Players: 1-2 (Can be done single player, King Ubb is easier with a 2nd person available locally but still attainable)
Online Trophies: None required (Online is glitchy and servers are junk)
Estimated Time to 100%: 10-40 hours (15 levels of mental torture)
Minimum Playthroughs: 2+ Once to finish, likely once for Zen and level select for any missing.
Collectible Trophies: Full Zen Small Zen Collection Complete All Crystals First Crystal
Missable Trophies: Brain Damage King Ubb

[top]Tips & Strategies


Step 1-
Play a game single player and beat it for:

Party and Brain Damage

Learn the game try for any odd trophies you want such as Quality Time, Fallcrobatics or Mint condition

Step 2-
Use level Select and Find 8 Secret Levels and Crystals for:

All Crystals, Collection Complete and First Crystal

this is a good time to Get King Ubb

Step 3-
Find a friend, hopefully locally but online is OK too you will want to coordinate as much as you can. At this point you should know the levels pretty well by now so it is time for perfection by going for:

Full Zen and Small Zen (If you didn't incidentally get this before)


Full Zen
Finish all levels with highest possible score.

As the trophy states, Highest possible score. This is best done on co-op unless you have some crazy left-right brain disconnect and can catch a crystal as it falls.

A few things to note.
1. Crystals fall on the side that the enemy is dangerous, so you have to hit the enemy with one character and collect the crystal with the other. Ideally you catch the crystal before it hits the ground.

2. If you kill and enemy and then die BEFORE you get a chance to collect the crystal, start over. The crystals only drop one time per run, so if you miss a crystal drop you cannot achieve perfection.

3. I am not sure but I don't think you can die at all for a perfect run, rumor has it you lose points for dying. I will look into this.

so here we go.

Level 1 - 230/230

Level 2 - 230/230

Level 3 - 420/420

Level 4 - 230/230

Level 5 - 230/230

Level 6 - 420/420

Level 7 - 280/280

Level 8 - 250/250

Level 9 - 330/330

Level 10 - 150/150

Level 11 - 250/250

Level 12 - 270/270

Level 13 - 370/370

Level 14 -

Level 15 -

Play through all regular levels.

Basically beat the game.
Single Player, Two player, High Scores or No Scores. All you have to do is finish the 15 Regular Levels and you have yourself a new Easy? Right?
I added links to various walkthroughs if you are stuck.

Level 1

Toggle Spoiler

Level 2

Toggle Spoiler

Level 3

Toggle Spoiler

Level 4

Toggle Spoiler

Level 5

Toggle Spoiler

Level 6

Toggle Spoiler

Level 7

Toggle Spoiler

Level 8

Toggle Spoiler

Level 9

Toggle Spoiler

Level 10

Toggle Spoiler

Level 11

Toggle Spoiler

Level 12

Toggle Spoiler

Level 13

Toggle Spoiler

Level 14

Toggle Spoiler

Level 15

Toggle Spoiler

All Crystals
Collect all crystals from the secret levels.

There are 8 Secret Crystals Hidden in secret Levels

If you find them Single player and can get them great, if not move along and come back. some of these are near impossible solo.

Crystal #1 (Level 2)

Toggle Spoiler

Crystal #2 (Level 3)

Toggle Spoiler

Crystal #3 (Level 4)

Toggle Spoiler

Crystal #4 (Level 6)

Toggle Spoiler

Crystal #5 (Level 7)

Toggle Spoiler

Crystal #6 (Level 9)

Toggle Spoiler

Crystal #7 (Level 10)

Toggle Spoiler

Crystal #8 (Level 12)

Toggle Spoiler

Collection Complete
Find all levelmen and secretmen.

Once you beat the game normally and find all of the secret levels this is all yours.
See All Crystals If you are missing a secret level.

Brain Damage
Finish the game in single player mode.

This is uber frustrating, I am having a time trying to finish this solo since the left and right will have to do opposing things at the same time. Like fall to a specific spot on one side while jumping on the other. Take time make sure you stay calm, it will be a rage quit or 100 for sure unless you have some crazy ambidextrous split-personality hand eye coordination, it will not be the most simple thing ever. But it can be done.

Things to note.
DO NOT try to get King Ubb on this run, once you turn that second controller on to control him you did not finish this level (11) solo. Just remember where he was, finish the game and go back to prevent any mixup in the trophy. This is not something you want to do twice, the game is way more fun 2 player.

At Anytime you can... try to keep Ibb(Green) and Obb(Red) on the side that controls them. Ibb Left and Obb Right. There are a few times in the game where you will not be able to look directly at either one of the two and have to use your peripheral to get them both around things at the same time (for example- the end of level 9 is a total nightmare bubble path you have to follow with both Ibb and Obb at the same time. Having them on the side that controls them makes following the path a little easier to me at least)

First Crystal
Collect a secret level crystal.

Take your pick of levels from All Crystals

Small Zen
Finish a level with the highest possible score.

Take your pick of levels from Full Zen

King Ubb
Find ubb and bring him to the next Fin City.

King Ubb is located in level 11.

He is found near the enemy that bounces and chases you

First, Two things that are very important to know.

1. You must have 2 controllers, you need the second controller to take control of the King at one point.
2. If you are going for Brain Damage you cannot do this on that run. Once you activate the second controller you are no longer considered to be playing single player.

If the king dies you must restart, so it is a good idea to use Ibb and Obb to clear sections before moving forward.

Quality Time
Bounce a Fin back and forth between ibb and obb 10 times.

Fins are those little harmless balls you see and have probably had fun running into and making them fly across the screen.

There is no specific level to use but a flat area with maybe a wall behind one of the characters would be nice to prevent losing it. A great spot is Secret Crystal 2, since you have to bounce one back and fourth to get the crystal anyways.

Although the trophy does not say so, it is sort of implied that it cannot touch the ground. So you have to play catch with armless mutants.
Get Ibb and Obb spaced out a small distance and have a Fin between them push into it and use the sticks to simultaneously bounce the fin back and forth. Do not jump into it too hard or you will lose the fin as it has some crazy physics to it sometimes. This will take some doing.

Fall through 6 different warps without touching the ground.

From the level select area (limbo) choose Level 3

This is tricky as both Ibb and Obb have to "chase" each other and the screen movement is pretty large.
It is definately possible for you to do it alone (I did) but I would recommend two players (offline preferably) since controlling Ibb and Obb is a bit counter-intuitive.

Solo just Line them up next to each other and run/jump at the portal approx at the same time. Once you hit it the portal hold both sticks hard right and you will just float through, do not try to aim the guys I got it when I just held the sticks hard right once I started the jump into the portal.

Toggle Spoiler

Mint Condition
Finish a level without dying.

Fairly Straight-forward as far as trophies go. Just finish a level without dying, I would highly recommend the first level. It is pretty simple and easier yet if you just ignore the crystals that fall from the enemies and just focus on survival.

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