IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey Guide
by Bodigard


Time to Plat: 50-75 hours (depending on how well and quickly you can complete the online requirements).
Personal Note: If you enjoy flight simulators, WWII planes, or would like to play something fun, get this game. There is a bit of a learning curve with the difficulties but I have taken the time to plan out the proper path for the platinum.
Online Trophies: 14

[top]Tips & Strategies

Note: First off, complete all of the tutorials. Even go the extra mile and complete Realistic and Simulator. During the tutorial you will achieve 3 trophies and you will have made getting one of the difficult trophies knocked out early. Simulator and realistic modes will have you stall quite frequently, so go under options and under Sensitivity turn down both of them. This will make the controls a lot less shaky and will reduce stalls to zilch. Use your teammates vigorously, as your squad is well developed and will help complete most of your objectives.

Boosting Method:
You can not create private servers at the moment. Your boosting party needs to have a text chat room created and the host will need to send match invites. Once the invites are sent out everyone must accept them immediately in order to start the match because once a match begins other players can not join in. It takes only 2 people to boost but having 3 or 4 people does not hurt your chances.


Awarded for successfully collecting all trophies from IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey.

Self explanatory.

Defender of Britain
Complete the "Battle of Britain" chapter.

Complete the following four missions on any difficulty to unlock this trophy:
Baptism by Fire, Convoy, Fox Hunt, and The Red Skies of Dover.

Defender of Stalingrad
Complete the "Battle of Stalingrad" chapter.

Complete the following three missions on any difficulty to unlock this trophy:
They shall not pass!, Deep Raid, Hornet's Nest.

Liberator of Sicily
Complete the "Invasion of Sicily" chapter.

Complete the following five missions on any difficulty to unlock this trophy:
First Steps, Wheel of Fortune, Apocalypse, Guardian Angels, and Lawn Mower

Liberator of Korsun
Complete the "Korsun Pocket" chapter.

Complete the following two missions on any difficulty to unlock this trophy:
Firestorm and Breakthrough.

Defender of the Ardennes
Complete the "Battle of the Bulge" chapter.

Complete the following three missions on any difficulty to unlock this trophy:
Nuts!, Tiger Hunt and Pesticide.

Liberator of Berlin
Complete the "Battle of Berlin" chapter.

Complete the following three missions on any difficulty to unlock this trophy:
Together, Shed Burners, and Reichstag Assault.

Hero of the World
Complete the single player campaign.

After the final mission in the Battle of Berlin, this trophy will come in conjunction with (assuming you followed the above-referenced road map and tips) "Elite flight club member" and "Flight club member".

Flight club rookie
Complete any chapter of the campaign of Realistic.

If you are following the road-map I outlined above (which is playing on Simulator on the first playthrough) then this trophy will spring forth after completing the Battle of Britain campaign.

Flight club member
Complete the single player campaign on Realistic.

This trophy will unlock once the following two conditions have been met:
1. All 20 missions completed on the Realistic Difficulty OR
2. All 20 missions completed on the Simulator Difficulty.

Elite flight club rookie
Complete any chapter of the campaign on Simulator.

Once you complete the Battle of Britain campaign, the trophy will unlock.

Elite flight club member
Complete the single player campaign on Simulator.

Simulator difficulty is difficult to grasp at first. Once you have completed all 20 missions (which should take around 7 hours) the trophy will be unlocked. This should be your first gold trophy in the game.

Born to be ace
Destroy 5 aircraft in one mission.

During the tutorial module your squad-mate will direct you to attack a flight of bombers while in arcade mode. Unleash hell and shoot down 5 of the bombers. Or you may select any mission, using the Arcade difficulty, and shoot down 5 enemy aircraft.

To hit the bull's eye
Destroy a ship using bombs.

During the Battle of Britain campaign you will be directed to eliminate 3 enemy battleships. If you have ever seen footage of attack craft bombing ships then you will know what to do. For the ill-informed, the following strategy is recommended:

Approach the ship from a high altitude and line up the target with the bombing indicator. Wait until the indicator turns red and then release your load. If playing on Simulator, fly at an altitude of 600 feet. Once you are near the front of the ship in front of you, dive to 70 degrees and release the bomb at 250 feet. The bomb will then be directed straight to the target according to gravity.[/I]

Royal Navy's Friend
Complete the "Convoy" mission.

The "Convoy" mission is part of the Battle of Britain campaign. Complete the level to unlock the trophy.

Be ready!
Unlock all the single missions.

During your playthrough at the end screen of a mission you will see single player missions becoming available. Once you have completed the final campaign mission go to Single Player Missions and select the mission "Escort" under the Battle of Britain. Complete this mission to unlock the final set of single player missions.

Always ready to attack
Complete all the single missions with the "ground attack" tag.

Under the single player menu you will see an extensive list of missions to select. Make life easy and play through each of them on Arcade and complete the Primary Objective. The ones specific for this trophy will have the words "Ground Attack" in the mission description.

Always ready to cover
Complete all the single missions with the "need cover" tag.

Same as above except complete all mission with the "Need Cover" tag. Be ready to escort slow moving targets against the Luftwaffe.

Always ready to fight
Complete all the single missions with the "fighter" tag.

Same as above except complete all missions with the "Fighter" tag.

Test pilot
Complete a training mission with each aircraft.

Once you have unlocked all aircraft in the game. Select one training mission and begin checking off the aircraft one by one.

Bird fan
Unlock all aircraft.

Please look at the spoiler tag below for how to unlock all of the aircraft in the game. Most of them are unlocked through online play as well as offline play.

Toggle Spoiler

Weapon collector
Unlock all weapon presets.

Same as above. Please look at the spoiler tag for information on how to unlock all of the aircraft's weapon presets.

Eagle eye
Damage 100 ground units using rockets or bombs.

Easily done on arcade difficulty and single player missions with the "Ground Attack" tag. Rockets work best because you have a lot of them and can easily move from one target to the next. If you are following the Simulator walkthrough I detailed, this trophy becomes unlocked during the Battle of Berlin campaign.

Perfect defence
Destroy 50 aircraft in the Gunner View.

Select an aircraft with a rear gunner and unleash hell on any aircraft that are pursuing your aircraft. The IL-2 or IL-10 work the best because their gunner's pod is not easily blocked.

Clear sky
Destroy 100 aircraft.

Done during your first playthrough on Campaign and during the Single player missions. Best done on arcade difficulty if you need more kills.

Threat from the Air
Destroy 100 ground units.

You may use rockets, bombs, or bullets. Does not matter, as long as you are airborne, ground targets are open for attack.

Well-read pilot
Unlock all the articles in the encyclopedia.

Read the spoiler tag below to unlock all of the articles in the encyclopedia

Toggle Spoiler

Flying tank
Complete 100 missions in singleplayer or online mode with the IL-2 Sturmovik.

Once you have unlocked the IL-2 Sturmovik (which will be after the final mission in the Korsun Pocket campaign), begin to play as many missions as possible with the aircraft and also play some online matches with the aircraft. You must fully complete the mission in order for each usage to count.

Invulnerable pilot
Complete "Escort" with limited fuel and ammo and additional attempts set to 0.

Under single player missions is the mission entitled "Escort". Select that mission and set the ammo and fuel to limited, and the additional attempts to 0. Make sure your difficulty is set to Arcade. During the mission only target German aircraft when you are fully locked-on and fire in small controlled bursts. Use your wing-men to attack multiple targets because once you run out of bullets "you're done son". The mission is completed once the friendly aircraft have left the battlefield.

Real feelings
Complete the "The Red Skies of Dover" in the real cockpit view.

If you are following the guide verbatim then when you are playing this mission on Simulator, then the real cockpit view is the initial view you are given. To be sure the real cockpit view is the view in which you are in the actual cockpit.

Good partner
Successfully defend your leader in the "Baptism by Fire" mission.

I have not come across any problems with anyone achieving this trophy. Make sure your squad leader does not get zeroed and this will unlock.

Side Mission
Find the Brandenburg Gate and attack the vehicle near it.

The Brandenburg Gate is to the South by South-West of the Reichstag. When you are playing the final mission of the Battle of Berlin you will be directed to the Reichstag. Go South from there and you will see the gates. Drop a multitude of bombs on the location (because on the radar there will not be a red blip to indicate an enemy vehicle) and wait for the trophy to pop up.

The Gates are around this area:

Soviet aircraft expert
Complete one mission or match with each Soviet aircraft.

Select Hangar from the Main Menu and select Allied Aircraft. You should be able to see all of the aircraft you have unlocked. If you have already unlocked "Bird Fan" then you will simply check off which plane you have already flown.

Allied aircraft expert
Complete one mission or match with each Allied aircraft.

Same as above.

Axis aircraft expert
Complete one mission or match with each Axis Aircraft.

Same as above, except you will fly all of the Axis Aircraft.

Team Battle champion
Win 50 matches in Team Battle.

This is boostable. During team battle, exchange kills with one another but in the end make sure that you are exchanging wins as well. Remember to switch aircraft to unlock all of the unlockables.

Dogfight champion
Win 30 matches in Dogfight.

Dogfight is your basic deathmatch. Exchange kills with your boost partner and make sure to exchange wins as well.

Strike champion
Win 50 matches in Strike.

Strike is protect your ground forces while destroying the enemy ground forces. If you will refer to the unlock guides you will see which aircraft is optimal to use while exchanging wins with your partner.

Capture Airfields champion
Win 50 matches in Capture Airfields.

Your basic Capture the Flag or Capture the Objective. You can still move around while on the ground, but it is best to capture the airfields quickly and exchange wins with your partner.

The Ace of Aces
Destroy 100 player aircraft.

This applies to multiplayer only, and is boostable with the boosting method detailed above.

Immortal pilot
Destroy 5 player aircraft without dying.

Get a boosting partner and kill him 5 times without you yourself dying. You can exchange 5 kills with each other in a match.

Any sky is home for me
Win an Online match at each location.

When creating a match you will notice primary as well as secondary locations. The trophy only relies on primary locations: Britain, The Ardennes, Berlin, Sicily, Stalingrad, Winter in Stalingrad and Korsun.

Not a rookie anymore
Win an Online match in each mode.

Win an online match in Strike, Dogfight, Capture the Airfield, and Team Battle.

Honoured fighter
Play 50 online matches.

This is boostable and you will likely complete this towards the end of your boosting session.

Landing master
Conduct 50 successful landings on Realistic in Capture Airfields.

A successful landing constitutes a complete stop on an enemy airfield. You and your boosting partner can exchange captured Airfields.

Real experience
Conduct a successful landing on Stimulator.

During the third mission of the Invasion of Sicily, one of the primary objectives is to land the craft near Johnson. Also during the Battle of Britain the secondary objective is to land while in Simulator. If you need to, practice a lot to get the landing down. The hardest part is lowering your speed safely.

Invite two friends in your team and win a match.

Create a 4-player match in Strike or CTA. Hope that a random 4th joins or, if you have four boosters, then send invites to 2 players and have the 4th join. The 4th player then leaves the match and the other three are given the win.

Master of acrobatic flight
Perform all the aerobatic manoeuvers on Realistic.

Under the Encyclopedia section you will see a section for stunts. Open the stunts section and memorize how to properly perform each of the four stunts: Barrel Roll, Inside Loop, Split-S, Spin and Immelmann. You will know if you are properly performing the move if a little card to the right pops up stating the move. Though you do not need the card to pop up, it does help reassure yourself that you are in fact completing the move properly.

Fresh forces
Complete Primary Training.

Under the training part of the Main Menu, complete primary training and all other subsequent required training to earn this simple trophy.

First step
Conduct a flight manoeuvre during the first mission of the tutorial.

Your first manoeuvre will be the either the barrel roll or the manoeuvre your flight lead will detail to you in the training mission.

Real aviator
Complete the first mission in the "Battle of Britain" chapter on Simulator.

Select the first mission under the Battle of Britain heading in campaign. Set difficulty to Simulator and finish the mission. It is a straightforward mission of shooting down enemy aircraft.

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