Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: 0
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: 0
Estimated Time to Platinum: 25-30 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Collectible Trophies: 2
Missable Trophies: In Great Shape, Valiant, Brave, Invulnerable and Unstoppable.
Glitched Trophies: 0

[top]Tips & Strategies

1. Do all available training and challenges before trying to enter the tournaments so that the dragons are to their full potential with their levels. The first tournament is not available till after the first dragon has completed all training available.

2. Collect chickens/boars and sheep in one sitting to get it out of the way, you need them to feed the dragons anyways. Chicken and sheep can be found in the village and the boars in the wild zone. The wild zone how ever is not opened right away until you collect the tools needed to build the bridge.

3. Do not spend any of your gold until you have accumulated 10,000 so that you can unlock the trophy "Viking Gold"


Step 1 Play through story mode as Hiccup and try to gain as many story mode trophies you can. Don’t worry cause which ever ones you miss you can get your second play through. It is a good decision to have at least one Deadly Nadder on your team cause it’s attacks and are powerful and very effective.

Step 2 Play Arcade mode. All you need to know about these trophies are found under the Arcade Mode Trophies section.

Step 3 Play your second play through as Astrid and try to get any story mode trophies missed in your first play through. If you follow this guide you should be able to achieve all story mode trophies except Glory To Astrid which you will get after the second play through.

Step 4 Only needed if you take less then 20 hours to get the rest of the trophies. Play the game for a total of 20 hours.


Best Viking Ever
Get all trophies

Get all 48 trophies in the game

First Step
Win a fight in Story mode or 1 Player Arcade mode.

Enter and win the first tournament or win the first fight in arcade mode to unlock this trophy. You must win though for it to be unlocked..

Glory to Hiccup
Finish the story mode with Hiccup

Complete the story mode with the male character Hiccup to unlock this trophy.

Glory to Astrid
Finish the story mode with Astrid

Complete the story mode with the female character Astrid to unlock this trophy.

Great Speaker
Talk to every person on the island in Story mode

Go through the village and talk to everyone you see by hitting when next to them. Most characters are found within the village but there is one by the bridge heading to the wild zone as well as a man inside the wild zone.

In Feathers
Catch 200 chickens.

Walk up to the chickens that are in the village and press when you are close enough to them to jump on them. The count is not what is in your bag when you press , it is the amount you actually catch. You can find out how many you have caught by going to your house and scrolling down to statistics and looking at the picture of the chicken. It is ok to feed your dragon the chickens before you have 200 cause like I mentioned, it is not how many are in the bag. Don’t worry if it looks like there are only a few chickens, they keep coming back no matter how many times you tackle them.

More Wild Meat
Catch 200 sheep or boars.

Same as IN FEATHERS only you catch the sheep in town or the boars in the wild zone. It is not how many you have in your bag, it is how many you caught all together. To find out how many you have caught, go to your house and scroll down to statistics and look at the pictures of the sheep and boar. It does not have the total together so you will just have to add the both of them up if you want to know. You do not have catch 200 of both, you can collect 200 sheep, 200 boars or a mixture of them both.

New Champion
Win against the leader of the first Tournament

You unlock this tournament after you train your first dragon. Go into the tournament and battle each character to win or you can just battle the highest one on the list to get the trophy as well. Every opponent has one dragon at level 5. I would suggest doing all the training of the dragon before entering insuring the level is at the highest it can be. Doing so will possibly help get the trophy Unstoppable.

Win against the leader of the second Tournament

You unlock this tournament after creating one recipe from Gobber. Every opponent has 2 dragons with level 10 being the maximum level. At this point you should have your second dragon which I suggest completing all available training and completing some of the challenges found in the wild zone for at least one of the dragons. You can win this tournament with only one dragon but you can use all dragons in your possession. Do Not Leave to heal your dragons during the tournament to get the IN GREAT SHAPE trophy. You do not need to fight all the opponents, you can start with the highest one on the list available.

Win against the leader of the third Tournament.

You unlock this tournament after finding your dragons. Each opponent has three dragons at level 15 or lower. I would recommend completing all available training and completing some more challenges for at least one if not all your dragons to ensure the highest level of your dragons. Remember, in this tournament you must fight the lowest ranked person and work your way up to get the VALIENT trophy. This can be a long trophy and you may leave the tournament to go and heal your dragons or do more challenges although it is recommended to do so before entering. You do not have to sit through all the opponents in one sitting, you may leave and then come back if need be.

Win against the leader of the fourth Tournament.

You unlock this tournament after recovering your dragons from being sick. Every opponent has 4 dragons with level 20 or lower. I would highly recommend completing all available training and challenges to boost your dragon’s levels. Remember to fight the highest ranked person on the ladder to get the Brave trophy. You may leave the tournament if you want and come back to it if need be.

Win the first Tournament without being defeated.

You must win the first tournament without losing. If you find yourself losing, simply quit the match and go feed and heal your dragon. You may leave and come back as many times as needed to insure a flawless victory. Make sure you complete the training to enhance your dragon’s strength and level.

In Great Shape
Win the second Tournament without taking care of your dragons during it

Win the second tournament without quitting out of the match to go heal your dragons. Just make sure each dragon is at the highest level it can be by doing all the training available. If you leave the tournament you will need to start over.

Win the Third Tournament fighting the lowest rated opponent

This is a long trophy. You will have to start with the lowest possible person available This will take awhile but can be completed with the Daring trophy. Just make sure you start with the lowest on the rank and move your way up, defeating the person each time. Try to get this trophy while doing the DARING trophy. Don't worry if you miss it on the first playthrough, you can get it on the second playthrough with the other character. You do not have to sit there and do it all in one sitting, you may exit the tournament to heal your dragons or to do something else and reenter when you want.

Win the Fourth Tournament fighting the highest rated opponent

Not hard. Simply enter the fourth tournament and go to the highest rated person available and defeat them. Then when asked to choose an opponent after, go to the highest again until you reach the final opponent and win.

Win the final Championship with none of your dragons being KO

This one can be a bit difficult. Start by making sure your dragons are at the highest level they can be by completing all training and challenges available. When fighting, remember that is for heavy attacks and is for light attacks. After each fight you may exit the championship and go heal and rest your dragons. Then you reenter to start where you had left off.

Weapon Master
Make a dragon finish all trainings

Make at least one of your dragons complete all of its training in both melee and fire attacks. With each stage completed you gain experience to grow a level. Once all training has been completed the trophy will unlock. You will need to eventually train all your dragons to enhance their levels with the experience. .

Win a wild fight

When in the wild zone, near the cave with the challenges, a man is standing next to a tree. He will bring you into a wild fight with a dragon and once you defeat the dragon you will unlock the trophy and win the dragon. The dragon can be found in the arcade mode.

Legendary Fighter
Win all wild fights

When you are in the wild zone, go talk to the man standing by the tree over by the cave where you complete the challenges. He will keep bringing you into wild fights with wild dragons, for a price of course. There are a total of 11 wild dragons so you must fight and defeat all 11 dragons to unlock this trophy.

Shopping Master
Spend 10,000 gold at the shop.

Go to the shop keeper in the village and spend 10,000 gold. You can by ingredients or recipes. After spending 10,000 gold, the trophy will unlock.

Cooking Master
Buy all recipes from the shop.

Save up the gold you earn for the tournaments and challenges and go to the shop keeper in the village and buy all the recipes. Once all recopies have been bought, the trophy will unlock.

Rich Harvest
Gather 1,000 common ingredients.

Walk around and you will see little gardens all around in the village as well as random plants in the wild zone. Walk up to the items planted and press to dig them up. There are also big blocks around in the village and wild zone that you walk up to and press to knock over. The barrels around the village also have ingredients, walk up to them and press to break them open with your sword. You can also go to the shop keeper in the village and buy some common ingredients.

Gather 100 rare ingredients

Just like RICH HARVEST you walk around digging, knocking blocks over or breaking barrels to find ingredients. Some are common and some are rare. You could also go to the shop in the village and buy the rare as well.

Dragon Doctor
Have 4 dragons in a great shape in Story mode

Make sure when you get your fourth dragon you go back to the house and go into the dragons cave and have them sleep till the bar is full. Feed and heal them as well until all bars on all four dragons are completely full. Once that is complete the trophy should be unlocked.

Final Evolution
Have a level 25 dragon

Complete all training and get the gold medal in all levels on the challenges. With each one completed you will gain experience which will increase your dragons level. When all is completed though you will only be at lever 22 1/2. Once you beat the last tournament and fight all the wild fights, you can still go back to the man in the wild zone and fight more wild dragons for experience.

All Stars
Have 4 level 25 dragons.

Complete all training and challenges for all 4 dragons in your possession. Doing so will increase your levels with the experience gained. If all training and challenges are completed the you should have enough experience to bring all levels up to 25. See "Final Evolution".

Belong to the Legend
Unlock all legendary dragons

To get all of the legendary dragons you will need to complete all of the wild zone fights. You will not be able to get all of fights until you have beaten the last tournament. Once you have unlocked the last legendary dragon the trophy will pop up. You must have all of the legendary dragons to unlock the All for One trophy in arcade mode.

Have a dragon with 20 points in a characteristic in Story mode

To get this trophy, all you have to do is when you are in the dragon den and you go to ability points. Just make it so that there are 20 points in whichever bar is longest. They don't have to be left there so once the trophy is gotten they can be removed and put wherever is desired.

Ultimate Customization
Unlock all customizations of a dragon family.

When completing training and challenges, you will unlock customizations for each dragon, not in any specific order. After most training and challenges are completed all the customizations will be unlock therefore unlocking this trophy.

Arcade Mode Trophies
Follow these steps for all your arcade mode trophies:
1. Make sure you’re playing on a save file which you’ve unlocked all the legendary dragons (which you get once you completed all wild fights). and that has four level25 dragons. Make sure they are all fully maxed out in strength, stamina and such. Optional but try to have the Deadly Nadder on the team as well.

2. Go to arcade mode and scroll all the way down to the export dragons option. Once you have done that, to 1p arcade mode and select the hard difficulty.

3. Once in the arcade mode, press to import your story mode dragons. This will get you the ''Ally or Enemy?'' trophy.

4. Select your imported story mode dragons which are the four dragons you had in story mode that are fully maxed out in level, strength, stamina, power, fire and all characteristics. You can find your imported dragons because they should be te first four on the far left. Select all four maxed out dragons (making sure one is the Deadly Nadder for easy wins). Make sure to put the Deadly Nadder first and have your opponent only have one dragon on their team, most likely the Night Fury. Doing so insures the fight to be in your favor.

5. Begin the fight now. You should be using the Deadly Nadder's or plain attacks to stun your opponents. You probably won’t be able to get many (if any) perfects being the game is set on hard, but it shouldn’t be a problem beating your opponent. When the match end, select rematch and repeat nine more times until you get the ''Commander'' trophy.

6. Exit out after you get the Commander trophy and go to the main menu. Select 1p again only this time select the easy difficulty.

7. Make sure you keep selecting rematch until the ''Exceptional Trainer'' trophy unlocks. If you haven’t lost any you should have 20 wins and a handful of perfect wins by this point.

8. Go back to the main arcade menu. Go to create a dragon and well, create a dragon. Try to create the Deadly Nadder, maxing it out to its full potential. Make sure all combos are unlocked as well.

9. Now go back to 1p arcade mode, select easy and use your created dragon which should be located in the bottom row. You should make sure you are going up against an opponent using the weak Night Fury, and just keep selecting rematch after each win. Keep wining and gain more wins and perfect wins. Doing this should help unlock the “They Are Alive!” trophy.

10. Now it’s time to use the legendary dragons. You do not have to win with each dragon, you just have to win with all four legendary’s on a team. To make this an easy process, just select all four to be on a team and make your opponent have one weak dragon on their team, the Night Fury. After you win with the first four, continue to make another team using another four, and keep this up till you unlock the “All for One” trophy.

11. Lastly, go back and select a strong dragon, usually the Deadly Nadder and keep playing battles against an opponent only giving them the weak Night Fury. Keep getting perfect wins until you unlock the trophies “Perfect” and “Conqueror”.

Win 50 fights without being injured in 1 Player Arcade mode

See Arcade mode trophies above

Win 100 fights in 1 Player or 2 Players Arcade mode.

See Arcade mode trophies above

Win 10 fights in a row in 1 Player Arcade mode on Hard difficulty

See Arcade mode trophies above

All for One
Win a fight with each default and Legendary dragons in 1 Player Arcade mode

See Arcade mode trophies above

They Are Alive!
Win 20 fights in 1 Player Arcade mode with a team of dragons created with the Dragon Editor.

See Arcade mode trophies above

Exceptional Tamer
Win 20 fights in 1 Player Arcade mode with a team of custom dragons from the Story mode.

See Arcade mode trophies above

Game Over!
Win all the medals for all difficulty levels in each challenge.

This trophy may take some time. Using all four of your dragons, one by one of course, go to challenges and complete all challenges on all difficulties for each dragon. Just refer to the trophies To Hit the Bull's Eyes, What an Artist!, Shepherd Dragon, Brainy and Precise. Even though they are for Expert difficulty, they explain how to earn each medal.

Young Competitor
Earn a gold medal in any challenge on Novice difficulty.

[/B]Go into the challenges and select any of the challenges in novice difficulty. Simply beat the score that is there to earn the gold medal and trophy will unlock.

Outstanding Competitor
Earn a gold medal in any challenge on Normal difficulty.

Just as in the YOUNG COMPETITOR trophy, just go to challenges and select any challenge on Normal difficulty and beat the score need to get the gold medal. In completing the challenge the trophy will unlock.

Extreme Competitor
Earn a gold medal in any challenge on Expert difficulty.

Go into challenges and select any of the challenges available and choose the normal difficulty. Beat the challenges score to earn the gold medal and the trophy will unlock.

To Hit the Bull's Eyes
Clear 5 checkpoint rings in a row in the Looping Race challenge on Expert difficulty

Go to challenges and go to the challenge Looping Race and select expert. Fly through the rings hitting after each one. If you press while flying to the next ring it will boost your speed, but be careful cause if you pass a ring all rings following will not count unless you go back and go through the one you missed. Each ring gone through and hit correctly afterward will give you an extension on the time. On the rings that gives you the point needed to get the gold, a two button sequence will pop up, hit both buttons at the same time to get an extension on the time. Do that 5 times for the gold medal. You can use any of the 4 dragons, it does not matter, but you have to use all 4 dragons to get their experience anyways.

What an Artist!
Sculpt 10 ice blocks in a row in the Ice Sculpting challenge on Expert difficulty.

Go into the challenges cave and select Ice Sculpting on Expert. Keep pressing the corresponding button when it appears and keep it in the moving color block till it stops moving. Do that 10 times to 10 blocks in a row and the trophy will be unlocked. You may use any of your 4 dragons, it does not matter, but you will need to do it for all dragons to get experience.

Shepherd Dragon
Bring back 5 brown sheep in a row in the Flying Shepherd challenge on Expert difficulty

This trophy can be a bit difficult. Go to challenges and go to the Fly Shepherd challenge and select Expert. Fly to each plat form looking for the Brown sheep only. Be careful though because some sheep are “dirty” and need to be cleaned in the water. The “dirty” sheep can be either brown or white. If you pick up a white sheep you will have to start over. When flying press for more speed and once over the sheep a 2 button sequences will pop up. Press both buttons at the same time to pick up the sheep and fly back to the fenced in area. Once over the fenced in area press to drop in.

Perform 6 sequences in a row in the Memory Torch challenge on Expert difficulty.

This trophy can be a bit difficult. Go to the challenges and select Memory Torch on Expert. The torches will light up in a pattern you must follow by hitting the correct buttons. At a point the buttons will switch around, example will move to where is. The easiest way to do it is to say them out loud while pressing the correct button as they are doing it, it’ll be easier to remember that way. They start by doing a set of 3, lighting up 4 torches. After 3 it gets a bit harder by lighting up 5 torches and then switching the buttons around. Make sure to pay close attention cause the buttons switch more then one time. You can use any dragon but will need to eventually use them all to gain experience.

Recreate 3 dragons in a row without mistakes in the Puzzle Dragon challenge on Expert difficulty.

This can be quiet difficult as well. Go to the challenges and select Puzzle Dragon on Expert. Memorize the dragon, color, head, wings and so. Correctly match the dragon shown to the one before it. If you do not remember you can press for another look but watch the time as it will fade. After you think you have correctly matched the dragon hit and it will either move on or let you know that it is wrong. To get the trophy you can not get it wrong at all, everything must be correct the first time you hit or it will not work. Correctly match 3 in a row and the trophy will unlock.

Earn a gold medal in each challenge.

Simply go into the challenges and select each challenge and complete it by beating or matching the high score for the gold medal. I found it easiest to do them on easy being there is no difficulty specified.

Viking Gold
Have 10,000 gold in Story mode.

You can get gold by either completing challenges and training or in the tournaments. Save up all the gold till you have a max of 10,000. Once you have 10,000 gold this trophy should unlock. But remember, you need to have 10,000 on you at one point, it does not count if you have 9,999 but have previously spent 1, it has to be a total on you at the moment.

Viking Inhabitant
Play more than 20 hours in Story or Arcade mode.

Just play the game for a total of 20 hours. Go in the house and go to statistics and it will show how long you have been playing. You could also play 20 hours in arcade mode to unlock this trophy.

Ally or Enemy?
Import at least one dragon in Arcade mode.

See Arcade mode trophies above

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