chore of the game is just unhealthy.


1) Normal Playthrough - Here you'll play through the game on the easiest difficulty and achieve Silent Assassin ratings on all 12 missions while familiarizing yourself with each mission. Getting a grasp in the fundamentals shouldn't pose a problem.

(Once you start a game on a particular difficulty, you can not change it.)

2) Weapon & Kill Clean-Up - Simply heading back to grab a few things here and there should take no time at all. By the time you finish the game, you should have amassed a good portion of the game's arsenal. Here you should be getting the rest of the games weapons and all of your specific kill trophies.

2) Professional Playthrough
- Starting a new save on Professional. It isn't really too difficult. Most of the game mechanics are streamlined, most notably the Fiber Wire animations. Unlike other iterations, there are a lot more possibilities and directions to go in finding a good way to take out your target. Being creative is key.

4) Ding -

[top]Related Guides

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Hitman: Blood Money - By: Vulgar
Flashing back over a number of years, we see Agent 47's career narrated by a former director of the FBI. As the ex-director recounts tracking 47, we follow him through events leading up to Contracts and everything that follows as The Franchise and the authorities begin to corner him. Will 47 slip up and be eliminated? Or is it impossible to keep a good assassin down?

Hitman: Absolution - By: ESBEN-SEJ
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Perfect Assassin
Unlock all trophies

Complete all other trophies for this assassintastic platinum.

1st Mission Complete
You completed the first mission on any level

Simply complete the mission Asylum Aftermath on any difficulty. This will pop once your rating screen gives your mission statistics.

Silent Assassin
A Silent Assassin rating has been awarded

A Silent Assassin rating is the highest achievable rating in any Hitman game. Only the most stealthy and strict gameplay is required here. On each mission you're judged on the following criteria;

- Shots Fired.
- Close Encounters. (Spooked non-enemies or bodies found.)
- Headshots.
- Alerts.
- Enemies Killed.
- Enemies Harmed.
- Innocents Killed.
- Innocents Harmed.
- Difficulty.
- Saves.

From there you will be shown meters based on the play-style.

- Stealth. (More the better.)
- Aggression. (Less the better)
- Ranking.
- Time.

To ensure a Silent Assassin rating you want zeros across the board. There will be exceptions to the case where you will have to use firearms to complete a contract. In those cases having good accuracy and a firearm kill will still produce an Silent Assassin rank.

5 Normal Silent Assassins
5 Silent Assassin ratings awarded on the Normal difficulty

Stackable, see 5 Professional Silent Assassins.

5 Expert Silent Assassins
5 Silent Assassin ratings awarded on the Expert difficulty

Stackable, see 5 Professional Silent Assassins.

5 Professional Silent Assassins
5 Silent Assassin ratings awarded on the Professional difficulty

At the end of every mission you are ranked based on a list of criteria. (See Silent Assassin for more.) Below is the ideal statistics layout for a Silent Assassin rank. Please note that some stats are subjective based on the particular mission, I.E. you must use a firearm to eliminate a target, and will be indicated below in red.

Shots Fired - 0
Close Encounters - 0
Headshots - 0
Alerts - 0
Enemies Killed - 0
Enemies Harmed - 0
Innocents Killed - 0
Innocents Harmed - 0
Difficulty - (Your choice.)
Saves - 0 (In some missions your are rewarded saves. Using them does not hinder your rating.)

Normal Mode Complete
Completed normal difficulty

Stackable, see Professional Mode Complete.

Differences here from Expert and Professional are;

- Agency assistance.
- Dumb AI.
- Lots of health.
- 7 saves per level.

Expert Mode Complete
Completed expert difficulty

Stackable, see Professional Mode Complete.

Differences from Normal and Profession are;

- Low Agency assistance.
- Smarter AI.
- Lower amount of health.
- Evidence will impact your mission rating.
- 2 saves per level.

Professional Mode Complete
Completed professional difficulty

Professional is the highest difficulty offered in Contracts. What sets it apart from the rest of the choices are the following;

- Next to no help from the Agency.
- Smartest AI.
- Very low health.
- Evidence will impact overall mission rating even more.
- No saves mid-mission. (Though you are rewarded with some in the longer missions.)
- Only you and your targets are visible on your map.

Only boasting 12 missions, Hitman: Contracts is technically the shortest of the franchise thus far. Below is a no-frills, Silent Assassin walkthrough of each mission on Professional Difficulty. Using this walkthrough and the tips above, you should be on your way to completion in no time.

Note: You do not have to complete every mission with a Silent Assassin ranking on Professional. You can unlock the SA rewards on lower difficulties too. These are just here to point you in the right direction if need be. Use at your own discretion.

I - Asylum Aftermath

Toggle Spoiler

II -The Meat King's Party

Toggle Spoiler

III- The Bjarkhov Bomb

Toggle Spoiler

IV - Beldingford Manor

Toggle Spoiler

V - Rendezvous in Rotterdam

Toggle Spoiler

VI - Deadly Cargo

Toggle Spoiler

VII- Traditions of the Trade

Toggle Spoiler

VIII - Slaying a Dragon

Toggle Spoiler

IX - The Wang Fou Incident

Toggle Spoiler

X - The Seafood Massacre

Toggle Spoiler

XI - The Lee Hong Assassination

Toggle Spoiler

XII - Hunter and Hunted

Toggle Spoiler

All Firearms Collected
All Firearms collected and displayed in the training room

There is a laundry list of weapons in Hitman: Contracts, but that doesn't mean they are hard to obtain. Below is a list of all the firearms in the game and where I found them. In order to keep them in your training room, you must complete the mission with the guns in your inventory. Simply using then will not count.

Note: Some weapons can only be obtained in a number of missions, and some can only be obtained by achieving a Silent Assassin rank on a particular mission. Those weapons will be highlighted in red.

Asylum Aftermath
Silverballers - Default Weapon.
CZ2000 - On the bodies of dead Agents.
SPAS 12 - On a dead SWAT officer, second floor.
Aug SMG - On a few SWAT officers.
SG220 Silenced - On a SWAT officer, outside.
Mini-Gun - (See Mini-Gun)
Dual Gold Desert Eagles - (See Double Eagle)
CZ2000 Dual

The Meat King's Party
Silverballer Silenced - On Andrei Puscus' body.
MP9 SMG - Carried by slaughterhouse guards.
Micro Uzis

The Bjarkhov Bomb
Dragunov Sniper - In the back of the hangar you climb into.
AK74 - Carried by Russian Soldiers.
Silverballers Silenced

Beldingford Manor
Double-Barreled Shotgun - Carried by outside Manor guards.
GK17 - Carried by the inside Manor guards.
Enforcer Sniper Rifle- On the sniper inside the barn just outside of the tennis court.
Magnum 500 Dual

Rendezvous in Rotterdam
Gold Desert Eagle - On Rutgert Van Leuven's body.
Sawn-Off Shotgun - Carried by some of the biker gang, and some in the basement.
Magnum 500 - Carried by some of the biker gang, and some in the basement.
Sawn-Off Shotgun Dual

Deadly Cargo
M4 Carbine - Carried by the SWAT team.
M4 Carbine Assault Rifle .S

Traditions of the Trade
W2000 - In the sniper case you begin with.
Sawn Off Shotgun Dual

Slaying a Dragon
MP5 Sub-Machine Gun .S

The Wang Fou Incident
Micro Uzi - Carried by the Lotus gang members.
AK74 Assault Rifle Silenced

The Seafood Massacre
R93 Sniper - On the sniper on the roof of building, diagonal from the restaurant, shoot him down to get it.
GK17 Dual

The Lee Hong Assassination
Micro Uzi Silenced - In a weapon cache room, among other weapons, in the basement.
M60 - In the weapon cache room, in the basement, next to the elevator to the mansion.
Micro Uzis Silenced

Hunter and Hunted
MP5 SMG - Carried by the SWAT officers on the streets.
PGM Sniper Rifle
- On the snipers on the rooftops, shoot 'em down to get it.
PGM Sniper Rifle Silenced

All Melee Weapons Found
You have found all Melee Weapons

Below is a list of all the melee weapons in the game and where I found them. Unlike the firearms, you cannot collect these in your training room, and better yet you only have to pick them up, though you still have to finish the mission after at least holding them to secure you had it when it saves. The trophy will pop once you've picked up the final weapon.

Asylum Aftermath
Fiber Wire - Default weapon.
Syringe - In the surgery room, across the hall from the one with the guy hacking up a dead Agent.
Stun Gun - On a dead patient, on the second floor.
Kitchen Knife - On a dead patient, on the second floor.

The Meat King's Party
Meat Hook - You start of the mission with one.
Meat Cleaver
- In the food prep kitchen, where you get the chicken.
Bolt Gun - In a small first floor butcher room, with the hanging carcasses.

Beldingford Manor
Fire Poker - Next to one of the fire places.
Shovel - There's one in the middle of the hedge maze.

Rendezvous in Rotterdam
Pool Cue - In the bar area.

The Lee Hong Assassination
Chinese Sword - On Lee Hong's dead body.

All Hand Guns Collected
All Hand Guns collected and displayed in the training room

See All Firearms Collected.

All Machine Guns Collected
All Machine Guns collected and displayed in the training room

See All Firearms Collected.

All Assault Rifles Collected
All Assault Rifles collected and displayed in the training room

See All Firearms Collected.

All Shotguns Collected
All Shotguns collected and displayed in the training room

See All Firearms Collected.

All Sniper Rifles Collected
All Sniper Rifles collected and displayed in the training room

See All Firearms Collected.

All Heavy Weapons Collected
All Heavy Weapons collected and displayed in the training room

See All Firearms Collected.

1st Kill
A successful kill has been performed

Any enemy killed will count toward this trophy, not just your contract target. This is one you'll have a hell of a hard time missing, will definitely come through natural gameplay, and be one of the first trophies you come by in the game.

47 Kills in a Mission
A mission has been completed with precisely 47 kills

First and foremost, before you begin; grab a tablet or piece of paper to keep a tally of your kills. This way. you can be absolutely sure you've hit the mark of 47 kills. Also save from time to time just in case you get killed or something. That way you won't have to grind forever.

This is best approached after beating the game because you'll have your pick of weapons, but the best mission, I've found, is Asylum Aftermath. There are no contract targets and there is just enough people, enemies and civilians, with plenty of room to run around in if things get a little too crazy.

A successful headshot has been performed

Any enemy killed will count toward this trophy, not just your contract target. Aim right for their head and pull the trigger. For more precise aiming, you can always click in your right stick (R3) to go into 1st person mode. This way you can be in complete control over your shot. Easy as that.

Killed the Wrong Guy
An innocent person has been killed

Any bystander or non-enemy will count for this trophy. Simpy use any weapon of choice and cut down any civilian you see. You only need one, so you're better off picking someone off early in a mission, then restarting it if you're going for a high mission rating.

Sleep Well
You knocked a victim out

To knock someone out, you must use the non-lethal Syringe. It's filled with enough fluid to keep an enemy out for the remainder of the mission. Simply sneak up to someone with the Syringe equipped, and use it on them by pressing L2. Once your victim is out cold the trophy will pop.

You poisoned a victim

Poisoning someone in the Hitman series is one of the quietest ways to take out a target. Whether it be toxic or not, spiking a victims food or drink is a great way to keep things quiet. The example in the spoiler below in the in the mission The Bjarkhov Bomb.

Toggle Spoiler

Firey Fire
You used explosives on a victim

Explosives of any kind are a double sided sword when it comes to assassinations. True, you are able to take out numerous targets; large and small, but you risk hurting innocent people and obviously making a big scene. The example below is in the mission The Bjarkhov Bomb.

Toggle Spoiler

Double Eagle
You picked up the Gold Desert Eagle Dual

Using the same technique in for Mini-Gun, the same keycard opens a second locked door a bit later in the Asylum. The locked room is just down a small staircase, with the same flashing red lock mechanism, and is lined with frozen clones.

The Dual Gold Desert Eagles are on the ground as soon as you enter. Pick them up and finish in the mission to keep them in your Training Room.

You picked up the Minigun

The Mini-Gun is a secret weapon in the mission Asylum Aftermath. You can see it being carried by a patient behind a locked glass door on the right, after exiting the bloodied curved hallway. In order to open it, you must finish the game then acquire the "Ort-Meyer's Keycard" in the mission The Wang Fou Incident in Lee Hong's office. Once acquired, finish the mission, then return to Asylum Aftermath and use the keycard to open the door.

Keycard & Mini-Gun Locations

Toggle Spoiler

You drowned someone

This can be done in the mission Traditions of the Trade. Fritz Fuchs is the second target of that particular mission and he'll make his way into the pool/sauna area on the first floor. Once he makes himself comfortable, he will lay in the pool by his lonesome, protected by a single officer.

Discreetly dispose of the officer and sneak into the pool. Whip out your Fiber Wire and pull Mr. Fuchs underwater. A smell cut scene will play giving you some reassurance to your deed. Once it finishes, this waterlogged trophy will pop.

You retrieved the SPAS-12 from the florist

In the seventh mission Traditions of the Trade you'll start out next to the body of the man you knocked out during the beginning cut scene. On him is the ID card you need to pass the entrance security at the hotel. In the same little nook, next to the body is a note from Diana. There's a special delivery for you in the hotel's florist.

From there, make your way past security, talk to the man at the main lobby front desk, and make your way up the left lobby stairs to the second floor. Once you're there, in front of you is a large window and a locked door. You can see your gift from the window, laying on the counter. There are a few cops around the area, so be careful when picking the florist's lock.

Toggle Spoiler

When you've made it inside, pick up your gift and make sure you open it. Now enjoy your new delivery and do whatever you like with it; there's no fate but what you make.

Ghost Buster
You killed the ghost

In the mission Traditions Of The Trade there is a ghost that is haunting the first floor of the hotel after a gruesome murder.

Once inside the hotel, talk to the man at the main desk, then head down the hallway just to the left of the desk. Behind that door is another door with a sign that states "Hotel Wing Closed". Simply pick the lock and make your way to the end of the hall to where the sign for Room 108 is located. (Room 108 is where the policeman's uniform is located also.)

Here, if you haven't noticed the ghost already, this is where the ghost will pass through the wall and try to elude you.

Toggle Spoiler

Now comes the tricky part. Sometimes the ghost will be completely visible, other times not at all, but he is definitely there taking the same route over and over. I found the best way to catch and kill him, is to just run in the hallway and spam your Fiber Wire in that location. This works all too well because the ghost turns his back to you to walk through the wall which means you can just catch him.

If you don't get him the first time don't worry. Just leave the hallway and wait out side for a few moments and try again. You'll know for sure you killed him; your controller vibration should go a little crazy. Once all is said and done, you did it. You came, you saw, you kicked his ass!


zevik140 - For letting me share the Professional walkthrough.

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