Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum/100%:20-25 hours.
Minimum Playthroughs:3
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Glitched Trophies:

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The Collector
Collect all other trophies

Acts like a Platinum. Just unlock all other trophies on the list, there's only 9 of them!

Ancient Conqueror
Complete Ancient World Campaign.

There's 50 levels in each campaign. Easy to do, but a bit time-consuming!

Planets Ruler
Complete Planets World Campaign

See Above. /\

Crystal Hunter
Collect 200 Gems.

Collect 200 Gems. It doesn't require the Statistics Bar on your right to say: "Gems x200". Just accumulate 200 altogether. The gems are pink and fall when the ball hits them. You'll probably get this near the end of the 2nd campaign.

Lust for Life
Earn three or more lives at one level.

Quite tricky and annoying. But I believe this is possible in one of the levels or several others. One of them is in the Ancient World Campaign where they appear for 2-3 seconds before they disappear. That's your cue to grab them quick.

Ball Frenzy
Get nine balls on the screen at the same time.

Very easy, one of the first trophies I got. There is a powerup which splits the ball into 3 or 6. Get these and then maintain them till you recieve other one which will split them into 9, and then you'll get the trophy.

Blind Balls
30 shots in a row without hitting a brick.

So easy! At the end of a level you'll usually left with a few bricks which you need to get to end the level. Just avoid them and have the ball bouncing against the wall and you will soon get it.

The Wall
50,000 reflected balls.

Easy...but time-consuming! A reflected ball counts as 1 bounce of a wall. You'll probably do 100-200 bounces per level depending on the structure and difficulty. So times 100-200 by 100 levels, in total you'll get 10,000-20,000 bounces per full playthrough so I suggest replay the game 3-5 times.

Cannon Sniper
Twenty cannon shots hit the target.

Basically, you shoot the cannon (it's a power-up) and it's 2 shots per button press. So make sure every shot you make in a cannon power-up, hits!

The Jongleur
Control three or more balls for at least one minute without letting them fall.

Fairly Hard. So, first you need to get the 3-way-split power-up and maintain the balls for 1 minute at least. I would suggest playing through some levels and note the levels which have the power-up and which block they're in. Then, leave that block to the end of the level with a few other blocks and then bounce them around so you've got an open space!

Original World
Complete Original World campaign.

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