Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheat codes
Estimated Time to 100%: 7-9 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2-3 if you want to find all the medals
Collectible Trophies: Private Eye, Celebrated, Honour
Missable Trophies: Private Eye, Celebrated, Honour
Glitched Trophies: None that I could find
Special Equipment Required: While not required, this game is compatible with the Playstation Move
Online Pass Required: No

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Most enemies in the game can be killed with a headshot with the starting ammo. There is no need to waste ammo on them.
  • Use your MAVI scanner on any room you enter. There might be a hidden Malthus document in the room.
  • While hydrokinesis is fun to use, it is more efficient, especially on the harder difficulties, to simply take cover and shoot at your enemies. You will most likely live longer.
  • If you press select and then you can bring up a 3D map of the area to find air pockets.


While it is possible to get every trophy in one playthrough, it is rather hard and can easily be accomplished in 2 or more since you can restart from a particular act instead of from the very beginning.
  • First Playthrough: On your first playthrough, you should get every story-based trophies (they are not dependent on difficulty) as well as some of the other trophies. So the trophies you should have at the end of your first run are:
    Honour, Tinker, Vengeance, Davey Jones' Locker, My Hero, Chain Gang, Swept Off Their Feet, Drowned, Survivor
  • Second Playthrough: Before you go back and clean up anything that you missed, you should go and get Challenged. Contrary to the name of the trophy and the room, it is not that hard and you should beat the Challenge Room in 1-2 attempts, 3 if you're unlucky.
  • Third Playthrough: This is technically the second run of the game. You should collect any medals, objects, and documents that you may have missed as well as any trophies you don't already have. You should get the following trophies on this run:
    Celebrated, Private Eye


Completed the game.

You will get this trophy after you beat Mila in ElectroCorp. You will not fight her directly, instead you will fight a robot the she controls from her water-proof and bullet-proof room. This fight takes places in three phases. When the fight starts, turn and run to either the left or right side of the room and take cover behind the pillars. She has three possible attacks to choose from:
  1. She claims you can't hide from her and will scan the side of the room you're on with a green beam. If she sees you, she will immediately launch an attack that is hard to dodge and does a lot of damage.
  2. She will attack with a volley of small bullets that don't do a lot of damage, but hit fast enough that it is dangerous. You want to simply run away from the attack until she stops.
  3. Her last attack is the most damaging and she has a tendency to charge it up and attack you again once it hits. So be sure to dodge most of the damage.

Each phase of the fight lasts until she opens up her exhaust vents. When she does, she will not attack you, so shoot inside one of them with the Electric Ammo to stun her. Once she is stunned, use your hydrokinesis to levitate one of the propane barrels and throw it into the cockpit. When you do this, she will retract the machine and you will have to fight two guards before the next phase starts. Do this three times and the machine explodes, causing Mila to be electrocuted and for the trophy to pop.

Collected 50% of the medals.

See Celebrated for the entire list of medals. This should pop up during your first playthrough of the game. You just need to get 21 medals to get this trophy. Medals can be achieved by killing enemies a certain way, exploring, finding items, and completing areas of the game.

Private Eye
Collected all documents and objects.

This trophy is easily missable!

Hydrophobia Prophecy is split up into three separate Acts, with each act containing multiple objects, documents and Malthus markings. Documents and objects are easy to find if you search the environment and can be found without much difficulty. Malthus markings, on the other hand, can only be found by looking through the MAVI and searching for the red portraits of Thomas Malthus.

If you get all the documents and objects in an Act, you will get a medal. These medals, however, does not include Malthus documents.


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Collected all the medals.

This Trophy is easily missable!

Throughout the game there are 42 medals to collect that are rewards for such things as: complete in-game goals, collecting documents and object, and completing the game. There are also numerous medals for obscure actions and one-time events such as flooding a room with a CCTV before entering it or stealth-kill the first three enemies on one room before being seen. It will most likely take more than one playthrough to get them all.

List of Medals

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Completed the Challenge Room.

Contrary to the name of the room, this room is not that hard if you follow the following tips:
  1. Always use cover. Never risk jumping out to attack. By the later rounds, enemies can easily mow you down
  2. You have about 10 seconds at the start of every round before enemies start appearing. This is enough time to jump around the upper platforms for ammo and to get back into cover.
  3. There is no reasons to go into the water. NO REASON.
  4. Your initial gun is good enough for the first few rounds. Save your semi and automatic ammo for rounds 4 and 5

The Challenge Room consists of 5 battles against 10 enemies each. Every round is progressively harder than the previous with the enemies doing more damage, having more health and being able to withstand headshots. For the first round, you are limited to only using your initial ammo, but the other types unlock as you beat more rounds.

Starting at Round 4, explosive barrels will be dropped into the water. Use these to your advantage and to save ammo. Wait for several enemies to gather near them and blow them up.

Completed a hack.

After reaching Plaza Security and using the console behind Yate's dead body, there will be an explosion as you try to leave. Turn around and carefully jump to the red beam hanging above the plaza below. Shimmy or walk to the other side of the beam and jump to the other side of the fire. Simply walk up to the blue glowing console and click to start the hacking process.

You will need to use the L3 and R3 sticks to synch up the wave patterns with the background one 2-3 times. L3 changes the amplitude and R3 changes the frequency. You have to hold the analog sticks in place in order to stay at the required wave.

Swept Off Their Feet
Swept 3 Malthusians off their feet with water.

There are two possible methods to getting this trophy:
1. This one is the harder one. If you remotely open a door that leads to a flooded room and enemies are near it, they will be knocked down and stunned for a few seconds.
2. This is the way that I got it. At the Plaza Station when you first manifest your powers, you will be able to create waves and drown enemies. As you take the elevator up to ElectroCorp, use your new powers to create a column of water and knock down enemies. Do this for the first 3 you encounter and this trophy will pop.

Kill 5 Malthusians with fire or electricity.

To kill an enemy with fire or electricity, you have to do it with environmental objects. These include propane tanks and short-circuiting wall generators. If you shoot at these objects, they will explode and damage anyone near them, including yourself. On higher difficulties, it may not instantly kill them so you will have to shoot them a few times before blowing the object up. Just kill 10 enemies via this method to get this trophy.

Chain Gang
Killed 2 Malthusians within a time chain attack.

A chain attack is when one environmental object exploding causes another nearby to do the same. An example of this is blowing up a propane tank and the explosion causes another tank to explode or a wall generator to short-circuit and electrocute the nearby waters. You must kill two terrorists with chain attacks for this trophy to pop.

My Hero
Saved Chief Billingham.

After the cutscene with Billingham trapped in the office, look to your left and climb the ladder. Follow the walkway until you reach a hole in it with a sign hanging on the wall. Jump and grab the red pipe and shimmy across to the other side. Once you're there, swing and jump onto the walkway in front of the door. Go through the door and around the inner catwalk to reach the 2nd floor office.

Search the glowing orange body in the office to pick up the Frequency Key: Upper Security Complex. Leave the office through the way you came in and jump to the floor below the walkway outside. Turn around and use the MAVI on the wall directly under the door to discover the hidden cipher written in green. The Waypoint Module should help you to find the cipher if you are having trouble.

Now turn right and leave through the door into Stairwell Access A203 and shimmy down the red pipe on the wall while timing the burning gas. Exit through the door on the other side into Stairwell A203. Follow the stairs down and go through the door. After the cutscene, follow the corridor and enter the office to the right. Pick up the SITE Scan Module from the computer and return back to Billingham.

You only have 1:30 minutes to get back to the office before the code wears off, which is plenty of time. When you get back, use the MAVI to open the door behind Billingham, letting in the water to save his life. All you have to do now is run into the newly unlocked room where Billingham is.

Davy Jones' Locker
Neutralized 10 Malthusians in underwater combat.

NOTE: Kills will not count if you are floating on the surface!

Throughout the game, you will come to areas that are flooded and you are able to swim, dive and surface. Simply dive under the surface and kill other swimming terrorists. Kill ten of them to earn this trophy. Don't forget to watch your breathe meter.

Drowned a Malthusian.

I believe that you can only get this trophy in Act III after you have manifested your water powers. When you are able to do so, find an enemy and form a water column. Move it over an enemy until you see them floating in it. Hold them there for a few moments until the trophy pops.

Edit: You can also get this trophy if you shoot a Malthusian and they fall face-first into water. Their body will glow red to show that they are unconscious. Don't shoot or kill them and once the glow fades away, the trophy should pop. (*credit goes to eternalundergod for pointing this out)

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