Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100 %: 4-8 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2(Preferably)
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: Yes
Glitched Trophies: N/A


I Am Alive is a survival game starring Adam, the main protagonist, as he works his way through the city of Haventon. Destroyed by an earthquake a year prior, the town is in ruins, and somewhere in all the dust and rubble, is his wife Julie and daughter Mary. It's up to you to journey through the wreckage, hostile thugs, and broken environment to find your loved ones and bring them to safety.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Basic Survival tips.
  • Use your head. A lot of situations, such as climbing large areas and enemy encounters, can be thought out ahead of time. Just by keeping your distance, looking at things to judge how you approach things can save you a lot of time and most importantly, supplies and restarts.
  • Pay attention to little tutorials and item lesson, you WILL be using everything in your arsenal to move, fight, and survive. So it's very important that you learn how to use everything effectively.
  • Food consumption is vital to maintain a heath and stamina bar, but you don't need full health at all times. Using health items sooner later than later might mean you won't have something to heal yourself when you might really need it.
  • Unlike your health meter, keeping your stamina bar fully intact is a very good idea. You never know when you'll need every little bit to work your way through a very large obstacle or have to work your way through dust filled streets. Use things like pitons and stamina filling foods and drinks sparingly but effectively. Every bit counts.


Playthrough 1: Survivor Difficulty) It's best to get this out of the way. It'll act as a crash course because you will have to get a hold of the game mechanics and learn to use your resources effectively. Saving other survivors will not be your priority here, but who is to say you can't? Be warned though on Survivor Difficulty, resources are very scare, so helping one person my hinder you in the long run. Use your brain and take your time whenever you can. It's not a race, just be careful, and you'll survive.

Playthrough 2: Normal Difficulty/Victim Cleanup) After you've chewed through this game on Survivor, Normal is a walk in the park. Compared to the other playthrough, there will much more supplies you help not only you but most of all the other survivors. Even though supplies are more plentiful it's still wise to be careful because a lot of your surplus will be used to aid the helpless. Now that you know your way around, this cleanup should be a breeze. See the Victim Roadmap below under Ultimate Rescuer.


First Machete quick kill
Perform your first Quick machete kill while being bullied

This should be your first trophy that will pop pin this game, and isn't missable. Not only does the game setup a small tutorial-like situation, but there will be plenty of times where you will use this attack when it's necessary.

You perform a Quick Kill when there are a group of hostile survivors. They will walk toward you and threaten all sorts of things. One out of the group will walk up to you where you'll be prompted to press . Do so and your character will slice his throat open with his machete, like a hot knife through butter.

Machete quick kill, the third
Perform 3 Machete quick kills while being bullied

There are plenty of situations to use this attack when it's necessary. Progress will come naturally.

My first rescue
Help or rescue your first victim

See Ultimate Rescuer.

Elevator repair service
Repair the elevator for the people stuck in High Rise level

In the episode where you have to install the fireworks there are two elevators that need Jerry Cans in order to function.

Staring on the floor with the tomato day, there a floor just above accessible from the ledge you got in from. Here is your first can. Go back to the tomato floor and use the can on the elevator. Ride it down, and on this floor is another can. Just take care of the guy chanting some bible-babble, and it's in a cubicle nook. to the right.

Easy as that, a little climbing and running around, no big deal. Just make sure you take care of everything BEFORE you leave the building.

Fifth quick kill
Perform 5 Machete quick kills while being bullied

Just like the previous 2 related trophies, there are plenty of opportunities, this will come naturally.

Some tomatoes for her
Provide tomatoes to the hungry lady in Downtown streets level

On the roadmap, this is victim #19. See Ultimate Rescuer.

Later on in the game, you'll have to install some fireworks on a building. In this building are a group of survivors around doing whatever they please. One, however, is growing some tomatoes and will offer you some. Once you have them, and exit the building, not before fixing the elevator of course , and hand them over to the lady in need, before heading to Pier 37.
Victim location.

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Three victims helped
Help or rescue 3 victims

See Ultimate Rescuer.

Five victims helped
Help or rescue 5 victims

See Ultimate Rescuer.

Ten victims helped
Help or rescue 10 victims

See Ultimate Rescuer.

Do it once
Finish the game once(any difficulty mode)

Stackable with Survivor.

If you're having trouble on normal, see Tip & Strategies above.

Finish game in Survivor mode

The big difference in this difficulty is the scarcity of supplies. This requires you to use your head and make sure nothing goes to waste, and make you think twice about every action because of its immediate consequences during gameplay. Also like most difficulty based trophies, once you've selected Survivor, you cannot change the difficulty or you will void this trophy, and have to play it through all over again just to get it. After you've finished the game in this setting, it will pop during last cinematic.

See Tips & Strategies above near the top of the guide for useful hints.

Ultimate rescuer
Rescue / help all victims in the game

WARNING! Before you begin, please look and read over the text roadmap, it is very easy to miss something important.

There are 20 victims in total, all with different kinds of needs and wants you must provide for them, it is very recommended that this be done on Normal Difficulty.


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