Players: 1-16 (2-32 Online Multiplayer.)
Cheat Codes: N/A
Glitched Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: N/A
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Estimated Time to 100%: 20-40+ Hours
Online Trophies: Hustle King!, Luck is an Art, Online King, Online Hustler.
Most Difficult Trophies: Hustle King!, Career Complete, Online King.
Most Time Consuming Trophies: Hustle King!, Online King.


Hustle Kings is a Fun, Good Quality Pool Game, available to buy only on PSN, It is a very cheap game. Considering what you get for your money, it is good valued for its price. The game involves playing various types of pool (see Game Modes.) And progressing through Career mode, unlocking new events and levels of difficulty. The game Starts off easy, but gets progressively harder as you progress through Career mode. Once you reach Pro level in Career, their is pretty much a Zero Margin of Error, and the AI pulls of some pretty unbelievable shots. The online trophys can take a long time to get, if you attempt to get them without boosting. This game is not an easy 100% and your time to get all the trophies will ultimately depend on patience and skill.

[top]Tips & Strategies

I have said it before, and will say it again, This game is not easy! It requires Patience, Practice, determination and skill.

In Career, if your opponent is about to win the match, before the end screen comes up, pause the game and exit via the XMB. You will still have the money you wagered on the match. This method will guarantee that you never have to replay an event for HKC.

There are specialized chalks available to buy online. These will greatly reduce the difficulty during your play, each time you purchase a set, you will get 25 uses of that chalk. You should consider buying these if you are having trouble. The above method also regains chalk if you exit before the match is over.

I recommend a Boosting Partner for the online trophies.

I have a few examples of Hustle Kings shots and game play here: http://www.youtube.com/user/R35Man?f.../0/_Q68iciGlPQ

[top]Game Modes

Hustle kings is not just a game centered around one type of pool, it covers each and every type throughout the game. Here is a Rundown on each game mode and how it works.

US 8-Ball:
This game type is one of the most common played versions. 15 balls and the cue ball are used for this event. The goal is to pocket all of your balls (Stripes or Solids) and finally the 8-Ball before your opponent can do the same with their balls.Your ball set is chosen by what ball is potted first, if you pot a strip first, you get strips, and your opponent gets solids. In Hustle Kings, once you've cleared the table of all your balls and are now on the 8-Ball, you must press L1 and select the pocket you intend on going for (shown by a blue/white circle). If you do not press the L1 button to choose a pocket first, you will lose the game should you make the shot.

This game is also common in professional pool. It requires additional skill and strategy to master. 9-Ball uses the 1 through 9 balls + the cue ball. The goal is to pocket the lowest numerical ball in order. You must make contact with the lowest numbered ball before any other ball or a foul is called and you not only lose your turn but can very well lose the game (particularly in higher leveled difficulties). You can pocket any ball off of any shot, but you must hit the right numbered ball first. You are able to combo off other balls as long as the lowest ball is hit first. Pocketing the 9-Ball legally wins the game. This opens the possibility of winning the game in only two shots, by hitting the corresponding ball, and pocketing the nine-ball on the same shot, winning the game.

This game type is common in the United Kingdom. It is the same as US 8-Ball only instead of Stripes and Solids the balls are all solid Red and Yellow. The rules are the same as US 8-Ball. Please see the description above again for reference if needed.

This is essentially a 3-player elimination game. In Hustle Kings, the balls are comprised of Red, Blue and Yellow colored balls. After the player initially breaks, he/she will have the option to choose a color. Once the choice is made the object then becomes to pocket all of your opponents colored balls, whilst keeping all your balls on the table. If you do this successfully while having at least 1 of your own balls on the table, you win the game. This game mode becomes intense and brutal once you've advanced to the higher difficulty levels. Generally speaking, if you miss a shot you'll almost certainly lose the game, particularly in Professional and Insane modes.

14:1 Continuous:
This is an endurance/race game type. In Hustle Kings, you and your opponent(s) start off with 30 Pockets. This means the number of balls you must pocket. The goal is to pocket 30 balls before the computer does. Once you've gotten down to the last ball on the original break, a new rack of balls will appear. Simply rebreak and continue pocketing balls until your Pocket count goes to 0 at which point you win the game. In 14:1 Continuous, you're able to pocket both Stripes and Solids without penalty (this includes the 8-Ball). This makes strategizing shots much easier.

These range in difficulty and are comprised of pocketing balls using advanced techniques. Swerve (also known as massť), Jump shots, Bank and Plant Pots are generally the focus of these fancy shots. These techniques require skill, precision and a good eye for technical details. They are extremely fun to execute once you've mastered the cue stick vs. cue ball placement, and are a great time to utilize the replay feature


1: Complete Licence to Hustle.
2: Earn Career Complete.
3: Obtain all remaining trophies not received during online Play.
4: Complete All Online Trophies: Hustle King!, Luck is an Art, Online King, Online Hustler.


Hustle King!
Earn 100 million HKC hustling online.

This trophy can be the most time consuming in the game. I recommend boosting this trophy. You do not need to have 100,000,000 HKC in your possession to receive this trophy, you just need to have won a cumulative amount of 100,000,000 HKC. (check how much you have won, under "My Profile".)

If you are going to boost this trophy, This is the best method to use:

2 players need to meet in a room (lobby). The 1st player challenges the 2nd player wagering 1,000,000 (I am only using 1 mil as an example) HKC . Player 2 accept the challenge. The game starts. Player 1 breaks the balls and then either chooses Solids or Stripes or gets lined up for the next shot. Immediately after the break Player 1 purposely quits the game and exits back to the lobby. This will automatically transfer the money to Player 2. Player 2 then initiates the challenge in return for the same amount of money. Player 2 then repeats the quit match process, and the funds are returned to Player 1. This is repeated until both players have acquired 100,000,000 HKC in winnings to unlock the trophy. This process is repeated until both players have obtained the trophy. Regardless of whether or not you lose every other game, you still get credit for the winnings in your Profile and stats.

Career Complete
Complete career mode.

This is one of the harder trophys in the game. You have to beat every event in: Rookie, Amateur, Semi-Pro and Pro. You Do Not need to complete any insane events. Events from Semi-Pro to Pro can get very hard, you will have almost no margin for error, and the AI ha some pretty unbelievable skills. You should make good use of the Quit via XMB method, in the later levels, as this will save you replaying events for HKC.

Luck is an Art
Beat someone else who has this trophy.

This trophy is similar to GTA4s Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie, you must beat a player that has this trophy. It is easily found on almost every player online, if you are having trouble receiving it, you can ask other players if they have it, and if they will let you beat them for the trophy.

Speed Freak
8-Ball clearance in under 40 seconds.

This trophy can be fustrating, as you can have trouble getting a good setup, you pretty much just have to pot every ball in one break. The time is measured by when balls are moving on the table, it starts from when you hit the cue ball, to when your HKC bonus is added to the top right corner. So take your time to set up the shots. You should attempt this trophy in "exhibition" mode, select 8 Ball, easy difficulty and long aiming line. You will more often than not, require multiple attemps at this trophy.

Refer to this video by GamingAge:

Toggle Spoiler

Online King
Win 100 online games.

A very time consuming trophy. I would recommended boosting this, as most of the players left online are all elite players, and/or trying for the trophy just like you. The quickest way to boost this is at the same time as Hustle King!, If you still need wins after boosting Hustle King! The quickest way to gain wins, is for your opponent to exit the match as soon as player has chosen strips or solids, in an 8 ball game.

Skill Player!
Pot a ball using each of the 4 different skill shots: jump shots, swerve shots, bank shots and plant shots.

These shots do not have to be pulled of in the same match,The swerve shot is the hardest to pull off. (training mode, and trick shots do not count towards the trophy)

Each shot is as followed:

Jump shot By me:

Toggle Spoiler

Swerve Shot By SnakeEaterDan:

Toggle Spoiler

Bank Shot By Swordfisher1969:

Note: A bank shot is either preformed by the cue ball bouncing of the side and potting a ball, OR the cue ball hitting another ball into the side, and that ball being potted.

Toggle Spoiler

Plant Shot By cap27:

Toggle Spoiler

Online Hustler
Hustle a player online.

For this trophy, you must beat a player online, in a match that is being played for a HKC prize. You can challenge a player to a match and select any amount of HKC to wager. If you are having trouble getting this, you can ask a player to let you beat them for a small amount of HKC (100 HKC is the lowest stake you can bet)

Trick Shot Wizard
Complete all trick shots.

This trophy involves completing the 12 events located in Offline Play. Not Career mode, although some of the Career mode trick shot events are the same as these ones. You will unlock more trick shots as you progress through Career mode. Read the Tip at the Start of the shot and Watch the AI sink the required Ball(s), this will give you a good idea of what you need to do to complete this trophy. You need to be patient during these events, and focus on skill and accuracy, take your time. Notice that if you fail at completing the shot, your next shot will be exactly how your last shot was set up, i.e you will be able to fine tune the next shot from how the last shot was setup.

License to Hustle
Complete training mode.

The Easiest trophy in the Game. Upon your first start up of the game, you should be prompted to start training mode. Select Yes, Training mode will take you through the basics of the game, and will also teach you a couple of advanced techniques. This should be the first trophy you get, As i recommend completing training mode before you begin to play the game.

Career Victory
Win a career mode game.

Another easy trophy, simply win your first game in Career, (must be against another player, e.g not a skill shot event.) If you had trouble getting this trophy than you should not be playing this game.

Skill Shot!
Swerve or Jump to pot a ball.

This trophy is Easier than it sounds, you should have learnt how to preform both these shots in training mode. (you will not receive the trophy in training mode) I would recommend going for a jump shot for this trophy, as it is easier to predict the path of the ball. If you see one of your balls in front of a pocket, just preform a jump shot to knock it in. You Do not need to jump over another ball to get this.

Here is one of my jump shots that i preformed:

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